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Los Angeles Earthquakes

I guess God's timing for making me post the dream He gave me about Los Angeles being decimated by a really huge earthquake had its reasons. For more than a week now, LA has been going through what they call an earthquake storm with earthquakes of 3.0 or better happening almost daily and some times two or more in one day. The earthquakes seem to be getting worse, quickly. Keep an eye on this.

Lost Airliner

Have you noticed they are really milking this lost airliner thing to keep everyone distracted from what the upper class trash is really doing? They can't find it or any sign of it? Then maybe it didn't crash?

I kind of get the feeling the Chinese are thinking the same thing and are concerned the Muslims have high jacked the plane to use as a terrorist weapon against China in the Muslim civil war against China which is why China has sent a small fleet of Chinese naval warships to search for evidence of a crash. China doesn't believe our media either.

Obviously, the Chinese are more concerned about the Muslim civil war in China than they are letting us know. Sending a fleet of warships to check out a potential airline crash sight?

GOP Traitors

Have you noticed that the GOP, especially the "moderates" are more openly talking just like the Commiecrat liberals? Now it is the liberal Commiecrats who are running from Obamacare and legalizing illegal aliens and the GOP who are supporting them? Remember that I told you that both parties have been taken over by the liberal commie traitors?

All you have to do is pay close attention to what they are for and against and they are openly telling you they are all liberal commie traitors, including "conservatives" like Jeb Bush, Paul Rand, Chris Christie, and others. LISTEN TO THEM!!! They are now openly telling you what their true colors are. You have been betrayed by all of them. Chris Christie recently slipped and called the Israeli settlements "occupied territories" in a speech before Israel rich fools (A.K.A. liberals) who give the Commiecrats and GOP money. He later apologized but now you know what he really thinks of Israel.

The GOP leaders are openly anti-Tea Party and anti-conservative and are openly attending meetings set up to destroy both the Tea Party and conservatives in the GOP. Guess who else is working to destroy both groups? That is right, liberal Commiecrats. One bed, two groups of political puppet whores sold out to the same rich upper class trash.

I hope you have realized that this legalizing illegal immigrants has nothing to do with Latinos. The upper class trash and all of their puppets are only implying it has anything to do with Latinos. It is really all about legalizing the Muslim terrorists who have been smuggled into the US to help destroy the US so the upper class trash can use the Muslim attacks to justify setting up a police state.

The proof?

If the upper class trash really want to legalize illegal Latino immigrants because they really care about Latinos, why are things currently getting worse for Latinos and blacks? Think about it. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

Gee, I wonder why the GOP leaders are trying to legalize Muslim terrorists?

These politicians are really liberal commie traitors in human clothing. They are only pretending to be human.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Law Enforcement

This is great and keeps getting better. Remember that everyone is scared to death that the cops and other government agencies will turn their guns on you when the upper class trash orders them to? Remember that God told me to tell you that only 20% of those cops and others will turn their weapons on you and the other 80% will turn their weapons on those who will turn their weapons on you and God is taking care of it?

I read that the New York State Cops have stated that they will not enforce the liberal Commiecrat law against large capacity magazines. First, many county Sheriffs across the US stood up for you, then the Connecticut State Cops stood up for you and now the New York State Cops are standing up for you, you know, just like God said they would. God is taking care of it.

The irony here is that people have been putting their faith in their corrupted republic and political parties while fearing the law enforcement and military agencies. It is increasingly obvious that the people should be afraid of the corrupted republic and politicians and believing in the law enforcement and military, who are the only reason why the liberal commie traitors on both sides have not already set up their liberal commie dictatorship. The liberal commie traitors are very good with their smoke and mirrors, aren't they. The liberal commie traitors have you fearing the very people who are protecting you and trusting the people who are threatening you.

Keep praying, God is listening.


Have you noticed that, before the homosexuals got the right to get married, many homosexuals claimed they were conservatives and even Christians? Have you noticed that since they got the right to legally marry, Homosexuals have been waging open war against and persecuting Christians without ANY homosexuals taking a stand for conservatives and Christians? Where did all of those conservative Christian homosexuals go? Maybe they never existed and it was just more liberal pagan smoke and mirrors? Kind of looking that way, doesn't it? It is just like God told me to tell you, God is permitting the bad guys to have enough control the bad guys are feeling safe to come out of the closet and show you their true colors so you will learn the truth and stop believing their lies. Get the picture yet?


Most people don't know it but the US purchased both Alaska and Washington State from the Russian Czar in 1867. The Russians had only lightly colonized both areas with small farm settlements and only had one small wooden fort in Washington State with maybe one or two dozen soldiers present. Russia had not even begun to develop and benefit from the natural resources for both areas while having to pay soldiers to protect their colonists so the Russians were oblivious to the nature and quantity of those resources, therefore, when the Czar was offered a pretty good price for both territories, he took the money and ran. Today's Russians regret this and wish they had both states back, especially Alaska.

I just read that some one has posted a petition on petition for Alaska to secede from the US and join Russia AND there are more than 33,000 signatures for the petition with only 100,000 signatures required by April 20 before Obama has to respond. My first guess is Putin and he already has a sizeable military force stationed across the waters from Alaska. Hmmmm, have to keep an eye on that one. We know Obama won't defend anything against Putin, not even Alaska. Putin knows it also. Russia getting Alaska back would really screw things up for the US, Russia would get huge natural resources that we would lose and a foot in the door to have troops actually stationed on the North American continent, which would definitely threaten national security for the rest of us. You know Washington State would be next.

I just read that the recent phone call by Putin to Obama was Putin informing Obama about Transnitria being partly liberated by revolt from Moldova years ago, having a majority Russian population, and having 1,200 Russian troops stationed there for a few years, you know, just like I told you. Guess what Putin's next move is going to be, you know, just like I told you, and you can bet Putin will take the path of least resistance, you know, just like I told you. Keep an eye on Ukraine and Transnitria. BTW, I know of at least three different spellings being used for Transnitria, Transnistria, and Transdnistria.

So, after Ukraine, what do you think Putin's next move will be, Estonia, Alaska? My guess is Estonia because Putin has already started the invasion excuse making by saying there is a large population of Russians in Estonia who are being persecuted by the Estonians, then Alaska...and Washington State...or maybe Putin will fool everyone and take Alaska next?

You know that Putin would love to have Alaska as his personal play ground, if for no other reason than it would tick off Obama. Can't you just see Putin riding around bare chested on horse back in six feet of snow hunting Kodiak bears, polar bears, wolves, deer, caribou, elk, moose, seals, walruses, and bald eagles while fishing for those giant salmon? While, of course, harvesting all those trees, the gold, oil, and natural gas. Hmmm, maybe he will ride the bears and hunt everything else?


For years, the Muslims have been butchering the Christians in Africa with barely a whisper about it by our media. You know that, if it were the Christians killing the Muslims, our media would be demanding the US military be sent in to eradicate the Christians, every man, woman, and child. Keep the African Christians in your prayers because they really need it.

BTW, I hope you realize they put a liberal commie in as pope to get Catholics to accept their beloved communist dictatorship. Keep in mind that all communists hate God (Jesus), the Bible, and Christians, therefore, a communist Christian religious leader is an oxymoron and is like saying a Satanic Christian.

BTW, I am wondering if naming the newly discovered planet in our solar system Biden was meant as a compliment. Planet Biden is an ice planet lost way out in space, without any intelligent life, and completely out of touch with planet earth. Yep, sounds about right - Earth to Biden, Earth to Biden. It fits.

I am keeping an eye on these new pagan "Bible story" movies. I am getting the feeling that, because their liberal pagan based movies were flopping in mass and Christian movies were succeeding, the liberal pagans decided to pull a quick one on Christians and start using Bible stories as a front to sell their pagan ideas and gods. You know, a little deceptive pagan brainwashing via entertainment. Keep an eye on this.

It is increasingly necessary to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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