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If you think my statement that it is foolish to even think about colonizing Mars is wrong, let's do the math. You know I love math.

We are going to colonizing two places, one here on earth and the other is anywhere on Mars, preferably away from the ice covered poles. The place we will consider colonizing here on earth will be the middle of the Sahara Desert, where most of you would think it would be nuts to colonize.

Mars has 38% of the gravity of earth which means it can only maintain an atmospheric pressure of about 5 millibars and recent research has proven my hypothesis that water will boil instantly on the surface of Mars so you can't have any liquid surface water for drinking or growing things. You also can't have enough atmosphere to breath and survive.

I love the way they are now telling you that your body won't explode in space or on the surface of Mars. If you listen very closely, what they are telling you is that your body won't explode immediately. What they are not telling you is that it will take from a few seconds to maybe a few minutes for enough of the water in your body (which is 70% water) to boil or vaporize to create enough internal pressure for your body to explode. They know your body will explode, it will just take a little longer than they show on TV and in the movies.

You would have to wear a space suit every time you left a pressurized building and the space suit will eventually wear out and break down so you will eventually be stuck inside a pressurized structure.

We have known in science for more than half a century that there could be no life on earth without the first three feet of soil on this planet because nothing can grow in soil that doesn't have biomatter to feed the plants. On some parts of earth, it is a little deeper and on other parts it isn't quite so deep. The average depth of that soil here on earth is about 3 feet.

We know that Mars doesn't have that three feet of soil so nothing can grow on Mars. You would have to make very significant changes to the soil on Mars for anything to grow and that would require much more than just adding a little fertilizer.

The average temperature on Mars is 60 degrees F below zero, which means you can't really dig or plow in the soil without finding some way to defrost it. You would have to use a jackhammer for a plow or to dig a well to frozen water. You would also have to expend a considerable amount of energy every year just to stay warm.

Mars has horrendous storms with winds of up to more than 250 miles per hour, which would blow away all but the most hardened structures and anything you have outside like vehicles. 250 mph winds would pick up rocks bigger than your fist and there are plenty of them on Mars. The winds would send those rocks crashing into everything you have above surface, you know, kind of like an artillery barrage. You and everything you have above ground would be hammered or sandblasted to pieces within just a few years, at the most, probably in just one storm. If you get caught on the surface in one of those storms, you are dead because you will not only be hammered to death by rocks, but you will be blown hundreds of miles by the storm with thousands of crushing impacts with the ground and huge boulders. There won't be anything left of you or your space suit.

Mars is more than 34 million miles from earth and it would take months and millions of dollars to get any emergency or life saving supplies or equipment from earth, by which time, you would be dead.

Basically, Mars CANNOT sustain life, period.

The Sahara Desert has an atmospheric pressure of almost one bar or about 20 times the atmospheric pressure on Mars. You can breath, you can walk around butt naked without dying, no space suits required, you can have surface water long enough for the water to seep into the soil to grow things and the water in the plants or live stock won't be vaporized by the low atmospheric pressure, killing them. You can dig a well to find water to drink and to water plants. There is biomatter in the soil of the Sahara Desert so things can grow and we know this because, when it rains, plants do grow. You may have to add a little fertilizer for most plants but they will grow in the Sahara Desert because the Sahara Desert is NOT as desolate as Mars, not even close.

Most importantly, people already live in the Sahara Desert, especially nomads so we know you can live there indefinitely.

But most of you wouldn't even think of building a colony in the Sahara Desert because the environment is so harsh but you want to colonize Mars where the environment is at least a 1,000 times more harsh and a quick death is certain? What are you, stupid?

So, how long do you think the first Mars colony will survive, days, weeks, maybe a month or two?

And, if you think Mars is bad, you should consider colonizing the other planets, which are much worse. The average temperature on Venus is measured in thousands of degrees and the winds on Jupiter blow at thousands of miles per hour, strong enough to move boulders the size of houses.

Other than earth, there isn't a planet in this solar system worth considering colonizing, not one. It would be more rational to consider creating a small colony on the moon than on any of the planets because it is much closer to earth for emergency reasons. And forget about the Hollywood dream of mining operations because the cost of transporting the ore would be far too expensive, even for mining on the moon.

If you believe otherwise, you have been watching too many movies and TV shows. It is like I have said, if you believe 10% of what you have seen on TV or in the movies, you are grossly misinformed.

Now do you see the con here?

If you give Musk or anyone else a very large sum of money to be one of the first people to go to Mars, you know, to build the first colony, you are a rich idiot and a sucker.

Think about this.

You need to know that, on Mars, you will be dependent on life support equipment for the rest of your life. When any of that life support equipment fails and cannot be repaired, everyone will die.

You are NOT going to go to Mars and "farm" a breathable atmosphere on Mars. That is Hollywood, not reality, and will never happen. Mars does not have enough gravity to keep enough gas in its atmosphere by preventing it from floating out into space to ever come close to achieving half of earth's atmospheric pressure or 500 millibars, which isn't even enough atmosphere for anything on earth to survive, plants or animals.


Have they made a list of every task which must eventually be performed for that colony to survive just ten to twenty years?

Have they made a list of the skills which will be required to accomplish those tasks and will they make sure that each of those skills will be known by a bare minimum of two people before they leave earth?

Have they made a list of the spare parts and materials required to accomplish those tasks and for how many years?

Under the best conditions, how long do they expect that colony to survive on its own?

When the last person who knows any critical skill dies and that skill is needed to survive, the mission will fail and everyone will die.

When the last spare part for a critical piece of equipment is used and that part is next needed, the mission will fail and everyone will die.

With the best case scenario, when people start dying from old age, what are their plans for when the colony can no longer be maintained and everyone will soon die? Will everyone meet in a room and drink Kool-Aid?

From what I have read, for the "first" Mars colony, they are not planning any more missions to that colony for supply, emergencies, or anything else. This means they are just planning to send a bunch of people to Mars, dump them, and wish them good luck. In other words, it is a suicide mission and you need to know how long is the longest they think the colony can survive on its own.

You still think the upper class trash are not going to use this to purge the really stupid rich people?


Obama is so desperate to stop Russia and Syria from destroying his terrorists...uh...rebels that he is giving the terrorists MANPADS or shoulder fired US SAMs to shoot down Russian planes and helicopters. These are extremely dangerous weapons which can easily be used against any aircraft, especially commercial airliners.

How long do you think it will be before a commercial plane is shot down with one of Obama's SAMs?

Obama is also providing these terrorists with weapons like rocket launchers, TOW rockets, and the training to use these weapons. The man is mad and a traitor but it gets worse.

Mean while, Putin is helping Syria crush Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels around Aleppo, Damascus, and other places and they are now doing it very quickly.

Also, Putin has said there will be no more truces because Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels just use the truces to rearm, get extra troops, and stage attacks, just like I told you they would.

I hope you also realize that Obama isn't sending in food and other humanitarian aid for the civilians. Obama is using that humanitarian aid to feed and supply his terrorists...uh...rebels. The "humanitarian" thingy is just smoke and mirrors.

Putin has made it clear he is not going to play Obama's games anymore and now terrorist held turf is quickly being taken back by Syrian troops.

Remember that I told you that Obama is selling fighter plans to Muslim nations like Qatar who are supporting ISIS? Remember that I have told you that they are training ISIS pilots in Libya?

I got this info over at "SOFREP" but the original story was published on "Fighter Sweep" and written by Joe Ruzicka:

"The foreign military sales consist of 72 Boeing F-15E Strike Eagles for Qatar and up to 40 Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets for Kuwait. Bahrain's package includes Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters."

So, how long do you think it will be before ISIS is flying F-15s, F-16s, and F-18s against the Russian fighter planes and SAMs? Will those planes be equipped with the advanced electronics warfare and ECM to deal with Russian fighter planes and SAMs? Will any of those planes end up being used against the US and its allies?

Obama's evil plans are failing, he is getting desperate and he is doing really bad things that will come back to haunt us. It is expected that Congress will approve this sale of fighter planes, you know, more treason.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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