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People quit believing the "moderate Muslim" lie so the left is now trying to sell progressive Islam.

Same people, same religion, same warfare against the world, different name. You will increasingly hear about the "progressive Muslims" and hear less about the "moderate Muslims". Changing the name won't bring any of their victims back from the dead. Just more liberal smoke and mirrors.


I was just watching a documentary about the development of stealth technology, the F-117, and smart munitions, which was a lot of bull crap. They said that, until the F-117 in the late 1970s, none of the aircraft manufacturers wanted to mess with stealth technology.

You know it is bad when you can't even believe documentaries, especially when none of the truth concerning that documentary and its story line was classified any more.

In the late 1930s, a number of top generals and admirals went to take a look at this new thing called radar. They liked what they saw and then a general said, "We have this now and it will only be a matter of time until our enemies have it so how do we beat it?" That day electronic countermeasures or ECM was born because those scientists began working on the technology to beat our brand new radar.

During WWII, we already had ECM on our aircraft in the US Army Air Corp. They dropped several types of chaff to interfere with radar and radio communications. They also had frequency scanners and manually controlled electronic jammers called black boxes.

The person on the B-17 who controlled this technology was the radio operator, who was an enlisted man. He had his radio he used for communications and to also detect enemy transmitions, at least three black boxes for jamming radio and radar signals in a rack along side of him, and chaff ejectors for dispensing chaff, mostly rope chaff to interfere with radio communications so the ground radar couldn't direct their fighters to intercept the bombers.

The first plane to use materials for stealth was the U-2 in the 1950s, which used special radar absorbing materials for the skin of the plane and its paint was also radar absorbing (both stealth technology). The U-2 was actually the first stealth plane. We have used radar absorbing paint for our war planes ever since.

The radar absorbing paint they used on the F-4 was so good by 1974 that, during the day, the wings of the F-4 got so hot from absorbing sun light that they would burn your feet through your military boots and heavy wool socks. You had to keep moving around or it would burn enough to hurt.

The first plane to use shape and materials for stealth technology was the SR-71, which first flew in 1958 (the CIA version.) The actual presentation of the quite large SR-71 on the Ruskie radar screens was smaller than a small single engine private plane like an old Cessna. By 1972, we had a joke in the Air Force that the way the Ruskies could tell they were tracking the SR-71 was because eagles don't normally fly that fast.

The "documentary" also stated that the F-117 program was top secret until 1984, when the first information about stealth technology was first made public in spite of the fact that President Jimmy Carter told us about stealth technology and the F-117 during the 1980 presidential campaign in a vain attempt to get re-elected, which I personally hated because he gave up classified information and compromised national security to get re-elected. Basically, he sold out the nation for his own potential gain.

Then the "documentary" went on to say that the reason we used the F-117 in Panama in the 1980s was because it was the first and only plane we had that could use smart munitions, you know, like laser guided bombs.

I know for a fact that the first smart munitions used by the US Air Force in combat were used by about 1965 or 1966 because I talked to a pilot who used laser guided missiles to take out a North Vietnamese bridge at that time. I was also trained in the use of smart munitions in 1972 and put my hand on a laser guidance pod hanging under the wing of an F-4 in 1974 at Udorn, Thailand.

That completely shoots down the time line for that entire documentary.

Food Convoy

Concerning the claims that Russia bombed the UN food convoy in Aleppo, I have serious trouble believing it after viewing a number of videos of the convoy after the attack.

The trucks were clearly destroyed and there were some explosions involved but, if you have seen pictures of trucks after they are hit even nearby with 500+ pound bombs dropped from an aircraft, there isn't nearly as much left of the trucks.

Basically, the damage done to those trucks and their cargoes, most of which were still in the trucks, wasn't enough for them to have been hit by bombs dropped from an aircraft and they were probably damaged by mortar or artillery fire. There was just too much left of those trucks and their cargoes and there were no significant craters in the roads for them to have been destroyed by aircraft delivered bombs.

I seriously doubt those trucks were bombed by Putin and they were more likely to have been destroyed by mortar fire from Obama's terrorists.

Civil War

In the currently escalating civil war, there is the question of how you can help or serve to fight the enemy.

History teaches that, in a war, not everyone involved carries and uses a gun, as a matter of fact, most people involved don't actually fight and most people don't even get involved. There are many ways to help your people and nation to fight for freedom.

Some of the most common jobs are to help provide information about the enemy, provide a safe house for patriots for any number of reasons, hide weapons and food, provide communications, care for wounded, take care of the children of those fighting, help transport or smuggle supplies or people, provide maps of your community with locations for the enemy, produce weapons, munitions, food, clothing, and other needed goods, repair damaged vehicles or weapons, and many other very important jobs required to support the war.

When I was in the Air Force, it was estimated that, for every soldier who fought, there had to be eleven soldiers providing support for that one soldier who fought and that didn't include the millions of civilians who provided something the fighting soldiers needed.

In considering what you should do to help in this war to get our nation back and assuming you can't fight, ask what do the soldiers need that you can provide. If they know you are on their side, they will probably even ask you to help in one or more specific ways to meet an important need.


You still think there are no liberal conspiracies, that they don't conspire or work together to do the evil things they do like riots and such?

I just saw this on an FB post: "I am asking everyone skilled in Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direction action to come to Standing Rock."

"Skilled in Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direction"? Does that sound like liberal speak for liberal activist or what?

Now, if the liberal commie traitors don't have training camps for this, just how do you become skilled in civil disobedience and non-violent direction? Gee, you don't think all of these liberal protests and riots are planned, organized, and managed by the liberals, do you? Kind of obvious, isn't it?

Yep, they ain't conspirin' to do nuttin'. (/sarc)


Don't you think there is something just a wee bit fishy about all of these polls showing Hillary is leading by a billion points when Trump is drawing crowds in the tens of thousands and she can't even get a crow of one thousand?

At a liberal university in Commiefornia, they had to bribe their liberal students to go to the Clinton rally so someone would be there.

What those liberal polls are telling you is how many dead people are going to vote. Talk about the Zombie Apocalypse. That is what this election is going to be. All of the dead will be walking out of the cemeteries on election day to vote.

How many times do you think King Tut will vote this year? How about Alexander the Great? Cleopatra?

Those polls are telling you and mocking you with the fact that our votes don't count. The upper class trash will appoint whomever they want and you can't do anything about it short of a revolution.


Want to buy a guillotine?

Here at Carl's Guillotine Pavilion, we have a variety of guillotines for sale.

We have the low budget "Standard Old French" version where you just put the traitors in face down, the blade lops their head off and it falls in a basket.


We also have the "American Patriot" model where you put the traitors in face up so they can see the blade coming down and you get to hear them scream before the chunk.

Much more fun!

Then there is the "Commercial" model where you just feed the traitors in on a conveyor belt to quickly get rid of as many traitors as possible in as little time as possible.

Much more efficient!

Then we have the "Royal Deluxe" model which is a combination of the "American Patriot" model and the "Commercial" model. You get to hear much more traitor screaming in less time.

Efficient and entertaining!

You can even attach your video camera to all models to enjoy and relive the excitement of killing off all of the traitors for years after the revolution and share it with your friends!

SALE: Buy one now and get one free spare blade so you can keep lopping off heads while sharpening the other blade!



Is Putin taking advantage of the Euro-American upper class trash stupidity or what?

When he cut back on oil and gas sales to the EU, Putin started selling some of that oil and gas to China to keep it from hurting his country's economy.

Did the EU start selling their products to other nations they had been selling to Russia when they started sanctioning Russia?

No, their economies are failing.

Smart, huh?

Now Putin has just signed a defense and trade treaty with India, which is very important. If anyone attacks either Russia or India, the other must come to their defense, you know, like the defense treaty Putin signed with China.

Now, if the West attacks Putin, they will also have to fight at least China and India, you know, the two most populous nations in the world.

Also, Putin is selling more of the oil and gas that used to be sold to the EU to India to help Russia's economy while the EU economy folds because of their intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities.

Now Russia is working on building a pipeline which will deliver gas and oil directly to German.

Is Germany selling out the EU and breaking the West's sanctions to save their economy?

Remember that I told you that, if Britain left the EU, Germany would have to leave too because Germany can't carry the bankrupt EU by herself?

Man plans, God laughs and, right now, God is laughing at the corrupt liberal pagan West upper class trash.

Then Biden says that "we are sending a message to Putin."

Yeah, that our intellectually superior, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, natural elite leaders who got the right degrees from the right universities are very stupid and incompetent. I think Putin is getting the message.


BTW, have you noticed that, since her collapse, Hillary has not had a coughing fit?

Gee, what a miraculous recover, from collapsing to completely well in just 90 minutes.

That is just one more dot in the picture saying they are running the double and either hid Hillary or buried her.

I want a DNA test on whoever it is standing on the stages for Hillary.

Poser Christians

I just saw a headline by a supposed Christian prophet site, concerning a nuke war with Russia, asking, "Will the world survive the coming apocalypse?"

What, this guy doesn't know or believe the Bible?

A Christian should never ask that question. According to the Bible, there will still be life on this planet when Jesus returns for the Battle of Armageddon, with massive armies aligned on both sides. This means there will be huge numbers of people left on earth.

So, either you believe the Bible and know there can't be a nuke war that will destroy all life on earth or you are calling God a liar by believing that Bible prophesy won't be fulfilled. By even considering that question, he is calling God a liar.

Will there be a nuke war with Russia that will destroy all life on earth?

Of course not or Bible prophesy can't be fulfilled and God is a liar.

Will there be a nuke war with China that will destroy all life on earth?

Of course not or Bible prophesy can't be fulfilled and God is a liar.

Can there be an asteroid which will wipe out all life on earth?

Of course not or Bible prophesy can't be fulfilled and God is a liar.

Can there be any disaster that will wipe out all life on earth?

Of course not or Bible prophesy can't be fulfilled and God is a liar.

Can there be space aliens who will take over control of the planet?

Of course not or Bible prophesy can't be fulfilled and God is a liar.

God gave us Bible prophesy so we could tell what will and will not happen so we don't waste time and energy worrying about things that obviously won't happen.

Did God tell us everything?

No, there are secrets of God but there cannot be anything which will wipe out all life on earth or in any way prevent Bible prophesy from taking place because God can't be a liar.

Can we have the terrible things going on right now like the corrupt, evil Euro-American upper class trash setting up their one world government and killing off everyone except a maximum of 500 million people or the Muslims wiping out everyone except Muslims or the Chinese wiping out everyone except Chinese?

They can try but God will cause them to fail because their succeeding would prevent Bible prophesy being fulfilled and God can't be a liar.

Therefore, all of these schemes and plans by the Euro-American upper class trash, Muslims, Russians, Chinese and others to conquer the world and kill everyone else off MUST fail so Bible prophesy can be fulfilled. I only tell you about such things so you know what the different groups are planning to do and that, because of our sins, you are about to have to fight a war.

The prophesies God has given me are telling us how God will stop the upper class trash current evil plans.

Man will plan and God will laugh, AGAIN!

Everything else is Satanic plans to beat God but Satan has been trying to beat God for 6,000 years and has failed every time. Satan is the ultimate loser and, if you are stupid enough to follow him, you will be following the world's worst loser.

When "Christians" sensationalize Satan's plans to scare you into watching or reading their stories more often to increase their profits, it is just Satanic scare mongering bull crap meant to cause you to doubt God and the Bible.

Why would a true, informed Christian even consider such things succeeding?

I inform you about their evil plans but also tell you God's plans to stop Satan and his forces.

We are right now having to fight a very bloody war because of our sins. Deal with it, turn from your sins, accept the saving grace God provides for us through Jesus, pray for deliverance, and get ready to fight. This is not going to be fun.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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