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I just read an interesting article about the Clinton Foundation. This foundation has been bringing in revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year, including about $160 million in government grants per year (your taxes), and, even with all the "great management and financial skills" of the Clintons, the foundation has been operating in the red for years. In other words, the Clintons and their buddies can't even manage a foundation with a few hundred million bucks a year.

A few of the reasons for these problems include corruption (Billy Boy appointing himself as a consultant on a firm they set up to consult for the foundation, I guess Billy Boy was consulting to himself. Hey, maybe he talks to himself so he decided he should get paid for the consultation), irresponsibility, and just plain terrible business management. One reason for the Foundation financial problems is a lot of dissension within the Foundation about internal operations, A.K.A. infighting. Quite a few people have left the Foundation because of the infighting.

So you see, Hillary isn't running for president, she knows she can't win. She is doing all of this "campaigning" to make people think she will run so those people will donate to the Clinton Foundation to get it out of the red. In the 1920s, this would have been called a sting and is today called a scam and fraud. Hillary knows she can't win the election for president and Hillary is using donors' thinking she will run to raise money for the Foundation so it won't go broke. Hillary is playing them for suckers.

They may also use the Foundation later to build a staff for an election campaign with Chelsea having been quoted saying that she wants to "follow in the footsteps of her father and her mother." Get the picture?


It seems that China is making moves we are not hearing much about. I found out that the US is concerned by three significant moves by China including expanding the air defense zone over the Senkaku Islands, building a new base on a disputed reef in the Spratly Islands, and moving a deep-water drilling rig into the coastal waters off Vietnam.

The Spratly Islands are a group of more than 750 islands, atolls, cays, reefs, and islets in the South China Sea but are closest to the Philippines and Vietnam. These islands are disputed between about half a dozen countries with troops residing on some of them from a number of nations. China seems to be building a military base on one of the disputed reefs. Moving the deep-water drilling rig into Vietnamese waters is a definite violation of international law. It should be obvious that China is still testing the US and other allies of the countries in this area.

Commiefornia Exodus

Increasing numbers of businesses are leaving California. It is almost turning into a stampede. Don't be surprised to see Silicon Valley start clearing out soon. More and more businesses are finding out the hard way that socialism just doesn't work.

I just read that Pratt & Whitney AeroPower, a subdivision of the defense contractor that makes auxiliary power units and expendable turbojet engines for military aircraft, announced it is leaving San Diego to either Florida, Georgia, or Texas. They employ 530 people which means there will soon be 530 fewer working people paying taxes in California so you know the idiot commies will raise taxes again to offset the loss.


By the way, it turns out that the real reason why the government quit buying the F-22 is because all of its parts were being made by a few companies in a few states. The new F-35, which is replacing the F-22, is being made by many more companies in more states. Ah, the corruption of politics.

It doesn't matter whether your weapon system is good. All that matters is how many corrupt politicians are bringing home some of the money being made to build that weapon system.

BTW, how is that democracy thing working out?

Liberal vs Liberal Wars

Wars being fought between liberal organizations because of conflicts of interest is one thing I really look forward to finding in the news. It means that their great liberal plans and agenda are falling apart. Man plans, God laughs.

ultra liberal California Senator Dianne Feinstein is waging war against her own liberal environmental groups for standing in the way of legislation she wants to pass that will help Californian's deal with the severe drought in the state. She is quoted as saying that environmentalists "have never been helpful to me in producing good water policy. You can't have a water infrastructure for 16 million people and say, 'Oh, it's fine for 38 million people,' when we're losing the Sierra Nevada snowpack.'"

When she was asked whether the environmental groups would resent her proposed legislation, she said, "Well, that's really too bad, isn't it? I would be very happy to know what they propose... I have not had a single constructive view from environmentalists of how to provide water when there is no snowpack."

Wow, that sounds just like what the conservatives have been saying about such liberal organizations for years. Isn't it just wonderful to hear those words coming out of the mouths of liberal commie traitors because they are getting some of their own, not liking it, and fighting each other? But, hey, Dianne, don't worry, at the rate businesses are leaving Commiefornia, there won't be 38 million people in Commiefornia too much longer. When all of the jobs leave, even the illegal aliens won't stick around. You will only have lazy commies and, when they have to start going to work to pay for things because Commiefornia won't have any money left, the lazy commies will leave to find some one else to mooch off of.

San Diego Fires

It is being reported that all but one of the fires in the San Diego area are the result of arson. They are being reported to having a "suspicious ignition point" Mean while, liberals like Governor Brown are claiming that the fires are the result of climate change. I guess this climate change, which has been going on for thousands of years, is causing those people to set those fires.

You know how all of those people doing all of those mass shootings are liberal Commiecrats and the liberal Commiecrats are using those mass shootings to try to steal everyone's guns looks very much like those mass shootings are being intentionally caused by brainwashed and doped up liberals to help the liberal commie traitors take everyone's guns? Is it possible that all of these fires are being set by liberal activists so the liberals can use these fires for their climate change agenda? It sure is beginning to look like it, isn't it. Hey, if they will murder people to get their agenda, why won't they burn things down?

Aggies and Guns

The Department of Agriculture is buying 40 caliber submachine guns with 30 round clips and millions of rounds of ammunition along with body armor? I want to know who is arming all of the cute little bunny rabbits with military equipment so the federal aggies feel they need military weapons, ammunition, and body armor.

It is like I told you before, the commies are using different government agencies to purchase military weapons, ammunition, equipment, and vehicles so that, when the liberal commie traitors set up their commie dictatorship and replace all of these government agents with the liberal and Muslim activists in their CNSF, the weapons and equipment will be there waiting for their secret traitor army to use against us. They are putting all of the pieces for their fifth column armies in place so that all they have to do is put all of those pieces together at just the right moment. This is the military part of their political coup.

Obama's Palace of Cards

Every day, the crimes Obama and his accomplices perpetrated are coming back to haunt him with increasing intensity. They are quickly moving in on Obama to take him down and blame him for everything they are all doing. Obama is an accomplice but the rest of the criminals are also working to use him as their scape goat. Every day Obama is being pushed back further and further into his corner.

I have not heard any more talk about Obama trying to run for a third term as president. I think that even Obama has realized that isn't going to happen and you KNOW Obama is not going to give up all that power willingly, especially since he is the Muslim Mahdi. This is Obama's one and only chance to rule the world and, when he stops being president, it is all over for him. Obama has a maximum of 2.5 years to set up his dictatorship and everyone, including his accomplices, are closing in on him. Obama has to make his move soon because I don't think the other criminals are going to permit Obama to have 2.5 more years as president.

Great Commie Movement

Have you noticed that increasing numbers of liberal protests and rallies are having fewer people show up? We are talking really low numbers.

I think increasing numbers of people are realizing what is going on and don't want to be a part of the great commie movement. When you also consider the liberal on liberal wars, Christians successfully fighting back, and other failures of the left, you realize the liberal commie traitor plans are failing and we know what Obama does when his partners in crime plans fail. He dumps them, knifes them in the back, and runs. Obama is not a stand and fight type of guy. When the fighting gets tough, Obama changes sides.

We very clearly need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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