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Land Grabbing

Out on the ranch, a bunch of angry US citizens backed down Pharaoh Obama's thugs in Nevada, the Feds even gave back the cattle they stole from Bundy. Well, I guess that means Pharaoh Obama is throwing another tantrum in the White House tonight because his little slavies still refuse to submit to being his royal majesty's little slavies. Why, how dare those insignificant little slavies to not blindly obey the decrees of his royal majesty, Pharaoh Obama, you know, the twit who thinks he is not only god but the highest of all gods in spite of the fact that he can't do even the simplest thing the one true God can do.

Keystone Pipeline

Don't you love it? Even the liberal biased unions are turning against the liberal commie traitors. The unions are threatening all Commiecrats who are against the Keystone Pipeline. Every time we turn around, more commies are turning against the commie leaders because the commie leaders are screwing even the commie activists and followers, you know, just like I told you the commie leaders would.

Power Outages

Oh, BTW, I am now reading that we are being warned of power outages which will be caused by Obama's war against coal. Hmmm, me thinks it is going to get a little warm this coming summer, especially for the liberal commie leaders when the commie activists can't run their air conditioners, computers, TVs, video games, and, oh yes, wonderful electric cars because of the global warming lie and the EPA doing away with coal power plants. Let's see you recharge those wonderful electric cars so you can drive to work when there is a power outage. Think bicycle to work in really bad weather.

Yep, when those little commie traitor activists start losing all of their luxuries and toys because of the power outages, things are going to suddenly get very interesting. A lot of dead people are going to have to vote this coming fall for any commies to win and quite a few times each. You will be absolutely amazed at how many "forgotten" ballots they will find in the trunks of cars for the commies to win this election.

Liberal Wars

And, oh yeah, the damage being caused by our greenie conservationists to our ecosystem by fighting global warming is increasing, especially to cute little birdies and now they are beginning to complain about the damage these brilliant greenie power ideas are causing to BUGS? Yep, it seems the brilliant ideas of the conservationists are not turning out to be so brilliant after all, you know, like so many conservative scientists told the liberals would happen. These genius conservationists, most of whom couldn't pass a 101 course in science, are doing more damage in less time to the ecosystems than the rest of us with our evil and harmful ways of living did in decades.

Speaking of the liberal wars (liberals vs liberals), I am reading about increasing numbers of feral cats being poisoned by the cat haters. Gee, you wouldn't think that those kind, caring, birdie people and conservationists would start poisoning any animals, would you? Personally, I don't put anything past liberals. As more radical liberal groups get what they want, they are finding themselves in conflict with each other and liberal wars are breaking out all over the place. The liberal world is quickly turning into a liberal feudal system with different liberal groups fighting each other because they are idiots.


How do you like that latest little Obama smoke and mirrors, you know, firing Sebelius? Gee, Sebelius, we have a free bus ride for you. Do you mind riding underneath? You know, as if firing her will magically make Obamacare work. And what will happen when it still doesn't work?

BTW, you can bet they really just moved Sebelius to another job making twice as much money doing even worse things to the rest of us.

Common Core

BTW, you need to know that Common Core is really nothing more than a different name and approach to the peonage system, which was developed in Italy hundreds of years ago by their upper class trash. In the peonage system, the upper class intentionally kept the people so ignorant (uneducated) that the people couldn't read, write, or do basic math so the people couldn't figure out they were being screwed while the upper class trash were telling the people the upper class trash were taking care of the people. The upper class trash even told the people that the people were stupid because the people couldn't read, write, and do math when the truth was the upper class trash had intentionally denied the people that education, you know, just like they are doing now with Common Core. The upper class trash actually had the people brainwashed to believe that the people couldn't take care of themselves and needed the upper class trash to take care of the people, you know, just like the lefty upper class trash have done to liberals today.

With Common Core, the lefty upper class trash have made math so difficult that no child will want to learn math. That way future generations won't be able to figure out the upper class trash lefties are stealing from the people while telling the people that they, the upper class trash, are taking care of you, the people. Sound familiar? The upper class trash have just changed the names and methods for the same crimes to fool people into being good little peons to prevent the people from revolting. Get the picture yet?

Gee, hasn't anything these upper class trash twits, who got the right degrees at the right universities, worked out right? Nope, maybe they should fire all of the college professors who taught the upper class trash fools? What do you think?

Tomorrow, we continue the same insane upper class trash soap opera, "As the World Burns", starring Pharaoh Obama, the great golf champion, and Moochelle, the eternal vacationer.

I bet you have figured out on your own that it is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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