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Dakota Pipeline

Obama made the Army Core of Engineers force the pipeline to reroute and the liberal rioters are celebrating.

You know what is going to happen next. When they reroute the pipeline, the liberals will come up with another reason to stop it because it isn't about protecting anything but the bank accounts of those who will benefit by shutting down the pipeline.

Then the liberals will blame the oil companies when the price of gas goes up.

Also, the liberals are using the image they created of American Indians being pure and saintly to help get this done.

It is amazing how many people don't know any American Indian history other than the lies the left has rammed down their throats, which is all wrong.

First, it is a fact that every tribe who had land when the Europeans first arrived, had that land because they or their ancestors killed the people who had it before them and took the land just like every other group of people on the planet who had land at that time. It is a cold fact that everyone who had land on this planet when Chris Columbus sailed from Europe on his first trip, had that land because they or their ancestors killed the people who had it before them and took that land. There are no angelic humans in history. The only reason you were born is because, at some time, your ancestors did the killing.

For example, the Sue or Lakota Indians were in Wisconsin about 50 years before Custer's Last Stand, when they started moving west. As they moved west, they wiped out about a dozen or more tribes, not just villages but entire tribes, including five of the largest tribes that had existed in the West before settlers from Europe arrived, and forced the rest to flee. At the time the US Army defeated the Lakota, they were in the process of waging war against and taking land from the Crow and Blackfoot tribes, forcing them to flee west and north. The Lakota "ancestral lands" the Lakota currently have, they took from other tribes in the last 30 to 40 years before the US Army defeated them.

Not very ancestral, are they, at least not for the Lakota?

Until the colonists and later US Army intervened, this was going on with the Indians across North America and had been going on with them for more than 1,000 years before the first Europeans reached North America. Here in the West, we have found the ruins of thousands of villages that were wiped out by the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches. They completely wiped out the very large Mogillon tribe and forced the last of the large Anasazi tribe to flee to the other pueblo Indians to survive.

Throughout the US, we have found the ruins of thousands of villages the Indians completely wiped out including the entire Mississippian Indian population, which ran the length of the Mississippi River and along the Atlantic Coast but was almost completely wiped out before the Europeans reached North America. By the time the first settlers moving west reached the Mississippi they were all gone.

And there are many other examples, the Mohican and Delaware Indians fled for their lives from what the liberals call the very civilized and peaceful Iroquois Indians. Most of the Mohicans fled towards Boston and the Delawares fled to present day Ohio.

Second, they were NOT "in tune with nature" the way the left tell us they were. They regularly devastated their ecosystems so bad they were forced to relocate.

You think not?

There is the ruins of a village east of Albuquerque, New Mexico where the tribe devastated the ecosystem so bad they had to move and later returned more than 20 times in the last 1,000 years and the Anasazi almost completely wiped out the ecosystem in Chaco Canyon, which used to be a big cedar forest and still has not recovered more than 1,000 years later.

The American Indians hunted dozens of species into extinction in North America including, but not limited to, several species of the horse family, camels, giant bison, mastodons, mammoths, saber toothed tigers, and a number of wolf species, just to name a few.

They were not any better or any worse than any other group of people on the planet. They were and are people, you know, humans.

You see, once again, the liberals are lying to you like they do about everything.


I keep seeing people talk about things like making schools safe places from bullies.

I thank God for bullies because they taught me how to fight. If it were not for bullies, I would not have learned how to fight and we are going to need it soon.

Did I enjoy them beating on me as a kid?

No, but now I am glad they did because now I know how to fight.


The conservatives lost the election in Austria but they won a land slide victory in Italy with the liberal PM stepping down. The party which got the most votes ran largely on Italy leaving the EU. Also, the French PM just resigned because it looks like he has no chance of winning against the two conservative parties, at least one of which is running on leaving the EU.

Will Italy or France leave the EU next?

Stick around and we will both find out.

Merkel continues to try to save her bacon by calling for a burka ban "wherever legally possible", but probably nowhere will be legal. It is just more liberal double speak to deceive people.


Everyone is jubilant about Trump being elected and I have been urging caution.

The GOP leaders have made it clear they plan to stop Trump's 35% tax on goods produced outside the US by US corporations and other things Trump has stated he is going to do.


Because they are political whores owned by the same people who own the Clintons and Obama. You see, only a small part of the problem has actually been solved by Trump being elected. We didn't get rid of the rest of the traitors.

What, you expected the liberal commie traitors in the GOP to work with Trump to clean up the mess they intentionally made?

Also, don't be surprised if both Trump and Pence end up dead and the Speaker of the House, liberal commie traitor, Paul Ryan, ends up president. You can bet that is very tempting to the upper class trash.

You do know that, if the president and vice president are both dead or removed from office, that the Speaker of the House takes over as president, right?

Our current Speaker of the House is a bought and paid for liberal commie traitor whore with the upper class trash like George Soros behind him. Do the math. Soros has made it clear he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

You think the upper class trash won't kill both Trump and Pence to get the traitor Paul Ryan in office to do their bidding?

It is like I told you, we are not even to the edge of the woods yet, much less out of the woods. The fight is still on and you better stay in it.

It is just as bad or even worse in Europe. Merkel just got elected by her party to run for PM in spite of her being such severely damaged goods. That is just like Hillary being elected as presidential candidate for the DNC. Is Germany's election rigged or what?


The US is suddenly getting pretty desperate to extricate the remaining terrorist forces trapped in Aleppo, you know, mostly Al Nusra, which is the Syrian branch of Al Quaeda.

Is this because things have gotten so bad they need to get their CIA and special operations people out alive?

If Russia gets these people alive or dead, they will have solid evidence of the US (read Obama and friends) supporting terrorists. This could send Obama, Kerry, and their friends to prison.

Kerry has been frantically playing games with the Russians in an attempt to buy the terrorists...uh...rebels in Aleppo time to get rearmed but the terrorist...uh...rebel defenses have collapsed to the point that the terrorists are now ALL surrendering to the Syrian Army so Kerry suddenly canceled his next scheduled meeting with the Ruskies and is probably shifting his focus to saving the terrorists...uh...rebels in the rest of Syria.

Syria ending the fighting in Aleppo will free up about 25,000 Syrian troops to fight elsewhere so you can understand why Kerry and Obama worked so hard to keep the terrorists...uh...rebels fighting in Aleppo.

By the strangest of coincidences, the planes that were bombing Aleppo seem to have bombed Turkish troops north of Al-Bab trying to keep the Turkish troops from capturing Al-Bab and to drive them out of Syria. Al-Bab is very close to Aleppo.

Want to guess where 25,000 Syrian troops or at least part of them will be fighting next?

Some of them may also go in the direction of Idlib, west of Aleppo, which is a remaining terrorist...uh...rebel stronghold.

Remember that I told you that, in the negotiations with Russia, Obama has changed his tune to where they will permit Assad to remain in office?

Gee, you think that maybe it isn't just about removing Assad to put in a puppet or vassal ruler but mostly about stealing Syrian oil and running a pipeline through Syria to get oil to the EU because of Putin cutting off oil to the EU because Obama and the EU placed sanctions against Russia?

The US House just passed a bill authorizing shoulder fired surface to air missiles or SAMs or man pads to the terrorist...uh...rebel groups in Syria. Obama and the upper class trash are getting a little desperate and trying to stop Russia and Syria from stopping the terrorists...uh...rebels from stealing oil from Syria for the upper class trash.

This means that everyone in the House along with Obama and his upper class trash and Muslim pals just committed both US and international crimes and it is pretty obvious. It also means that Trump has a serious uphill battle ahead of him because less than 40 voted against the bill.

I really hope Trump is for real and he investigates and prosecutes everyone involved all the way to the puppet masters.

Do you now understand why the traitors are in such a panic?

Trump could end up sending them all to prison so don't be surprised if they snuff Trump.

Did I tell you that Obama and the upper class trash plans are failing and they are in a panic?


Trump isn't even in office yet and he is already very quickly replacing the Muslims Obama spent 8 years putting in control of our government at the upper levels and he is replacing many of these Muslim moles with very patriotic and loyal retired military officers. You know that those officers will also replace the Muslims beneath them with loyal and patriotic military personnel. They are taking back the government from the Muslims and liberals.

You know that Obama, his Muslim terrorist pals, and the upper class trash are in a panic because Trump is quickly shooting down their plans to control the US and set up their dictatorship.


I hope you realize that China's leader, Xi, meeting with Kissinger is him agreeing to work with the corrupt Euro-American upper class trash to fight against Trump.

It is like I told you again and again, just defeating the corrupt upper class trash won't stop them. They will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. This is simply the Euro-American upper class trash regrouping with China, reorganizing, and starting over again.


Obama's fake news campaign has backfired on him with large numbers of people now branding the liberal media as fake news, especially CNN.

Lately, everything the liberal commie traitors try is failing because so many people don't trust the liberals and their liberal commie traitor media and the Internet makes it possible to get the truth out to more people more quickly. Yet, the upper class trash keep trying to force their old, broken system to work because their plans are failing and the upper class trash are increasingly desperate.

Gee, you don't think God is working in this to protect us, do you?

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, Obama is planning a "Good-bye Tour" in January and I am watching to see what he is up to. He sure seems to want to say good-bye to a lot of people he doesn't like plus I just don't trust him after everything else he has done.


I just saw an FB posting of Chelsea Clinton wearing the Satanic cross, the upside down Christian cross. I knew it could be a fake picture so I went out and looked for pictures of Chelsea and only found one other picture of her wearing the Satanic cross in different clothes.

I figure that such pictures had to be taken in private by Satanic friends who probably didn't even think about her wearing the Satanic cross because she would have known not to wear it in public with her family being so involved in politics. Therefore, you probably won't find many pictures of her wearing the Satanic cross.

I know the Clintons belong to the Luciferians because they are extremely popular with that crowd and would only be popular with that crowd, if they were also Luciferians, at least until Hillary just lost the presidential election. I have figured that, most likely, Hillary is a very high witch and Billy Boy is probably a high level wizard or sorcerer but have never said anything because I have been quietly waiting and biding my time for evidence.

I don't know whether the picture posted on FB is fake but the other one I found isn't so this is a tiny bit of evidence pointing in that direction but their crimes are a huge amount of evidence this is true. Keep an eye on it and we will look together.


The liberals persuaded the people to let the US government take over educating your children in the late 1800s. Today, their wonderful government educational program has failed so terribly that the educational system for the greatest nation to have ever existed is only ranked 25th in the world.

We need to get the government back out of the education business and put our children's education back in the hands of the parents and private schools.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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