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Space Aliens

This morning, the Communist News Network, CNN, had a story with the headline, "Will the world's largest telescope find aliens?"

Nope, because they are not there, though they will probably claim they have.

Hold it, how can they find aliens if they are going to disclose that they already found aliens? They need to get their story straight, don't they?

I am telling you, this is all planned out to show that they and/or their god, Satan, are superior to you and you should submit to their dictatorial tyrannical rule for your own good.

Don't you find it just a wee bit peculiar that the same people who used to insult people because of UFO sightings are suddenly looking for the same space aliens?

Something funny is going on here and you know it won't end well because it is being caused by the corrupt upper class trash. Everything they touch ends bad for us.

And then you put this together with them planning on colonizing Mars.

BTW, they have changed their story about colonizing Mars. They are going to start by building a refueling plant on Mars for return trips to earth. I guess they couldn't get enough suckers for the obvious, one way, suicide mission.

He says he envisions sending ships of 1,000 people each to Mars "Battlestar Galactica style" (hey, they have to make it sound romantic) and end up sending more than one million people to Mars, you know, 1,000 space trips over 40 to 100 years. That is going to be a lot of dead people.

I want to see his detailed plans for how he intends to solve all of the problems I have warned you about now for the last 17 years plus the problems even I didn't anticipate. If they don't already have solutions for all of those problems, a lot of people are going to die, especially in the first few ships.

If they give you that "terra-farming an atmosphere" crap, tell they to go themselves and show you how it is done.

If they do manage to survive for a few years, wait until you see the health problems those people will develop because of such low gravity. If you are on Mars for more than a few years, don't try to come back to earth or just the landing could kill you.

But, hey, you know them thar spacey alieny dudies will help us with their vastly superior intelligence, you know, our intellectually superior upper class trash, who have screwed up everything they have touched.

More space aliens?

Isn't it an incredible coincidence that we are suddenly getting all of this space alien stuff from the upper class trash and their x-spurts?

A group of astronomers at a Canadian university said they THINK some really "unusual" signals coming from 234 stars are space aliens trying to contact us.

Of course they forgot to tell us how far away those stars are because they want to make it sound like the space aliens heard our signals yesterday and called us right back. Then they will just kind of drop by since they were going to be in the neighborhood anyway. Miraculously, you know it won't take the space aliens years to get here.

The truth is that almost all, if not all, of those stars are so far away that they could not have possibly received any of our earliest signals yet and, therefore, couldn't know we are here and, if they did receive our earliest signals from about 150 years ago, their reply couldn't get here before 50 years from now.

But, hey, forget science, science is racist. "It is what we want to believe that matters regardless of science." Translation: "We will believe any lie you tell us as long as it sounds good. On ward, Unicorn Cavalry, over the rainbows."

Gee, you don't think they are starting this "science is racist" thingy right now to discourage people from listening to science so we can't prove the upper class trash space alien thingy is bogus, do you?

What the upper class trash are doing is playing off of the irrational fantasies of people wanting utopia on earth with the upper class trash ruling. "Why, so what if our corrupt upper class trash have failed to give us our desired utopia, the space aliens can."

Why don't those crazy, inbred people just crawl off in a corner somewhere and find something shiny to play with?


BTW, I hope you do realize why Putin had this last truce?

He used it to gather intel from the few people who made it out for more sophisticated attacks. He needed better human intel about the situation behind terrorist lines for his final moves.

Notice that, after the truce, Putin said that the terrorists can be eradicated. He got his intel. Putin knows where them bad boys are hiding.

Gee, what a coincidence this truce took place less than two weeks before Putin's fleet from the North and Baltic Seas gets to Syria to beef up Putin's attack force. You can bet the intel from this truce is already aboard those ships and they are already planning missions for when they arrive. The final attack could begin just as soon as that fleet is within range.

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is moving UN provided heavy weapons, you know, like tanks and artillery, towards the front in what appears to be the West preparing to stage an assault to try to draw Russian troops away from Syria. If Putin knows about this, it may be just another reason for Putin bringing in the North Sea and Baltic Sea fleets to relieve Black Sea Fleet ships and troops to return to Ukraine for the coming attack. Putin has 10 combat ships off of Syria now so don't be surprised to see three to five of those ships return to Crimea when Putin's carrier fleet arrives off of Syria.

BTW, Putin's fleet just passed Portugal and the EU got upset at Portugal for allowing a couple of Putin's ships to dock and fuel in Portugal's ports. Don't you just love the unity of the EU?

It reminds me of...the cut throat, back stabbing liberals.

And you think the EU can last much longer?

Don't be surprised if Italy permits some of Putin's ships to dock and refuel there. Money is money, baby.

The fleet is now in the Mediterranean Sea but earlier sent a missile frigate and tanker to Cuba. I also found out that Russia has equipped their ramp carrier with catapults to increase the range of their planes and their payload. It seems there will be a total of three missile ships, the carrier, and a submarine along with a number of support ships carrying fuel and supplies soon arriving off of Syria.

Gee, I wonder why Putin sent a missile frigate to Cuba? You don't think it is carrying nukes, do you?

BTW, it has just been reported that Russia's bombing has decreased the ISIS oil flow by 70%. You know Obama and the upper class trash don't like their stolen oil revenues decreasing by 70%.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Upper Class Trash Bankers

The corrupt upper class trash bankers are telling the British that the lenders are going to leave Britain next year because of Brexit.

Hey, nothing like a little extortion and fear mongering by the upper class trash to scare the Brits for leaving the upper class trash's beloved EU dictatorship.

To you Brits out there, there is always BRIC. You don't have to have the IMF, that is why Russia, China, Brazil and other nations formed BRIC. Kiss the IMF goodbye, baby, you don't need them.


Remember that I told you that the Venezuelan congress was going to try Maduro for treason and I said I would believe it when I see it?

Maduro sent a bunch of his thugs to try to lynch those lawmakers.

Sounds just like our liberals rioting when they don't get what they want. If you don't get what you want, go for the violence. Typical liberal commie traitors.

Since this happened, big mobs of people have started protesting in the streets throughout Venezuela. This has evolved into fighting in the streets. All they need for a revolution is a catalyst to set things into motion, you know, like the CIA or Russian intelligence.

Strategically, Venezuela would make a great Russian or Chinese ally by helping the people topple a bad government. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone and it is only a matter of time until some opportunist seizes the day.

Will it be the US (not until after Obama), Russia, or China?

Bad Sites

You want to know just how bad the misinformation is on these bad sites?

One scare mongering site said that Putin has stationed dozens of large aircraft carriers off of Syria to threaten the US.


Putin only has one aircraft carrier and it just got into the Mediterranean Sea today, not to Syria. He is only sending five combat ships total, not dozens. Russia and China combined only have two carriers. Right now, the US is the only nation in the world which has more than two carriers and we only have 11 or 12 pending whether you count the newest one, which hasn't even been combat tested and isn't ready for service yet.

The misinformation on these bad sites doesn't even come close to reality.

I bet Putin wishes he had a dozen large carriers or even just half a dozen large carriers.

I have noticed a sudden increase in the number of such propaganda sites. The left is working overtime to grind out misinformation to confuse and scare people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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