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Remember that I told you that China is having to cut back on its military spending because they are hurting financially?

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"Chinese President Xi Jingping announced a restructure of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Wednesday. According to Chinese state media outlets, the shift is intended to transform the PLA into a leaner fighting force and improve its joint operations capabilities.

The new structure will condense China's military into 84 units and place more emphasis on establishing new military capabilities, including branching further into cyberspace, electronic, and information warfare."

"Leaner fighting force" and "condense China's military" always mean they are about to lay off more people because they are short on cash. She is hurting for certain.

North Korea

Today, everyone is stunned because the Carl Vinson CSG is not off of North Korea.

Remember I told you about the different naval groups that are or may be deployed to join the Carl Vinson CSG?

It takes time for all of those groups to get together from all over the Pacific Ocean. At SOFREP, someone asked how long it would take for a carrier to get to North Korea. This is what I posted.

"It isn't just how fast the carrier can get there but how fast the slowest ship in her carrier strike group can get there without burning the mill down, which is usually an attack sub or supply ship. Plus, you have to realize that some of the ships in the strike group are not nuke powered like the carrier and sub so they will have to refuel along the way, which will slow them down just a wee bit. Add to that that other strike, amphibious, and assault groups have probably been ordered to join her so she has to time her arrival to meet up with them along the way or there.

Putting together a "massive fleet" like Trump said he was sending is quite complex, requires pulling groups from all over the Pacific, and not like putting a bunch of troops on a C-17, where they all get there at the same speed and time. I read an unconfirmed report yesterday that the Nimitz CSG was ordered to join the Carl Vinson CSG all the way from off shore of Oregon, which will take just a wee bit longer to get there than the Carl Vinson so it is likely the Carl Vinson did some things for a few days before heading to Korea like join up with other groups before leaving. I read last week that the Nimitz had just finished her pre-deployment qualifications, which made her a likely candidate for joining the Carl Vinson fleet and then read yesterday she had been ordered to join the fleet.

The USS Ronald Reagan CSG is stationed in Japan and I read she will be joining the fleet off of Korea and I am watching a few other groups like the Sterett-Dewey SAG (just started her West Pacific deployment and a likely candidate for joining the fleet), the USS Bonhomme Richard ARG (stationed in Japan - very likely), and the USS Makin Island, which just left Singapore and may have already joined the Carl Vinson CSG. The Carl Vinson may have had to wait around for the Makin Island to join her group, you know, while waiting for the Nimitz to get headed towards Korea.

So, it didn't seem reasonable for Trump to have a "massive fleet" just off of Korea by April 15 but April 25 is much more likely."

(I checked later and the Makin Island actually just left Hong Kong, not Singapore, and just happens to be on the way to North Korea for the Carl Vinson CSG.)

Now, try to put all of that together from over thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean and get them there in less than one week. The truth is that they never told us that the fleet would be there by April 15th, it is just that everyone, especially the idiot media, ASSUMED it would get there by April 15th and now everyone is attacking Trump because they assumed wrong, especially the idiot media.

Note, that since I wrote the above comments, the Carl Vinson is reported to have almost reached Korea and has been joined by the Japanese fleet and it isn't even April 25 yet.

You mean that all of that bad mouthing Trump and the US Navy by the US media was for nothing?

Yep, as usual.

I got this at Newsmax by staff:

"North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might, as two Japanese navy ships joined a U.S. carrier group for exercises in the western Pacific."


"'Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike,' the Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the North's ruling Workers' Party, said in a commentary.

The paper likened the aircraft carrier to a 'gross animal' and said a strike on it would be an actual example to show our military's force'."

That can be considered an act of war and could justify a preemptive strike by the US. I guess Kimmy Boy thinks he can scare the US and has probably been drinking too much of his family's Kool-Aid.

What does Kimmy Boy think the US will do after he sinks a US carrier, run crying to mommy?

Obviously, he has not studied US history.

Maybe he should ask the Japanese what happens when you attack the US?

Kimmy Boy needs to leave the Kool-Aid alone and take a very long vacation to visit reality.

BTW, I figure that one of my two site readers may be thinking, "If Carl was in the Air Force, how does he know so much about the US Navy?"

Other than SAC actually teaching me a little about the Navy, it is a wee bit of a story but the nut shell story is that, when I was a kid in the 1950s, I was surrounded by WWII and Korean vets, I was very curious about what it was like and what they went through, and none of them would talk about their experiences. So, as a child, I began doing research on my own and never stopped. I watched all of the combat footage of both wars I could and started reading everything I could get my hands on by about 7 or 8 years of age. I started out reading about WWII and then moved on to the Korean War and then WWI and then the US Civil War and on and on for more than 40 years, studying every aspect of military history, other history, and anthropology on a global basis.

Also, my father had a brother who was in the Army and was killed in Europe during WWII, my father was in the Navy and served in the Pacific Ocean during WWII, and my mother had a brother who was in the Army and was wounded in Korea. I also have two brothers, one was a Marine in Vietnam and the other joined the US Navy right after Nam.

When I was 6, I remember my mother giving me an 8 x 10 picture of a square rigged sailing ship and remember thinking, "Wow, that is beautiful". I fell in love with sail boats that day but never got a chance to learn to sail, though I did read a lot about sailing, especially military ships and warfare and "Old Iron Sides" is still my favorite ship. At about 7 or 8 I got my hands on a book by a WWII UDT about WWII UDTs (Underwater Demolition Teams, the predecessor to the US Navy SEALs) and thought that would be a really great job. Later, after studying military aircraft from WWI on, I read about US Navy fighter pilots and thought that would be a great job too. Just before I was financially forced out of college by my wife's medical bills and I joined the Air Force, I was undecided as to whether to join the Navy and be a SEAL or a Navy fighter pilot, so, of course, I had spent quite a bit of my life studying the military, especially the Navy.

The reason I joined the Air Force is because I knew that, if I decided to stay in the service, an Air Force life would be much easier on my wife than a Navy life and I didn't have to completely give up my dreams because, if I decided to stay in the Air Force, I could finish my college, go through OTC to become an officer, and apply for pilot training to become a pilot, but God clearly didn't want me to stay in so I got out.

I am glad I did join the Air Force because I went into ECM and SAC, both of which taught me a huge amount about the military and the world, but there is still a little squid swimming around in my blood.

BTW, in 92, I took a college course on US Military History and, of course, I got an A+. It was one of the easiest but most fun courses I took in college. I even bought additional military history books other than required for the course (the course was a good excuse for that), including one specifically about the history of the US Navy.

Russian Carrier

The Ruskies are building a carrier they are boasting will be the "biggest carrier in the world" but it is going to be a ramp carrier and not a catapult carrier. This means their planes won't be able to take off with a full load of fuel or munitions so they won't have the range or fire power planes taking off from a catapult carrier will have.

This sounds like the bigger is better phenomenon, which isn't true. So what if they can carry more planes than their former smaller ramp carriers, our catapult carriers will still be able to sit outside the range of the Ruskie carrier's planes and missiles and bomb the crap out of it. Being bigger just means it will be a bigger target.

But you know that all of the sensationalist whackos will start screaming about how the Ruskies having a bigger carrier means it will be superior to our carriers and the Ruskies will sink them all.


Remember that I have been telling you that the wealthy think they are impervious to the dictatorships they support because of crony capitalism and how, once the dictators are solid enough in power, they will just seize what those rich people have?

I got this from Breithbart by staff:

"April 20 (UPI) - General Motors said it has ceased all operations in Venezuela after authorities unexpectedly seized its plant in the city of Valencia."

I warned you years ago, didn't I?

After the dictators have taken everything else from everyone else, they will steal from their own puppet masters because the power mad and greedy can never be satiated; they will always want more. But, don't expect the rich upper class trash to learn that lesson because they have been inbreeding too long.

Just remember that those who control the guns, ultimately and eventually will have power over even the wealthiest. All they have to do is kill the upper class trash and take their wealth then those with the guns will have that power also.

General Motors says they will fight back in Venezuela courts and international courts to get their stolen property back. Good luck with the Venezuela courts because they are certainly rigged to protect the dictatorship.

The best way General Motors can get their property back is to provide the people with guns and munitions so the people can get rid of their bad socialist government and replace it with a much better Christian capitalist republic.


Speaking about Marxism, the violence in Venezuela has escalated into a civil war with people being killed on both sides. The people rioting in the streets to overthrow this socialist government are now numbering in the millions but the government confiscated the people's guns preventing the people from more quickly overthrowing their corrupt socialist government. This is just going to keep getting worse until someone takes down their government and holds them accountable for their crimes against the people.

BTW, where are all of the lefty idiots from Commiewood who endorsed communism in Venezuela before it failed? Why are they not moving to Venezuela since Trump got elected?

They should be required to live in Venezuela because they helped cause this mess.


Remember that I told you that transgender is just a big, fancy word for homosexual queen or the homosexuals who play the female part in their relationships?

Bruce Jenner just "warned Trump" that, if Trump messes with the homosexual community, you know, LGBT, Jenner is "coming after" Trump.

First, this is just one more proof that Jenner is really nothing but a homosexual queen. That is all transgenders are.

Second, I want video of that fight and I don't think arrogant Jenny is going to do well.

BTW, Jenny's plastic surgery is going south and Jenny is getting uglier every time I see it. Jenny is turning into a real monster.


I hope you realize that the upper class trash are doing everything they can to prevent Marine Le Pen from winning the French election including rigging the vote. It will take an act of God for her to win. Keep praying.


Trump is wanting to help Saudi Arabia clean up the mess in Yemen caused by prior presidents, especially Obama, and others. 1) Obama will see this as a threat to his Muslim allies in Iran and 2) it is Trump using force to bring peace to the world by taking out the bad guys.

Me thinks that Ocommie won't like this very much and will do what he can to stop it. This is just one more way in which Trump is trying to stop Obama's evil globalist plans.

To counter the damage Trump is doing to Obama's evil globalist plans, Obama is currently planning to start his counter attack with a series of speeches this week. Nope, me thinks Ocommie isn't liking what Trump is doing too well.

Climate Change

The lefty idiot, Bill Maher, said that we are gassing Syria too with our climate change thingy, you know, with the carbon dioxide our cars are generating.

Get a clue, stupid lefties, cars do not produce carbon dioxide, they produce carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is what all animals produce when they breathe and what all plants use when they breathe. Excess carbon dioxide will just increase plant growth, idiots, and you idiots are the ones crying because we are killing plants with things like deforestation, when we now have 4 to 5 times more trees in just the US than when the Pilgrims first arrived, and you are saying we need more plant growth, which would require an increase in carbon dioxide.

We know the lefties all flunked science but this is getting ridiculous.

Gun Control

Yeah, I believe in gun control because I believe every law abiding citizen should be trained in the use of and have control of one or more guns. I believe that the US Constitution should be an open and concealed carry permit for all law abiding citizens.

That is my version of gun control.

I also believe that everyone who has been trying to take guns away from law abiding US citizens should be denied protection by guns, the ownership of guns, and not be allowed to have body guards carrying guns. Every politician who has been trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens should have their protection by the Secret Service removed.

Yep, I definitely believe in gun control; the people should control the guns, not the government.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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