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Suddenly, the liberals are cutting loose with a lot of propaganda about Trump's budget cuts, you know, like I told you they would. The propaganda is all based on emotions and getting you to feel sorry for people. They can't win the mind over with their lies so they try to win the heart over.

You still think the liberals have not secretly converted to Islam?

The liberals in Paris joined forces with the Muslims to attack the Paris police with flares and fire bombs.

And Forbes Magazine said that Iran is a cool place to visit, you know, the place that supports terrorists and arrests Americans as "spies" on a regular basis.


The upper class trash globalists are talking like they won the recent Dutch elections because they kept the Prime Minister (PM) position. That is smoke and mirrors.

The globalist already had the PM position and they lost seats in the Parliament to at least 3 parties which were campaigning on leaving the EU. You see, it isn't that they won the PM, it is just that they didn't lose it with the dozens of seats they did lose. The globalists definitely lost ground to the anti-globalists, just not all of it.

I also figured out why the globalists used the British courts and Parliament to delay the British exit from the EU. The globalists running the EU needed time to reorganize the EU before they started losing the financial support from Britain.

The globalists should also expect to lose pretty heavily in the French and German elections this year, though you can bet they are rigging those elections and probably also rigged the recent Dutch election to keep from losing the PM position.

This is a massive global power struggle by the upper class trash so keep an eye on it.

Sweden Or Swedistan

With the help of the liberal commie traitors, the Muslims are quickly winning the feudal war in Sweden.

This will quickly pose a threat to neighboring nations because you know the Muslims will use the Swedish military to invade an conquer those nations.

You better know that the first time the Muslims seize control of any European nation, they will use the military of that nation to force other nations to submit to Islam or invade those nations from the outside while the other Muslims wage feudal war against those nations from the inside.

Things are looking really bad right now for Norway, Finland, and Denmark because of Sweden but also looking increasingly worse for France and Germany. Keep an eye on this.


I warned you about this power struggle currently getting worse in the US between the corrupt upper class trash and their minions verses Trump and his people. This is getting worse by the day and it is getting difficult to tell who is winning. It is very likely that Trump didn't remove enough of the liberal commie traitor moles fast enough because there are just too many of them.

It is like I told you before, it is not possible to remove enough of them fast enough to win this fight because the liberals and Muslims have been infiltrating the moles into the bloated US government bureaucracy for decades. You can't just undo decades of damage within a few months or years without just wiping the slate clean and starting over again.


It has finally happened. A terrorist has finally staged an attack directed at the upper class trash. A terrorist staged a stabbing attack outside of the British Parliament. Unfortunately, he didn't get into Parliament.

But, hey, most politicians are too stupid to learn.

You think not?

Britain's PM, Theresa May, said that the Islamic terrorist attack is not Islamic.

Does that level of stupidity make your brain hurt or what?

She probably thinks the Muslim attack was caused by Buddhism or maybe Hinduism or maybe atheism. Oh, I know, it was Christianity's fault.

Today, the day after the attack, this attack actually has world leaders just a little concerned that they could be next and not just you peasants but the idiots are still denying the Muslim attack had anything to do with Islam. It is probably going to take a few of them being killed by Muslim terrorists for them to even begin to deal with Muslim attacks being caused by Islam.

But, hey, they may be too stupid for even that to work.

And remember that these are the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitor, upper class trash natural elite geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities and are running everything.

Does that scare the crap out of you or what?

Please note that they have beefed up the security for...wait for it...themselves but not you peasants.

Christian Testimony

In my last essay, Christian Testimony 2, I forgot to add something important.

After I read about the FBI investigation into Lance Armstrong and the cycling leaders, I contacted the USCF, which had changed its name to USAC, and talked to a number of people. They ALL denied that they had or had ever had a black list and ALL of them had clearly been coached by attorneys about what to say. Everyone said exactly the same thing about everything and they were extremely sensitive about the topic.

What should that tell you?

They were under investigation by the FBI for racketeering. The attorneys are not called in to coach people until AFTER the people are in trouble.

Gee, what a coincidence.

I think not. Yes, I did cause that investigation, yes, the FBI was watching me, and, yes, the FBI still is watching me.

There are a lot of little signs like that, which, in of themselves don't mean much but, when you put them together with everything else, they tell the story. There are too many coincidences and that many coincidences don't happen, they're caused.


Someone needs to tell Huckabee that we didn't vote for him, we voted for Trump and, if we wanted things done the Huckabee way, we would have voted for Huckabee, so shut up, quit telling Trump what to do, and go home.


Remember that I told you the unemployment rate would rise when Trump started increasing jobs because people would come back into the job market to get those jobs causing the unemployment rate to increase?

The number of unemployment claims just rose and guess what?

All of the x-spurts are surprised, you know, all of the intellectually superior, overpaid upper class trash twits who got the right degrees from the right universities.


Here is a suggestion for the idiots planning to colonize Mars. Take and refine the gases you need for an atmosphere on Mars from the gases on Jupiter (there are plenty) and then try to grow spuds in the Martian soil WITHOUT adding any earth soil and see what happens.

1) Mars doesn't have enough gravity to contain a habitable atmosphere so almost all of those gases you import from Jupiter will be pushed out into space by atmospheric pressure.

2) The spuds won't grow, baby.

Don't believe me?

Accept the challenge but leave earth's atmosphere and soil alone; we need that here so you don't get to take it there.

Stock Market

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash uses the stock market to bleed businesses to death and then dump them in order to maximize short term profits?

Sears just said they doubt they will survive the year.

This is probably because they are being run by the corrupt, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitor, upper class trash natural elite geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities. They screw up everything they touch. They can't even successfully manage major corporations.

You want to know just how bril-lee-unt the upper class trash are? (Probably not, huh?)

They are stumbling and bumbling around with Obamacare and ALL they have to do is dump Obamacare, fix Medicaid to care for all of the poor (yep, we already have a healthcare program to care for the poor), and everyone else buys their own medical insurance.

Now, was that hard? And those corrupt, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, intellectually superior, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitor, upper class trash natural elite geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities can't figure that out?

That is how stupid the upper class trash are or how corrupt.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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