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I hope you realize that Trump using Twitter to bypass the liberal media is to 1) make sure the truth gets out instead of just liberal lies and 2) to be the transparent president Obama promised he would be but never even came close to being. Trump is outsmarting the liberal media and they are furious about it.

What Trump is doing is that he is 1) preparing for the next election by countering the things the liberals have used to cheat to win elections and 2) working to improve the US.

For example, Trump is looking to down size the CIA by getting rid of the units which are politically biased and been used by the liberals to give them an advantage in elections. Trump is cleaning house on the political corrupt the liberals have built into the government.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asked if Trump will send her to a camp.

We can hope he will send her to a work camp where she can finally find out what real work is like, you know, try and convict her and the other liberal journalists for fraud and put them on a chain gang building the wall between the US and Mexico. A little pick and shovel work would do the liberals some good.

Jordan says that Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is a red line.

Which means what, Jordan is going to invade the US?

Mean while, the spoiled liberals continue to prove me right about their stupidity being infinite by continuing their tantrum because Trump won. But they are now also showing that their insanity is also infinite because it is never ending.

Terra Farming

I have been seeing more bull crap about the liberal fairy tale of Terra farming an atmosphere on Mars. I recently saw a video where they were saying the reason Mars lost its atmosphere is because it lost its magnetic field and it was the magnetic field which kept Mars' atmosphere on Mars.

No, the magnetic field protects the planet from solar winds and prevents the solar winds from blowing your atmosphere away but it is gravity which contains the atmospheric molecules on a planet and prevents the molecules from pushing each other out into space or just floating away. The greater the mass of a planet, the greater its gravity, and the greater the gravity of a planet, the more atmosphere the planet can contain. That is physics 101.

With a gravity that is only 38% of earth's gravity, Mars can only hold or contain an atmosphere of about 5 to 10 millibars under current temperatures. If you warm Mars up to where we humans can live on it, you will increase the motion of the molecules making up the atmosphere so that more of those molecules will be able to fly off into space and the atmosphere will get even thinner than it currently is.

Besides, the entire concept of terra farming an atmosphere on Mars is based on the ignorance that, if we just grow a bunch of plants on Mars, they will miraculously CREATE an atmosphere out of almost nothing. For this to happen, plants would have to be able to create atmospheric molecules and plants CANNOT create atmospheric molecules.

Get it straight that plants CANNOT create an atmosphere; they RECYCLE the already existing atmosphere. There is a huge difference between the two. The atmosphere MUST already be present and it must contain the right elements or the plants will suffocate just like animals. Therefore, it is scientifically impossible to Terra farm an atmosphere by just growing a bunch of plants.

Now I want you to pay attention to all of the wealthy, inbred liberal upper class trash who are too ignorant to know or understand this proving that having more money does not prove you are more intelligent, the only thing it does prove is you have more money. I especially want you to pay attention to a certain CEO, who is currently having trouble managing an automobile company but thinks he is intelligent enough to manage an entire planet by doing the impossible of Terra farming an atmosphere on Mars.

Terra farming an atmosphere on Mars and colonizing Mars like earth is just a liberal fairy tale dreamed up by a bunch of scientifically ignorant liberals who probably couldn't pass college level physics or biology 101 but think they are smart enough to make their great sounding fairy tale come true. "Giddy up, unicorns, we must cross this rainbow."

Let me tell you what it would take to have a long term habitable atmosphere on Mars and be able to colonize Mars.

1) You would have to increase the mass and gravity of Mars to more than 2.5 times its current mass and gravity to have a sustainable atmosphere. If you don't, the gas will just keep floating off out into space. This means you would have to bring in enough mass to more than equal 1.5 times the current mass of Mars and somehow cause it to form a planet structure with the already existing Mars mass. This would make it possible to have enough gravity to hold or contain enough air molecules on Mars to have a long term habitable atmosphere.

2) You would have to create a very large magnetized iron core inside of this mass to have the magnetic field required to keep the solar winds from blowing your atmosphere away.

3) You have to import enough gas molecules to create a habitable atmosphere, you know, almost as much gas as exists on earth AND it has to be the right mix of elements and molecules or everything will suffocate, even plants. Just vaporizing the ice at Mars' poles won't do it, even if that is water ice and not some other form of ice because neither plants nor animals can breathe just water vapor.

4) The top three feet of soil you bring in has to have enough biomatter for plants to grow or your plants won't get the nutrients to survive. Without adding enough biomatter to the soil on Mars, nothing will grow. They teach you in science that the top three feet of soil on earth is critical to having life on earth because that soil contains enough biomatter for plants to grow. Without that biomatter, nothing grows and Mars ain't got none.

5) Then you would have to import massive amounts of water to Mars in order to have plants and animals because you cannot have life without water and there is no surface water on Mars. You would have to cover at least half of Mars' surface with a significant amount of water, probably at least a quarter to half a mile deep.

6) Then you would have to move Mars close enough to the sun, you know, where earth currently is, to A) warm the planet up enough plants can grow on it and B) provide enough sun light so plants can grow. You have to understand that, as the sunlight radiates out into space, it spreads out or dissipates so that you have less and less sunlight per square foot the further you travel from the sun and by the time it reaches Mars, there isn't enough sunlight per square foot for most plants, especially food plants, to grow. If you read the growing instructions on plants, most require "bright sunlight" and the sunlight on Mars is not very bright because the sun is too far away, it is quite dim so most food plants just won't grow on Mars.

And those are just a FEW of the basics. Much, much more would have to be done before humans could possibly openly live on the surface and colonize Mars like we live on earth. If you can't do ALL of that and much more, you can't colonize Mars outside of some pressurized structures and, even then, you have to increase gravity or it will have very serious adverse effects on the human body, especially over a long period of time.

This is all scientific fact and anything else is just more ignorant liberal fairy tales.

Gee, you mean it ain't as simple as the liberals make it look like it would be?

Nope, not even close.


With the conquest of Aleppo and the brokered cease fire by Russia and Turkey, Russia is withdrawing its aircraft carrier and some other war ships from the Syria area. They are returning the Russian carrier group to its home in the North Sea so we should get to see the European upper class trash, especially the British upper class trash, act like children throwing a fit again when the battle group passes by them again.

Note that this is only a partial pullout of Russian forces from Syria. Enough Russian forces will remain to help fight Obama's ISIS and the few other Obama terrorist groups left in Syria.

Russia is also looking to make arms deals with our former ally, the Philippines, you know, one of our many allies Obama chased off.


Please note that they are saying North Korea may soon have nukes, you know, like they have been saying for decades about Iran.

But hold it, it was confirmed more than two decades ago that North Korea already had at least half a dozen nukes on missiles.

Why are they constantly sending messages that countries, which obviously have nukes, don't have but may soon have nukes? What is going on here?


Remember that I told you that the increasing number of jobs being caused by Trump would cause increasing numbers of people who gave up finding jobs and left the workforce to return to the workforce to get a job and cause the "official unemployment" rate to go back up telling us that the "official" unemployment rate is a scam and the real unemployment rate is much higher?

It just did in December and will again in January. It may continue to rise as high as 50% or higher as more people return to the workforce to look for work.

Keep an eye on this.


Obama just gave himself a Distinguished Public Service Medal.

Just how arrogant, narcissistic, and egotistical do you have to be to give yourself an award for anything?

The guy never earned anything in his life and his presidency has been a complete failure, so he gives himself an award to make himself feel useful.

Just how pathetic and shallow is that?

"Why, I is are be so wunderphul, I just gibbed me dis here medul."

And you wonder why I have to take breaks from reading this crap?

Liberalism really is an extreme form of insanity.

Upper Class Trash

The all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, upper class trash gee-knee-uses who got the right degrees at the right universities and are running Sears are mismanaging Sears so badly the company is "bleeding money" so, instead of restructuring the company to stop the bleeding, they are selling off the assets like Craftsman Tools to keep enough cash flow to keep the business running.

So, after they have sold off all of their assets, just what are they going to be selling in their stores?

Yep, once again the upper class trash proves that having more money does not mean they have more intelligence, it just means they have more money.

Remember that I told you that the bean counters at Wall Street pillage and destroy thousands of businesses and to keep an eye on this?

These gee-knee-uses are right now finishing off Sears the same way they have finished off thousands of other businesses.

You have to understand that their over inflated salaries, perks, benefits, bonuses, and retirement packages are the bleeding that is taking place. They get rich by pillaging businesses into bankruptcy with their over inflated salaries, perks, benefits, bonuses, and retirement packages. Basically, they get rich by mismanagement and stealing.

They don't run businesses to be successful; they ruin businesses to be rich.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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