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This is part of what I have been waiting for. Trump is not going to pursue an investigation into any of the Clinton crimes, which will permit the Clintons to continue committing their crimes. A previous big red flag was when Trump said he did not want to pursue charges against Hillary and Billy Boy because "they are good people" and he didn't want to hurt them.

This crime family has been heavily incriminated in government corruption, theft (you know, like $6 billion), treason, child kidnapping, child slavery, child rape, and murder along with many other crimes you would go to jail for and he thinks they are good people? By whose definition of good, Satan's? Compared to whom, Satan?

Please note that Trump is calling Billy Boy and Hillary good people and talking about not prosecuting them while Hillary's thugs are calling and threatening the Electoral College delegates to vote for Hillary so she can steal the election from Trump AND she is also preparing to challenge the election in court.

Is Trump naive, stupid, or a liar? Maybe he is saying he won't prosecute them so he won't be murdered? Could he also be saying he won't prosecute so Obama won't try to pardon her?

There are a lot of questions here.

It is blatantly obvious the Clintons belong in prison or better but, hey, investigating and prosecuting the Clintons would expose the rest of the upper class trash and their crimes so they have to let the Clintons go, which makes all of the upper class trash above the law and they will just keep getting worse and worse and worse until they are held accountable for their crimes.

Then, to decrease all of this government over regulation, Trump is going to eliminate two regulations for every new one?

I have previously pointed out that just during Obama's reign; they have been adding more than 100,000 regulations per year, easily. It would take them more than one thousand years to straighten out the regulation mess in this country at that rate. Gee, that will really solve our problems, NOT!

Now Trump has decided to "keep an open mind" about climate change. He sounds more like the liberal upper class trash every day.

I warned you before that Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing but, hey, getting him elected has placated the people into thinking we won and are now safe so we can place our heads back up our butts and go happily back to sleep.

Is Trump doing some good?

It appears he is doing quite a bit of good or at least "planning to" in order to placate the people while still screwing us over in other ways. The important thing is that he is still saying the RIGHT things to appease us. There are a lot of mixed signals that need watching right now.

I am trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but it is getting tougher when I see him doing things just like the upper class trash. Especially after these turns for the worse, he is going to have to prove himself with his actions. The talking and wishful thinking is over and it is time to find out who this man really is.

Why not just take out the excessive regulations and prosecute all of the upper class trash criminals like the Clintons?

Was Trump elected because the upper class trash knew the lower classes had been awakened to the truth and were about to rebel so they put Trump in office to placate the people, you know, put us back to sleep with our heads back up our butts? Maybe this election was that and/or a power struggle within the upper class trash? Maybe the upper class trash just played "bad cop, good cop" on us, you know, a sucker punch?

It is looking that way. Keep an eye on this.

And, if you think I am just being a pessimist, remember that Jesus told us to be discerning because a good tree doesn't put out bad fruit and a bad tree doesn't put out good fruit. Watch the fruit, it will tell you what kind of tree we have.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that these upper class trash are the same group of people who murdered JFK and Bobby Kennedy for doing what Trump says he is going to do, you know, stopping the upper class trash from their evil goal of world domination. If Trump and Pence really are going to try to stop the upper class trash in their insane pursuit of global domination, don't be surprised to see both of them end up dead just like JFK and Bobby did. We are not even at the edge of the woods yet, much less out of them.

Mean while, the power mad, greedy Clintons are just changing tact, you know, replacing Hillary with Princess Chelsea while using their thugs to threaten the Electoral College delegates.

You think I and history are wrong in telling you that the only way to stop these evil pagans is to kill them?

Just pay attention to what is going on right now and has been going on since right after the election. The upper class trash didn't waste any time in regrouping, reorganizing, and starting over again. Hillary immediate began having her thugs call and extort delegates to vote for her while Billy Boy began working on plans to get Princess Chelsea involved in politics as a Congressional candidate while Soros began sending his paid thugs to terrorize our streets with violence in an attempt to stage a violent overthrow of our government while Reid and Pelosi began working on doing away with the Electoral College results and on and on and on. Our government is under assault RIGHT NOW, not just yesterday.

These power mad beasts are proving me right while I write this essay.

And you think the arrogant, narcissistic, spoiled, power mad child, Obama, isn't working with Valerie and his terrorist pals in the Muslim Brotherhood on their plans for Obama to remain in power? Just what do you think this trip to Europe is really about?

EVERY ONE of them is proving me and history right in telling you that the only way to stop their insane drive for power is to kill them. The upper class trash are beyond crazy, they are pure evil.

Just remember, when you stage your rebellion, history and current events say you will soon stage, that dead bad guys CAN'T regroup, reorganize, and start over again and those are the only bad guys who can't. History proves this to be true. King Phillip didn't regroup, reorganize, and start over again after the French people gave him a guillotine haircut. The Czar of Russia and his family didn't regroup, reorganize, and start over again after Linen killed him and his entire family.

The bad guys know I am right, do you?

Still think I am wrong?

Something was found out about our upper class trash all the way back in the 1980s. It was made public knowledge and confirmed by some of them that they are trying to help dear old mother Britain get the colonies back with the promise that, when they do, they will all be made British royalty.

Nothing like selling out the people for royal titles, huh?

You see, during the US Revolution, not all Colonists were on the side of the Revolution. There was a significant group called Torys who were loyal to mother Britain and they fought to defeat the Revolution, even committing what we today would call war crimes.

After Britain lost the war, some of those Torys fled to places like Britain, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. Others, who were not quite so well known, stayed here, went underground, regrouped, reorganized, and started over again.

For years after the Revolution the British waged a subtle war on the US, especially our merchant shipping by regularly taking our merchant ships and crews and forcing those crews to work on their military ships. The War of 1812 was really about Britain, the Torys, and the British colony, Canada, trying to regain control of the British colonies or the US for mother Britain, which is the real reason why some militia in Michigan invaded Canada.

During the US Civil War, the British made it very clear that, if the South could break the Northern blockade on Southern controlled sea ports so the British could land troops and supplies without being attacked by the US ships of war, the British would commit ground troops to help the South secede from the Union so the British could get back at least part of their colonies. Plus Britain knew that gaining control of the South would strangle the North by taking control of better than 90% of our agricultural resources and she could use those resources to extort the US into returning to the British nest.

As one last desperate act, the South invaded and conquered the neutral Territory of New Mexico with plans to use Santa Fe, New Mexico to launch an attack on and capture Southern California so Britain could use those sea ports to land troops and supplies for those troops but a Northern counter attack brought an end to those plans and doomed the South in the US Civil War.

Today's US upper class trash are those Torys who have been working for more than 200 years to secretly help mother Britain get her beloved colonies back and many of them admitted it in the 1980s. For more than 200 years, generation after generation, they have been regrouping, reorganizing, and trying again and again and again and will continue to as long as any of them are still alive.

Remember that Germany failed in two world wars to conquer all of Europe?

We even killed off most of their leaders after WWII but not all of them. The rest went underground, regrouped, reorganized and are right now using the EU to conquer Europe.

You don't believe me?

Just pay attention to the simple fact that Germany virtually runs the EU and Merkel's word is EU law. The EU is just a German upper class trash sucker punch to conquer Europe and the rest of the European upper class trash have sold out to them, hey, they are cousins who have been inbreeding since before the fall of Rome in 474 AD, more than 1,600 years of inbreeding, which is why they are bona fide, bonkers, whacko, mad, loony toons crazy maximus.

In 1,600 years, they have not quit trying to conquer the world, do you really think they are going to stop now?

The point is that the upper class trash never stop with their evil plans. When those plans fail, they just regroup, reorganize, and start over again and again and again. Absolutely the only thing that can stop their evil plans to gain control of the entire planet is death and you have to get them all. History proves this to be true.

Oh yeah, I think I told you that Trump and Hillary are both descendants of King James of England. They are family and they are British Royalty. Oops!

Did a light bulb come on?

Could it be possible Trump is rebelling against family for what is right?

It is possible but I am going to keep an eye on him until he proves other wise.

BTW, others seem to have noticed that Hillary suddenly looks like death AND she suddenly gained weight.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Maybe it isn't so suddenly and she has been hiding in a bed since her collapse?

Space Aliens

I got this at by a staff writer. "Alien beings could be hiding among us, according to astrobiologist Caleb Scharf.

In a video presentation for Business Insider's "Tech Insider," the director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center at Columbia University and author of "The Copernicus Complex" concedes it is impossible to know what 'hyper-advanced aliens' might look like."

"Hyper-advanced aliens"?

Note that these space aliens are not just advanced, they are "HYPER-ADVANCED" or just really so super duper better than us that we just couldn't possibly be as smart as them. Yep, you know, the beings we should submit to them micro managing our lives because they are just so superior to us and will do a much better job. But, hey, you already know who these "hyper-advanced aliens" are, the corrupt upper class trash Luciferians who have been screwing us for thousands of years.

Study history and see just how hyper-advanced the upper class trash natural elites and their ancestors really are. They are the problem; not the solution to the problem.

Then Seth Shostak of SETI said we should develop a protocol for making first contact with space aliens and then he said but, then again, maybe we shouldn't develop a protocol.

Why did he even make a public statement? Is SETI running short on money and they need a little PR to get that money? Or maybe they were told they wouldn't get any more government funding if they didn't make a statement?

And you think the upper class trash lies and insanity have stopped just because Trump got elected?


Commiefornia is more than $127 billion in debt and they just filed secession papers with the feds? Just how stupid are these liberals?

These people are so obsessive, compulsive power mad that, if they can't seize control of the US, they will seize control of part of the US...even though that part is massively in debt.

Power! They just have to have power!

And you want these evil people ruling over you? Why?

Personally, I.WANT.MY.OWN.PLANET!!! You know, so I can get away from these raving lunatics...and their hyper-advanced space aliens, you know, like George Soros, who has publically stated that the thinks he is a god and created everything.

You think the upper class trash isn't whacko from more than 1,600 years of inbreeding?

Did I tell you these lunatics make my brain hurt?

You just can't make this stuff up. The Commiefornians are protesting to save Obamacare, really.

But, hold it, if the Commiefornians are seceding from the Union, what do they care about Obamacare?

They won't get any and, if they are seceding, then they shouldn't have a say in anything concerning the US.

Did they already forget they are seceding?

Also, if that liberal hot bed of Commiefornia secedes, it will suddenly become even more difficult to get liberals elected as president in the US because we are about to lose a few million whacko liberal voters.

Yeah, you know the idiots didn't think about that either because liberals NEVER think their great sounding stupid ideas through and their great sounding stupid ideas always fail, this time, maybe just for them. Many conservatives are happy about the idea and even encouraging Commiefornia to secede but the liberals are too stupid to get it.


You do understand that what the liberals are calling hate speech is the truth. If it tells the truth about the liberals, it is hate speech. When the liberals say they are trying to stop hate speech, what they are really saying is that they are trying to stop the truth.


I have been watching the lack of information that is being put out about these cop ambushes. They are clearly hiding something.

At least some of the attackers are black.

Are they Black Lives Matters black Muslims, who declared open war on cops earlier this year?

No one is saying anything about who and why these attacks are taking place and others seem to be noticing it too. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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