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One of my readers, Mark, sent me an interesting e-mail with some nice insights I want to share with you, plus some of my comments. I want to thank Mark for his comments and insights.

"The Muslims tried to conquer Europe in the 15th through the 17th centuries but were finally defeated at the Battle of Vienna. This time they may be successful if the EU Army becomes Muslim, which is likely. The leadership claims they need an answer to NATO and the USA thus they need an EU army."

Interesting insight. Gee, you don't think the European upper class trash bringing in millions of Muslim males and then announcing they are going to build an EU Army to replace NATO and their national armies means they will use those Muslim males to build that army, do you? And then do you think they are going to use that much more EU loyal Muslim army, which has no ties or loyalties to any of the European nations, to seize complete control of all of Europe, do you, you know, stage a nice little coup to set up a nice little dictatorship over Europe?

It kind of explains the European upper class trash and Obama being adamant about bringing in those Muslim "immigrants", doesn't it? Gee, who would have figured it was treason?

The EU leaders and Obama were importing all of those Muslim males to build an EU Army to replace the national armies the same way Obama is fighting to bring in Muslim males to build his CNSF to replace the US military and stage their coup in the US.

Note that John Bolton also says that the EU Army is meant to replace NATO and is a direct threat to NATO.

This also shows that the Euro-American upper class trash plans and efforts for Europe and the US are well coordinated AND makes it a wee bit more obvious that Obama's "good-bye" trip to Europe probably had more to do with getting their ducks in a row for coordinated coups to set up their glorious one world government dictatorship, especially with Obama about to lose power soon and the globalists in Europe looking like they might soon lose their elections too.

Just maybe it is time for the European national armies to stage coups and try and execute everyone involved with this plot for treason before it is too late?

"One concern with Barry Obama right now is that the UN Security Council may vote to force Israel back to its pre -67 borders. The US has always vetoed such a move. Obama may not veto it just before he leaves office. That would leave Israel extremely vulnerable to a host of nations arrayed against it. Does the Ezekiel 38 & 39 war come to mind? Of course such an action by the UN would also likely unite the different sects of Islam against a common enemy, which is Israel."

This is a very real threat to Israel right now, especially if Obama and company are getting ready to stage their coordinated coups. If Israel refuses to comply with the UN order, this alone would be considered sufficient reason for the lefties, the Muslims, and Jew haters to invade Israel or at least a great sounding excuse.

"Since Michigan went to Trump, the current delegate count is Trump 306, Clinton 232. She would need to change 37 delegates from Trump to her. I hope her efforts fail. The Clintons are not afraid to murder (accidentally of course) some of them to get the attention of others. If such a thing does happen, the election will probably be decided by the Congress, which is predominantly Republican. However there may be enough RINOs that Shrillary may still get the nod. The Electoral College meets on December 19th to vote. 24 days to go.

Yes the Establishment is in a panic. The panic seems to be spreading around the western world. That makes them dangerous as cornered wildcat."

He has also noticed the desperation of the left as their plans are failing and their best chance for their global dictatorship is quickly slipping away. The evil upper class trash have to act soon or they won't be able to act at all.

Remember that desperate people do desperate things, especially when they are power mad and/or greedy.

"Some on the Left are calling on Obama to do a blanked pardon for all illegal aliens in the country (they are not illegal immigrants because they are illegally in the USA; 'illegal immigrant' is a contradiction in terms). Would that be legal? Probably not, but who would stop Obama, the GOP? That bunch of flakey RINOs? I seriously doubt it. BOLO for that to happen."

He also pointed out that even a high powered conventional explosive can vaporize a human, which is true. I just wanted to make sure you understood what would really happen to a person and everything else caught in the fireball of a nuke because Hollywood has clearly misrepresented that. I was setting the record straight for nukes.

Fidel Castro

The evil communist tyrant, Fidel Castro, died this last Friday at 90 years of age. I cannot and will not fake remorse for such an evil person, whom I feel should have died much, much sooner for the good of his people.

I learned a long time ago that God permits such evil people to live and succeed in order to test others.

God tells us that life is a test and what kind of test would it be in choosing between good and evil if the bad guys all died young and poor and only good guys got rich and lived long? Who would be tempted to choose evil?

In order for people to be properly tested, at least some bad people must live and be rich and at least some good people must die young and be poor. This tends to create the illusion that all bad people get rich and live long and good people don't prosper as well or live as long, therefore, people are properly tempted to choose evil.

But, it is just an illusion because, if you do your homework, you will find that most bad people die young and never truly get very rich, even for the short time they are alive.

Have you noticed that most of the gang bangers who you see getting arrested on TV are in their teens and 20s? Where are all of the older gang bangers?

If you check, you will find that, by the time they are in their early to mid 20s, most are either dead or in prison but most people who are tempted to join such groups don't bother checking such things out and just assume they will all live long and prosper. It only takes a little homework or even just regular observations to see that assumption is wrong. I find it interesting that the people who join in with such criminal organizations ignore the many who end up dead at a young age.

It was good that Trump called Castro a brutal dictator who caused unimaginable suffering. At least Trump seems to be honest and says it like it is. Trump also stated that he doesn't know whether he will continue Obama's open relations with Cuba.

Unfortunately, Castro's death won't change much because his brother had already taken over their evil communist machine to control Cuba. A bunch of powerful people will have to die for the Cuban people to get freedom but that is always the case.

One good thing coming out of this is that our commie traitor leaders and media are showing their true colors by praising the evil tyrant, Castro. Keep an eye on this.

Dakota Pipeline

This thing has been completely blown out of proportions and the liberal activists and Indians protesting are lying.

Remember that this matter has been to court and it was proved in court that everything the liberals and Indians are claiming is false. None of it is true.

But the liberals keep telling the lies and more and more people keep believing the lies with even conservatives who don't do their homework being suckered into supporting this liberal effort to shut down this pipeline that Obama failed to shut down because the courts ruled against him.

That is right, the courts have ruled against shutting this pipeline down TWICE! But, hey, you know that, if the liberals don't get their way legally, what do they do? RIOT! Oh yeah, the liberals are also spreading lies about this being a peaceful protest but they keep attacking the law enforcement with rocks and bottles. But, hey, the liberal definition of peace is that only cops died.

Know this, the law enforcement and military that are there are ENFORCING COURT ORDERS!

You need to know that, if this pipeline goes through, a lot of mega rich liberal upper class trash like George Soros are going to lose a lot of money, we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars or more, and that is what this is really all about. It is all about the money, baby.

Haven't you wondered how so many people can afford to camp out at this protest for MONTHS? Gee, who is paying their bills while they are at this protest?

The same people who pay their bills when they show up at and cause other riots and that is what this is, a riot and not a protest. I already showed you an FB post calling for people "experienced in protesting", you know, professional protesters were being recruited openly over the Internet.

By whom?

Gee, you don't think this is just another con being financed by Soros and his pals, do you?

I have read that, if this pipeline goes through, Soros and that entire greeny bunch will lose hundreds of millions because the price of oil will drop even more and we know that Soros hires armies of protestors to do things like this.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Oppressive Universities

Remember that I told you that, if just half of you college students left the universities in protest of the tyranny being forced on you students by the liberals, the universities would be in financial straits?

It turns out it is even better than that for you college students. The public colleges are already hurting for students and in financial trouble so, if you students leave the oppressive universities for the public schools, you will still be able to continue a good education while putting the oppressive universities in financial straits.

All you have to do is organize nationally, create a black list of oppressive schools, don't attend the oppressive schools, and go to the public schools until the other schools fire everyone who is causing this insanity at the oppressive schools. Believe me, the schools won't like being put on an oppressive school black list and will work to get off quickly.

If you start hitting these liberal tyrants in the bank account, things will quickly change for the better, well, for you. Strike while the iron is hot and take it to the tyrants.


Maybe what Trump should do is make Hillary ambassador to Libya, with no security? Hey, she is against guns, right? Knowing she hates guns, we wouldn't want her to have to be around a bunch of guns, would we?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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