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Putin is making some moves that sound scary because it looks like he is getting ready to go to nuclear war with the US.

I believe that most likely, he is sending a message to our Coward-in-Chief that he will swap nukes rather than back down to back the US Coward-in-Chief down or basically, he is calling Obama's bluff, but know that Putin will fight a nuke war.

Putin has told his people to be prepared for WWIII, find or locate nuke shelters, and has moved Russian warships, which you know are carrying nukes, to the English Channel putting both Britain and France in danger of being nuked. Basically, Putin is ramping up for a nuclear war to back Obama down.

Remember that I told you a nuclear war takes time to ramp up for and you don't just push a red button the way Hollywood makes it look like. Troops and weapons have to be moved into position, key civilians have to be moved to underground cities, and other preparations have to be made before you can start a nuke war.

We are seeing Putin do that right now, you know, just like I told you would have to happen.

You can also bet the US military is also quietly ramping up for a nuke war. You can bet the Air Force is configuring a variety of aircraft for a variety of missions and putting them on alert pads ready for launch within a minute's notice. The Navy is moving ships and nuke subs into strategic positions. The Army and Marines are also moving troops and positioning them strategically.

Just before a nuke attack starts, the initiating party will suddenly move troops out of the enemy's targeted zone to save them for the following fight. That is when nukes will launch and it won't be all of the nukes at one time. It may very well start with a warning shot fired by one side taking out an important asset and may or may not escalate but, before anywhere near full annihilation; a truce will be called by one or both sides because the military leaders don't want their families fried. The military leaders are human; it is our civilian leaders who worry me and Obama is definitely a Muslim sociopath.

If nothing else, pay attention because this is what it looks like when two or more nations ramp up for a nuke war. It is nothing like Hollywood shows.

BTW, that Russian fleet is heading towards Syria via the English Channel but will stop briefly off the coast of Scotland to "practice bombing", you know, send an extra message to the West, especially since the British and French upper class trash are a big part of this mess.

Remember that I told you that I don't believe Putin bombed the food aid trucks in Aleppo partly because there were no bomb craters?

In this video, at 20 seconds and at 24 seconds, you will see bomb craters caused by the US bombing that bridge. You don't see anything like that anywhere near that food caravan and those craters should tell you that, if those trucks were hit by bombs, there just wouldn't be much left of the trucks and their cargoes.

That caravan was almost certainly taken out by terrorist mortars, which don't leave craters anywhere nearly that big.


Obama and Saudi Arabia have agreed to give 9,000 ISIS members in Mosul safe passage into Syria along with 1.2 billion dollars to fight Assad. I do hope you realize this is nothing more than Obama and Saudi Arabia redeploying their terrorist troops and financing or resupplying them. They are committing several crimes in doing this.

Earlier this year, Obama and Saudi Arabia liberated Fallujah the same way, you know, by transporting their terrorist army, ISIS, safely to Syria to depose Assad.

Obama and Saudi Arabia just illegally funded ISIS, a terrorist organization, $1.2 billion. Think about that.

Know that the reason Obama and Saudi Arabia are safely transporting the 9,000 ISIS troops to Syria is to draw Syrian and Russian forces and resources from destroying Obama's terrorists in Aleppo and other places. They are doing this by reinforcing terrorists in Palmyra and Deir Ez-Zour. That is right, that is where Obama and Saudi Arabia are sending those 9,000 ISIS terrorists.

They are clearly illegally aiding the terrorists in illegally over throwing the Syrian government. It simply couldn't be more obvious that Obama and Saudi Arabia along with Qatar own ISIS and are illegally sponsoring the worst Muslim terrorist army in modern history. Obama, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are the problem in the Middle East.

Just how obvious does this have to get?

But, hey, Pharaoh Obama is above the law and his word is law so no one will prosecute him.


Trump is proposing drug testing Hillary before the debate and said, "I don't know what is going on with her".


Because she is suddenly well and not sick anymore, you know, like I told you, so he suspects she is drugged to get her through the debates. But they will need both a drug test and a DNA test because the double isn't sick and won't be on drugs.

A recently leaked e-mail said that Hillary stole the furniture from the State Department, you know, like she did from the White House. This woman will steal anything and everything and is just a common thief in upper class clothing. She is the worst kind of trash, the upper class trash. No one can trust this woman and half the people in the US intend to vote for her. We're screwed.

Do you still think any form of democracy can ever work again in this nation?

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


Did you know that Saul Alinsky, one of the top and most popular intellectuals for Marxism and taking over countries, dedicated his "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer?

That is right, the guy all liberals love, quote and are using his ideas and teachings to destroy and seize control of the West and the planet was a Satanist or Luciferian.

Gee, you think that might explain why the liberals are waging war against Christians and hate Christians so much, you know, their god is Lucifer, Satan, the Devil?

They are Luciferians, just like I have been telling you, and they also practice witchcraft, especially Wicca, the most violent and evil form of witchcraft.

Gee, what a coincidence that Satanism, witchcraft, and other occult religions are coming out of the closet just when the left is seizing control and they have no reason to hide the ugly truth about them being Luciferians.

Gee, what a coincidence that the upper class trash attended a Satanic ritual for the opening of tunnels in Switzerland.

Gee, what a coincidence the liberal owned media and Hollywood have been promoting witchcraft on TV and in the movies for several decades now.

Gee, what a coincidence the liberals got Harry Potter into the public school system to influence your children towards witchcraft and Satanism while it was illegal to promote or teach Christianity in our schools.

Gee, what a coincidence the left is waging war against and hating Christians.

These and much more weren't coincidences, the liberals, Marxists, socialists, progressives are Satanic occult pagans who practice witchcraft and this was all planned from the start. This is a religious war being waged by Satanism or Luciferianism against Christians and everyone else. This means we are currently living in a Satanic pagan theocracy, which has destroyed and taken over our once great Christian theocracy.

Yet, the liberals tell you it has nothing to do with religion and they hate religion? Kinda lying, aren't they?


Remember that I told you that, with the Chinese economy going down the tubes and the Chinese Army owning and depending on the profits from their major corporations, the Chinese military will have to slow its growth and then start cutting back?

I got this at SOFREP by a staff writer:

"China's military warned on Friday that "hostile forces" were seeking to spread online rumors about the ongoing reform of the armed forces, which will see 300,000 soldiers laid off, and admitted some of the rumors were having a damaging effect.

Chinese President Xi Jinping unexpectedly announced last September that he would cut troop numbers by 300,000, or some 13 percent of the world's biggest military, currently 2.3-million strong."

China is currently dumping US Treasurys and has been doing so for three months now because she really needs cash. Their government is going bust because their economy and the global economy is going bust because of the upper class trash and their genius ideas.

So, how long do you think it will be before the Chinese military gets tired of the high living Chinese communist rulers destroying the Chinese economy and military before the Chinese military uses their communist rulers for organ donors, you know, get back some of their losses?

I wouldn't worry too much about China right now because their military is bleeding money because 1) the Chinese economy is imploding and 2) the global economy is imploding, both of which are going to keep forcing the Chinese Army to make cut backs.

Now, the Chinese leaders need to worry about the Chinese military...or what is left of it.


Once again the liberals failed to think through their idiot ideas before charging off on their glorious crusade.

Why, can you imagine the idiot liberals did not think the immigrants would have so many children? What, didn't they do their homework before to find out how many children the immigrants would have?

Of course not, liberals don't believe in researching anything, they just dream up another great sounding crusade and go charging over rainbows on their unicorns feeling great about themselves slaying imaginary dragons while distracting you from all of their previously failed crusades.

I got this at Arutz Sheva by a staff writer: "John McCallum, the Minister of Immigration, in an interview last week said that the government hadn't anticipated how many children would come with the immigrants and so the provinces were not equipped to handle in the influx of refugees."

It seems that Trudeau and his idiot liberal pals have caused another liberal mess with their bril-lee-yunt sounding gee-knee-us ideas.

"Not equipped to handle the influx of refugees"? What, didn't they do their homework? Didn't they think it through before charging off on their glorious crusade? Didn't they even try to do any planning?

Of course not, they are idiot liberals. They don't think, they don't research, they don't plan, they just go righteously galloping off on their unicorns to save the world. Tada!!! And create another really bad mess, which they will distract you from looking at with their next glorious crusade, which will create another terrible mess, for which they will need another glorious crusade to distract you from that mess and on and on and on.

You still think liberals are not the stupidest people on the planet?

Liberals are one of the biggest problems this planet has. Without liberals, we wouldn't have most of today's problems.

BTW, you do know why the liberals are so stupid and can't see what you and I believe is obvious, right?

They are not Christians, they are pagans and God won't share His wisdom with them so they can't understand things true Christians understand. That is why so many liberals are wanting to vote for criminals like Hillary.

This is why it is crucial for all of you Christians to get right with God, stage a revival, and start wining souls for Jesus. Then God will open their eyes with His wisdom and they will stop being so insanely stupid.

Aircraft Carriers

Let me share a little information with you about two basic types of aircraft carriers.

The ramp type of carriers used by Russia and China require more power from the aircraft engines during takeoff and the planes can't carry as much fuel or munitions.

This means 1) the planes on these types of carriers are restricted in distance compared to the catapult carriers, especially without refueling. This is important because their fleet can be attacked by planes from the type of carriers using a catapult before the planes from the ramp type carriers can attack the fleet of the catapult carriers.

This also means 2) that the planes from the ramp type carriers can't carry as much of a munitions load so that they can't do the same amount of damage as the planes from the catapult carriers.

Therefore, the fleets using ramp carriers have two significant disadvantages to the planes from catapult carriers.


The liberals love to insult and put down people who think the upper class trash liberal commie traitors are conspiring or working together behind closed doors to do bad things to us as the liberals' best, last, and only defense against such conspiracies.

If no one is committing conspiracies, why do we need the CIA and FBI?

If there are not evil people conspiring or working together to do bad things to us, why do we need the CIA and FBI?

Kind of shoots down the conspiracy theorist and tin hat defense of the left, doesn't it?

Of course there are conspiracies or we wouldn't need the CIA or FBI.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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