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Russia has increased its number of attack airplanes to help Syria defeat Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels. The US has no idea how many Russian attack planes just suddenly showed up in Syria. Suddenly, Syria is just running right over Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels in Aleppo so fast the Syrian army is getting little resistance and finding huge caches of weapons and munitions being left behind by Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels.

Also, Russia has stated that any aircraft threatening Syrian forces will be shot down.

I seriously doubt Putin is bluffing.

Will Obama be stupid enough to call Putin's "bluff" and pay with more US lives?

Russia released a video showing an extremely large SAM site, probably with a very large S-400 system and Sa-22 SAMs, test firing of SAM missiles for both S-400 and Sa-22s along with triple A fire, a number of other SAM sites, firing shoulder mounted SAMs, lots of different radars, and Russia unloading more SAM missiles in Syrian. The video was very clearly a message that Putin is quickly building up his SAM defense systems with multiple layers. From what I saw, this is a very massive SAM build up. It will easily rival Vietnam.

Who do you think Putin is building up his anti-aircraft defense systems for, ISIS or Al Nusra?

I don't think so.

I think Putin means business. Very clearly, the message in this video was being sent to Obama about Obama "accidentally" bombing the Syrian Army, you know, "try it again".

BTW, if those ISIS terrorists training to be pilots in Libya do show up in Syria flying the F-16s Obama sold to Qatar, how long do you think they will last against Putin's SAMs and fighter planes, minutes, hours, a day or two?

Mean while, a US Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG 85) released a video showing them launching chaff during a live fire training exercise.

Is this another bluff or red line by Obama, you know, "If you shoot SAMs at us, we will shoot chaff at you"?

I just read a statement by an analyst, you know, one of them thar x-spurts who got the right degree from the right university, which said that Russia is trying to "strong arm" the US in Aleppo.

Let me get this straight, Obama is trying to force a no fly zone on Russia and Syria and Putin is trying to strong arm the US? Just how stupid do you have to be to get one of them thar right degrees from them thar right uneeverities?


The number of Muslim no-go zones, you know, feudal states, in Europe has increased to hundreds of areas where non Muslims cannot safely venture, even cops. The situation gets worse by the day with increasing attacks by Muslims.

Gee, who would have figured?

This is particularly true in Sweden where cops admit they are losing control, three cops are quitting their force every day, and Muslims recently attacked, firing shots with automatic weapons.

You still think the Muslims are not waging war against the West?

It is only a matter of time until their European governments fail and people begin fighting back in force with black market military weapons. Europe, especially Sweden, is in full scale feudal warfare, just like I told you would happen.

How much longer until these nations' militaries stage coups, try and execute their leaders for treason to permanently get the traitors out of the way, and wage war against the Muslims to protect their people?


In my last essay, I said that the only thing missing that separates the US from the Middle East is car bombs killing from 50 to more than 100 people at one time.

So far, this is true but we have had some bombs used by a few Muslim terrorists. We are not that far from being just like the Middle East because our glorious liberals prevented our military from winning this war over seas and are helping the Muslims invade the US. You can thank all of the liberal commie traitors for this invasion.


How do you like the latest con job by the upper class trash and media to cover for Islam when there is a Muslim terrorist attack?

They just can't figure out his motive for staging the terrorist attack.

"Why, was it work, is he just nuts, maybe it was a social issue"?

One word, Islam.

It is amazing how many stupid people are falling for this. He is a Muslim murdering non Muslims and they can't figure out his motive because it just can't be Islam because "we all know Islam is a religion of peace".

One word, treason.

Stupid Rich People

This makes my brain hurt and is from an article by a staff writer over at Newsmax. It says that "Entrepreneur Elon Musk" is looking for "Mars Explorers With $200,000, Guts to Risk Death", A.K.A. stupid rich people or rich suckers.

"'The first journey will be very dangerous, and the risk of fatality will be very high,' Musk said in response to a question during a highly anticipated presentation at the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. 'Are you prepared to die? Then you are a candidate for going.'"

Translation: "risk of fatality will be very high", yeah, 100%. "Then you are a candidate for going." Then you are one of the rich stupid suckers I am looking for.

Of course, the scientifically ignorant rich twits were thinking of being Star Wars adventurers but they will only be farmers, tradesmen, and mechanics or useless.

Look, you are going to a planet so small that it has almost no atmosphere because it doesn't have enough gravity to hold more than 5 millibars of atmospheric pressure, no surface water, and no organic matter in the soil for growing things, which is very important.

Just what do you think will happen? What could possibly go right?

If anything breaks down, you can't just call a repairman or order another one from and things will break down, eventually, EVERYTHING will break down and you will be tens of millions of miles from the nearest UPS truck. You WILL eventually run out of resources, I don't care how brilliant your recycling program is. I don't know if you have noticed but most people who can afford to shell out $200,000 for a one-way ticket to hell aren't going to be farmers, carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics. They are going to be mostly spoiled middle managers and government bureaucrats with more money than brains who haven't worked a day in their lives and wouldn't know how to use a pipe wrench or hammer. The mission will fail and you will die while Musk laughs all of the way to the bank with your money.

Remember that Musk is the CEO of Tesla, which recently had to recall cars because he didn't get simple cars quite right? And you trust him to get something far more complex like a mission to Mars right?

Why don't you just send me your money and go shoot yourself?

It will save you a lot of agony.

"Well, Hollywood made it work."

You won't be going to Hollywood, idiot, you will be going to Mars.

Then the article said, "He envisions spacecraft holding 100 or more passengers voyaging to the Red Planet within a decade, if all goes well, at fares that would start at roughly $200,000 and drop toward $100,000 over time. The presentation brought both rounds of applause from the audience, and questions."

Can't you just see 100+ spoiled, rich brats crammed into a spacecraft taking at least 3 months to get to Mars and they won't exactly be building mansions with outdoor pools when they get there?

Oh yeah, you know that will turn out well. Those rich idiots would have more living space in an average house trailer than they will have in the spaceship or on Mars.

How many of those spoiled, rich brats, who have never had to endure the horrible hardships of just a spanking, will go bonkers on the way there and do something that will take out everyone else, especially with no room for the little darlings to have safe spaces, forget about after they get there? What is going to happen when the dope users run out of their drugs?

We are talking space cattle cars on the way to the Martian slaughter house. It will be another failed liberal utopia and it will be the greatest liberal failure of all time.

Then we will have the problem that few, if any, will know enough about science to grow a tomato.

What are these spoiled, rich idiots going to do without their maids and gardeners?

They will actually have to do some work themselves, well, OK, ALL of the work themselves. I want video.

Over the years, I have read a number of articles about things like most of NASA's space craft being taken out by rocks in space or not having a good landing, you know, they crashed and died.

If you have a really huge spacecraft, big enough to house 100 people for 3 months, you know, a really big target for flying space rocks, and hit a rock the size of a basketball while traveling through space at 15,000 to 20,000 mph, it will be like running into a SAM missile. There won't be any survivors.

Did you know that NASA has lost more Mars robots in bad landings than you have seen have successful missions?

That is right, Mars is littered with expensive space junk.

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash will purge rich people? How many stupid rich people do you think the upper class trash will be able to purge this way before the rest figure it out? FEMA Camps? Who needs FEMA Camps?

Just put the stupid ones on spaceships and shoot their butts out into space to die. The idiots will even pay you to kill them. Think about it.

This proves conclusively that having more money doesn't mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money. Obviously, there are plenty of stupid rich people.

A lot of humans amaze me and not in a good way. I want my own planet but not Mars.

There isn't a planet in this solar system worth trying to colonize.


Target's sales for both store and online sales continue to decline, its stocks are falling, and a few heads have started to roll because of its transgender bathroom policy.

How much longer will it take for the right heads to roll and Target to reverse its transgender bathroom policy?

Man plans, God laughs.

First Debate

I didn't watch the first debate because I knew it would just be a liar's contest with a lot of cutsie little comments to "score points" with the stupid people. I just really don't feel like spending 90 minutes being lied to while watching a childish game. I watched a few minutes of it later and it was what I expected.

After the debate, I did a search for photos of Hillary because, as sick as she is supposed to be, I just can't see her standing under those lights for 90 minutes without collapsing and she didn't collapse so I wanted to know why.

Was she doped up or did they use a double?

I only found a few pictures of Hillary at the debate showing from her waist down, which is important because the real Hillary is fat and carries most of her weight from the hips down, at least 30 to 40 pounds. I was also looking to see if they had her on some kind of drugs.

I am convinced they used her double because her double is 30 pounds lighter from the waist down and the woman on the stage was easily 30 pounds lighter than Hillary from the waist down. She also had less weight in her face.

Almost all of the polls are saying that Hillary lost the debate by a significant amount, one by 89%. I guess the Clintons don't care that they lost the debate because the election is rigged anyway. They just want everyone to think Hillary is alive and breathing so Obama won't suspend the election to grab four more years of power. With the election rigged, the only way Hillary can lose this election is if Obama suspends the election to grab power so who cares whether they win or lose the debates as long as Hillary looks healthy...or at least her double does.

Don't be surprised if, from now on, the only Hillary you see is the double. For all we know, Hillary really is dead or in bed hooked to tubes and they are just using the double.

Maybe that report about her being dead wasn't bogus?

I'm going to keep an eye on this. If we are only seeing the skinny Hillary, then they are using the double and Hillary may be dead. It may be that Hillary didn't just collapse by the van but died.

Trump is drawing flak for pulling a Romney and not really going after Hillary.

Maybe he knew she was the double and he took it easy?

I just saw another picture of "Hillary" at the debate where I could see her from the waist down. She was definitely 30 pounds lighter than Hillary.


The non nuke countries are trying to get the UN to ban nuclear weapons, you know, take them away from the rest of us.

First, the only thing keeping our crazies from going after the Russian crazies is nukes. If they do away with nukes, you will have WWIII tomorrow.

Second, if you do away with nukes, the crazies running the smaller nations will go after each other on the same day like rabid dogs and the country the crazies want to disarm with nukes more than any other country is Israel. If you take the nukes away from Israel, the Muslims will be all over Israel in a heartbeat; she won't last a year.

The simple fact is that the crazy, inbred upper class trash will be much more likely to destroy this planet without nukes than they will with nukes. We better keep the nukes to protect us from the crazy upper class trash.

Pagan Theocracy

In case you have not figured it out, we no longer live in a Christian run nation but a pagan run nation. All of the upper class trash running this nation, on both sides of the aisle, are liberal pagans and none are true Christians. There are still a few poser Christians but they have enough control of this nation that even those are now showing their true colors. They are clearly Christians in name only.

So, how is that pagan theocracy thingy working out?

You know, with the old Satanic "do as you will" thingy causing all of the government corruption, the political corruption so your votes don't count, corrupt media, lying educational system, new laws and regulations taking away the freedoms the former Christian theocracy gave you, all of the rioting, lies, murders, terrorist attacks, abusing the power of government to steal from you, sending you and your children off to wars in other nations like Libya and Syria to die stealing oil from those nations to increase the wealth of our greedy, power mad pagan upper class trash, and many other wonderful things the liberal pagans have forced on you.

Isn't it just so much better than the Christian theocracy we had before the pagans took over?

You don't have as much money to have to worry about managing because the pagans stole most of it from you; you don't have to worry about figuring out when someone is lying to you because everyone is lying to you; you don't have to worry about getting old because they are murdering more and more people with things like terrorist attacks.

Gee, isn't life just so much more wonderful with a pagan theocracy?


Ready for a true Christian theocracy yet?


Remember that I told you that the Muslims will destroy the porn industry because, in Islam, porn is a capital crime?

Playboy did a shoot with a woman wearing a hijab.

When the Muslims are through, there won't be any porn because everyone involved in making or using porn will be executed.

You idiot liberal commie traitors sold your souls to the devil for adultery (Jesus said that to look on a woman to lust after her is to have committed adultery with her in your heart so porn is adultery) and God is using the Muslims to take the adultery away from you. If you put ANYTHING between you and God, God WILL take it away from you.


Remember that I have told you that, when the Muslims take over our nation, they will kill all dogs because, in Islam, dogs are vile?

The Muslims in Pakistan are doing "canine cleansing" or killing off all dogs, just like I told you they will do.

Gee, who would have figured?


A few mornings ago, I woke to a dream of US veterans being called back to service because of our current civil war. Our people are going to need all good vets in this fight.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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