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Princess Chelsea just graduated with her Ph.D. in international relations from the "prestigious" Oxford University in England, you know, the commie university both her parents graduated from. Her dissertation concerned international global governance structures, you know, like you need for a one world commie dictatorship. Talk about prepping some one to run for president.

And what about the timing of her graduation, you know, just before the next presidential campaign starts? Gee, they wouldn't be thinking about Princess Chelsea being the first coronated communist queen of the US, would they?

I figure they will wait until after the kid is borne and everyone is going awwwww over the baby/Chelsea pictures, then Hillary will announce she is too ill to run for president while the feds are carting her off in chains for all of her crimes, and, following the outcry from all of the gaga women and liberal men, "highly qualified" Chelsea will make the sacrifice to run for President to save the nation for us and her baby. Tada!!!

And, if you think Queen Hillary isn't damaged goods and beyond being electable, she has just been tied to refusing to declare Boko Haram as a terrorist organization plus the Benghazi investigation has just begun and will definitely be finishing Hillary off for a presidential run in the not too distant future, unless they move the White House to Alcatraz. Hey, it's white.

Question: Is the left brining back Lewinsky a media distraction for Obama's crimes, to ruin Hillary even more to discourage her from running, or both?

Then we have the Communist News Network reporting that Biden told South Carolina Democrats that the latter years of the Bill Clinton administration were responsible for the beginning of the decline in middle-class financial security, you know, that the US was in a recession for the last two years of Billy Boy's administration just like I told you more than a decade ago.

Why is the left now willing to admit that the US was in a recession for the last few years of the Clinton administration and caused the current economic mess? Is this just Joe Biden trying to get Hillary out of the way so he can run for president or is the left up to something here? I mean, the left clearly told Rahm Emanuel to stand down and support Hillary, why not Biden? Did Biden not get the memo Rahm got? Is this meant to make Hillary even more damaged goods so she will have no choice but to get out of the war for Chelsea to run?

Speaking of Hillary's demise, Pelosi is already whining that the Benghazi investigation is "unfair" to discredit the investigation before they even have their first meeting. Just how stoned are the people in Commiefornia that they keep reelecting her? Maybe they keep sending Pelosi to Washington DC to get her out of Commiefornia?


The fighting in Ukraine is escalating, rumor has it Putin is ordering his best special forces, the "Alpha Team", into Ukraine, and Putin just staged a "training exercise" on Thursday for nuclear warfare against the US....or was it warning Putin is getting ready to use a few nukes against us? Don't forget the mutual defense treaty between Putin and China so that, if we fight one, we fight both. Then there is the act of treason by Snowden and we still have not figured out everything he revealed to China and Russia which caused them to both publically state they could defeat the US and were willing to swap nukes to achieve the victory.

Also, I have been wondering, is China making it look like she is turning against North Korea so North Korea can start a war with South Korea without implicating China so China can do other mischief else where? You know, the old divide and conquer the US troops thingy. Let's see, we will soon have a bunch of troops tied down fighting Russia, then we will have what is left tied down fighting North Korea, and who is going to fight China?

This is not going to be a nice, easy, clean win for the US. This will get very nasty. You just might want to wash your lead lined, asbestos underwear.

GOP Traitors

Then we have the liberal infiltrators and traitors in the GOP, you know, RINOs, who are blatantly supporting and even PUSHING the liberal Commiecrat programs showing that the RINOs really are liberal traitors, you know, like Obamacare, amnesty for illegal immigrants, core value brainwashing, uh, education program, and the minimum wage hike. These traitors have crossed God's line and staked out turf proving they are not working for us.

School Loans

There is now a movement by the true right, not the poser RINOs, to forgive all existing student loans, stop the government from providing student loans and grants, and privatize all student loans so the students will be required to get educational loans through banks and such to keep the government from financially enslaving students. This will cause all useless colleges, universities, and university departments which have become nothing more than liberal brainwashing institutes to fail, decrease demand for secondary education which will decrease tuitions and book costs for secondary education, decrease the number of worthless liberal college professors in our colleges and decrease the remaining professors' salaries, and encourage more young people to go to trade schools to get a trade, for which there are considerably more jobs available. Oh yeah, it will require almost all lefty college professors and staffs to get real jobs, you know, at Wal Mart, where they really belong.

If we don't do this, the greedy universities created a college loan bubble of more than one trillion US dollars which is about to burst because increasing numbers of college graduates can't get jobs with their increasingly worthless college degrees to pay those loans, these loans have young people financially strapped or enslaved so they can't function as well, and this bubble will probably cause at least as much economic chaos as the housing bubble when it burst. Keep an eye on this.

Michelle Obama

Question: Why is the president's wife, Michelle, being seen all over the Internet holding a sign saying, "bring back our girls"?

Hold it, she is the first lady and her husband, Pharaoh Obama is Commander in Chief for the best special forces units in the world. Wouldn't it do more good for Michelle to get her husband to send a special forces team to rescue the girls?

Hmmm, sounds kind of fishy to me. Political distraction, smoke and mirrors, and PR anyone? Probably meant to cause you to forget that Obama still refuses to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, you know, along with distracting you from the rest of his crimes. I figure that Boko Haram was probably Pharaoh Obama's version of the Boy Scouts when he was growing up in Kenya. I wonder what kind of merit badges Obama got?

Mother Earth

Do you know one of the real unspoken reasons behind conservation and green energy? It has to do with liberal pagan mother earth (mother nature, Gaia) worship. In pagan mother earth worship, we are killing or desecrating their goddess, mother earth, by taking natural resources from the earth, especially with mining and drilling but also with such things as logging and killing "her" beloved wild animals. In their religion, it is an act of blasphemy and a desecration of their beloved goddess, mother earth to do these things. That is one very important reason why the liberal pagans are using conservation to stop us from doing these things, you know, ripping the coal out of mother earth's body. Get the picture yet?


The British UKIP political party is running on getting out of the EU and is quickly gaining ground showing that most Brits want to get out of the EU. I guess the Brits are not enjoying their trip back to the Dark Ages, courtesy of the EU. When they leave, Germany will leave and there will be no EU.

It seems UKIP is not just campaigning on getting out of the EU but is also campaigning for the increasing backlash against Muslims developing in Britain including a restriction on building more mosques. I guess the Brits have also grown tired of the Muslims murdering the Brits in their own streets.

Me thinks the Brits have had just about enough crap.

Mexican Trap

The Mexican government is planning to "demobilize" the vigilante movement that formed in the western state of Michoacan and succeeded in largely expelling the Knights Templar cartel when state and local authorities couldn't. They are calling this a process of giving legal standing to the self-defense forces. It just sounds so nice and rewarding, doesn't it. Except the corrupt Mexican politicians are owned by these cartels. Beware the Mexican wolf.

This will involve the government registering the guns AND registering the vigilantes who cleaned up their towns from control of the drug cartels. Gee, why would the Mexican government want to register the guns and the vigilantes? The Mexican government isn't planning on rounding up all of the guns and vigilantes to get rid of them so the government can return control of those towns to the drug cartels, are they? Naw, this couldn't be a Mexican government trap, could it?

Fortunately, only one vigilante group has fallen for this trap and the rest are refusing to cooperate with their known corrupt government. This could easily turn into a civil war. Hey, maybe Putin will invade Mexico to save the Mexican people from their corrupt government, especially if the Mexican people all learn to speak Russian. Putin could always build a port in Mexico for his Caribbean carrier fleet to tick off Obama, you know, after France finishes building Putin's four nuke carriers. I would not put that pass Putin.

Not a Christian Nation?

Remember that Pharaoh Obama said that the US is not a Christian nation? I guess he thought we were going to worship him as Pharaoh instead of worshiping Christ.

Really? There are two openly Christian movies in the top ten rankings at the box office. "Heaven is for Real" is currently in forth place and "Mom's Night Out" is currently in seventh or eighth place. To the surprise of most, these two Christian movies are raking in millions of dollars. Gee, who said the US is not a Christian nation? Oh yeah, it was Pharaoh Obama.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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