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Sitting here watching Trump put together the plans and organization to very quickly devastate everything Obama has done over the last eight years, I know it has to infuriate Obama. I am convinced that, based on what I know about Obama, he will at least try to kill Trump and Pence before they are sworn in and take office and he has to kill both of them because, with the organization Trump is putting together with the help of Pence, Pence will also get the job done.

Obama has even "warned" Trump to not touch Obama's glorious executive orders.

Or what?

Trump being elected and what he is working towards doing is a massive blow to Islam, setting Islam back decades, and you know every Muslim in the world is putting extreme pressure on Obama to kill both of them.

Trump is also setting back the plans of the evil Euro-American upper class trash and you know they are foaming at the mouth to kill both of them, especially as desperate as the upper class trash have become with all of their setbacks globally.

These evil people are NOT just going to sit back and take these setbacks without doing whatever is necessary to obtain their evil goals. They are all desperate and will do desperate things.

Keep an eye on this.

Man plans, God laughs.

Now Marc Lamont Hill is saying that Trump is going back to the old time when administrations were all white.

Hold it, didn't Trump hire Ben Carson? Is Hill color blind or what?

Commiecrat, Rep Himes, said that Trump's "outrageous lies disqualify him from being president."

But Hillary's lies don't disqualify her from being president?

The things liberals say are mind boggling stupid. You can tell these people are desperate and grabbing at straws.

Plus there are a lot of liberals and Muslims under investigation for various crimes for whom charges will not be brought against them until Trump takes office so Obama cannot pardon them. If Trump isn't stopped before he takes office, a lot of very deserving liberal upper class trash and Muslim criminals will go to prison for a very long time, possibly including Obama himself.

Remember "Fast and Furious"?

This begs to ask why is the CIA doing false investigations to help Hillary get elected after the fact? Are some of them facing prison terms if Trump gets elected?

Here is an easy prediction. With Trump bringing so many businesses back into the US, quickly increasing the number of jobs, watch the unemployment rate increase very rapidly as more people who gave up on looking for work, return to the unemployed ranks to look for work.

This will conclusively prove what I have been telling you about the liberals hiding the true unemployment rate.

So, how high to you think the new unemployment rate will jump before Obama gets out of office and/or after, 10%, 20%, 50%, or higher? As these people leave Welfare, how much will Welfare fall by, 10%, 20%, or more?

And the thing is Trump is bringing back good paying jobs which will quickly bring millions back into the workforce and shoot up the government unemployment rates. It is reported that IBM will hire 25,000 people over the next four years.

Gee, you think that just maybe God is about to expose the liberal commie traitor fake unemployment rate and show the true unemployment rate?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


Spoiled, rich Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's poll numbers and those of his liberal party are dropping, especially after him praising dictator Castro, following Castro's death. His popularity has dropped 9 points.

Gee, you think that just maybe the people got a clue that the liberals want to set up a global dictatorship?

Keep talking, stupid.

Lighter Side

A "couponing mom" said she was attacked for holding up the checkout line.

They do take a while, don't they but this is also a sign of increasing frustration because of stores not opening up checkout lines soon enough and people having to wait long periods in line.

Maybe stores should open a few more lines sooner to help decrease this frustration?

Fatherless Children

Remember that I told you that the idea that single-mother children committing crimes more than other children is based on the false information provided by Welfare because women lie about not having a man living at home to get the benefits?

Well, many of the children don't even exist further destroying the credibility of those "studies".

For example, a single "mom" just got busted for getting $100,000 for three children who don't even exist and you can bet she isn't the only one.

Also remember that I taught you a long time ago about how criminal families use Welfare as a base of operations for the crimes they commit? You think that maybe those criminal males living with those females and are not officially there because of falsified government documents are teaching their sons to become criminals?

I know they are because I have watched them do it.

Believe me, the studies based on falsified Welfare and other government documents have no credibility and there are no other significant studies concerning children becoming criminals. No one has physically gone to the homes of those young criminals to see who is living there. Welfare never checks.


I got this at Breitbart by Michael Patrick Leahy:

"NASHVILLE, Tennessee-Protesters shouting 'liberation not integration' stormed the stage at the National Immigrant Integration Conference on Tuesday, disrupting Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) as he was about to deliver a speech to the gathering, eyewitnesses tell Breitbart News.

As Breitbart News reported previously, the conference is a gathering of refugee and immigrant advocates meeting to plan opposition to the refugee and immigration policies of President-elect Donald Trump."

Me thinks the people are getting just a little fed up with this liberal globalist immigration crap. The people are fighting back and this was clearly planned. This is only one step from open revolt with the evil globalists losing more ground every day. Besides, this guy really deserved what he got because of the anger he has created in people. Keep an eye on it.


I saw the headline that the Russians can transmute any substance into any other substance posted on FB.

My comment was, "Nah, God did it first when He turned Lot's wife into pure salt. Hold it, people don't believe God could do that but they believe the Russians can?"

Think about it.


Someone posted a meme on FB that said, "Type yes if you would walk with Jesus Christ. Ignore if no."

My comment: "Are you kidding? He has to carry me most of the time."


To a point, I stand in support of Israel because God said we should because whomever blesses Israel, God will bless and whomever curses Israel, God will curse. One of the many reasons we are having our troubles is because, as a nation, we have cursed Israel too many times.

But you need to deal with the ugly truth about the current government of Israel. It is not a republic or Biblical theocracy the way many believe. It is a socialist tyranny that micro manages everyone's life. In Israel, you can't pee without a government permit. Their government controls everything in every aspect of life, including things like the price of milk and eggs. You can't farm or sell any farm products without government permission and, if you try to, the government will steal those things from you and destroy them. You can't do a thing without government permission.


There are several reasons why. The first is that almost all of their leaders come from socialist or communist countries and that is the only way they know how to function and they are pagans who only care about themselves, especially the arrogant upper class trash who want to have complete control over the people.

The second reason is because Jewish arrogance by their upper class trash leaders and pagan minions. The Bible referred to this as the Jews being "stiff necked". It was meant as an insult by God but the Jews take it as a compliment. Go figure.

In their family arrogance, Karl Marx, a Jew, dreamed up Marxism/communism/socialism/liberalism/progressivism/Satanism and, therefore, it can't be wrong and must be the best way to govern. They are determined to make it work at the expense of the people simply because an internationally renowned Jew said it would work in spite of the fact it has failed everywhere. The arrogant Jewish upper class trash have been promoting some form of Marxism around the world, but especially in Israel, because they believe the reason it has failed everywhere else and they can make it work is because they are more intelligent than us stupid Gentiles.

This is in spite of the fact that Marxism violates the basic Laws of God or Torah, which should tell you what?

That Marxism is Satanic because it is not of God. Marxism violates many of the Ten Commandments in that it causes people to lust after what God gives to others in blessings, abuses the power of government to steal those blessings from others and "redistribute" those blessings to others, especially to the upper class trash, it requires the leaders to lie to the people to appease the people, and it promotes Karl Marx to being a replacement god for the one true God of the Bible. It also violates the Biblical land laws so that people cannot truly own land because they have to pay commie land rent called land taxes and the government can take that land away from the people without a reason plus the people are not free to use that land in any way the government does not permit them to use the land.

Basically, the Israeli government is a socialist dictatorship in the guise of a democracy with their Supreme Court being the head of the snake.

But, if I were the ruler of a nation, I would not attack Israel except in self defense or to defend my other allies and would work with Israel in ways that would bless the people of the nation. Even in fighting them, it would only be after significant prayer and obtaining God's permission for the fight, knowing their government is on the side of Satan and not God. If I defeated them, I would get rid of their pagan leaders and force them to replace their Satanic socialist dictatorship with a Biblical theocracy, the way God instructs them.

I will not hate Israel. I may hate their government because it is Satanic run by a bunch of liberal Satanic pagans, but I won't hate Israel. I pray for Israel that the people will be freed from their Satanic socialist dictatorship forced on them by their evil liberal Marxist upper class trash tyrants, which breaks my heart when I read about the things that dictatorship forces on their people.

If you don't believe me, just go to Arutz Sheva and read on a daily basis the stupidity and insanity that the Israeli government, especially their Supreme Court, forces on the people. THAT is NOT a Biblical government in any way. It is a pagan government.

Their leaders like to call themselves the "people of Torah" but they don't read it or practice it.

But, hey, we Gentiles don't really do any better. Our evil Satanic upper class trash leaders, you know, the poser Christians, like to call themselves Christians to win elections but definitely don't read or practice the Bible and have even started openly showing their hatred for the Bible by waging war against the Bible and Christians.

It is all Satanic paganism verses God, whether Gentile or Jew.

BTW, a recent Pew Report says that Jews and Christians are more educated than atheists and Muslims. Go figure.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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