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You know why the Hollywood celebrities keep supporting the Commiecrats and their crony capitalism, don't you?

They got rich without knowing how to properly invest or manage their money because all they know is acting, there is a market in Hollywood which preys on ignorant investors like rich Hollywood celebrities, and the celebrities got duped into making investments in things which only profit via crony capitalism by getting government contracts. Therefore, the rich and stupid celebrities keep supporting the liberals to protect their bad investments.

Those bad investments are also why so many of them get rich, get broke, and end up doing infomercials. Except for acting, they really are not that intelligent, once again proving that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money.

There is a really big problem in things like Hollywood and sports, just to name a few industries, where people can get rich doing something but they don't know much of anything else, especially financial management and economics. There is an entire culture of slick talking parasites who can con these rich people into "making investments" that are really no more than a means of stealing from stupid rich people. These con artists are good at stealing from all rich people because rich people really are not any smarter than most of us and have a lot more money. I saw a lot of this when I was in LA and was amazed at the people who get taken by these con artists. Even rich con artists get taken by other con artists.

If you have a lot of money and want to lose it fast, just wait and a con artist will be more than glad to meet you and con you into "investing" in his get-rich-quick scheme.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when the upper class trash and/or the Muslims take over our nation, they will purge even the liberal college professors and teachers who helped cause this mess?

Erdogan is a Muslim and he is right now purging college professors to set up his dictatorship. Watch Erdogan very closely because he is doing everything a dictator always does when they first seize power. That is exactly what any leader or group will do in any nation when they seize power and set up a dictatorship. I have watched and read about this happening for decades. To me, this is very familiar and is exactly what I have been warning you about.

You academics and other teachers who think you are being so brilliant teaching students to help destroy and overthrow the government protecting you from such people are your own worst enemies and too stupid to realize it.

Power Mad

Remember that I told you that power mad and greedy people can never be satiated and, if you beat them, they won't just quit and go home but will regroup, reorganize, and keep trying?

Hillary is proving me right by the day. She lost the election in spite of it being rigged for her, partly because the FBI investigations interfered with enough of the liberal vote rigging to cause her defeat. Then she started a campaign based on the idea she won the popular vote while losing the Electoral College vote and she should be president. Then she got behind and may have even covertly started the recount efforts by Jill Stein. She is currently running around on this "fake news" campaign to censor the truth so the liberal media can tell their lies while blaming "fake news", you know, the truth, for her loss. Now she seems to be working behind the scenes to steal the election some other way before January 19, 2017. Mean while, Billy Boy is working to get Princess Chelsea in Congress so she can eventually run for president and give the family control of the presidency.

Even after that, you can bet the Clintons will keep trying to find a way to gain control of the US presidency because they are power mad and greedy, proving me right every day. The only way to stop power mad and greedy people is to kill them.

Mean while, the idiot liberals are driving the race card into the ground to try to get back the black vote, which they lost because increasing numbers of blacks are realizing they are just being used by the liberals but the liberals have cried wolf too many times with racism and it just doesn't work anymore. The more they cry racism, the less it is going to work, especially with increasing numbers of black eyes being opened to the lie about liberals caring about anyone or anything other than themselves.

The blacks have back lashed against the liberals by now calling whites a "plague on the planet".

Yuh think the liberals will ever get that vote back?

Yep, the DNC is definitely falling apart.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


Have you figured out yet what Trump is doing?

He has delegated most of the running of this country to Pence and his cabinet while Trump over sees it and continues to oversee the management of his businesses.

This is a very successful and common means for people who own multiple corporations to manage those corporations. You simply delegate the authority to manage those businesses to other people, like a management team, while you monitor their actions and make the most important decisions.

Basically, Trump is managing the US like he would one of his businesses. To Trump, the US is just another business and CEO Pence and the cabinet, Trump's management team, will take care of most of the management. It is standard business operation and Trump has been successfully doing this for decades. This is partly what Trump means when he says he is going to run the nation like a business.

This means Pence will probably get the daily security briefings and inform Trump about the most important things while making most of the decisions himself, which is probably why Trump is refusing daily security briefings, at least for now.

Mean while, Dicaprio is meeting with Trump to get government money to fund "green energy" because, without government money, the green energy companies will go broke because their stuff doesn't work and Dicaprio is trying to get tax payers to save his foolish investment.

Gee, who suckered Dicaprio into investing in green energy?

And you think people are smarter than you because they have more money?

It seems that some foreign companies are considering moving factories to the US and creating more US jobs to avoid Trump's import tax of 35%, you know, the import tax the liberal Republicans are vowing to stop.


Now even the former British Prime Minister, Cameron, is predicting the demise of the EU because of Brexit and now other nations wanting out. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you not to worry about China being a threat to the US for a number of reasons?

China is concerned about the growing terrorist threat inside China.

Think about this, China has from 300 to more than 400 million Muslims, about 1/4 to 1/3 of their total population, their military is having to cut back on troops and weapons development because of the growing global economic problems, Muslim terrorist attacks are increasing in China, they have a serious energy shortage because they have to import well more than half of their energy, and they seriously lag behind the US militarily at this point. Do the math.

I think they have enough problems to keep them busy for at least a while because the Muslims are about to rip that country apart. China will probably end up being two or three nations by the time this dust settles and will definitely not go rampaging around the world, conquering it.


Not only is Russia cleaning up in Syria but they are encouraging the succession of Commiefornia from the US.


Because, if Commiefornia succeeds from the US, there will be 55 fewer liberal delegates to help elect future liberal globalist presidents who will wage war against Russia and try to topple Putin. It won't be possible for another liberal to get elected US president before Putin can stop their globalist plans.

You think Putin is stupid?

Nope, but the liberals sure are stupid. Nothing like dividing and conquering the globalists.


Remember that I told you that the US/Iraqi forces twice let ISIS terrorist forces surrounded in two Iraqi cities leave those cities in Iraq to safely go into Syria with their weapons to wage war against Syria, especially Palmyra (also known as Tadmur) and against Deir Az Zor (also spelled Dayr az Zawr)?

Yesterday, November 8th, ISIS forces staged an assault to encircle and cut off Palmyra from their supply lines. The fight is still continuing with ISIS having only partly achieved gaining the desired ground and both Syrian and Russian air forces heavily bombing ISIS.

At the same time, Syrian Army and Air Forces attacked ISIS forces deploying to attack the Deir Az Zor airport being used by Syria as an air base and 4 other areas forcing those ISIS troops to disperse.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you still not believe that ISIS is a terrorist army formed by Obama to get rid of Assad, steal Syrian oil, and build an oil pipeline through Syria from Qatar to Turkey? Now, why is Obama persisting with this game plan, if he is going to peacefully hand over power to Trump knowing Trump will immediately move to stop supporting the terrorists and help Putin destroy the terrorists? Doesn't it seem like continuing helping his terrorists would be an exercise in futility? Maybe Obama doesn't plan to hand over power to Trump?

Russia and Syria have called a cease fire in Aleppo to remove the remaining terrorist forces in Aleppo at the request of those terrorist forces along with removing all civilians until the area can be demined by Russian forces.

It appears that, after having lost Aleppo, Obama's terrorists are turning their efforts to fighting Syria in other areas but so have Syria and Russia.

Also, Obama has given a waiver for providing arms to the terrorists in Syria in order to "legally" provide more arms to the terrorists while Obama is still in office, including shoulder fired SAMs or manpads to fight the Syrian and Russian aircraft.

Remember the bill the House passed a few days ago to provide arms to the terrorists?

The last I read, it still had not been passed by the Senate and signed by Obama so, unless the weapons are already in route to the Middle East, I don't see any way the terrorists could possibly get more than about half of those weapons before Trump becomes president and shuts it down. This smells more like a longer range program than a quick fix.

Wow, that really sounds like Obama plans on handing over power to Trump, doesn't it?

The upper class trash globalists are so desperate that our bought and paid for politicians are now openly committing national and international crimes to help their beloved terrorists illegally depose Assad.

You still think our Western leaders are not criminals? It also sounds like they are above the law and are not worried about Trump investigating and trying them for these crimes, doesn't it?

There is no way his terrorists can succeed before Trump becomes president, especially with Putin bombing them. This just sounds too much like the upper class trash plan for Trump to not live long enough to become president.


A concern I have is that not enough people have turned from their sins to keep God's hand of punishment from us. I have been watching this and it appears this is true.

Based on my observations, maybe most Christians have turned from their sins, which has caused this temporary reprieve to buy us some time, but many Christians and most of the rest have not turned from their sins toward God, which will eventually cause God to continue with our punishment and, when that punishment comes, it will be swift and harsh.

There is also a strong probability that it was just God giving us a temporary reprieve but also setting the evil globalists and Muslims back to force their hand in other areas. The military would call this prepping the battlefield.

I am keeping an eye on this and you should also. Pray about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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