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I got this over at SOFREP with a link to the BBC. "Nato is not seeking confrontation with Russia and does not want another Cold War, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has told the BBC."

Did NATO just throw Obama, the EU, and the Euro-American upper class trash under the bus? Is the military finally beginning to stand up against the corrupt upper class trash for the people?

Keep an eye on this.


The FBI reopening the e-mail investigation against Hillary is not a sure thing. They are saying the FBI "MIGHT" reopen the case.

Second, if Comey is involved in anyway, it is just smoke and mirrors to try to appease the very angry American people so he won't go to jail.

And I just found out at Breitbart that Comey is the one "reopening" the case. It is all smoke and mirrors.

I will believe it when I see it.

Besides, Bill Maher stated what the real problem is when he said, "I Don't Care' If Hillary Has 'JonBenet Ramsey in her Basement, I'm Still Not Voting for Donald Trump."

The vast majority of the left have already made up their minds that no matter how rotten of a criminal Hillary is, they will vote for her to be their president. They have chosen which side of God's line they will stand on and refuse to even consider changing. You can take your facts and stuff them.


Because they are also criminals, they lie (fraud), steal (socialism), illegally use drugs, and even murder people, you know, more than 50 million unborn babies. They prefer their leaders to be corrupt and immoral like they are, you know, the old birds of the feather thingy.

People are learning the truth, eyes are opening, and people are deciding between good and evil and most have already decided, relatively few still have to decide.

Listen, they can find Hillary guilty of the worst crimes possible, try her, and sentence her to death and the vast majority of the left will still support her and vote for her claiming something like "it was a right wing conspiracy and isn't true" (only the right wing does conspiracies). They refuse to believe she has done anything wrong because then they would have to admit that much of what they do is wrong.

They KNOW she is a criminal but they still love her, partly because she is a criminal just like them.

That is why all of this crap about this is a "game changer" or will "destroy Hillary" or will "end her campaign" is just sensationalized bull crap being put out by the media to get you to watch or read their medium to increase their wealth. The truth is that she could murder anyone on this planet on live international TV and almost all of her current supporters will still vote for her because they don't care.

You think I am wrong?

Michael Moore said that Hillary's Email Announcement is "Bullsh*t, I Don't Want To Hear This, She Has Been Abused". They DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT, no matter how bad it is. Their minds are already made up.

The ONLY thing which could cause any of them to turn on her would be if they found out that she personally sold them out as individuals, anything else and they will still vote for her.

The very fact she is still a contender for president and not in front of a firing squad tells you just how wicked many of the US people have become. There is no hope for them because they have already decided to be wicked and on the side of evil and they are not going to change their minds. They will be evil forever.

You want to know how wicked the lefties are?

They just attacked a homeless woman who was "defending" the Trump star of fame. The barbaric animals ganged up on her and beat her up.

Where is the outcry by the left against this horrible crime? What, don't they care about women?

Lynch pleaded the fifth on the Iran deal.

Why, you don't plead the fifth on something that is not a crime? Did Lynch just admit that she knows Obama's deal with Iran is criminal?

Yale, you know, one of the upper class trash "right universities", just said that conservative views are unwelcome on campus, you know, doing right, good, and obeying the law.

You mean that even the upper class trash "right universities" are corrupt?

Obviously. All of the upper class trash are criminals.

Billy Boy just explained how the Clinton Foundation can continue to take "foreign cash" while Hillary is president. You know, "We ain't gonna quit taking bribes from other people and countries to sell Americans out." Criminal business as usual.

The left go around pretending they are the only people who care about others but the reality is they are a bunch of selfish, lawless, ruthless barbaric heathens who will do anything to get what they want. They are evil bullies.

BTW, you know that Hillary won't go down on this e-mail criminal activity because, if she did, she would take the rest of the corrupt upper class trash with her.


A Russian plane came very close to a US plane in Northeastern Syria and the media are sensationalizing it by saying the planes nearly crashed.

I have serious trouble believing they nearly crashed. The US constantly has AWACs (airborne military air traffic control) in the air anywhere there are US planes engaging in combat. The AWACs would have been tracking both planes and let both pilots, especially the US pilot know the other was there and they were getting close to each other. Add to this that the US aircraft have their own radar they can use to find and track other aircraft miles before those aircraft can get to them.

You can bet the US pilot was not surprised.

Lt. Gen. Jeff Harrigian, the commander of U.S. Air Force Central Command said the two aircraft were "within half a mile of each other". Some of the media said the two planes almost crashed.

If you missed another car by a little less than half a mile, you know, five city blocks, would you have almost crashed with them?

You can't believe ANYTHING the liberal media tell you.

They said the US pilot was so close to the Russian aircraft he could feel the Russian aircraft jet wash, which you can do at about a quarter to half a mile behind the other aircraft, especially if you are both traveling at supersonic speed, which they probably were.

I have trouble believing that the well trained and experienced US combat pilot was ever in any trouble. He knew what was going on and what to do to handle it. If anything, him "feeling the jetwash" tells me the US pilot might have slid in behind the Ruskie to play with him a little, you know, get a lock on or do some targeting practice, maybe even make a few turns with him. He probably saw it as a really great opportunity to test his piloting skills and equipment against the Ruskie under combat situations without exchanging fire.

In Mosul, ISIS just executed 232 people and rounded up thousands of people to use as human shields. My first thought was they are tying up loose ends to beat a fast retreat out of Mosul and into Syria. They will probably use the human shields to prevent anyone from bombing their convoy on the road.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Putin is not bombing the terrorists in Syria for a number of reasons.

First, he is beating Obama and the West at their own war crimes game. While Putin is not bombing the terrorists, the West has been accusing him of committing war crimes by killing civilians with his bombing but, without Putin or Syria bombing the terrorists, it is obvious those civilians are either not being killed or are being killed by the terrorists. Putin is even providing satellite proof of it.

Second, Putin is letting the people see how the terrorists are killing civilians with their shelling and mortar fire so the people will know that Putin must bomb the terrorists to stop the terrorists from killing so many civilians.

Third, it permits the world to not be distracted by his bombing so they can see Obama's forces killing civilians in and around Mosul. You know, "here, watch Obama doing the same thing he is accusing me of doing."

Basically, Putin is beating Obama at his latest game, you know, just like Putin has beat Obama at all of Obama's games. One reason why Putin persists in beating Obama at Obama's games is because Obama rarely listens to his military advisors from the Pentagon and does what he wants, you know, like not permitting most of our pilots to drop their munitions on ISIS targets. Putin is not stupid.

My guess, this game will stop just before Putin's North Sea Fleet arrives and they finish off the terrorists in Aleppo. Mean while, you know Putin is gathering intel about the terrorists to use in his next campaign, after his fleet arrives.

Food For Thought

With Noah, God used a global flood to kill off all of the people who chose evil over good so Noah and his family could build a new world. Basically, God gave man kind another chance by killing off all of the bad people.

God is about to do something similar to kill off most of the bad people so we can win a war to kill off many of the rest to build a new nation. The bad people MUST die or we won't be able to build a new nation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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