Nuke War 2

A reader sent me a link to an interesting site which has an inventory of all the nuclear weapons we have had since the beginning of nuclear weapons development and I have read comments by both civilians and even military personnel telling me they have been brainwashed to believe the liberal lie about what a nuclear war will be like. Amazingly, even most military people believe it will be just like the stupid liberal movie, "The Day After", and all life on earth will be doomed to failure, you know, our planet will become barren like Mars.

I realized that this list makes it possible for me to prove that liberal fairy tale is absolutely wrong. After you read this essay, just go to the site, for which I leave a link below, and see for yourself.

Will we have another nuclear war?

Probably, especially if the evil liberal upper class trash Luciferian pagan globalists are in control.

Will it wipe out all life on earth or even most of it?

Nope, not even close. I am going to teach you the truth (unclassified) about nuke warfare.

Am I worried about it?


When you go to the nuke site, start at the bottom and read what all of the abbreviations stand for because that will make the site and what I am about to tell you much easier to understand. Some of the things you need to look for are things like SAM, which stands for surface to air missiles; SSM, which stands for surface to surface missiles, AAM, air to air missiles, AFAP, artillery fired atomic projectile, and ASW, anti-submarine warfare. You will find those and other such abbreviates being used in the far right column of the table.

This is very important because it helps tell you what those nuclear devices will be used for and you will be amazed at how limited the damage by those weapons will be.

Then, when you read down through the list, in the second column from the right, they tell you when the warheads were made, when they were retired, and if any remain in service. You only have to read down about the last 25% of the list starting about the Mark 61 warhead because they may only have one or two warheads produced before that which are still in service. The rest have all been "retire" or reworked to make more modern nukes as I will explain below. The names for the different warheads are in the far left column.

You have to understand that a nuclear device has a shelf life because of theSecond Law of Thermodynamics, which basically says that all things will break down over time.

This means the nuke dirt will break down until it drops below weapons grade and won't detonate and then it will have to be reworked to bring it back up to weapons grade so it will detonate. Actually, they rework the nuke dirt long before it gets that bad. You also need to understand that, for the same reasons of thermodynamics, the fuel in missiles will break down until the fuel won't burn well enough to launch the missiles and the mechanical and electronic parts will break down, usually from a combination of corrosion and age, until they won't work either, especially in saltwater environments because saltwater is one of the most corrosive substances on the planet.

Therefore, after a period of time, pending the device and where they are kept, all nukes must be reworked to keep them functioning or create a new nuke. Almost all are recycled into new nuclear devices.

In the column just right of the name column, they tell you what type of device it is such as "warhead" (for missiles), "bomb", "artillery shell", or other device. This is important because it helps tell you what they designed the nuke to be used for because you don't just have one type of nuke that destroys everything. Just like all other technology, nukes have their limitations.

In the third column from the right, they tell you what type of detonators they built on the device. This is important because it gives you an idea of what the device would be used for. For example, "contact" tells you the device will detonate on impact or contact with the target; "airburst" tells you the device will detonate at a predetermined altitude above the ground; "lay down" tells you that the device will be dropped by parachute so it won't penetrate into the ground and when it lays down on its side, it detonates; "delayed" tells you that the device is preset to detonate a certain time after making contact with the target and is usually (not always) used in a hardened warhead to protect it during penetration into rock or concrete structures for destroying hardened underground targets like Cheyenne Mountain or aircraft in hardened bunkers, this is usually referred to by the military as a hardened penetration device with a delayed detonation; and "proximity" means it will detonate when it gets close to the target based on a preset distance from the target.

The only other column you need to pay attentions to and one of the most important for helping you to understand real nuclear warfare is the fourth column from the right or sixth from the left in about the middle of the page. This column shows the "throw weight" or explosive power of the device, which is where the liberals get it very wrong. You see, the ignorant liberals think there is only one throw weight for nukes, they are all extremely huge in throw weight, and, if just a fraction of the nukes detonate, the planet will be fried, which you will soon find out is not true.

The throw weight for nukes falls into three basic groups and they are all talking about how many tons of TNT or dynamite it would take to cause the same explosive force. The lowest throw weight group is tons and is shown on the site with a T. It means that it would take less than one thousand tons or just tons of TNT to cause that size of explosion. For example 100T is the equivalent explosive force as caused by 100 tons of TNT or about 2.5 semi trucks full of TNT exploding. 20T means it would be the equivalent explosion of 20 tons or half a semi truck of TNT to cause the same explosion.

Kilotons means thousands of tons and, on that nuke site, is shown by Kt, but in the military and every day use, we just use K. A 10Kt nuke has the explosive force of 10 thousand tons of TNT and a 100Kt nuke has the explosive force of 100 thousand tons of TNT or 2,500 semi trucks of TNT.

Megaton means million of tons of TNT and, on that nuke site is shown by Mt, while in the military and every day use, it is shown by Meg. A one Mt nuke produces the explosive force of one million tons of TNT where as a 20Mt nuke produces the explosive force of 20 million tons of TNT.

To help prevent confusion in using the nuclear device site, I will use the designations of Kt for kiloton and Mt for megaton but you need to know that, in real life and normally on my site, we use K and meg.

Basically, a nuke is a big bang in a little package with extensive heat and radiation. But, when you consider how many of our nukes are low throw weight, you suddenly realize that, if all of them were detonated, it wouldn't melt the planet.

Now, it is important to understand two basic ranges of destruction for different sizes of nukes. First, a 10Kt nuke will destroy everything within one mile of the point of detonation or "ground zero" or an area of about 2 miles in diameter. Second, a 20Mt nuke will destroy everything within an area of about 20 miles in diameter or only about ten times the area of a 10Kt nuke for about 1,000 times as much throw weight, which should tell you that the destructive power of a nuke drops off rapidly above a few hundred kilotons because more of the force of the blast tends to dissipate into the sky. Therefore, it may be better to use two or more smaller nukes than one very large nuke. The military even has charts showing how much destruction is caused at different distances from the point of detonation based on throw weight and other factors.

You also have to understand that the military has two important designations for nuclear weapons. These are Strategic nukes and Tactical nukes. The strategic nukes are for taking out strategic targets like hardened command and communications, weapons and supplies storage facilities and such. The tactical nuke weapons are primarily used for battlefield tactics like destroying attacking or defending troops, ships, aircraft, or even blowing other nukes out of the sky before they can reach their target. The vast majority of nukes, with the smaller throw weights, are tactical nukes but the larger tactical nukes can also be used for strategic purposes. The point at which nukes can be either strategic or tactical is at about 100 to 200 kilotons. Anything above that is a strategic nuke and anything below that is a tactical nuke and you will notice that the vast majority of US nukes are tactical weapons and not the more massive strategic weapons with the tactical nukes below the kiloton range being referred to a mini nukes. The largest nukes we have had in inventory were 25Mt and they have been recycled into smaller nukes. Right now, I don't think we have anything over 10Mt to 15Mt in service and you should also notice that most of our ICBM nukes are on the smaller side of being strategic nukes with some actually being tactical nukes, especially on our submarines.

The above information and that nuclear weapons list should tell you that the liberal myth about a nuke war destroying the planet is pure liberal/Hollywood bull crap. It is one big scary myth designed to terrify you.

Would a nuke war be a good thing?

No, but no war is a good thing.

Will most of us survive a nuke war?

Yes, we already had one nuclear war and less than a quarter of a million people died.

Now that we have the basics taken care of, what would a real nuke war be like?

You have to know that every general and admiral at about the battalion, wing, or fleet level has tactical nukes at their command to use in emergencies.

For example, an Air Force general will have SAMs or AAMs armed with small tactical nukes just in case the enemy air force hits us at a point with a strong enough force to overwhelm and destroy our forces in that area, opening up an opportunity to destroy our nation, he can launch one or more nuke armed SAMs or AAMs to blow enough enemy aircraft out of the air so that general's forces can fend off the rest and save our nation.

If an admiral sees enough incoming missiles that his fleet defense will be overwhelmed and destroy his entire fleet, he would fire one or more tactical nukes into the incoming missiles to blow enough of them out of the air so his naval defense can take care of the rest of the incoming missiles and save the fleet.

Basically, we would probably be fighting someone like Russia or China, one of our military units will find itself being overwhelmed in a crisis, they will use enough tactical nukes to save themselves and prevent a major disaster.

Of course the other side will decide to retaliate using nukes and the use of nuclear weapons will escalate up to a point to where both sides realize the continued escalation of using nuclear devices will destroy or cripple both forces, at which time they will call a truce and an end to hostilities on both sides. This will happen long before it reaches a nuclear crisis level and may only take one or two tactical nukes to end hostilities but could actually escalate to swapping a few strategic nukes.

How bad it will get depends on who is in charge of our nation. If the conservatives are in charge, it is much less likely to go beyond the swapping of a handful of tactical nukes because conservatives are more family oriented and will be more concerned about saving our families. If the liberal upper class trash globalists are in charge, it will be much more destructive because, remember that it is the liberal upper class trash globalists who want to set up their one world government and murder off more than 7 billion people, therefore, they will be much more likely to murder off more people before calling for a truce and may even be willing to have massive nuclear destruction to kill off as many of those 7 billion people as possible.

Even with the liberal whackos in charge and if they push it to an all-out nuclear exchange, most likely they still wouldn't kill off more than about half a billion people globally.

You have to understand that we have already detonated about 1,000 nukes globally during the 50s and 60s in tests and those were all larger nukes than most of the nukes in our inventory and where is the global winter the liberals cry and scream about?

Ironically, they are right now claiming global warming instead of a global winter and they are saying that was caused by us filthy whites using too much dirty energy. That alone disproves the liberal scary fairy tales about a nuke war causing a global winter.

Will a nuke war be good?


Do I want a nuke war?


Will most of us survive a nuke war?

Yes, as a matter of fact, a nuke war may actually save lives by causing the war to end sooner, just like it did in the first nuke war with Japan. They are estimating that nuke war saved millions of lives and we didn't even have a nuclear winter. The same will almost certainly happen in the next nuke war.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is go to the Nuclear Weapon Archive and look at the information I told you to look at and you will see that the vast majority of the nuclear weapons we have designed, created, and have on hand are small throw weight tactical nukes that will not melt the planet down. ANOTHER real nuclear war will be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the lefty media, college professors, and others have scared you into believing it will be like, so you can rest more easily and quit believing all of the scary, fatalilstic crap being put out about a nuclear war by the sensationalist liberals. Worse things can happen, the sun can go supernova.

Do you need to be concerned?


Do you need to be terrified?

No, especially if you have Jesus as your savior. You are less likely to die in a nuclear war than if your country is completely taken over by liberal pagan globalists or Muslims, who will slaughter almost all of you.

I want to thank my reader for the link.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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