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In this last debate, they made the mistake of Hillary wearing white, which every woman knows shows your weight more, and she is definitely the skinny Hillary. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Also, if you look at the clothes Hillary wore before the collapse, she wore a loose top with a slit up both sides at the bottom. The reason for the slits was because she was so fat that they had to include the slits to prevent her fat butt and hips from distorting the look of the top and showing her weight. Her tops were designed to hide her fat butt and hips.

At the debate, Hillary was so skinny that her top didn't have the slits and it still fit nicely. Hillary has lost at least 40 to 50 pounds since her collapse and did it in only 90 minutes. All you have to do is look at the pictures to see it.

That plus her suddenly not having any coughing fits tells me that either the real Hillary is being hidden away somewhere or she is dead. There is absolutely no doubt about it. If Wikileaks provides proof for this, her campaign is over.


Putin is deploying all of his North Sea Fleet, much of his Baltic Fleet, and quite a bit of his Black Sea Fleet to Syria. This is all in conjunction with his Caspian Sea Fleet just north of Iran and increased air power, SAMs, and ground forces Putin has been building in Syria.

He is beefing up his forces in Syria as a warning to Obama not to try anything.

Please note that all of the threats Obama had his generals make because no one will listen to Obama any more didn't scare Putin.

There is also some intel that some in the Pentagon think they can pick a fight with Putin in an isolated theater like Syria, defeat Putin's forces in that theater, and Putin won't escalate the fight outside of that theater.

Personally, I wouldn't bet my family's lives on that because I already see Putin taking the fight Obama has started to other theaters like Moldova. Putin is fighting for his life because he knows that, if he lets the Euro-American upper class trash win this, after they have set up their one world government, he is dead. Putin has to win this fight.

Putin probably knows about this strategy and that is why he is quickly escalating his forces build up in Syria. He knows what is coming and Putin will swap nukes so his build up is meant to deter US aggressive actions against Putin in Syria.

Also, you keep hearing about Putin moving his nuke missiles around on trucks and people thinking this is Putin preparing to attack the West.

No, Putin mobilized his nukes onto trucks and keeps moving them around to make it much more difficult for the West, especially the US, to locate and target those nukes for a preemptive strike.

You have to understand that we have to locate those missiles, program the new location into our missiles and bomber instructions in order to stage a preemptive strike. Every time Putin moves those missiles, we have to go through all of that again and don't be surprised to find out that Putin knows just how long that process takes for our military before we are ready again to do a preemptive strike.

Putin moving his nuke missiles around on trucks is a defensive measure and not an offensive measure so forget any scare mongering you get from other sites about Putin moving his nukes around. He isn't doing it to get ready to attack but is doing it to prevent us from attacking him.

The Left

The liberal insanity rages on and on and on.

A "scientist" claims that a nuclear war destroyed all life on Mars IN SPITE OF THE FACT that we have not found any evidence that there ever was life on Mars BUT we know that the life for which we have not found any evidence that it ever existed was wiped out by a nuclear war.

And you think we can ever have another democracy again?

BTW, the left is starting a movement that science is racist, which should tell you what?

First, science always ends up disproving what the liberals want you to believe so they are claiming it is racist so you won't listen to science any more and will only listen to their lies, misinformation, and propaganda. The military calls this psychological warfare.

Second, if they can get most people to believe that science is racist, then they will be able to outlaw science, which should tell you that they are about to throw their lying liberal government owned scientists under the bus. After all, if science is racist and you should not listen to it, then they won't need to pay you phony liberal scientists the big bucks to lie for them and they can purge you.

Third, increasing numbers of liberal government owned liars...uh...scientists keep coming out and admitting they were lying anyway.

It is like I have been telling you liberals for years, when the upper class trash decide they don't need you liberals any more, they will purge you. I told you so.

I guess that, without science, the liberals are "just going to know" things because of their intellectual superiority.

But, hey, liberals are so stupid most of them can't understand science anyway so why bother with it?

They have already done away with economics because of Marxism, diet, exercise, and health because of their health food industry, and just about everything else based on intelligence because of their paganism, so why not do away with science?

Hey, if they can't understand it or it disagrees with them, it is racist.

And you wonder why our planet is in such a terrible mess and it is getting worse?

One thing about it, when the Muslims kill off most of the liberals, the global IQ will probably double.

Further proving that liberalism really is an extreme form of insanity, gun controlled Australia has admitted that, though the law abiding citizens are no longer armed to defend themselves, the criminals are still armed because, guess what, they didn't turn in their guns, you know, just like we said would happen.

The liberal solution to their own screw up?

They are going to offer ANOTHER amnesty for the criminals who didn't turn in their guns last time to turn in their guns this time and, you know, the idiot liberals really do believe that those criminals will turn in their guns this time.

Just how stupid do you have to be in order to be a liberal? Can they even measure that level of stupidity? Is there a sane one in the bunch?

It is like I said, liberals have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.


Oh never, you cannot expect liberals to learn anything intelligent. If it requires common sense, you can forget about liberals learning it.

BTW, Known criminals were caught with firearms 755 times in 2015 as compared to 143 times in 2011. In other words, the problem is getting worse because criminals are smuggling assault rifles and handguns into Australia via shipments of electronics and metal parts.

And the liberal idiots running their nation really think these criminals are going to turn their guns in?

Yep, definitely infinite stupidity.

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you that Hillary and the upper class trash are going to reveal to us that they have been in contact with superior space aliens and the space aliens will either be Satan and his demons or the upper class trash themselves, either one of which will tell us to submit to their superior rule for our own good? Remember that John Podesta is one of the top people behind Hillary?

I got this at RT, a liberal online medium, by a staff writer:

"John Podesta arranged a meeting with astronaut Edgar Mitchell to discuss the US government disclosing information to the public on aliens, according to emails leaked by WikiLeaks. The meeting was described as a prelude to involving President Barack Obama in the discussion."

I do hope you realize this story was a press release designed to get you ready for the fake space alien story and the operative term in the story is "disclosing information", you know, like they already have it, well, they do but it is fake information like their global warming thingy.

Yep, the lie will be coming to a liberal medium near you soon.

Why do people believe anything these people tell you?


It has become very obvious that the e-mail leaks are an inside job. They are now releasing Obama e-mails, which is almost certainly an inside job.

I told you before that I didn't think it was Russia who hacked the Hillary and DNC e-mails. Since then, they have been releasing Podesta e-mails and, now, Obama's e-mails.

My guess?

NSA and/or military.

After I wrote this, I read that Assange has confirmed it isn't even hackers but is inside whistle blowers so this is an inside job or rather a number of inside jobs. The good people are fighting back. There is hope.


Remember that I have told you that China laying off hundreds of thousands of military personnel is going to come back to haunt them?

They are now having increasing protests by their veterans because they are not providing any support or assistance for their fired veterans. This is building and could easily head south on them.


Remember that I told you that this New World Order thingy can't succeed because it goes against the fulfilling of Bible prophesy?

As the Philippines distances itself from the US and grows closer to China, Brexit, Canada walking out on negotiations with the EU for a trade deal, Germany making nice with Russia for oil, Italy standing against further sanctions against Russia, and South Africa pulls out of the international court, the New World Order shrinks and the resistance grows. The Euro-American upper class trash evil plans for their beloved global dictatorship are failing, just like I told you would happen.

Man plans, God Laughs.

BTW, Venezuela just officially became another communist dictatorship. Just another communist success story. It is time for revolution and to start taking heads.

Gee, I wonder if the people would like to buy some guillotines?

It is now being reported that their congress is talking about bringing charges against Maduro. I will believe that when I see it.

The People

I am amazed at how naive and uninformed most people are. It is mind boggling what they believe.

"Why, this is America, our corrupt, evil upper class trash would never try to seize control of the government and set up a dictatorship. That would be a conspiracy and we don't believe in conspiracies because our corrupt upper class trash told us not to believe in conspiracies in spite of the fact that every crime they have committed was a conspiracy to commit that crime. Our corrupt upper class trash who lie to us all of the time and so obviously commit crimes are too wonderful to stage a coup. Why, it could never happen here in America, we are too special even though the same traitors tell us we are not."

They are so dumbed down and brainwashed that, if you try to teach them the truth, they outright reject it for the better sounding lies, "Why, that can't be true because everyone knows...or PBS said...or the experts said..."

And with me crying out with such a small, quiet voice in the wilderness, this desert I live in, it just seems so impossible and frustrating to keep trying but try I must because God wants me to so I just put my faith in God, I do my best, and leave it to God to do the rest. He and only He can clean up our mess. I know it is far too big of a mess for me to clean it up but I just keep grinding out the truth, doing my little part to help.

And sometimes, I just tell God I wish He would just give me my own planet where He can come and visit with me when He has time from dealing with the stupid people. But I pray for His peace and strength daily and He keeps me going.

Educational Tyranny

Just how much longer will the students put up with this educational tyranny by the upper class trash liberal college professors and staff members dictating to you what you can say or do? How much longer will the students permit the professors and staff members to deny the students their right to freedom of speech and self expression?

Let me share something with you students. If just half of you college students were to boycott the university educational system, the colleges and universities would have to make massive cut backs in staff and expenses. Not all of you, just half of you.

What you do is spend the rest of this school year organizing on a national basis. You write up a list of demands centered around your freedom of speech and self expression. Just before next fall, after you have spent the summer working, have jobs, and/or are enrolled in vocational schools, you start the boycott and issue your list of demands, which can include the names of specific college professors and staff members to be fired. You absolutely refuse to return to the university system until all of those demands are met.

By that time, many of you will have found careers in non college related jobs or will have almost finished your vocational studies with a marketable trade. Many of the universities will have met your demands and the remainder of the students can return to those universities which have met your demands while the rest of the universities continue to financially suffer until they do meet your demands. You do not return to any university which does not meet your demands.

What you will find is that the universities need you more than you need them, unlike what they have convinced you. When everyone learns that lesson, you students will start getting a quality education again and regain your freedoms of speech and self expression again.

Until then, they will continue to use the system to dumb you down, brainwash you, and oppress you.

Your choice, fight back to get a better education and your rights back or continue to get garbage for an education while losing your rights.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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