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There is quite a bit in the news today so I decided to do another news essay. Welcome to another edition of "As the World Burns".


Russia has moved fighter planes to a base in Crimea this weekend which will increase their ability to reach Odessa and Transnitria. Russia took a bit of a beating this weekend and yesterday (Monday) and may have done a tactical retreat to regroup and reorganize. We will see.

Mean while, the Western upper class trash geniuses never cease to amaze me. Putin was backed into a corner by the Muslims in Chechnya and he came out fighting, he was backed into the corner by the Western upper class trash in Georgia and he came out fighting, and Putin was just backed into a corner by the Western upper class trash in Ukraine and the upper class trash are surprised Putin came out fighting? Really? Putin can't afford to lose this fight and he knows it. Proof of that is that Putin has escalated sending Russian nuke bombers to Guam and California as a warning for the US to back off.

Have you noticed that the Western media owned by the upper class trash are ignoring that the US State Department released information proving the West caused this mess in Ukraine to corner Putin?

The State Department just admitted they are "consulting" with the Ukraine military for fighting Putin but have denied that US or Western troops are fighting. The English speaking troops the Russian soldiers keep hearing are probably contracted soldiers or mercenaries from places like the US and Britain.

Please note that Putin doesn't want the May 25 Ukrainian elections to take place because, without the Russians from Crimea voting (they are now Russian citizens and can't vote in the Ukraine election), the Western forces will almost certainly win the election, which will work against Putin.

Costa Rica is concerned because Russia is now arming the commie government in Nicaragua while China, Russia's ally, is building a canal through Nicaragua for larger ships like super tankers to pass between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean or Atlantic Ocean.

This mess is quickly escalating on a global basis because the Western corrupt upper class trash insists on forcing Putin into a corner he can't survive so the upper class trash can set up their global dictatorship. You have to understand that the upper class trash has created a situation in which, if they don't succeed and soon, they will end up facing charges for treason and other crimes and facing the death penalty, especially with all of these new investigations starting up. The upper class trash has placed themselves and Putin in a position in which there seems to be a no win situation because of their insane lust for power and wealth.

Upper Class Trash

The assault on the evil plans of the upper class trash being made by the new British political party, UKIP, is causing the upper class trash to stage a PR war against UKIP. It seems this little fight is getting pretty nasty with the usual liberal character assassination thing.

The GOP has been holding off on impeaching Obama because they didn't have control of the Senate and knew the Democrats wouldn't remove Obama from Office after the House impeached Obama so all it would end up being is a slap on the wrist for Obama. If the GOP gains control of both the Senate and the House in the next election, Obama knows he will be impeached, removed from the White House, and prosecuted for his crimes. Obama has to act before the next election or face prison and possibly the death penalty.

As I stated before, the GOP held off on investigating Benghazi until just before this election so the investigation will be remembered by the voters and the voters will still be ticked off at the Commiecrats when they vote. The Benghazi investigation is also aimed at nailing and getting rid of Valerie as acting president and it will probably also uncover some of her other unconstitutional acts and crimes. You can bet Valerie is fighting this as hard as she can. GOP is closing in on the Democrat criminals.

I have told you that the upper class trash plans are falling apart and Obama will shaft the upper class trash for Islam when the upper class trash plans fail bad enough, you know, just the way Obama shafted King Abdullah when King Abdullah's plans failed. Obama is the one now being backed into the corner by just about everyone and he will soon come out fighting because, if he loses, he and his accomplices will be facing the death penalty for the crimes they have committed. Things are getting very hairy for everyone right now and everything is escalating out of control because of corruption and greed. This is going to get much worse before it gets better.


There is a concerted and growing effort to stop Hillary from becoming president in the 2016 election. There is an organization set up to specifically stop her, it has raised $500,000, and has 250,000 members with two and a half years until the election. Me thinks this organization and its funding will quickly grow between now and then.

Christian Win

Christians are getting more wins as we better organize and fight back. The Supreme Court allowing prayer before government meetings is a big win for Christians. The ACLU just lost a big one, especially against US soldiers praying together in units because, after all, the soldiers are government employees and those meetings are government meetings. Keep praying, God is listening and it is working.

Liberal on Liberal Wars

The wars of liberal organizations fighting liberal organizations is escalating. The birdie people have hired attorneys and are taking the green energy people to court to enforce the protection of their precious birdies from the wind and solar energy programs which are killing birds in large numbers. This is what happens when you get people irrationally fixated on different causes instead of using common sense, they will quickly turn on each other.

I have also seen the cat people and conservationist/birdie people getting increasing numbers of laws passed across the nation. The cat people are passing laws to protect and care for feral cats and the conservationists and birdie people are getting laws passed killing and wiping out feral cats. It is only a matter of time before this mess ends up in our courts with liberals fighting liberals. The liberal on liberal wars are accelerating quickly causing chaos and the failure of the liberal upper class trash plans.


I just read that liberal Hollywood has finally decided to take a stand against Shiria Law because it requires the death penalty for homosexuality and adultery, you know, all of the liberals, especially in Hollywood. Apparently, Hollywood is going to use its incredible power for something good, unintentionally, of course, turning even liberals against Shiria Law. Guess what, those who converted to Islam because it was such a cool fad, will now face the death penalty for converting from Islam, that is Islamic law. Hmmm, this could get interesting, especially with the Catholic Church soon converting to Islam.

This is a conflict developing between the liberals and one of their strongest allies, Islam. Does this mean this love affair is going bust? Yep, and this will be the start of a Muslim/Liberal war. Nothing like a little divide and conquer by God. Man plans, God laughs.

Guess what else this means, Obama will now be forced to choose between Islam and communism very soon and what did Obama say, oh yeah, he will choose Islam, guess what will happen soon! The liberal community and their plans are falling apart quickly. These criminals may have destroyed the US and the rest of the West but they have also sent themselves down burning in flames. It should be obvious that the liberal upper class trash plans are now dead, they just have not finished kicking yet. Unfortunately, the liberals are taking the rest of us with them.


The Chinese just "leaked" Chinese plans for the overthrow of North Korea to the Japanese media. Say what? If I were Kim Jung Un, I wouldn't be making any long term plans.

In January, China cut back on exports of oil to North Korea, which is very resource strapped, especially oil. It seems China is not very happy with Kim and is causing their grievances with North Korea to go public, which is very unusual for China. China usually likes to play everything close to the chest with lots of secrets so this is a really huge warning to kim. Apparently China sent Kim a veiled threat warning that China would "by no means allow a war or chaos to occur on our doorstep." In other words, don't start anything, buddy!

Do I see another crack in China's plans to conquer the world? You know, the growing Muslim civil war, rapidly increasing numbers of Chinese Christians, and now a falling out with North Korea going public? Man plans, God laughs.

Medical Problems

We have tried and even thought that we had defeated diseases like tuberculosis and polio because the media and government hyped up the successes we made in greatly limiting those diseases. Because of this, we became confident we could cure any disease so people became careless in such things as sexual behavior. We are now seeing these diseases make a strong comeback with strains which are resistant to or not even effected by our treatments and spreading globally. They are claiming that new strains have "evolved" but what has really happened is that those strains already existed in small numbers and the weaker strains were destroyed permitting the stronger stains to concentrate so the medications are not working.

Also, I have seen videos stating that we don't have to worry about another outbreak of the Black Plague because we can now successfully treat the disease. The real truth is that there are at least five or six strains of the bubonic plague and at least two to three of those strains are completely immune to our treatments, several people have died in just the last 8 to 10 years because they got the strains immune to our treatments. I have also seen a few hints that small pox, long thought eradicated, is returning. There are still plenty of killer diseases out there, which is why I am so concerned about the rodent and bird population pandemics caused by our conservationists/birdie people. We are definitely in dire straights and most people don't know it because of the medical misinformation. You should be very concerned about this.


Remember that I stated years ago that this economic mess will cause a resurgence in bicycling?

I have been reading that there is a huge increase in cycling across the US with some cities becoming very pro-cycling or cycling friendly. Laws are being changed and enforced with increasing numbers of laws being passed to protect, favor, and encourage people to bicycle instead of using cars. This will increase as inflation gets worse and people have less money to spend on gas. This is a good thing because it will be healthier, decrease American obesity, clean up our air, and help keep the price of gas down, so keep an eye on it.

With so much going on, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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