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This essay got a wee bit lengthy because I got a wee bit angry and did just a wee bit of a rant for the second item plus a lot has happened recently. Enjoy.


Trump recently signed a bill increasing the NASA's space exploration budget and "pondered" sending Congress into space.

I am all for sending all of our liberal commie traitors, who hate America, into space to colonize. I think they should all be sent to build a colony on the sun.

Hey, why should we make them stay here in the US when they hate the US? Isn't that cruel and inhumane?

They can set up their own commie dictatorship on the sun and no one will try to stop them. Besides, the sun is much larger and will make a much larger dictatorship than earth and they will be in control of ALL of the energy in our solar system.

Of course, they will need a lot of asbestos underwear.


A woman, I forgot her name, who started and was the main force behind the idea that it is "alright to be fat" just died at 34 years of age and everyone was shocked, hear you, SHOCKED!

Once again, the liberals cause my brain to hurt with their infinite stupidity.

We have known how and why obesity causes people to die young since at least the 1960s but the liberal fat people started a crusade and, if you start a liberal crusade, everything you say must be gospel, forget what science says, so they all began to believe that you can be healthy and fat at the same time because a scientifically ignorant liberal crusader said so and made it sounded so ignorant people.

I cannot think of ONE liberal crusade which worked in the last half century. They all eventually fail and are quickly replaced by another liberal crusade, which always fails. President Reagan was very right when he said that everything liberals believe is wrong.

So one fat liberal got tired of trying to lose her excess weight using health fads, publically stated that being fat is alright and can be healthy, every liberal believed her and went charging after her crusade, now she is dead because she didn't lose her weight, and every liberal is shocked...again.

They never learn, liberals absolutely never learn.

Note that I was not surprised because science told me she was absolutely wrong and I knew this next idiot liberal crusade would end in failure when all of these fat liberals started croaking because science told me they would start croaking.

Also, I have been saying for DECADES that dieting to permanently lose and control your weight DOES NOT WORK because science says it won't in spite of what many doctors (I am amazed at how many doctors get some of what they believe, especially about diet and exercise, from the idiot liberal media) and most people are taught to believe. You have to understand that God designed our bodies to increase our ability to survive as primitive people when there was no food for prolonged periods of time. That is why these anorexic people live as long as they do, you know, like their cell metabolism slows down to conserve energy when they stop eating.

Don't believe me?

Study exercise physiology, survival physiology, and endocrinology. They explain at the molecular level why dieting does not and CANNOT work and it involves a number of different systems God designed into our bodies to help us survive famine.

The ONLY thing that works for the long term in controlling our body weight AND health is a combination of diet (not dieting) and exercise with it being mostly exercise and the way you are taught to exercise in gyms and with all of the exercise fads has NEVER WORKED because they are wrong, they are not based on science. It is important to note that, in the last half century, I have NOT SEEN one exercise fad that worked or lasted, they ALL failed!

For example, the fad in using power meters for training and competition for bicycling is declining as increasing numbers of pro racers are no longer using power meters because the fad doesn't work.

When the fad first started, at least three different power meter companies offered me $400+ for every power meter I sold to my clients, I looked over the training program coaches were told to use with the power meters to help sell the power meters, the training program was unscientific and looked like it was designed by a bunch of marketing twits, who knew nothing about science, and I refused the money because I am in the business of helping people get more fit to achieve their goals and not in the business of getting rich by ripping people off with fads. Check out my commercial site, Coach Carl, at and you will see that I don't have one add on my site for any training fad devices like power meters and heart rate monitors. I sell fitness, not fads.

I remained living in poverty because I turned down potentially tens of thousands of dollars because I will not lie, I will not cheat, and I will not steal from others. I lost a lot of customers because I refuse to quit using science and follow stupid fads because my integrity has no price on it. Today, almost all people chase avidly after every exercise fad in spite of the fact that every exercise fad before the current one failed and refuse to stick with a good, solid science based program because it ain't no fad. I WILL NOT lie to my customers to make money. When I tell you something, to the best of my knowledge, it is the truth.

So here we are again with another idiot liberal health fad that has failed because the head crusader for that health fad just croaked and all of the liberals and others who follow fads are once again shocked.

Why am I not surprised? Why have these idiots caused my brain to hurt again with their EXTREME stupidity?

If you want to learn to exercise right, I sell the best book I have seen on the market which absolutely works and has worked for more than a decade but not too many people buy it because IT AIN'T NO FAD! It is based ENTIRELY on my scientific knowledge about how the human body functions in relation to exercise and rest and IT AIN'T NO FAD! The knowledge in that book, "A Better Way To Train", will still be effective 100 years from now because the way the human body functions in relation to exercise and rest WILL NOT change in the next 100 years but most people won't buy it because IT AIN'T NO FAD! I wrote that e-book to help people and there are 80 chapters with one entire chapter just on diet.

Yeah, I know, I tend to be just a wee bit verbose and teach a lot.

Listen, all you have to do is exercise and eat right to be healthy (and don't commit adultery - think STDs, use drugs, or other stupid things that kill you).

Did you know that, when you get out of shape, your hunger sensation won't work right and you will tend to over eat and gain weight but, when you get in shape, you hunger sensation will work right and you will tend to not over eat and gain weight?

I bet the fads didn't teach you that one. That is right, being in shape is very important for controlling what and how much you eat naturally. You don't have to diet because, when you are in shape, your body will control your hunger sensation, automatically causing you to eat properly. You will only feel hungry when your body needs food.

Did you know there are several fun sports (when you are in shape) that will cause you to burn more than 1,000 calories per hour (a quarter pound or more of fat per hour) without you hurting and will REQUIRE you to eat much more than you are currently eating and still keep you thin and healthy?

I bet the fads didn't teach you that one. Just getting to where you can average 24 mph on a bicycle on flat ground with no wind blowing at 75 degrees F will burn about 1,254 calories per hour (for a 5'6" person weighing about 150 pounds) or more than a quarter of a pound of fat per hour. If you add in wind, hills, varied speed, and increased speed, your calorie consumption goes way up quickly to where you can burn more than half a pound of fat or more per hour.

Then there are other fun sports in which you can burn a lot of calories, if done properly, like cross country skiing, skating, running, rowing, kayaking, and swimming. I bet the fads didn't tell you that one either. The gyms definitely don't want you to know about that because, then you won't need them, therefore, no "professional trainer" working at a gym will teach you that.

Did you know that, if you do one of those endurance sports and you don't increase food consumption, you will get sick and die?

I bet the fads didn't tell you that one either.

Diet? Who needs to diet?

You MUST stuff your face with all of the most fun foods to stay healthy, you know, those foods you love to eat and cause you to get fat and die when you don't exercise.


Because you greatly increase the calories you are burning and, to stay healthy and alive, you MUST increase your calorie intake to have those calories to burn.

You like to eat pie?

You have to eat pie.

You like to eat ice cream?

You have to eat ice cream.

You like hamburgers, French fries, burritos, pizza, and other great tasting foods?

You have to eat hamburgers, French fries, burritos, pizza, and other great tasting foods.

You like cake?

You have to eat cake.

Did you know that a two layer chocolate cake with the icing has 4,850 calories and a 100 mile bicycle ride though the mountains or really steep hills will burn from 6,000 to more than 8,000 calories without the wind blowing and if the temperature stays about 75 degrees F?

That is about 1.5 to 2 chocolate layer cakes worth of calories you MUST consume in one day to remain healthy and you can't get those kinds of calories from fruits (a 10 inch banana only has 100 calories so you would have to eat 60 to 80 ten inch bananas in one day-barf), vegetables (you would have to chain your butt to the toilet if you eat that many vegetables in one day because of all of the fiber), and meats so you MUST pork out on high carb foods, you know, like cake, pie, ice cream, candy, and starches to remain healthy and alive or you will go hypoglycemic and die.

"What", you say, "you can eat all of that great tasting food and remain healthy if you just exercise right?"

No, you MUST eat all of that great tasting food to remain healthy, if you exercise right. That is a scientific fact I teach in my e-book and I have not seen ONE fad tell you that.

Do you like fatty foods like cheese cake, hamburgers, fries, pizza, and such?

Did you know that, with an endurance sport, 20% of the calories you consume, one out of every five tablespoons of food you stuff in your face, MUST be fat because 20% of the calories you burn will be fat?

That is a scientific fact no fad will teach you. 20% of 8,000 calories is 1,600 calories of just fat you MUST eat in one day to remain healthy and that is a lot of cheese cake, baby, and that is just for one 100 mile ride you can do in one day and, if you are putting in just 300 miles per week, which is easy to do, if you train right, you will be burning about 24,000+ calories per week and, therefore, must eat at least 24,000 calories per week PLUS the 10,000 to 15,000 calories per week required just for life functions or about 35,000 to 40,000 calories per week (almost 10 chocolate cakes per week, baby) with about 5,000 calories of that being required to be fat, which is a lot of French fries, pizza, and burritos, baby.

Now that is the good life but you have to earn it by having fun doing fun sports and activities and have to ignore the stupid fads, both diet and exercise. Gee, life can be so tough.

So, do you really want to keep following all of those stupid exercise and health fads that kill you and require you to give up the good foods or do you want to learn to live right based entirely on science?

This last stupid fad just killed the head crusader and who knows how many followers. Think about it.

I have gotten so sick of these idiot liberal fads that they make me furious, just in case you couldn't tell. That is the big reason I have this blog, to teach the truth.

You better be careful what you believe because it can kill you. It just killed a 34 year old woman in the prime of her life. Think about it.

Liberals NEVER learn! You can bet this fad will simply and quickly be replaced by another liberal fad, which will kill more people.

"Pass the fads, baby, I want to kill myself."

Listen, the doctors say I should have died more than a decade ago because of the virus I got but I proved them wrong with the science and common sense God taught me. I KNOW how to use science and common sense to survive! I also teach that to you.


Speaking about healthcare, the current Ryancare is causing the Republicans devastating political damage for the midterm elections, which is a bad thing, and is destroying Paul Ryan's career, which is a good thing because the corrupt upper class trash didn't learn a thing from Obamacare and Obama's mistakes.

This is proving what I have been telling you about liberal commie traitors having infiltrated into and mostly taken over the GOP.

The upper class trash are so obsessive, compulsively determined to force their insanity on us that they are destroying their own businesses, like the main stream media, Hollywood, and others, and getting themselves thrown out of power. They are nuts and belong in prison and not in control of our government.

Steve Bannon said that Ryancare was written by the insurance industry.

Gee, who would have figured that Paul Ryan has sold out to the insurance industry just like Obama did?

Did I ever teach you how liberal and crony capitalist law is written?

What happens is that some rich guy like Soros or a major corporation or industry, you know, like the insurance industry, work with a corrupt big league legal firm to write the law, bribe one or more politicians to submit the law as "their law", and then bribe enough other politicians to get it passed to vote for the law.

Those corrupt politicians don't write those laws. They are too stupid and lazy to actually write "their laws", which is why they go into politics. Corrupt legal firms write those laws for the corrupt politicians.

Trump said that, if Ryancare fails, Obamacare remains. This is very bad for the people and is a very big violation of his campaign promises.

And you think the upper class have not been inbreeding too long?

Today, Paul Ryan had to cancel the vote on Ryancare because there was too much chaos in the House to have the vote. It is being reported that Ryancare is more unpopular than Obamacare.

They are so corrupt and so sold out to the insurance industry that they don't get it. ALL they have to do is repeal Obamacare and fix Medicaid to care for the poor. That is it, it is just that simple.

"But, hey, then their bank accounts won't get filled with cash from the insurance industry."

They all belong to the club, Selling Out America, one law at a time.


This is really bad and I got this from Breitbart by staff:

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A sobering portrait of less-educated middle-age white Americans emerged Thursday with new research showing them dying disproportionately from what one expert calls "deaths of despair"-suicides, drug overdoses and alcohol-related diseases.

The new paper by two Princeton University economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, concludes that the trend is driven by the loss of steady middle-income jobs for those with a high school diploma or less."

The economic disaster being caused by the power mad and greedy upper class trash is literally killing good people because of the despair it is causing. This is largely because too many people have put their faith in their human leaders to take care of them instead of in God and their human leaders are betraying them.

You need to put your faith in God to take care of you instead of in man or government because man will betray you.

Silicon Valley

I am sure you know about the upper class trash in Silicon Valley who are betraying the American people by bringing in illegal aliens to replace hard working Americans with people making lower wages so the greedy upper class trash can increase their profits. It is called greed.

I got this from Breitbart by Chriss W. Street:

"235-Foot-High Dam Above Silicon Valley Could Liquefy in Earthquake"


"The water district that manages Silicon Valley's 235-foot-high earthen Anderson Dam, which holds 29 billion gallons of water, has acknowledged that the dam's embankments are seismically unstable and could catastrophically liquefy in a major earthquake."

And God has been increasing the earthquakes throughout California?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Keep an eye on this because God is sending warnings to very corrupt Commiefornia but they are not listening. God won't just warn them forever.

Will the same earthquake God told me will take out most of greater LA also take out Silicon Valley?

But some Commifornia conservatives are starting to fight back. I got this from Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"Supporters of President Donald Trump disrupted a town hall held by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the Inland Empire town of Ontario on Thursday evening, the San Bernardino Sun reports.

Becerra has led California's charge against many of President Trump's policies. Earlier this week, for example, he filed a brief supporting a lawsuit by Santa Clara County challenging the president's executive order that threatens sanctuary cities with the loss of federal funding."

The conservative worm is turning, even in extremely corrupt Commiefornia. If the liberal commie traitors can disrupt town hall meetings, so can the conservatives. What they can do to you, you can do to them. There is hope, keep praying.


Let me give you a little clue. When you protect, support, or otherwise help a Satanic religion like Islam, that is Satan worship, baby. God will hold you accountable for it. EVERYONE who is in any way aiding Islam WILL be held accountable for it very soon.


You want to know just how bad the Muslim feudal war is in Europe?

I got this from Breitbart by Kristina Wong:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. - The top U.S. military commander in Europe said Thursday at a Senate hearing that the terrorist threat is higher in Europe than anywhere on the globe, with the exception of current war zones."

The Europeans are losing the Muslim feudal wars in Europe because of their traitor liberal upper class trash aiding the enemy. To win this war, the Europeans MUST get rid of their upper class trash traitors aiding the Muslims...or they are going to lose and either die or become Muslim slaves.

There are some signs of hope. George Soros and his traitorous foundations are being turned against by increasing numbers of nations and people, in part because the US State Department no longer supports him as they did under Obama. There are now about half a dozen different nations in Europe who have turned against Soros and his foundations, which means they will be turning against and deposing the corrupt leaders Soros used as puppets.

In Macedonia, the people rioted and broke into the president's palace, which means they are turning against the corrupt leaders directly and not just fighting the police. It is almost guillotine time, baby! Shades of Bastille!

If these nations can get rid of these traitors fast enough, they may still have a chance to win the Muslim feudal war going on in Europe.


The recent Muslim attacker who murdered people in front of the British Parliament was a Muslim convert who had washed out of the British MI5 watch list because the British, like everyone else, have limited resources and they can only watch a maximum of 10,000 Muslims at one time, which means that Britain has 10,000 Muslims they are watching whom they considered more dangerous than this terrorist or a full military division of Muslim terrorists they are watching.

The big question is, just how many thousands or tens or even hundreds of thousands more Muslims as dangerous as this terrorist can they not watch who are currently planning terrorist attacks; two divisions, three divisions, or more?

Do you still think the mess going on in Europe is not a Muslim feudal war against the Europeans when they have entire divisions of Muslim terrorists who are being watched by European security forces and many more divisions who are not being watched?

It should be blatantly obvious that Europe has been invaded by a large army of Muslims, is still being invaded, and the Muslims are already waging a feudal war against Europe.

A very important question is, will the Europeans realize this threat and overthrow their obviously traitorous leaders before it is too late to win this war? Is Europe lost?

If they have not already run out of time, they are quickly running out of time and must act very soon or lose this war.

BTW, the police officer who was killed in the attack outside of Parliament was stabbed in the back of the head and neck while he was running away because he didn't have a gun to defend himself with.

If you can't clearly out run an attacker, you better turn and fight them because you sure can't defend yourself from behind. If the attacker catches you from behind, you will be at their mercy; you better turn and fight.


Canada is on the verge of being taken over by Muslims. They just passed a "Blasphemy Motion" making it an offense (not a crime yet) to say anything about Islam the Muslims would consider to be blasphemy.

If Canada is taken over by Muslims, it will make Canada a threat to US national security because you know the Muslims will use the Canadian military and other government resources to help the Muslims in the US overthrow our nation.

Canada MUST get rid of their upper class trash traitors very soon or they are lost.

Keep an eye on this.


I have been watching him for some time and it just became very obvious that Erdogan is using the Muslim refugees going to Europe and the rest of the West to wage Islamic holy war against us with his Muslim terrorists. He just threatened the West by telling us that, if we continue to "behave this way", you know, resisting the Muslim overthrow of our nations, he will cause so many terrorist attacks that none of us will feel safe to go into our own streets. Keep an eye on this.

Convinced Yet?

Are you convinced yet that the Muslims and liberals are waging a global war against you? Are you convinced yet that the liberals converted to Islam years ago when I told you they did? Are you convinced yet that you MUST get rid of the corrupt upper class trash and their minions?

I have been telling you that things will get much worse before they get better and they are getting much worse. Keep praying because you KNOW the upper class trash and their minions will keep betraying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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