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European Royals

There is something I have noticed about the European Royal family. Suddenly, they are permitting their family members to marry outside of the heavily inbred European Royal family and take wives from among the non royal upper class though they are still resistant to those new bloods they are bringing into the family. They are not exactly welcoming this new blood with open arms.

Could it be the European Royals have developed so many medical and mental problems from so many centuries of inbreeding that they are forced, against their will, to marry new blood in order to improve their gene pool?

Keep an eye on this.

Bus Crashes

I have also noticed a sudden increase in bus crashes, especially with public school buses. I have not seen any follow up into what is causing these crashes. It is almost as if they are hiding something, which is getting increasingly common because their brilliant ideas keep screwing things up.

Could it be that, with legalized pot, at least some of these bus drivers are stoned when they cause the crash?


Remember that I told you about Israel's submarines?

They found out that Iran owns shares in the German company that builds Israel's subs. Oops.

If I was Israel, I would go over all of those subs with a microscope looking for tracking devices, especially sleeper devices that can be remotely activated with a special coded signal.


A group of Germans and the Audi automobile company are sending a rover type robot to the moon to "explore" the landing sight for Apollo 17, the last NASA landing on the moon...from about 600 feet away so you won't really get close up shots of the sight. This is all part of some contest to be the first to return to the moon with a rover to explore and the winner gets $25 million.

They are hoping this will silence the moon landing doubters but you know they will just say this was also faked. You couldn't silence most of them if you landed their butts on the moon. They would still come up with some lame excuse.

Personally, I think the Germans are just trying to prove the moon is made of German cheese instead of French or Italian cheese.


Trump is threatening an import tax of 35% on any goods or services where companies moved their businesses overseas to decrease costs and try to increase profits, you know, companies run by those Wall Street bean counters I told you about.

This is a good start but what will happen is those companies will get those foreign governments to subsidize their businesses enough to offset those taxes and we will be back to square one.

I thought about this a long time ago and what we need is an import tariff that will tax such products enough to make them middle priced (not low or high priced) on the US market compared to the same products produced in the US to make US products more competitive. This way, no matter how much another country subsidizes their products, their products will always end up in the mid range of that product compared to US made products.

For example, if their product is subsidized by another country so that product could sell for $5 per item in the US and the same average US produced product sells for $10, then we tax them $5 per item to keep US products competitive. That shoots down one bean counter strategy for increasing their profits at your expense.

With Trump's plan, if we tax them a fixed 35% and their foreign country subsidizes their product 40% to keep their factory in their country, they can still undercut the US market by 5% by moving their production overseas and costing us jobs.

It has to be a flexible import tariff because you know the bean counters will dream up another way to get their products into the US for less.


Not only is the DNC self destructing, but it seems that increasing numbers of donors are leaving the party with some saying they are going to completely get out of making donations to political candidates.

Gee, I guess not getting what they paid for with their crony capitalist bribes is causing them to jump ship.

Gee, you don't think their crony capitalism finally backfired on them, do you? Did they figure out they would have been better off to have invested that money instead of bribing corrupt politicians?

Will the DNC even survive?

Not if their donors leave.


I have been waiting for this. In Europe, a government official's teenage daughter was raped and murdered by a migrant.

What, you mean those Muslim migrants will attack the upper class trash and their families?

I knew that the only way the people could get the upper class trash to stop the immigration would be if the immigration began to effect the upper class trash. As long as immigration only hurts the people, the upper class trash don't care because all the upper class trash care about is themselves.

Now the immigrants are posing a threat to the upper class trash and others, they will eventually take notice. The only question is, how long will it take and how many more of them and their families will have to be killed?

BTW, the EU globalist monsters are a little worried with Italy and Austria about to have elections and it not looking good in either country for the globalist candidate or party. It isn't looking too good for the upper class trash right now.

Man plans, God laughs.

You can bet I am enjoying watching the evil upper class trash globalists squirm, especially with their plans to butcher more than 7 billion people globally. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of evil scoundrels. I guess you could say I have been enjoying watching God do unto them what they have been doing and are planning to do unto us.

Mean while, UK businesses are booming because of their Brexit thingy. If this keeps up, expect to see other nations leaving the UK to increase their economy, you know, like Austria and Italy. It is turning out that the EU was a bad deal for everyone except the upper class trash globalists and their puppets.

Saudi Arabia

I got this over at Breitbart by Chriss W. Street. "Saudi Arabia was a prime beneficiary from the 1998 to 2013 commodity 'supercycle' that saw the price of oil rise by 1,062 percent and the nation accumulate $737 billion in foreign exchange reserves by late 2014. That explains why only 5.5 million Saudis work and 3 million work directly for the national government.

As Breitbart News has reported, Saudi Arabia's oil and gas sector contributes 45 percent of GDP, funds 80 of the government's budget, and accounts for 90 percent of exports. Saudi Arabia imports 70 percent of its food and has to import all of its military hardware, cars, refrigerators, airplanes, ships, and most consumer and industrial goods.

To balance its books, Saudi Arabia needs the price of oil to be $90, versus the current $54 per barrel. Despite the kingdom being 'engaged in a number of measures towards adjusting political economy to accommodate low oil prices, Riyadh has blown through 27 percent of its foreign exchange reserves,' which hit $535.9 billion as of October - a $10 billion drop from the prior month."

The idiots thought that party was going to last forever so, instead of investing in their economy, they put most of it in their greedy little pockets and partied. Now that the party is over, their leaders are in just a wee bit of trouble, because without that oil money, most of them are just desert goat and camel herders living in a nation that is mostly desert sand and rocks. Smart move, geniuses.

And you think people are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you?

To me, a Christian, the smart move would have been to develop industry in their nation because that oil binge ain't going to last forever. Just in case you have not noticed, God taught me a long time ago that there is a bottom to every well.

Just how stupid can you get?

They had an absolutely incredible opportunity and blew it.

Now, with their socialist government about to go bust, those spoiled rich socialist Arab Muslim brats are going to have to actually go to work, you know, herding goats and camels because they don't have much industry or money.

How do you think that is going to work out?

Probably the same our liberal socialist brats having to find jobs is working out in the US, violently. Some Saudi upper class trash heads could roll before this dust settles.

I wonder if their people would like to buy some guillotines?

Saudi Arabia going bust, also means they won't have as much money to finance their beloved Muslim terrorists so, who knows, maybe peace will break out all over the place, but I doubt it. If anything, the ones who suddenly don't have any money because of their stupidity will get even more stupid and run off to die killing non Muslims. But, hey, don't worry, our idiot government will bail them out so they can continue killing us. I have the utmost faith in the stupidity of our upper class trash plus there are also Iran and Qatar.

Just Saying

After Trump won the election, Madonna said she is ashamed to be an American.

That is OK, most of us are also ashamed she is an American.


Zuckerburger just lost 3.7 billion dollars following the Trump election. I guess he isn't too happy about it either.

You think that just maybe it is at least partly because of him bullying his conservative clients? Who taught these spoiled rich brats business management, the Three Stooges?

Oh yeah, it was those all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, natural elite, heavily inbred, overpaid, upper class trash liberal u-knee-ver-city professors who got the right degrees from the right universities and are teaching the right degrees at the right universities, pretty much the Three Stooges.

Aren't you glad you never got one of them thar right degrees at one of them thar right universities because they seem to make people really stupid? But, hey, the inbreeding and drugs don't help anything either.

So what does the gee-knee-us do?

He increases his bullying of his conservative clients. Yep, you can't make this stuff up.

Is that so stupid it makes your brain hurt or what?

This absolutely proves AGAIN that having more money than someone else does NOT mean you are more intelligent, it only means you have more money than them.

You think the upper class trash will ever figure that out?

Yeah, right, they're too arrogant and you know about that pride thingy going before the fall thingy.


I cannot understand why the sex x-spurts don't talk about using IUDs for contraception.

Most of the x-spurts talk about birth control pills, which are, at best, about 90% effective, mostly because women, especially young women, keep forgetting to take them and end up pregnant.

Planned Parenthood loves to put young women on birth control pills because they know most of the women will forget to take the pills regularly enough for them to work, the mother will get pregnant, and Planned Parenthood will get to abort most of the babies and make a fortune selling the dead baby body parts. Basically, they use young women to farm dead baby body parts.

Others talk about condoms, which are about 70% to 90% effective pending the idiot using them, because they "protect us from STDs" but, people forget to bring them, they don't use them right so they break or leak, and even latex condoms are only effective 3 out of 5 times against the AIDs virus because the virus can permeate or pass through even the latex condom 40% of the time. That means that two out of five times you have sex using condoms with someone with AIDs, you will get the virus. Wow, what great protection.

If you are concerned about getting deadly STDs and want to live longer, don't commit adultery, only have sex with a faithful spouse, which requires you and your spouse using Christian morals, values, and ethics. It is the only thing that really does work.

Plus there is the Biblical problem with condoms causing the man to "spill his seed", which is not allowed.

With all of those problems, people want to use and trust condoms? Why? Because they are not taught better?

Then there is the cervical cup, which is a nightmare. They are less effective than condoms and cause me to wonder why women even want to use them.

I mean, really, what young woman is going to get all hot and bothered and take the time to put in a cervical cup?

The IUD is more effective in preventing pregnancy than any other form of contraception except tubaligations or vasectomies and the IUD can much more easily be undone, if you want to have children later. As a matter of fact, tubaligations and vasectomies have been known to fail more often than IUDs. There are no side effects, and, if you use Christian morals, values, and ethics, no reason to worry about STDs. There is no Christian moral problems with killing sperm or eggs because the IUD functions by fooling the woman's body into believing she is already pregnant so she simply stops ovulating, preventing pregnancy. There is no bother or risk of anyone having to put something on or in right except the one time the doctor places the IUD inside the women.

The doctor simply places a small non corrosive device inside the cervix of the woman causing a pressure inside the cervix which fools the body into thinking the woman is pregnant without any of the symptoms or problems of a pregnancy and the woman's ovaries are triggered to stop ovulating. When the device is removed, even after years of use, she starts ovulating again.

Did you know women have been successfully using IUDs for thousands of years?

The first women I read about using IUDs were Greek women more than 2,000 years ago, several hundred years before Jesus. They would have their medical people place a small, smooth river pebble inside their cervix and forget about getting pregnant. If it was non corrosive, it could stay in indefinitely. It was very commonly used by Greek prostitutes, who probably died young from STDs.

Don't commit adultery.

BTW, vasectomies and tubaligations have more side effects and problems than IUDs and are much more difficult to reverse in case you want to have children later.

In spite of all of this, you almost never hear anyone in the media talk about IUDs for contraception and I can't figure out why. It is almost always birth control pills or condoms they talk about.


Mitsubishi, who developed and built some of the best military aircraft in the world for Japan during WWII and has continued to build top quality military aircraft since has built the X-2 experimental fifth generation fighter aircraft. You know it is only a matter of time until Mitsubishi succeeds and they have been working on it since 2009.

Russia, China, and other nations are also working on their versions of fifth generation fighter aircraft. Us just calling the F-35 a fifth generation fighter when we were calling it a fourth generation fighter not even a year ago, does not make it a fifth generation fighter. It can't even cruise at super sonic speeds the way the F-22 can and the X-2 can.

We need more F-22s, at least 2,500 more, just like I told you we would when our idiot liberal traitors stopped the program about 8 years ago. When it happened, I told you we would regret it.

When have our all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, intellectually superior, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, natural elite upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities done anything right? And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more money than you earned?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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