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Obama's terrorists he released from two Iraqi cities, more than 16,000 of them, just retook Palmyra like I told you they were going to try to do.

Next, they will move on to take more cities.

Remember that Obama gave the two groups more than one billion dollars to rearm themselves when he turned them lose from the two Iraqi cities?

Gee, I wonder why Obama doesn't want the Russians and Syrians to wipe out the ISIS terrorists, just to remove them and turn them loose somewhere else, you know, to give them another chance to fight Syria?

I wouldn't, it is a sucker punch. That way, instead of wiping them out, the Ruskies have to fight the same forces two or more times.

I just found out that part of the force which just took Palmyra came from Deir Ze Zor meaning ISIS had previously captured Deir Ze Zor and I had not seen anything in the news about it. So Obama's plan to turn the ISIS terrorists loose with more than one billion dollars in funding to capture Deir Ze Zor and Palmyra has worked. And I just found out that Obama recently permitted a few thousand more ISIS fighters to "escape" through that Mosul back door I told you about recently.

Since yesterday, Obama's ISIS has continued to press its attack and gain ground. Mean while, Aleppo has been all but resolved and is now in the clean up stage. They are moving most of the terrorists out of Aleppo to a nearby city, which means the Syrian troops will soon be fighting them again. This should free up thousands of troops to stage a counter attack against ISIS and regain Palmyra because it will take the Aleppo terrorists time to regroup, rearm, reorganize, and stage further attacks.

Have you noticed that Obama is on no big hurry to conquer Mosul and finish off ISIS in Iraq?

I got this over at SOFREP by Derek Gannon:

"Reports coming out of Russian and Syrian media sources are indicating that Russian Special Forces have been seen joining in the fight to reclaim the strategically vital city of Palmyra from the Islamic State. Russian-led warplanes continue to pound the surrounding area of Palmyra on Monday as reinforcements from the Syria Arab Army flood into the southern city to push out Islamic State fighters in an attempt to stop what could turn into a bloody quagmire that the Assad regime and its Russian allies cannot afford."

A Mig-23 crashed and ISIS is claiming to have shot it down with missiles but the Ruskies and Syrians are saying the plane crashed because of mechanical failures.

If ISIS did shoot the jet down using missiles, then they sure got Obama's Man Pads surprisingly fast.

Does this means Obama's and our liberal commie traitors' weapons were already on the way to ISIS before they even passed the bill and possibly even in their hands? Was the bill only a formality?

Just how much more obvious does it have to get that Obama, Congress, and the rest of the upper class trash created, armed, and are using ISIS to illegally topple a sovereign nation, Syria. Their criminal activity couldn't get much more obvious.

Obama turned loose 16,000 terrorists from two Iraqi cities, gave them more than one billion dollars, sent them into Syria to butcher and slaughter Syrians, Congress and Obama just gave them more than one billion more in weapons, including man pads, Obama had to do one of his executive order thingies to make the deal legal because they are all committing crimes, and they are not even really trying to hide it, they just deny it and expect you to not believe your lying eyes.

Everyone of them should either get life in prison or be executed for these terrible crimes which are causing the torture and deaths of tens of thousands of citizens they obviously don't care about, including thousands of women and children BUT they won't bomb the terrorists because bombing them might "inadvertently" kill a few hundred civilians, which is all just a ploy to protect Obama's terrorists.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that Trump is running the US the same way any top end business exec would run two or more businesses by delegating authority to Pence to do most of the work with Trump only making the most important decisions?

My guess was right because I listened when Trump told us that is what he would do when he said he will run the US like a business. That went right over most people's heads.

In an interview, Trump stated that he is not getting the daily briefings, has ordered the Pentagon that he will be notified as soon as something important changes, and Pence is getting the daily briefings.

The normal way every successful business person runs two or more businesses at the same time is that they DELEGATE authority to someone else to do most of the daily business for each business they have and only make the most important decisions for those businesses themselves.

Trump has delegated authority to Pence and Trump's cabinet to do most of the day-to-day business management while Trump only makes the most important decisions.

He is making all of the top politicians look like rank amateurs when it comes to business management because the politicians arrogantly assume them being president or anything else means they are the only ones who can think and they should, therefore, make all of the daily decisions, you know, micro manage everything. Compared to Trump, politicians are arrogant, ignorant, stupid two year olds and Trump is proving it.

Trump knows better, knows that he is not the only person on this planet who can think, and he is hiring other people who are very capable of getting the daily business done. Trump is only going to make the most important decisions, starting with choosing his cabinet.

This way, Trump and his "management team" can run the US and free Trump up to continue running his other businesses with other management teams. EVERY top level business owner does this and Trump does it very well. The key is to select capable members for your management team to handle the daily business of running the US and Trump is obviously taking his time to select only the best he can get.

There are some things I don't like about Trump but he is proving he is by far the most intelligent person in DC and president we have had in a long time. You have to respect that about the man.

Trump is making ALL of the politicians look like childish amateurs when it comes to management. This is getting interesting.

Also, please note that Trump is hiring more and more retired US generals for top government positions.

What should this tell you?

Trump is right now replacing the Muslims Obama appointed with patriotic retired US generals, you know, the guys Obama fired from the military by the thousands over the last eight years. Hey, thanks to Obama, they are not in the military any more and can now play a major role in running the nation.

Want to bet these generals Trump is hiring will hire more generals and upper level officers Obama fired to replace more Muslims Obama hired, maybe a few thousand?

Think about that one for a minute. This is getting very interesting.

I am also seeing hints that Trump is about to shake up our corrupt military weapons industry. It has gotten out of control.

Why did Trump hire Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon-Mobil, as Secretary of State?

Because, as CEO of Exxon-Mobil, he already has extensive experience in dealing with the leaders of all other nations and probably knows them by name, especially all of the leaders of the top nations like Russia and China. There are probably few as qualified to be Secretary of State.


To save his own butt, Obama is blaming US intelligence agencies for underestimating ISIS to distract from Obama protecting ISIS.

How would he know when he almost never attended his security briefings?

The guy would miss his security briefings for months at a time and then dares to blame the intelligence agencies. What arrogance.

Now Obama is criticizing Trump for only having security briefings once a week saying a president who misses the security briefings is "flying blind". I guess Obama would know.


Remember that I warned you about such traitor politicians as McCain, Graham and others?

Both McCain and Graham have joined with the Commiecrat Party in demanding an investigation into Russian hacking, trying to delegitimize Trump's election as president.

Gee, I wonder whose side these rascals are on?

No I don't. They have already proven which side they are on and it isn't your side.


Child immigrants are "disappearing" into child slavery and prostitution.

Is it possible that the children being brought into Europe and the US are not the children of the people who are bringing them in but are deceptively being smuggled in as their children to sell these children into child slavery and prostitution by Muslims pretending to be their parents?

Keep an eye on this.


Have you noticed that Hillary is STILL trying to steal the election and get in power. She has tried con after con and persists to try more when the latest con fails.

It is like I told you, the power mad, greedy people will NOT stop with their insane efforts to steal more power and wealth. They are obsessive, compulsive lunatics. The only thing that will stop them is death.

When is enough enough?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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