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Liberal Voters

It should be blatantly obvious that many liberals have already made up their minds to vote for Hillary regardless of anything she does or says, especially the dead voters. These people have chosen which side of God's line they will be on forever. Very few will even consider any kind of change, refusing to listen to any evidence against Hillary, and call such evidence "conservative propaganda". Burn in hell, they will.

There are increasing numbers of homosexuals, women, and others leaving Hillary for Trump because they are waking up to the fact that Hillary is owned by Muslim leaders who hate and will kill those people. Young people are also now rejecting Hillary in large numbers but that doesn't matter because the election is rigged. Eyes are opening though and that is good.

Many of the Trump voters are not voting for Trump but against Hillary because we know just how evil she is. We have been paying attention and are honest with ourselves. We don't know as much about Trump and are praying he won't be quite as bad. Some are wishfully believing at least some of Trump's promises but I believe many just know that Hillary will be a much worse president than Obama.

There are only a handful of voters who may actually change sides because of this, that, or something else. Note that none of the dead people will change sides, they will all vote for Hillary. You should know that, if you die tonight, tomorrow you will vote for Hillary.

Here is something scary for you. Hillary Clinton said that Germany's Merkel is her favorite leader, you know, the idiot who caused Germany's migrant crisis and growing civil war. Think about that one.


Well, the liberals have made the first step in legalizing pedophilia; they just legalized child prostitution in Commiefornia. Since it is now OK to have sex with children because you pay them (you know the liberals won't go for a minimum wage for that) the next logical step will be that it is also OK to have sex with children for free because the children will be "consenting". So, expect child rape to be completely legalized in Commiefornia soon.

And you wonder why God is going to destroy Los Angeles soon?

The liberals are getting everything they want one sin at a time and people are making an informed decision, liberalism or good. Eyes are definitely opening.


Obama built ISIS into a standing army and is building it into an even more powerful standing army...Obama's standing army to conquer the world for Islam, starting with Syria, then Israel, then the West, and then the world. That is why he is giving his terrorists more advanced weapons, you know, like fighter planes.


Putin is bombing Obama's terrorists back into the stone ages and announced Friday that he is bringing in even more Russian war planes. Putin has had enough of the Obama nonsense and is trying to defeat the terrorists before the US gets a real president.

Mean while, Obama and Kerry said they have not given up on diplomacy. In other words, they are going to keep talking while Putin destroys their terrorist proxy armies.

Obama also stated he was not really going to stop diplomacy the way he threatened to if Putin didn't stop bombing the crap out of Obama's terrorists. In other words, it was just another bluff. Obama is a typical bully, he only fights those who can't or won't fight back. If you fight back, Obama backs down very quickly, Putin knows it, and he is using it very effectively.

Los Angeles

After the recent earthquake swarm (some are calling it a storm) in the Salton Sea at the southern tip of the San Andreas fault, they are saying this greatly increases the potential for another major quake on the San Andreas fault, you know, like east of LA, which could set off an LA super swarm.

Keep an eye on LA because God is about to destroy most of the greater LA area because of their wickedness. This earthquake swarm in the Salton Sea was just a warning.

See Dream 9 posted on August 2013.


A German town mayor was beaten unconscious by locals after he announced he was bringing immigrants to the town.

It looks like the German people have had just about enough of the corruption and crap of their upper class trash. They are finally starting to turn on their leaders. Keep an eye on this.

Internet 2

Remember years ago when I told you that they will need to create a second Internet I called Internet 2 or I2?

There is a company working to build that Internet right now, just like I told you would happen. The name of the company is "Blockstack" and they just released information about it.

I2 is being designed to prevent censorship and control of information by the upper class trash. I2 is being designed for complete freedom of speech. It they get this set up soon enough and it takes off quickly, it will almost completely undo Obama's treason by turning the Internet over to the upper class trash. I don't know how far they are from the startup.

Also, don't be surprised to see someone else develop an I3 or even IC (Christian Internet).

With Obama giving control of the Internet or I1 to the corrupt power mad upper class trash of the world, this is likely to happen very soon. People are already fighting back in this information war.

Keep an eye on this.

State of the Nation

Things are getting worse very quickly but we still have quite a ways to go before they stop getting worse and get better. War is quickly spreading with increased killings and rioting. The upper class trash are accelerating their efforts to finalize gaining absolute control of the nation to set up their dictatorship. The Republic of the US is dead and now barely kicking. It won't be long now and she will have stopped kicking.


They are making a big stink about Trump's taxes, especially that he may not have paid any taxes for years.

Let me tell you a few truths about pagan tax laws vs Biblical taxes.

Almost none of the mega wealthy upper class trash and their puppets pay taxes on anywhere from 95% to better than 99% of their annual income but you pay taxes ranging from a low of 50% to better than 80% of your income in taxes. The taxes they do pay and tell you about are just smoke and mirrors to conceal the taxes they should pay but don't.

Sounds really fair, doesn't it? How do they do this?

They do this with pagan common law, which is one reason why they hate Biblical Law, teach you to hate Biblical Law, the Bible, and God, and they love their pagan common law. You see, they have teams of the best attorneys writing very complex laws such as tax laws to include large numbers of loop holes they use to get around the law but you can't use because the law is too complex for you to find all of their magic loop holes. Then they bribe their political whores...uh...politicians to vote for those laws to become law.

For example, in studying nonprofit corporations, we studied a certain type of trust fund designed and set up by the upper class trash as a "tax shelter". I forgot the name of it but it is a special trust fund where you put all of your wealth in that trust fund, including homes, cars, planes, yachts, and everything else and you don't "legally" own that wealth so you don't have to pay taxes on it or report it on your taxes BUT you manage the trust fund so you have complete control of the trust fund and all of the wealth contained in that trust fund so it really is virtually your wealth.

Remember when Kerry bought his $70 million yacht and, in response to a journalist's question, he said, "It depends on who owns the yacht." He didn't buy or own the yacht, the Heinz family trust fund bought and owned the yacht, Kerry just got to use it.

The really big thing is that there are absolutely no taxes paid on any additional revenues or wealth generated by the wealth in that trust fund. The only time you pay any taxes on revenues generated within that trust fund is when you withdraw those funds from the trust fund for your personal use.

For example, if you own business A and put business A in that trust fund, you will pay NO taxes on the revenues and profits generated by business A unless you withdraw those funds from the trust fund. You just keep rolling those profits over tax free to earn even more profits so your wealth increases exponentially, you know, much faster. That is one of many reasons why there is a rapidly increasing gap between the wealth of the upper class trash and the rest of us, they actually pay very little if any taxes.

But it is better than that because, with you running the trust fund, you can hire yourself and your family to run those businesses so you can get perks and benefits as part of your employment package and you don't pay taxes on those perks and benefits. Since those things are paid for with tax free money from your trust fund, you don't have to withdraw the money to pay for those things saving you the taxes on the money used to pay for those perks and benefits so it is like withdrawing money out of the trust fund tax free.

In other words, the only money you will have to withdraw from the trust fund will be a little bit of pocket money because even most of the money you would spend as pocket money is paid for with those perks and benefits.

Plus the money you will be paid as wages by business A can be rolled over back into that trust fund tax free.

Another thing about this type of trust fund is that, since you don't really own the wealth, there is zero inheritance tax when you die because you pass that wealth on to selected members of the family based on who is appointed to the board of directors for that trust fund. You see, you didn't legally own the wealth before you died and they don't legally own the wealth now after you died so there is NO inheritance tax when that wealth is passed on to the family.

That is how they can tax the crap out of your inheritance and they don't pay a dime in inheritance tax so their empire just keeps growing exponentially.

This is just one of a number of ways the upper class trash use pagan common law to get around them having to obey the law. The upper class trash really are above the law because they wrote the law so they could be above the law. You can do that with pagan common law.

This is also why you rarely see these criminals in the Fortune 500 list and, when you do, it only shows a tiny fraction of their true wealth because they don't officially own that wealth and don't have to show it on their taxes even though they have complete control of that wealth.

Buuuuuut, under Biblical Law, no one is above the law, there are no tax loop holes for the wealthy to use to keep from paying taxes on their income, there are no trust funds to hide and protect your wealth from taxes, there are no nonprofit corporations (tax free) to be used to create and launder wealth like the Clinton Foundation, or any other pagan dirty tricks written into common law by the upper class trash so they don't pay taxes while taxing the crap out of you.

Under Biblical Law, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE pays a very simple 10% flat tax on all revenues and the tax laws are so simple a 12 year old, who got a C in math, could do your taxes buuuuuut that would put all of these greedy tax attorneys and CPAs out of business because no one would need them. Those greedy attorneys and CPAs couldn't make the hundreds of millions and even billions they can with common law. You see, common law is what the upper class trash use as a "cash cow" they can milk forever to do whatever they want while using it to control you.

Causing the upper class trash to pay a 10% flat tax on ALL of their revenues would increase our tax revenues enough to destroy US debt within just a few years and build a huge treasury for such things as emergencies and wars, which would mean the government would not have to borrow any money, you know, from the corrupt upper class trash so they can make huge amounts of money from the interest.

The government borrowing money from the upper class trash is just another money making scam but that is another story, one of many about pagan common law.

Under Biblical Law, there would be no land taxes, no sales taxes, no luxury taxes, or any other types of taxes the upper class trash use to steal more money from you; just a simple 10% flat tax everyone would pay.

The liberal commie traitor response to that is that it would be unfair to the poor to take 10% of their income because they could least afford it but the liberals have no problem in taxing the poor with the many other taxes like sales taxes and land taxes, which end up taking at least 50% of their income. The truth is that, with a 10% flat tax as the ONLY tax the poor have to pay, they would lose less than one fifth as much money in taxes as they do under pagan common law and it wouldn't be as easy to keep the people poor if they were paying that little in taxes and our corrupt pagan government wouldn't get as much money to waste on themselves.

As a matter of fact, all of you normal people would save anywhere from 80% to better than 95% of what you currently pay in taxes while the corrupt upper class trash would have to start paying a lot more in taxes, we are talking hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars per year more.

Now do you better understand why the upper class trash hate God, the Bible, Biblical Law, Jews, and Christians and teach you to hate them the same while teaching you to worship their false pagan gods of democracy, common law, and such things they love so much?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

You can also understand why the upper class trash Jews spent the last 3,600 years changing or paganizing Biblical Law so they could corrupt it. They actually have an annual meeting every year to change Biblical Law to corrupt it even more and this is one reason why God said that we are not to add to or take away from the Law. God knows us humans all too well.

By the time Jesus came, almost 2,000 years ago, the Jews had already changed Biblical Law so much that much of what Jesus preached about was how the Jews had corrupted Biblical Law. This means that by the time Christianity got started they were already living by corrupted Biblical Law or paganized Biblical Law. That got even worse when the Church of Rome "converted" to Christianity to assimilate the gentile Christians back into the Church of Rome and further paganized Biblical Law.

We have not had a culture or nation live by true Biblical Law for about 3,000 years.

Are you ready for a true Biblical Law Christian theocracy yet?

When you get tired enough of all of this pagan corruption, you will be.

Trey Goudy

I have been watching Trey Goudy and his "investigations" that are supposed to put these criminals away. Oh, he is just such a noble warrior, a veritable knight in shining armor, always saying things to make people think, "Trey has them now, they are going away for a long time."


How many warrants has he obtained for the arrests of people who clearly committed crimes over the last few years?

Not one in years of "criminal investigations".

The guy is all smoke and mirrors to make you think someone is doing something about these criminals so you won't revolt and start hanging the upper class trash. The psychology is simple and basic, you put on an aggressive looking show with someone who can do a great job of doing the tough guy act, you fake an investigation for a really long time, and then you either quietly drop the case after people have been distracted by something else or you clear the people you were "aggressively" going after with some cop out.

A great example is Benghazi. The cop out trey used to clear Hillary and Obama is that the US military couldn't have gotten help there in time so they decided not to even try to send someone.


How did they know how long that fight was going to last when they decided not to send someone? Do they have a magic crystal ball or something that can tell the future? If they do, why didn't they use it to already have troops there for the attack?

The truth is that they didn't know how long that battle would last and didn't even bother to try to send anyone to help.

What if that battle had lasted another 10 to 12 hours and they had not started troops on their way to help? The troops wouldn't have gotten there in time then either, would they?

The very fact that they didn't even start troops moving in that direction tells me that those people were betrayed by Obama, Hillary, and others and those people were supposed to die to cover for whatever crimes Obama and Hillary were committing. We are beginning to find out that those crimes included arming Muslim terrorists.

Second, there were a number of military people who later stated they were within easy reach of Benghazi, including one special operations team in Tunisia, could have been there in as little as one hour (the SO team in Tunisia was at the aircraft waiting for orders to go), and they were told to stand down. It was also reported that General Ham was relieved of duty for ordering troops be sent to help in spite of Obama's orders to stand down, which meant that General Ham felt help could get there in time.

Gee, you mean the cop out about the US not being able to get help there in time was a lie?

Yep, they all, including Trey Goudy, betrayed the people at Benghazi and they betrayed you with the cover up. But, hey, the cop out cleared Hillary of the crimes she committed and the liberals bought it, especially the liberal trolls.

Get it straight, Trey Goudy isn't going to prosecute any member of their criminal organization. He is all show, smoke and mirrors to placate the masses to prevent a revolution. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

When I see one of these criminals going to jail, I will believe it.

Our government is so corrupt that our only hope is God and it definitely isn't Trey Goudy. They are giving you false hope to keep you from rebelling. It's a con and you're being played for suckers. They are all criminals and they all belong on the same gallows.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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