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Mile Stone

First, we just passed another mile stone; there are now 1,100 essays on this site. That is a lot of information, if you want to take advantage of it. I have been to a lot of places, seen a lot of things, learned a lot, and am sharing it with you. I pray that it helps you in some way. May God bless and keep you that you will live long and prosper.


Did you notice something very interesting about Trump's cabinet?

It is mostly made up of real people from the real world who have had real jobs and not just a bunch of bought and paid for political and bureaucratic whores who are owned by corrupt people like George Soros and the Clintons and that is VERY encouraging.

Another thing that is very encouraging is that the Clintons, Podesta, Soros, and other top liberal criminals are all under investigation showing there are still good people and many are in our government.

Keep praying, it is working.

Interestingly, in Nigeria there was a pro Trump rally that clashed with their police and 20 people died because of the violence. I guess their government saw a pro Trump rally as a threat and used violence to stop it. That could lead to an insurrection.

Is God using Trump to change things on a Global basis, you know, in other countries? Do they now have hope because we now have hope?

It sure looks like it. I guess Trump is giving good people everywhere hope. God is definitely moving in this. Keep an eye on this.


They just had a case in Australia where a man drove up on the sidewalk and hit 20 people before he stopped, killing at least four of them. They have not released the identity of the driver, so you know he is a Muslim, because, if he were not, they would release the identity right away so you would know he is not a Muslim.

Then I found out at Breitbart that, yes, he is a Muslim. Surprise, surprise.

Government Employees

About 28% of the current government employees are looking for non government work and planning to leave. They have read the writing on the wall.

If Trump doesn't replace them, it will cut our government size by that much but you can bet Trump still has a lot of work to do because he has to get rid of the liberal commie traitor moles who won't leave voluntarily.

Also, I got this at Breitbart by John Hayward:

"During his confirmation hearing on Thursday, Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin said the unemployment rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not capture the reality of the conditions facing American workers."

In other words, the government employment rate is fake. Someone is finally telling you the truth I have been telling you for years.

Are Trump and his people about to openly expose the lies of the left and tell the ugly truth about the left? It kind of looks that way, doesn't it?


Obama just commuted the sentences for four Mexican cartel leaders. Obama just turned the worst possible criminals loose on us.

You think that, just maybe, that was to keep them quiet about the Fast and Furious scandal?

One thing this does prove is that it is not a good idea to take such dangerous criminals alive because someone like Obama can come along and turn them loose to continue their crimes.

If they get arrested again, you can bet they will sell out Obama to save their own butts.


Liberal Bill Maher said, "I would like to say to [Bill and Hillary], thank you for 30 years of service, and now, I never want to see either one of you ever again."

I know the Clintons are still trying to get in power but they just might be a wee bit washed up. They have definitely ticked off the top liberals by losing the election and exposing the liberal corruption setting the liberals back at least years and maybe decades. I hope the Clintons have their bags packed for the bus ride.

Please note that Obama did not pardon them before he left office and they are still under investigation. Think about that one. Obama could have easily brought charges against the Clintons so he could pardon them but he didn't.


Bill Maher called Trump voters or conservatives drug addicts.

I am sorry but aren't the liberals the ones who use and want to legalize drugs? Then how can the conservatives be the drug addicts?

The celebrities, you know, the professional pretenders, had a melt down and are saying this "country is lost". As far as soon setting up their beloved commie dictatorship, yeah.

Good, then go to Canada. Oh, I forgot that Canada doesn't want them either. Then go to Cuba so you can enjoy your beloved communism, that is, if Cuba will take you. No wonder the liberal commie traitors are crying, they don't have any place to go because no one wants them.

Please note that it is only the "peace loving" liberals who have been staging violent protests and not the "Nazi" conservatives. In Seattle the liberal rioters used wooden poles, heavy metal pipes and shields to attack the police and the anti-Milo protesters used baseball bats and sharpened wooden sticks. The lefties are now using real weapons which can cause injury and death.

This is open armed insurrection and treason working for the violent overthrow of the US government. It is time for the police to start using real weapons because this just became an open armed insurrection by the left. It is also time for the military to get involved because they are sworn to protect us from both internal and external threats and an open, armed insurrection is definitely an internal threat. Maybe under Trump, they will.

Question: Why are the top liberals not speaking out against this violence?

I thought the liberals were anti-violence. I guess it is only when violence is used against them and their allies by the right and not when the liberals use violence against the good people to get what the liberals want.

Then the liberals continue to compare conservatives to Nazis while the liberals act like Nazis.

I have been telling you for years that this is a war the left is waging against us and it is now escalating quickly into increasing violence. It is a violent armed insurrection AND liberals are now buying guns. Guess what the "gun hating" liberals plan to use guns for. It is time for all of these insurrectionists, especially the upper class trash paying for this armed insurrection, to go to prison or a nearby firing squad. Hey, they like death panels, we can share our death panels with them.

Pray for our police officers.

Please note that all of their organization and peaceful means to overthrow the US government to set up their fascist global dictatorship have failed and the only thing left for them to try is a violent armed overthrow of the US government. That is now beginning to take place. One of them even said that it is worth considering that their fake news didn't significantly affect the outcome of the election. In other words, it failed and it is time for other measures like violence.

One thing they are doing with all of this protesting, rioting, and just plain immature behavior is they are showing their true colors and eyes will open. As the left becomes more openly disgusting, more people are becoming disgusted with the left. They are their own worst enemies.

With the corrupt and evil upper class trash New World Order collapsing down around their ears and the liberal commie traitors showing their true colors with their increasingly violent armed insurrection to destroy your elected government, is God using Trump and Putin to set up His version of a New World Order?

That is also very encouraging so keep praying.

Personally, I would rather have God's New World Order than Satan's.


Russia has pulled out the big guns for Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor. They are now also using their Tu-22M3 bombers to strike ISIS in those areas. These are bigger bombers similar to but smaller than our B-1. These are not the medium or small size bombers and they can drop a lot of bombs in one run to do a lot of damage.

Maybe Putin is getting serious about getting Deir ez-Zor back?

Now that Trump is president, will he start working with Putin to destroy the Muslim terrorists trying to overthrow the Syrian government? Will Trump start working to stop the Muslim terrorists on a global basis and how will he handle it?

If Trump just stops Obama's financing and providing weapons and training to the terrorists, the Muslim terrorist movement will implode.

Keep an eye on this and keep praying.


Personally, I am looking forward to Monday, which will be Trump's first full day as president during the normal work week but I know he has probably already begun working on our problems over the weekend.

What good news will God give us on Monday?

It will be nice to have regular good news instead of just bad news all of the time but you know the liberal media will try to make our good news look bad because to them, our good news is their bad news. Let's hope the liberal commie traitors have a really bad Monday.

Keep praying, I think it is working.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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