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Eyes Opening

Michael Moore said that people don't trust Democrats any more.

What, did he think they could lie to the people forever and the people wouldn't figure it out?

Of course people don't trust Democrats any more, the upper class trash crimes have become too obvious.

Cher said that millenials don't trust Hillary because "her sins are enormous".

When the upper class trash are themselves acknowledging that the people don't trust them, you know that the people's eyes are opening.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and their sins are finding them out. Without a rigged election, the left couldn't win an election and they know it.


People are rioting in the streets in Greece because their socialism has failed and the bankrupt government is having to cut back on benefits. Of course, the conflicts are between the people and the police at this time and the elites who caused this mess have managed to stay above the violence but that won't last too much longer.

The question is, "how much longer will it take the people to realize that yelling at the police about their injustices won't do any good and they must take their grievances directly to those who caused the mess?"

Then you will see real revolution and things will change, hopefully for the better, well, for the people. The upper class trash are screwed and many will die.


Today was supposed to be the celebration for the reunification of East and West Germany but at the celebration, PEGIDA protesters chanted for Merkel to get out of office and were even calling her a dictator. The protesters were also booing and taunting the other top government officials with her calling them all traitors.

There have been prior explosions in Germany set off at a mosque and a government conference.

How long do you think the German government will stand in this escalating civil war or rebellion? How long before the people themselves start killing their corrupt leaders?

Interestingly, she put on a show of attending a Christian service in a church but there were cameras moving around in front of her showing her singing hymns.

It was blatantly obvious this was just show but was it because of some backlash about her attending the Satanic pagan ritual for opening a tunnel in Switzerland?

Keep an eye on this.


There is rioting and protesting of the very corrupt pro Western government of Moldova, which is a small impoverished country just west of Ukraine. This is very interesting timing because of Transnitria, Obama, and Putin. Transnitria is a small land locked area between Moldova and Ukraine.

Transnitria managed to separate most of its area from Moldova with the help of Russia in the 1990s in a civil war. There is a very large Russian population which wants to return to being part of Russia and about 1,500 Russian troops there to help protect Transnitria from attack by Moldova. The Russian forces there have been increased by about 1,000 troops and have recently been staging military training that has even caused Russian troops to cross over into what is still held by Moldova.

I had recently told you how I expect Putin to take Transnitria by first taking Odessa, the largest remaining port in Ukraine and only 10 miles south from Transnitria.

I am expecting Putin to take Ukraine and Transnitria while Obama is still president for obvious reasons. Putin has shown this tendency by escalating his military actions in Syria to clean up that mess while Obama is still president.

Coincidentally, Moldova is having its first election in 20 years and the person leading is Igor Dodon, who just happens to want to have closer ties with Russia and not with the West.

And suddenly, at this time, there is rioting and protesting of the corrupt Moldova government? Is Putin stirring things up to get the people to want Putin to take the rest of Moldova too?

Putin has to make his move soon and a big question is, how much land does he plan to take with his move?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that Putin is really beefing up his SAM systems to deter any attacks by the West?

He just moved an S-300 SAM system to protect the Syrian port of Tartus where Putin docks his Mediterranean Fleet and near an air base where he bases some aircraft.

Is he expecting an attack by Obama or just being cautious?

Power Struggle

You think there is not a power struggle between the Clintons and Obama?

Billy Boy just called Obamacare a crazy system. You know that made Obama happy.

No matter who wins this election, Trump or Hillary, Obama is screwed.

Julian Assange promised that there would be an October surprise that would "doom" Hillary's campaign and, suddenly, there will be no surprise.

Why? Was he lying? Was he threatened? Was he paid off?

Personally, I thought it was kind of strange that a man who had been going after conservatives suddenly started going after Hillary.

Surviving a Bear Attack

They wrote an article on a military site I belong to about surviving a bear attack, probably because of a video about someone who was recently mauled by a bear and survived, purely by the grace of God.

The basics of the article were to use pepper spray instead of deadly force and, if the pepper spray didn't work, pretend to be dead, which is something most of the experts have stopped telling people to do.

In it, the author told us that, if a bear starts to attack, don't start spraying the pepper spray until the bear is 40 feet away and I will analyze this suggestion below in what is a combination of the comments I made concerning the article.

Most of what was said in the article is liberal conservationist bull crap that has been told long enough most people believe it, even most experts. I'm going to teach you the truth about how to survive a predator (bears, wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, and others) attack on land (not in the water against sharks) but I will talk mostly about bears because the story was about surviving a bear attack.

The first thing you have to do to understand animal behavior is to study that animal's feeding habits. Bears are classified as omnivores because they have three basic aspects to their feeding habits.

1) They are herbivores because they eat roots, berries and grubs.

2) They are predators because they hunt and kill other animals, ALL other animals, including humans. Forget the liberal fairy tale about them not hunting and killing humans "because we are different and special, awwww." (PBS stands for Propaganda and Bull S**t.)

It is at this point that you must understand the most basic rule of predation liberal conservationists don't want you to know. That rule says that absolutely ALL predators eat meat, if you are made of meat, you are there, and they are hungry, you are dinner and humans ARE NOT special, except that you taste better than most other animals because your blood is saltier than most other animals, you know, like potato chips, which is why the experts ALWAYS hunt and kill any predator like a bear or mountain lion that has tasted human blood.

Don't believe me? watch the news. Whenever there is a bear or mountain lion attack, they always hunt it down and kill it for that reason.

Once they have tasted our blood, they will hunt humans and become known as man killers (it is the "you can't eat just one" thingy) and humans will find out they have been lied to about bears and other animals not hunting humans "because we are special, awwww" thingy.

3) Bears are scavengers or they eat dead stuff. When you pretend to be dead, you are pretending to be bear food. Think about that a while.

The behavior of a bear when it finds a dead animal is to test to see if the animal really is dead because we humans are not the only animals in the woods that pretend to be dead. The first thing the bear will do to test to see if you are really dead or whether it needs to kill you is try to move your body with its front paws and/or nose to see if you will panic and run. If you do not run, the next thing the bear will do is bite and crush your skull to make sure you are dead or to kill you just in case you are not dead. They ALWAYS do this.

Don't believe me, just pay attention to the news because people who play dead and survive a bear attack always have serious head injuries from the bear trying to crush their skulls.

Then, after the bear crushes your skull, it will either eat you or drag you off into bushes to return to eat you later. Fortunately for the survivor of that video the bear was not hungry at that time so it left him to return later to eat him. That and failing to crush his skull are the only reasons he survived. If the bear had been hungry at that time, he would now be bear feces. FACT!!!

Now, let's look at archaeology to see how to survive bear attacks.

Did you know that our ancient ancestors survived bear attacks on a regular basis long enough for you to be born? Did you know they used to hunt and kill all bears with nothing but sharp pointy sticks called spears?

I am going to teach you two different strategies for surviving bear attacks.

First, if you can, carry a 45, not a 22, 38, 357, or 40 caliber hand gun but a 45 because it will at least slow the bear down long enough for you to get a kill shot. Anything smaller than a 45 will just tick the bear off, make it rush you faster, and kill you sooner. YOU CARRY A 45!!!

Also carry a good hand axe and hunting knife as backup. Forget the pepper spray because they have found that griz feces regularly smells like pepper spray. Hey, the pepper spray is just seasoning for your dead carcass, you know, a little spice or added flavoring.

Also, any time you know you will be in an area where there MIGHT be bears, don't EVER go there alone, especially without a 45. Always go to such areas with at least one other human and a big dog can help (not a chihuahua...unless you want the bear to eat the chihuahua while you get away).

If you cannot carry a gun, then carry a 6' long "walking staff" that will not easily break (read spear without a sharp thingy on the end). They will let you carry a "walking staff." Also, if you can, carry a hand axe and hunting knife for back up. In a little bit, you will understand why to carry a walking staff.

If you do go to such areas without weapons and a predator starts stalking you, pick up something like a large tree branch or big rocks for two reasons. One, of course, is to better defend yourself (read anything is better than nothing) and the other is that, if the predator is familiar with humans, they probably have learned that humans with anything in their hands are much more dangerous and they may leave you to go find easier prey.

Now we need to get into the hunting tactics used by our ancestors to kill larger predators and other animals with nothing but a sharp stick.

The most common basic tactic used by our ancestors for hunting large animals, especially quadrupeds, was to form into three teams and position around the animal in a triangle shape so that the hind quarters of the animal will ALWAYS be accessible for attack by at least one of the three groups, no matter which direction the animal is facing. The basic strategy is for anyone who can to lunge in, attack the animal's hind quarters (just poke a hind leg with your staff), and quickly retreat before that animal can turn and attack them. The animal will ALWAYS turn to defend its hand quarters when attacked in the hind quarters. That is normal animal defensive behavior.

If all of the teams do this right, as soon as the animal turns to defend its hind quarters, it will make its hind quarters vulnerable to at least one other team and they immediately attack and retreat. The idea is to get the animal turning in circles constantly defending its hind quarters so it can't attack anyone. When you get the animal turning in circles, it doesn't take long for it to realize it has gone from being the hunter to being the prey and this ain't fun no more. Then you open a door and the animal will run off to look for easier prey.

Now our ancestors did this with sharp rocks on the end of their sticks to cut the muscles to wound the hind legs of the animal badly enough it could no longer stand on its hind legs and then they would move in to finish it off and eat it.

There used to be a very good film floating around about a tribe of pygmies using this technique to bring down a full grown African bull elephant with spears. It works and has been mostly successful for thousands of years. Know that, if someone screws up, someone gets eaten.

Do not lay down and play dead, EVER, unless of course you like being bear food and want to end up spending the rest of your time on this planet as bear feces. That is just common sense. Always stand and fight the predator.

That is the nutshell version of surviving a predator attack. I hope it prevents you from looking like the guy in the video or worse, you know, bear feces...with the smell of pepper spray.

Always be the hunter, never the prey.

Concerning the analysis of spraying the bear with pepper spray at 40 feet when it charges you:

Do not forget that the experts told the author that the pepper spray doesn't always work and that the bear can run up to 30 miles per hour or cover 44 feet per second. The experts told the author to tell you that, if the bear starts charging you, to not start spraying until the bear is 40 feet away and will be on top of you in less than one second.

Now, are you going to spray that charging bear of 500+ pounds with pepper spray and wait to see if it works or hot steel from a 45 to slow him down enough to get a second shot?

And you think there isn't a conspiracy by these liberal jerks to get you killed to save their warm fuzzy wittle bears?

Common sense and physics should tell you that no matter whether you hit the bear with pepper spray or bullets, a bear running at 30 mph and 40 feet away from you will make it all of the way to you. The question is whether it will make it to you alive or dead. If it makes it to you alive, it will kill you and eat you. If it makes it to you dead, it will probably slide the last 10 to 20 feet and slow down a little before it hits you and it won't eat quite as much.

Let me say this about using a 45. Some women let themselves be persuaded to buy a "Lady's gun" because their hands are too small or weak to "handle" a 45.

In 1993, I taught my 15 year old daughter, who had small hands, to consistently hit a soda can (about the size of a human heart) at 100 to 120 feet with a Colt M1991A1 45 automatic. She will blow your brains out at anything less than that.

If you feel your hands and arms are too small and weak to handle a 45, use both hands, do some strength training for your hands and arms, get some instruction on using the weapon, and practice until you can effectively use the weapon.

The only time a woman should buy a "lady's gun" is when she expects to be attacked by a lady. It definitely won't do her any good against a griz.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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