Obama 7

I have been watching something for a few days to make sure of what I am seeing. Follow this:

1) Pharaoh Obama works with King Abdullah's proxy terrorist armies like Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to take Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria for Sunni Islam to set up a Sunni Caliphate.

2) Pharaoh Obama and King Abdullah's plans fail because of counter revolutions in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and because Pharaoh Obama can't send in US troops into tiny little Syria because the US military is no longer strong enough to invade even tiny little Syria because Obama destroyed the US military so it can't oppose Pharaoh Obama's coming dictatorship.

3) Pharaoh Obama dumps King Abdullah and makes nice with Iran screwing Saudi Arabia by openly permitting Iran to make nukes which pose a threat to Saudi Arabia.

4) King Abdullah and Egypt are forced to make nice with Putin and start buying billions of dollars in weapons from Putin because they have been shafted by their former ally, Pharaoh Obama.

5) Putin takes Crimea.

6) Pharaoh Obama arrogantly tries to flex his muscles by imposing worthless sanctions against Russia and, oh yes, kicking Putin out of the trendy G-8 kiddie club.

7) Putin openly mocks Pharaoh Obama while imposing sanctions against the US and Europe with most of Europe not going along with Pharaoh Obama because they know Putin has the upper hand.

8) Suddenly, Pharaoh Obama is in Saudi Arabia making buds again with King Abdullah and King Abdullah's proxy terrorist armies suddenly start gaining ground against Assad in Syria again because Obama is suddenly supplying them with weapons again.

The last item is very clearly Pharaoh Obama getting back at Putin indirectly through Syria because Putin publically humiliated Pharaoh Obama but there are all kinds of problems with this. This causes a number of questions to just jump into my mind.

a) You know King Abdullah can't trust Pharaoh Obama as far as a flee can spit up wind in a hurricane so just how long do you think their new deal will last? About as long as it benefits Pharaoh Obama or King Abdullah wises up.

b) So what is King Abdullah going to be planning to do to the US behind Pharaoh Obama's back while he is once again needed by Pharaoh Obama? You know, making hay while the sun is shining because you know King Abdullah has learned that old sun isn't going to shine forever.

c) Suddenly Pharaoh Obama is making nice with Iran's enemy and waging war against Iran's proxy, Syria, again. Plus Iran was playing Pharaoh Obama like a cheep guitar and even publically humiliating Pharaoh Obama. So what about Iran? Are they just going to keep playing nice and making buds with Pharaoh Obama to provide him with the nukes Pharaoh Obama paid for with your billions of tax dollars while Pharaoh Obama is busy stabbing them in the back? Does Pharaoh Obama think he can ride or play both sides of this fence, being everyone's enemies at the same time?

Clearly this is the best Pharaoh Obama can do against Putin, so what is Putin going to do about this? Will this cause Putin to back off and not take Ukraine and Transnitria along with Estonia, Finland, and Alaska later? Or will wily old Putin use his head and find a way to make both of his allies (Iran and Saudi Arabia) he is making tens of billions of dollars selling weapons to because no one can trust Pharaoh Obama work with Putin to beat Obama?

Remember that, since Libya, Putin has out smarted Pharaoh Obama at every turn and, after Pharaoh Obama shafted King Abdullah, NO ONE can trust Pharaoh Obama plus Pharaoh Obama doesn't have the biggest stick any more because Pharaoh Obama and his commie traitor pals have whittled down their stick. A really big plus is that Putin can be trusted to keep his word and will stand by his allies. There isn't anyone in this game which Pharaoh Obama has not shafted and Putin has not shafted any of them.

My first guess is that Putin is already talking behind closed doors with Rouhani and King Abdullah to shaft Pharaoh Obama and eliminate Pharaoh Obama from the game.

Then there are Al Quaeda and Hezballah, who have now both been shafted by Obama via the CIA. Both of these terrorist organizations now know who the CIA operatives are and where they work. How long do you think it will be before one of those terrorist organizations pulls another Benghazi and kills more CIA operatives?

How much more screwing are the Feds going to take before they stop being loyal to Pharaoh Obama and his libtard commie traitors before the Feds turn on the traitors, you know, like the NSA spying on liberals in Congress? (Ah, the sweet sound of Feinstein whining and crying because the NSA is now spying on her instead of on you for her.)

I don't believe in that pagan karma thing but I do believe God meant it when He said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you."

I am definitely keeping an eye on this, especially to see what Putin's next move is. I expect to see Putin do something to counter Obama's move in Syria and then take both Transnitria and Ukraine....and then laugh at Pharaoh Obama....again.

Has Pharaoh Obama gotten himself and the US in one heck of a mess or what?

We definitely need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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