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If you want to stop the gang violence in our inner cities, you start by stopping the upper class trash making billions of dollars using the gangs to sell the people drugs and really crack down on illegal drugs. The upper class trash are behind the drug trafficking and it is why they are also behind legalizing drugs.

Those who pay attention have known about this since at least the 1970s. The only reason we have "lost the war on drugs" is because the upper class trash making billions selling those drugs to dummies and use their political puppets to prevent law enforcement from really cracking down on drugs. We could all but wipe out the drug problem by just getting rid of the upper class trash and their puppets.


The liberals are throwing a tantrum just like the spoiled rotten two year olds they are. They never grew up and matured, which is why they so love "Mommy Big Government".

A CAIR leader, you know, Muslim terrorist organization, has called for the violent overthrow of the US government. They should be arrested for subversion and other crimes and executed.

There is currently a massive upheaval in the Commiecrat Party. Bernie Sanders is leading a revolt to get rid of the old guard and Robert Reich is threatening to start a third party. Keep an eye on this.

The evil globalists may have lost more than just the US presidency with their latest power grab, they may have also lost control of their US political party, the Democratic Party, which could set them back 50 to 100 years. If that is the case, the globalists in Europe are on their own and screwed and the EU can't last much longer.

Who will their leftist machine go with, you know, the media, liberal college professors, and such? Who will rig the elections for whom? Who will the liberal media be biased for?

Whoever sells their souls to the devil worshipping upper class trash.

This will be interesting because it is a big setback for the upper class trash.

Man plans, God laughs.

And they thought they were going to beat God?

Remember that I have been telling you that just beating the upper class trash won't stop them because they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over with their obsessive, compulsive drive for power?

I got this at by Jeffery Rodack.

"Billionaire George Soros and other big-money liberals who helped fund Hillary Clinton's losing presidential bid, began meeting in Washington to decide how to use their cash to fight President-elect Donald Trump."

It hasn't even been a week since Hillary lost and the criminals have already regrouped, are reorganizing, and are starting over again. The only thing which will stop these animals is death.

You believe me know?

If you are going to stop this upper class trash insanity, these criminals MUST be tried and executed for their crimes. That is the only way to stop them. If Trump lets them get away with their crimes, he is only going to make it worse.

Do you understand now why God gave us the death penalty for slime like this?

Nothing else will stop them. I even point this out in my e-book, "Yahweh", because God had to kill the upper class trash leaders on several different occasions because they tried to seize control of the Hebrew tribe from Moses and Aaron. God set the precedence for executing traitors, especially upper class trash traitors. My e-book tells of one event in which God killed 250 members of the upper class trash or princes for treason when they tried to seize control of the tribe.

Have you noticed that the liberals have already regrouped, reorganized, and are belting out new propaganda?

They are proving me right in that the only thing that will stop their insanity is death.


Five nations in Central and South America tried liberalism and have started turning back to conservatism because liberalism fails terribly. These include Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, and Guatemala.

Eyes are opening more and more as liberalism fails more and more.


There is a fairy tale post on the Internet about a mother and her child having a "chance meeting" with Hillary hiking in the woods and people are buying it. This shows just how stupid and naive many people really are.

Hillary is so sick she has to have help getting up one or more steps and she was hiking in the woods? Really? Why do I not believe this? Why do others believe it?


There is an increasing resentment and realization that Soros must be stopped. It is a growing movement and outcry. Soros currently has at least 27 different political organizations he funds actively waging war against and trying to overthrow the US government.

So, why is Soros suddenly going for the violent overthrow thingy, you know, like Linen did in Russia? Does he know Trump will prosecute him for his crimes? Is he finally running scared?

Obviously, Soros is very determined to destroy the US so he can set up his global dictatorship. The man is relentless and must be stopped.


Since Trump was elected, less than a week ago, Putin has called to restore positive relations with the US greatly decreasing the potential for a war with Russia, Assad has called for cooperation with the US, which could resolve the ISIS crisis, both Mexico and Canada have agreed to renegotiate or scrap NAFTA, the White House has abandoned TPP and TTIP because Obama knows they won't pass Congress now, Netanyahu has offered to mend the damaged relations between Israel and the US caused by Obama, Trump has improved our relations with China with just one phone call, Ford has decided to move a car factory back to the US from Mexico, and the US Stock Market has hit a new record high, all in less than one week.

Gee, you don't think Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals were the problem, do you? Kind of makes you look forward to seeing what will happen the second week, doesn't it?

I hope you realize that Obama's plans to get appointed head of the UN and just take control of the US via the mechanisms Obama had put into place while in office, just went down the toilet when Trump got elected, especially with Trump planning to do away with most of those mechanisms. There will be no UN seizing control of the US and Congress just introduced a bill for the US to leave the UN, which will kill the UN because the US funds almost all of it.

I guess Obama is going to have to quickly come up with new plans for seizing control of the US.

You think that, maybe, Obama and company are getting just a wee bit desperate right about now?

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, Trump is already working on plans for rebuilding the US military, which will make it capable of stopping a coup by the upper class trash globalists and set the globalists back decades.

Keep praying, it is working.


Speaking of the military fighting back, not only do we have at least 27 new Congressmen/women who are US military veterans, but in 2015, 44% of the new hires by the Federal Government were US vets.

It looks like the swamp is already beginning to drain.

That kind of screws things up for Obama and the lefties too, doesn't it?

Keep praying, it is working.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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