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Rahm Emanuel

I just read that Rahm Emanuel joined the "Ready for Hillary" group ("which is not affiliated with Hillary" Really?) to encourage Hillary to run for president. I guess he didn't want to run against Obamacare and was probably told by the upper class trash puppet masters to withdraw and support Hillary. I think we can safely say Rahm has pulled his hat out of the ring and is not going to run for president this time. Rahm said he will "headline" two money raising parties for Hillary in Chicago this June, you know, when Hillary's memoir of her time at the State Department, "How Many Lies Can I Tell in One Book", is released. You know that book is going to be 100 pages of "I didn't do it, Bush did it." You will probably learn more from a Spider Man comic book.

Boko Haram

Even after they kidnapped hundreds of young girls, are selling them on the slave market, and murdered 300 more people along with kidnapping even more young girls in another raid, Obama refuses to recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist organization but US veterans, Christians, patriotic conservatives, and anyone who wants freedom from Obama's tyranny is a terrorist. Gee, I wonder whose side Obama is on? Even Al Quaeda has denounced the kidnapping of those school girls. Does that mean Obama is even worse than Al Quaeda?

One thing I am dead set against is giving the enemy advanced warning about what US fighters are planing. They used to have a saying in WWII that "loose lips sink ships" which meant that providing your enemy any information about your intentions and movements gets Americans killed. Yet we just released information that we just sent a group of Americans to help those girls. Yep, nothing like having the element of surprise on your side.


Putin's covert forces in Ukraine took a bit of a beating earlier this week. He positioned fighter planes in Crimea along with who knows what other troop movements but has suddenly appeared to have backed down. Is Putin waiting for the referendum to make his move? Has Putin staged a tactical retreat to regroup, reorganize, and try again? Has Putin taken a beating from the US covert forces (probably US mercenaries) and negotiated a deal where Putin keeps Crimea? I am waiting to find out what the lull in fighting is all about.

Note that Putin's covert forces have not been withdrawn, Putin is still in this.

Black Sabbath

Have you heard about the plans to stage an open and televised Satanic ritual called the Black Sabbath in the near future? This is supposed to be an actual ritual of the most evil of all Satanic religious rituals. The evil pagans are not even trying to cover up their association with Satan any more, they are actually broadcasting it. This is the second major pagan Satanic ritual openly performed by the pagans.

I told you in the past that as soon as they felt safe to perform such rituals openly, the pagans would do so. Obviously the pagans feel they have good enough control of our media, government, and everything else to start staging such events openly.

The pagans are doing a number of things with these Satanic pagan rituals. First, they are testing the waters to see whether they can continue to do increasingly repulsive rituals openly. Second, they are using repetition to get us used to such rituals so we won't reject those rituals and try to stop the pagans from openly practicing their paganism. Third, they are using these rituals to recruit new followers and members into their Satanic cults. These rituals will continue to increase in frequency and get worse based on what the pagans feel they can get away with.

This all part of what I have been telling you about God permitting the pagans to have enough control they will feel confident enough to come out of the closet and show the truth about them and everything they stand for. This is people deciding which side of God's line they will choose to stand on.

Note that this is not something I am predicting will happen in the future. This is something I told you would happen years ago and is going on RIGHT NOW! People are finally being shown the truth about the pagans by the pagans with some being turned against it and others choosing to join it, you know, just like I told you would happen years ago.

The bad guys are coming out of the closet in the worst way and you better get concerned. How long do you think it will be before they start doing animal sacrifices to Satan (A.K.A. Kununo, Lucifer, the Devil, the Horned god, or whatever else the pagans want to call him)? How long do you think it will be before they legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide and use those concepts to legally perform public human sacrifices, you know, like I told you they would do years ago?


Mean while, Obama's Commiecrat Party has openly stated they are going to start "regulating conservative" news media and blogs on the internet. Gee, nothing like a little communist censorship to silence the truth tellers. You might want to copy my stuff going back to the beginning so you can randomly post it on the Internet in the event they shut my site down.

It is increasingly time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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