Remember that I told you that Obama has been secretly building his CNSF piece meal? (See the essay "I Told You So 109" before continuing.)

There is a legal reason for this. It is illegal and an act of treason for the president of the United States to form any armed entity without the consent of Congress and, by law and in accordance with the US Constitution, if the president or anyone else in the US Government tries to form and/or use any such entity to seize control of the US Government, the US military and certain law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, US Marshals, Federal Police, and others are REQUIRED to arrest all guilty parties for treason and other crimes.

This means that staging such a coup of the US Government requires a certain element of extreme timing. I don't know whether the timing for such crimes is a few days, a few weeks, or, at the most, a few months but, once Obama and his fellow conspirators begin to assemble this illegal armed entity, the CNSF, Obama will have very little time within which he MUST stage his false flag event, declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, and disband both Congress and the Supreme Court before he and all of his conspirators can be arrested for their crimes. Even then, Obama must move very quickly and quietly to replace the US military and all federal law enforcement agencies with his CNSF before those agencies can arrest Obama and his accomplices. Obama's timing has to perfect.

You have to understand that, when Obama and his criminal accomplices, including the puppet masters, try to stage a coup of the US Government, they get only one shot and it MUST work or they go to prison and can even be executed. As a matter of fact, we MUST execute them because, if they remain alive, they remain a threat to us and our families. If they are alive, they can stage another coup and may succeed, the same way Napoleon managed to regain control of France, after he was first defeated. There will and can be NO second chance for them. Therefore, there is an extreme element of timing in which Obama and his accomplices will have to achieve their crimes. If they move too early, they fail, if they move too late, they fail, and, if they fail, they will be tried in a military court of law, not one of their corrupted civilian courts, and will very likely face the death penalty.

What should this tell you?

When you see Obama releasing non violent criminals from prisons to form his CNSF and Obama begins to arm those people with the weapons Obama and his fellow criminals have purchased for other government agencies, Obama is very close, within a maximum of a few months, of staging his false flag event and seizing control of the US Government. You better bet that Obama and his fellow criminals know this and it tells you why Obama is so afraid of the US military, but he and the other criminals are too arrogant to be afraid enough.

Also, have you noticed that there has been nothing else about the shooting at the Navy ship yard?

All we heard was about the one gunman who was killed and then there has been dead silence. What about the other two or three gunmen and the people behind them?

You can bet that this crime against the top US military officers is still under top secret investigation by NCIS and other federal agencies such as the FBI. I read that the US military decided to not move on this until they had solid cases against at least the top 30,000 criminals involved in this event and our current on going government coup. If this is true, it is really huge because, for the US military and FBI to suddenly and quickly arrest 30,000+ criminals at the very top of this planet's socio-economic level will require the planning, organization, coordination, and movements of staging a full blown military battle or war within days, a super blitzkrieg. That will take just a wee bit of time and secrecy to put together and the US military and FBI must get this done before the criminals can succeed with their coup of the US Government.

This means that, for Obama and his fellow criminals to succeed at their government coup, they must also beat the US military and FBI to the punch, which will force the hands of the criminals, putting pressure on them, and cause them to make mistakes and you better bet that the US military and FBI are watching for those mistakes.

This also means that, since Obama and his fellow criminals have gone far enough to cause this investigation against them and their criminal activities, Obama and his fellow criminals have gone beyond the point of no return, they must continue and either succeed or probably die. There is now no turning back for Obama and his fellow criminals, the die is cast and it is a race for our freedoms and their lives.

But you have to also understand that the US military and FBI only get one shot at stopping Obama and his fellow criminals because, if they fail to get these criminals (including quite a few corrupt judges and members of the media) convicted, the US military and FBI will be the ones facing charges for treason and you can bet Obama will have them all slaughtered to silence them. If the US military and FBI fail at this, Obama and his fellow criminals win and we lose our freedoms and lives.

Have you noticed that the FBI has been arresting increasing numbers of liberal politicians for their criminal activities?

What they are doing is arresting some of the above involved criminals to "shake the tree" and get more information about this attempted government coup by the liberal commie traitors. If the US military and FBI can get enough of the right people to make deals for testimony, the US military and FBI can speed up their investigation and increase their chances of winning this war for our freedoms and lives. Keep an eye on these "shadows moving in the back ground", they are hints as to what is going on behind closed doors. Your lives are at stake in this fight.

Therefore, we need to pray for our military and the good people in all other US Government agencies involved in fighting for us, our freedoms, and our lives, especially for our families. They and we need it.

Hmmm, Obama trying to free criminals and the FBI suddenly arresting increasing numbers of liberal politician criminals? The military and FBI know it is going to happen soon, very soon.

I bet you are already beginning to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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