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I recently saw a hypocritical post by a liberal on FB putting Trump down because he had a deferment and didn't serve in the military during Vietnam. Trump went to college on a deferment like almost all liberals did.

I couldn't resist responding and posted, "I forget, when did Obama and Clinton serve?"

This got me curious and I am dangerous when I get curious. Of the last 14 presidents, 7 were Republicans and 7 were Democrats. Of the last 7 Republicans, the only one who didn't serve was Trump and, of the last 7 Democrats, the only three who didn't serve were Obama, Clinton, and FDR.

So 6 of the last 7 Republicans served and only 4 of the last 7 Democrats served so the question begs to be asked, "If serving in the US military is so important to liberals, why are they Democrats?" Did you know that better than 80% of the people who serve in the US military are conservative Republicans? If serving in the US military is so important to liberals, why didn't they serve?

But it gets better. Trump is one of only four US presidents who did not hold prior elected office and was not a professional politician. These four presidents include Trump, businessman, Hoover, federal bureaucrat, Grant, US military, and Taylor, US military. Trump is the ONLY US president who was not a former government employee of any kind. Trump is the ONLY US president to not be a professional politician, bureaucrat, attorney, or other government employee. Just by being elected, he made history. Trump is the first businessman to be elected US president.

Maybe we should give this guy a chance; he can't do any worse than all of those "professionals".

Trump is the only president since Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933, who didn't hold a prior elected office and was not a professional politician, bureaucrat, or attorney.

Herbert Hoover 1929-1933 former bureaucrat; Grant 1869-1877 former military; Zachory Taylor 1849-1850 (died in office) former military

You can see why Trump is such a threat to politicians, bureaucrats, and their puppet masters on both sides of the political aisle. He is the only person qualified and motivated to clean up the corrupt mess created by the politicians, bureaucrats, attorneys, and their puppet masters.

I have also noticed another movement of non politicians running for and getting elected to office, which is helping drain the swamp by displacing professional politicians, bureaucrats, and their puppet masters. This last year, almost 20 former military, some of them special operations like SEALs, ran for office with most of them winning the election and there were other non politician civilians who got tired of this mess and ran for office.

You know this is scaring the daylights out of the professionals who see their careers in jeopardy by the new comers. If they lose their jobs, they won't even get jobs turning burgers with businesses like Wendy's replacing burger turners with robots because of the professional politicians, you know, them, increasing minimum wage. The only jobs these crooks might qualify for are sweeping floors (we have robots that do that too), taking out the garbage, and cleaning toilets.

Pray for Trump and the others, they need it and we need them to drain the swamp.

National Security Advisor

I got this from SOFREP by Travis Allen:

"On Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster's first day on the job as National Security Adviser, he told his staff the phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' was not useful in describing the threat facing the United States.

McMaster reportedly said 'Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion,' and are 'un-Islamic.'"

The man is either an idiot who has not done his homework and just blindly believes the "moderate" Muslims, he has not read the Koran, and he has not studied Islam or he is a liar.

When I see Trump hiring idiots like this, it causes me concern. I know he won't get every hire right and some moles will make it in but this is just a wee bit obvious.

How can the National Security Adviser protect us from our enemies if he doesn't even know who are enemies are?

We are back to the same lying bull crap we had with Obama.

Dakota Pipeline

The wonderful, magnificent, loving, caring conservationist holy protestors of the environment left more than 2,500 truck loads of garbage at the protest site for the Dakota Pipeline, an ecological disaster, and they are still searching for abandoned animals that were left behind.

Yeah, these hired protestor turds really do care about something other than themselves. I just have not been able to figure out what else it is they care about...other than themselves.

The garbage is horrific but the abandoned animals are unforgivable.


Have you ever wondered why God permits some bad guys to live long and prosper? Why doesn't God kill them all young and poor?

God said that life is a test and it is a test to see whether you will choose good and evil.

Who would be tempted to choose evil if all of the bad guys died young and poor? What kind of test would that be?

To make it a valid test, God permits a few bad guys to live long and prosper so you will be tempted to choose evil. Without the temptation, there is no valid choice or test and God points this out in the Book of Revelation when He said He will turn Satan loose on the world at the end of the Millennium to test us because everyone must be tested and the people born during the Millennium will not have been tempted by Satan or tested.

Satan uses these few bad guys, who live long and prosper, to distract you from the fact that almost all bad guys are in prison or dead by their late 20s or early 30s.

Don't believe me?

Just look at the bad guys you see on TV, almost all of the gang bangers being arrested are young men in their teens and early 20s, most of the terrorists are young men in their teens and 20s, and most other bad guys are in their teens and twenties.

Where are all of the bad guys who were in their teens and twenties one, two, or three decades ago?

They are almost all dead or in prison but Satan uses the few bad guys who live long and prosper to distract you from that fact so you will be more likely to choice evil over good and God uses what Satan is doing to make His test valid by you being tempted to choose evil.

You can see that with our corrupt politicians today. There are a few older ones at the top like the Clintons, Schumer, Reid, Soros, and others but look away from those to most of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats; they are much younger in their twenties and thirties.

Where are all of the older corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that were around a few decades ago?

Most of them or dead or in prison, you know, those people you keep hearing about stepping out of tall buildings, committing suicide, or dying from untimely accidents. You hear about those criminals all of the time but Satan distracts you from those by getting you to focus on the few who made it to the top and lived long and prospered.

Satan also uses these few older bad guys to distract you from the many good guys who live long and prosper. You rarely hear about the good guys who live long and prosper from Satan's lying liberal media.

Just remember all of the young criminals who are dead or in prison and you will be less tempted to follow Satan down the road that will probably get you dead or in prison at a young age. Keep your focus on God and doing what is right and you pass the test.

God said, "Life is a test" and it is pass or fail. Just remember that those who fail spend eternity in the Lake of Fire and ALL of the promises of Satan are not worth eternity in the lake of fire, even if you live to be 1,000 years old, which is still nothing compared to eternity.

Why do you think Satan has tricked you into believing the pagan fairy tale, evolution, and that there is no God? So you will be much more likely to follow Satan and not God, after all, how can you follow God if you believe He doesn't exist?

Pass the test because eternity is a very, very long time.

Space X

Elon Musk has stated that he will send two paying customers to orbit the moon in the near future. I wonder how much that ticket will cost. Talk about rich guys with more money than brains.

What, they are not going to land on the moon and spend a few days driving around on electric ATVs?

Get yourself a geology degree and you could get paid to live on the moon in the not too distant future to look for rare minerals to mine.


You still think Islam is a religion of peace?

Everywhere Muslims go, war, fighting, and killing goes. Look at the killing, raping, and robbing taking place in Europe since the Muslims moved into Europe. Look at the fighting they are currently conducting for land or turf in their European feudal war.

But it gets better. Look at all of the Muslim nations in which Muslims are murdering, raping, and robbing each other such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and others.

But it gets better. Look at the Muslims raping, robbing, and murdering in Asian countries which had nothing to do with the Christian Crusades like India, Thailand, Philippines, and China.

But it gets better. Look at the "New World" countries which had nothing to do with the Christian Crusades like the US, Canada, and Australia where the Muslims are raping, robbing, and killing.

But it gets better. Look at history and you will see that everywhere the Muslims went, they raped, robbed, and murdered relentlessly for 1,400 years, hundreds of years before the Christian Crusades, causing the Christian Crusades.

Absolutely everywhere Muslims go, they rape, rob, and murder with lame excuses to justify their crimes and the liberals work to cover this up because the Muslims and liberals both hate Christians.

You still think Islam is a religion of peace?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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