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The army the EU is now working to build is designed to replace the national armies of Europe and NATO so the EU leaders can impose their will on the nations. The first step is for the EU to build its own army and then disband the armies for the nations disarming the nations to prevent counter coups by the militaries of those nations. The EU Army is a power grab.

This is the same thing Obama was and probably is still trying to do with his glorious CNSF (Citizen National Security Force) by first building his own army loyal to him and then disbanding the US military in order to give Obama absolute power over the US.

If the European nations permit the EU to set up their own army and disarm the nations, the EU will become a completely tyrannical dictatorship and the EU leaders will be able to force the leaders of the different nations from power because those nations won't be able to defend themselves. The EU leaders will have conquered Europe without firing a shot.

This is nothing more than a power grab by the EU leaders and their puppet masters to seize control of all of Europe. The EU leaders are deceptively making this sound like they are only replacing NATO and not the national armies but who makes up NATO other than the national armies?

Therefore, in order to replace NATO, they will eventually replace the national armies.

The EU parliament has put an end to talks with Turkey about Turkey joining the EU. They have pretty much closed the door on Turkey becoming a part of the EU and, with Turkey now attacking Russian ally, Syria, and the US ally, the Kurds, it could leave Turkey alone in the world. Also, with the EU talking about starting their own military, you know they are planning on doing away with NATO, which will completely leave Turkey out in the cold. They couldn't get rid of Erdogan with a coup so do it another way.

In response, Turkey is threatening to send more migrants, you know, Muslim terrorists, to Europe.

BTW, the EU forming its own army is also a rebellion against the US using NATO to control Europe and will cut the EU free from any controls by the US.

BTW, a German company has launched a line of "atheist shoes". I kid you not.

I guess they don't have any souls?

Merkel said that "trolls" and "fake news", you know, the truth, could influence the upcoming German elections and cause her to lose her job. Well, you know they don't want that to happen.

Is she running scared or what?

It couldn't be that her treasonous policies could influence the elections?


Turkey has shelled Syrian troops in the Syrian town of Nawara aiding several different terrorist groups in their attacks against Syrian forces. Turkey also attacked the Kurds near Al Bab.

It is being reported that the Syrian Air Force has bombed the Turkish troops moving south in northern Syria in support of the Kurds attacking Turkish troops to prevent Turkey from taking the Syrian town of Al Bab.

I have been wondering just how long Syria would permit Turkey to take Syrian land. Now that Turkey is taking direct actions against Syrian troops along with the Kurds, Syria is taking direct actions against Turkish troops.

It doesn't take much to figure out where this is headed.

Because of Turkey openly and directly waging war against both the Syrian Army and Kurds, the Syrian Army and Kurds have joined forces against Turkey with Syria and probably Russia providing air support against Turkey for the Kurds.

Because of their actions, things just keep going from bad to worse for Turkey.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Obama's terrorists are getting beat up pretty badly and nothing he has done to stop Russia and Syria has worked so he has started organizing "peace protests" in Damascus, you know, like Assad is just supposed to stop destroying Obama's terrorists and just let them have Syria.

How many times have I told you that you can't just beat these power mad criminals like Obama because they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. Obama arming and training the terrorists didn't work so he tried using the UN, which didn't work, so Obama is now using agents in Syria to organize peace protests to stop Assad and Putin from destroying Obama's terrorists. This is the same thing Obama did to start this mess in Syria.

You should KNOW that Obama is not going to stop until he is out of office and even then he and his liberal upper class trash and Muslim pals will probably continue to wage war against Syria until they get what they want or are dead. EVERY DAY, the upper class trash, their puppets, and their minions prove what I am telling you to be true. They are relentless in their pursuit of power. They are pure evil.


There are three main reasons why the Muslim nations don't form a caliphate. The first is that the power mad leaders of those nations don't want to give up their control and power of those nations to a caliphate.

Second is that, if those nations formed into one nation, the Muslims would only get one vote in the UN but, by remaining independent nations, each Muslim nation gets a vote so Islam gets more votes.

Third is the differences between the different sects of Islam, especially the Shiite and Sunni sects. The Muslims don't want to work those differences out, they want their sect to seize control and everyone have to worship by their sect.


First, Bernie is trying to seize control of the Commiecrat Party, then some other guy wants to take some of the members and start a third party, the upper class trash are trying to regain control of the Commiecrat Party and now some black Muslims have decided the Commiecrat Party should not be run by whites, in other words, there is now a black Muslim rebellion within the very divided Commiecrat Party, you know, just like I told you the black Muslims would do.

Will the other minorities join in this rebellion with the blacks or stage their own rebellions?

This is getting very interesting. Shades of the Whig Party (read early American history.)

But don't worry, the GOP is pulling itself apart too with the infiltrated liberals fighting the conservatives.

BTW, there is now rebellion within Merkel's German political party. Merkel is now being challenged for the top position of her party.

The upper class trash world and plans are falling apart yet they persist with their insanity and evil.

Man plans, God laughs.


Hillary continues her efforts to steal the election by demanding a recount in five key states. Also, she has either scared or bribed six delegates into saying they will vote for Hillary instead of for Trump, whom their voters said they should vote for. She only needs to get 20 more delegates than she won in the election to vote for her instead of for Trump.

I told you the power mad upper class trash will never stop their wickedness. They just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on committing their criminal activity.

Do you believe me yet? Do you still think we are out of the woods just because Trump won the election?

You better keep praying.


Now Trump has appointed Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. She is pro common core, you know, that stupid liberal educational thingy most people hate.

Is Trump the solution or part of the problem?

BTW, since Trump said he doesn't want to prosecute Hillary, Wikileaks said they will release even more evidence against her for her crimes.

I kind of had a feeling everyone was hiding something as being the reason none of the upper class trash want to prosecute her.

Maybe we will find out?

There seems to be a lot of confusion where Trump stands on certain issues and I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt as much as I can.

I recently received a full transcript from a site reader of an interview of Trump and noticed several things. First, I want to thank that reader for the information.

First, Trump can speak a lot while saying very little. He has what we used to call the "gift of gab."

Second, he is very good at beating around the bush so that two different people can easily get two different meanings from the same statement. The man is a master at this. He is definitely a very intelligent man.

Plus you have to keep in mind that Trump is intelligent enough to know that Obama is still president and can screw things up even more before Trump gets into office, which would mean even more of a mess for Trump to deal with. Therefore, it seems Trump is intentionally being vague about his stand on certain issues in hopes that it will cause Obama not to cause more mischief than absolutely necessary, you know, kind of like keeping Obama guessing, which is very smart.

The problem is that this is also causing different people to get different ideas about what was said and it makes it easy for different media to write different stories about what Trump is saying and doing. Trump isn't just keeping Obama guessing, he is keeping the rest of us guessing too.

We are going to have to wait until Trump is the acting president and Obama is out of power to learn the real truth and, even then, it may take a while.

Mean while, enjoy the confusion we keep seeing, it may be meant to save your butt.

Keep praying.


In a previous essay I stated a concern for all of these ambushes on cops and them not telling us who is staging these attacks. It is very clear they are covering up something and almost every time in the past when they didn't tell us about an attacker, it turned out to be a Muslim, therefore, it is usually a pretty safe bet that, when they cover up who the attackers are, they are probably Muslims or they normally wouldn't cover it up.

For example, they just arrested a black couple, man and woman, from Black Lives Matters, a Muslim organization, for planning to murder cops. I guess they didn't cover up who these two were because the crime was not carried out so that no one was harmed or killed.

It is very clear that the black Muslims in this country are waging open warfare against and killing cops.


I am concerned about and have been quietly watching a very serious potential problem the lefty conservationist idiots have created, maybe intentionally. I already explained how their stupid tree hugging has caused the Commiefornia drought but it has also created the same situation elsewhere in the US with heavily overgrown forests with a lot of dead and dying trees that are very flammable.

All of these forests of dead and dying trees caused by the conservationists creating a gross over population of trees provides terrorists with an incredible opportunity, which the terrorists are already taking advantage of in Israel and may already be taking advantage of in Commiefornia. These trees and, therefore, the forests they are in are highly flammable and the terrorists can easily cause huge amounts of damage and cause terror by setting these forests on fire. Under such conditions, you can't put the fires out as fast as they can start them.

The terrorists are already setting massive fires in Israel and I have been watching for any signs that the massive fires almost constantly burning in Commiefornia are also being set by Muslim terrorist or even liberal terrorists or both. We know these fires are being set by someone but we are not hearing anything about who. If these fires are being set by terrorists, the media are doing a very good job of covering it up.

We really need to use logging to thin out our forests to decrease the fire potential and the use of such massive forest fires as weapons for terror.

Keep an eye on this.

Food For Thought

There is the possibility that, instead of saving our bacon by causing Trump to win the election, God just moved us from one test to another test in part to further show how corrupt the upper class trash have made the system. I have been noticing that him being president is causing more of the corrupt upper class trash to be more obvious about their crimes and intentions because they are now desperate. The upper class trash global agenda is being set back more every day and they must be in a panic.

Keep an eye on this.


One thing I forgot to tell you about in my essay about nuclear warfare was that, when you detonate a nuclear weapon, even for small nukes, the nuke dirt doesn't all combust or explode, there is always residual nuke dirt that didn't combust. As the quantity of nuke dirt increases, the percentage of nuke dirt that doesn't combust increases causing less increase in explosion for the amount of nuke dirt increase. This problem increases quickly in the megaton range of nuclear weapons so that any weapon above 40 megs is just wasting a lot of nuke dirt and it is more effective to use two or more smaller weapons.

This is the primary cause of why large nuclear devices are not necessarily more effective. This is also why the US has never weaponized nukes above 25 megs and then, when it came time to rework those weapons, they recycled that nuke dirt into smaller 10 to 15 meg weapons, which are more efficient in combustion of nuke dirt. Even then, they didn't make that many of those large strategic nukes and made many more smaller tactical nukes.

Also, when the media, military, or I say the US has a couple thousand nukes, we are only talking about weaponized nukes that are combat ready and not all nukes in inventory. We have thousands more nukes in inventory, which are referred to as "sitting on the shelf". These are nuke warheads stored in nuke proof underground facilities that are not on missiles, in bombs, or attached to other devices. This should tell you that the military knows a nuke war will not just be a massive launching of all nukes and be over in minutes, you know, like the lying liberal media, Hollywood, and college professors tell you. It should tell you that a nuke war will last long enough to weaponize at least most of those stored nukes for continued fighting.

Gee, you mean a nuke war won't be anything like the liberals tell us?

Yep, a true nuke war will probably last anywhere from weeks to months but, like I said, could end quickly with the use of just a few nukes bringing everyone to the peace table. Nukes definitely have saved lives in a number of ways, one of which is called deterrence.

BTW, if you are caught in the fireball of a nuke, you won't die the way Hollywood showed you in the terminator movies where they showed the lead woman being slowly blown apart by a nuke detonation. (I realize that was slowed down for dramatic effect but, even at normal speed, it won't happen that way.)

In the very first instant of detonation, in less than a picosecond or one trillionth of a second, all of the water in your body will be vaporized leaving only a three dimensional shell of microscopic ash particles, which will be quickly scatter out over from about half a mile to several miles, pending the throw weight of the nuke, in the next instant by the explosive force of the nuke.

For example, let's look at what would happen to an airplane carrying a nuke when it detonates.

There are two basic rules in nuke warfare for being caught in the fireball which tell you what will happen. The first rule says that, if it can burn, it will burn. Actually, if it can burn, it will be INSTANTLY vaporized or turned into tiny particles of ash by the more than one million degrees F of the fireball in the first instant of detonation. Any living organism caught in the fireball will be instantly vaporized into ash, you know, like humans.

The second rule states that, if it can melt, it will melt because the highest melting temperature for any metal is less than 6,000 degrees F for tungsten, which is much, much less than one million degrees. Everything inside of, part of, or within hundreds of feet of the plane that can melt, will be INSTANTLY turned into a mass of molten liquid before the force of the explosion can act on it to blow it clear of the explosion.

This should tell you that absolutely everything inside of, part of, and within hundreds of feet of the aircraft will be INSTANTLY turned into a mass of either microscopic ash particles or microscopic droplets of molten liquid BEFORE the explosive force of the nuke detonation can start pushing those items away from the point of detonation and blow any of those items clear of the explosion. In other words, it is scientifically impossible for anything inside of, part of, or anywhere near that aircraft to survive the nuke explosion as anything other than extremely scattered microscopic particles of ash or droplets of molten liquid. That is scientific fact.

As usual, Hollywood was wrong.

What the movie should have shown was her body instantly being vaporized into ash and then the ash being scattered for miles like dust an instant later by the force of the explosion. The chain link fence she was holding onto would have also instantly been turned into molten liquid and then, in the next instant, been scattered over miles as tiny droplets of molten liquid by the force of the explosion.

BTW, you should be more concerned about biological weapons than nuclear weapons because biological weapons are easily the worst and most destructive weapons over the long term. You see, biological weapons REPRODUCE and keep spreading and killing people for decades or even centuries. No other weapons, including chemical and nuclear weapons, are as deadly.

But, hey, you haven't been brainwashed to fear biological weapons by the liberals, just nuclear weapons. The absolutely most deadly weapons are biological weapons and not nuke weapons. Add to that that death is rarely instantaneous and is usually at least a little prolonged (days to weeks) and very painful. You really would rather be hit by a nuke bomb than a bug bomb.


As a side note, to pardon a turkey for this Thanksgiving, Obama pardoned himself. :-) JK, but he could have.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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