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North Korea

Something has been bothering me about the recent North Korean celebration of the 85th anniversary of their military. This would place the founding of the North Korean military in 1932. The problem is that Japan annexed all of Korea into Japan in 1910. Sure, there were guerilla actions against Japan taking over Korea but it would not have been possible for the North Korean Army or any Korean Army to have been formed in 1932.

The earliest the North Korean Army could have formed would have been after Japan was defeated in 1945 and the international community separated Korea from Japan. That would mean that the oldest the North Korean Army could be would be 72 years old and not 85 years old.

Why are they saying the North Korean Army is 85 years old? What dope is Kimmy Boy smoking?

I have not seen anyone else address this.

Did they all flunk math?

Because of a shift from threatening to negotiation, they seem to have scaled down the "official' size of the Carl Vinson CSG fleet to just the CSG and two Japanese destroyers or at least that is what the pictures the Navy is providing are showing. That does not mean the rest of the fleet is not still there. It just means they are not being taken pictures of and the pictures being shown to the media.

Always remember that the USS Ronald Reagan CSG is just a few hours away in Japan along with the Bonnehome amphibious group, a division of Marines with F-35Bs, and other naval groups along with the entire Japanese fleet. Remember the Nimitz is heading to the West Pacific along with the other groups and ships I told you about.

The larger fleet is still there, it is just strategically deployed in the area with pictures not being taken of those ships for negotiating reasons. If needed, that massive fleet will suddenly appear in full force, probably within one or two days.


I just had a conversation with a young woman from Belgium which caused me to realize the most important aspect of the problem they are facing in Europe.

For more than 1,000 years, most, not all, Europeans have been brainwashed and conditioned to believe that the upper class trash are intellectually superior and the natural elites and it was virtually blasphemy to even question anything they said. That attitude continues to this day among more than half of the Europeans in that, if the government, you know, their upper class trash natural elite leaders say something, they believe it MUST be right, it is gospel, and cannot be wrong, why, you would be crazy to question their glorious government.

That is why socialism sells so easy in Europe because, for generations, the people have been conditioned to just blindly believe anything and everything their glorious, upper class trash natural elites tell them. "Why, they should be micro managing our lives."

When I first started studying WWII, I couldn't figure out why the Germans blindly and faithfully followed Hitler into WWII. It was because most Europeans have been conditioned to just blindly believe everything the government or their leaders tell them and to blindly obey their glorious leaders. When Hitler became their leader, he became their infallible source of information and couldn't possibly be wrong so they just trotted their little butts right behind him into a war that destroyed Germany with many today still refusing to believe Hitler was wrong.

A little hint here is that the people commonly called Hitler "Der Fuhrer" or the leader.

The people in the rest of Europe didn't stand up to Hitler because their glorious leaders told them that Hitler was not going to start another war so the majority of the European people were being blindly led into a fit of denial about Hitler being a threat to Europe by their glorious infallible leaders, you know, just like the majority of the European people are today have been led by their glorious leaders into a fit of denial about Muslims posing a threat to Europe because, after all, their glorious leaders said this terrorism has nothing to do with religion and Islam.

Get the picture yet? Gee, we are not repeating history again because the superior Europeans don't learn from history and their heavily inbred leaders are obsessive, compulsive evil, are we?

It also explains who so many protestant and Baptist Christians fled Europe to settle in the North American Colonies. Most of them were the Europeans who didn't just blindly believe and obey their leaders. They were the people who questioned their leaders and thought for themselves. In Europe, they were heavily persecuted but, in the colonies, they were much freer, could question their leaders and think for themselves. Thinking for yourself quickly became an American tradition.

This also explains why the "superior Europeans" hate Americans so much. We are the people who dared to question their glorious upper class trash leaders or gods, think for ourselves, and rebel against their glorious upper class trash gods. We Americans are the unholy, lowly, blasphemers and are, therefore, beneath them. "Why, how dare we not blindly believe their glorious natural elites and think for ourselves."

If you study European history, you find that this attitude has permitted the European upper class trash to cause more trouble than the rest of the world combined and get away with most of it. Both WWI and WWII were caused by the people having this attitude and blindly believing their glorious leaders again and again.

And here we are more than 70 years after WWII and most Europeans have not learned a thing from WWII. Today, most of them just blindly believe their leaders, you know, their glorious socialist government and refuse to even question those leaders. "Why, the leaders couldn't possibly be wrong, they must be right, so we, the minions MUST obey without question."

This attitude has permitted the European upper class trash to, once again, get Europe in another great mess they may not be able to get their own butts out of without American young men once again dying to save their brainwashed butts so they can continue hating us "inferior American".

Yes, the superior and arrogant Europeans have once again followed their glorious leaders into another major mess that, if enough eyes don't open soon enough and the people don't act quickly enough, it will be too late and it may already be too late.

History teaches that the first thing they have to do is overthrow their glorious natural elite upper class trash leaders and start harvesting their heads. Then the people must turn on and purge the Muslims out of Europe so the Europeans can rebuild a new Christian Europe because a secular Europe is what they have now and that hasn't exactly worked out well.

The problem with that is that most Europeans have been taught to hate "evil Christianity" so it is very unlikely many of them will accept Christianity again so they will probably turn from their secularism to another form of paganism, which I see some already doing.

Will we have to go to war to save Europe after the Muslims take over?

The simple answer is, yes, because, after the Muslims take over Europe, they will use Europe and the European military might to wage all-out war against the US from just about every side at one time, you know, like from Canada and Mexico. Strategically, the fall of Europe will all but guarantee the fall of the US to Islam, therefore, it is almost certain the US will have to fight another war in Europe to clean up another mess caused by those "superior Europeans". More young American men will soon have to die on European soil to clean up another mess by the Europeans.

This time, I think we should wait until the Muslims have purged all of the lefties and then annex Europe and really clean up the mess by getting rid of the corruption.

This attitude also explains why the lefties brought so many European refugees to the US following WWII instead of leaving those refugees in Europe to rebuild Europe more quickly. You see, the lefties realized that, if they brought enough of these subservient and submissive Europeans to the US, it would be easier for the lefty Marxists to seize control of the US because most of the European immigrants would vote for Marxism and an all-controlling government as their god AND it has almost worked and could still work.

Gee, you think that is the same reason why the lefties are supporting Islam and bringing so many Muslims to the US? You think it isn't?

Of course it is but the upper class trash have not yet realized that the Muslim minions will be faithful to their current Muslim leaders and not to the upper class trash in spite of the fact the upper class trash converted to Islam.

You think not?

Watch and see how the Muslim minions are only loyal to their current Muslim leaders and fight against other Muslim leaders. Once again, the European upper class trash have outsmarted themselves and screwed up.

This Site

I have been giving this considerable thought and God has caused me to realize that you get a better education about more things on this site than anywhere else I know of because of the so many things I teach. You simply could not learn as much about as many things as I teach on this site with a four year degree at any university. God is really using me to give my readers an incredible education about many things most of you will never have access to learn elsewhere and these are very important things you all need to know right now to help you see through the lefty lies.

I started studying military history when I was just a kid, I started studying engineering at the University of New Mexico (UNM) where the college science professors are often full time R & D research scientists and engineers at Sandia National Labs and Lovelace Hospital just across town and are some of the brightest science minds in the world and today UNM has one of the best medical schools in the world.

When I changed my degree over to sports, I found out it was easily one of the top 3 to 5 sports programs in the US and one of the best in the world and I still had to study the hard sciences such as studying junior and senior level molecular biology courses the pre-med students had to also study. I sat in the same upper level biology courses, listened to the same lectures, read the same books, and had to pass the same tests medical doctors had to pass. I also had to study all of the sports sciences, sports medicine, and be trained in education and to participate in, coach, officiate, manage, and promote almost 20 different sports.

When I was financially forced out of college, God put me into the best military in the world under the best military organization SAC (Strategic Air Command) in the world in the best military field, ECM, in the world to learn the things God wanted me to learn. I also worked for TAC for a year in Asia, where God also made it possible to study about true Buddhism, and then returned to SAC.

Under ECM and SAC, I had to be trained in all electronics warfare and weapon systems from submarine warfare to satellite warfare on both sides of the Iron Curtain for conventional, nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare along with espionage and quite a bit of science, yes, even more science. We were regularly given Pentagon briefings on everything of significance in the world along with classes on just about everything including dealing with both the KGB and FBI agents. We learned a lot about the truth concerning what really goes on in this world.

Then I attended Albuquerque TVI (Technical and Vocational Institute) for electronics, where the head of the department was a former college physics professor who said he got tired of teaching spoiled rich brats in the universities and decided to take a cut in pay to teach real people, you know, the worker bees. Yes, I learned more science. TVI was ranked as one of the best electronics programs in the US and was heavily recruited by all of the major electronics manufacturers.

See the pattern? God kept putting me in some of the best programs in the US and world to teach me world quality in just about everything.

Then God sent me to Los Angeles, California to coach bicycle racing, primarily road racing. After a few years of working for other programs and having my hands tied because everyone insisted I coach their way or, basically, the current fads for coaching, I founded the Los Angeles Racing Team (LART) and built if from scratch by just recruiting beginners who had never raced before. Using the coaching sciences and techniques I was trained in at UNM and improving on those techniques, I quickly did the "impossible" that no other coach in any other sport would even dream of doing.

Every coach in this planet will tell you that NO ONE can effectively coach more than a maximum of 20 to 30 athletes at one time. I was the only coach in the program and was very effectively coaching over 120 athletes from beginners to pros for men, women, juniors, and masters on the road with individuals consistently winning and placing in both track and mountain bike racing, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


After just 4 years of training my riders up, I threw them on the national circuit against at least a dozen men's full pro teams from the US with my men's team only having one pro and a bunch of amateurs. All of the pros on the other teams I knew told me they had been racing from 10 to 15 years before they could race "at the front of a pro pack", so these pros were all veteran racers I threw my 4 year rookies in against. Note that I had a few riders who had a little more time in the saddle because they came to me for coaching. We did some of the biggest races in the US including the biggest stage race, Casper Classic, in Casper, Wyoming, and the biggest points/series race, Super Week, in Wisconsin, the two biggest races in the US.

In Casper, against at least 10 to 12 full pro teams, my "fledgling pro-am team" got fifth on team general classification (Team GC), beating out most of the full pro teams; all but 4 (that is considered impossible).

At Super Week, we were not only up against the best pro teams in the US but riders from at least four of the top 20 pro teams in the world from Europe including 7/11, who had a team there. The US based Coors Lite team we regularly competed and placed against was ranked 25th in the world and their team leader for this race was 25th ranked in the world and was one of the top five road sprinters in the world, Roberto Gazioli or Gaz, as everyone called him.

At a points/series race, unlike a stage race in which you have to ride every stage, you can ride any or all of the events.

We showed up in time for the fourth event so my riders were already starting behind on points and Gaz had taken the lead in the first event and was expanding his lead against the full pro teams in every event. I threw my little pro-am team into the mix and they did what I taught them to do, which was go to the front and do battle. DO.NOT.LET.THE.PROS.INTIMIDATE.YOU! I told them that this was as much their race as the pros. They quickly gained control of the pelotons (to everyone's amazement), won events (considered to be impossible), and took the lead from Gaz about half way through the series (considered to be very impossible).

Immediately, the top pro teams flew in more pros, not to beat each other, but to beat my "upstart fledgling pro-am team" because it was just a wee bit embarrassing for them to be beat by a pro-am team. We still beat all but three pro teams, Coors Lite, 7/11, and another US based pro team but only two teams lead Super Week in 1990, Coors Lite and LART with Gaz finally winning. I didn't have the money to fly in more amateurs.

BTW, all of the top pro teams had 7 digit budgets and I only had $100,000 for the entire season so we had to do more with less.

What I did with LART's men's team was like you taking a college football team to the NFL playoffs, taking the lead half way through the series, and finishing in the top four. That is considered impossible in EVERY SPORT in the world but we did it, so I guess that, with God, nothing is impossible, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I do my best, God does the rest.

I was also told that we had the best women's team in the US, the best junior's team in the US, and one of the best master's teams in the US, all at the same time with just one coach and it only took me 4 years to get them there, which is considered very impossible.

Now do you understand why they black listed me from coaching in the US and Europe?

There wasn't a coach on this planet in any sport who would dream of doing what I did. There wasn't a coach or manager on this planet who wanted me to stay in the sport because I did a number of things that they ALL considered to be impossible. I learned the hard way that you can be too good because it scares people.

I guess my college sports program was a pretty good sports program and God showed me a few ways to improve on it.

One of the secrets for my success was that I never went to a race to lose or place. I went to every race to win and only coached my kids to win and not to place. If we were there, we were there to win. Attitude, a lot of it was attitude and I have taught you about attitude on this site. God taught me a long time ago to never go to a fight to lose. I put my faith in God and then fight to win. I NEVER questioned whether I could do those things, I just put my faith in God and did my best at everything God gave me to do. After all, I have been doing that so long that it is the only thing I know how to do. I am convinced that, with God, there is ABOSLUTELY NOTHING I CANNOT DO and He has proved that to me.

BTW, in one of my classes, we had to study the growth and development of modern sports and I was able to study the best coaches and their coaching techniques and systems like Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi, and Tom Landry, modified their coaching systems for bicycle racing, and improved on their systems. It works to study the best.

After that, I managed a few different mom and pop businesses, got my MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UNM, (again, a top quality MBA program but not one of the "right degrees from the right universities", where they teach crap.) Then I taught high school for a little over a year before some parents got upset about me teaching middle and lower class kids that they can be a success too, you know, like I had done, climbing up out of poverty, and they fired me. "How dare I teach their peasants to revolt."

Yeah, I dared and they didn't like it.

When I was teaching high school biology and physical science, the first lecture I gave in both classes was a junior to senior college level lecture on nuclear physics because it really makes it easier to understand physics and molecular biology and then I tested them to see if they understood it. They all passed the test; they got it.

I was told by four special education teachers, the principal, and at least one assistant principal that my classes had the highest average GPA in the school. I later realized that I had been teaching my kids college level science instead of high school level science and they still had the highest GPA in school when the other teachers were all teaching at the high school level. I guess God made me a pretty good teacher too.

Then my health failed and God parked my butt right here in illness and poverty teaching you all of that and much, much more while I have continued to research, study, and learn so I can teach you even more. I dare anyone to show me any place where you can learn as much about as many things as I teach on this site.

Once again, I am teaching the peasants that you don't have to remain peasants and how to stop being peasants. I am teaching you the truth that will set you free. This site is all about the best possible education you could possibly get in dealing with what is going on in the world. God is using this site to open eyes to the truth.

You know that the upper class trash doesn't like this and a few have written me about it. They really don't like me teaching you the truth because you will stop believing their lies.

Bummer, huh?

At least now you know why not to believe the lies.

Gee, I wonder why God has me writing this site?

Not really, I don't wonder at all.

BTW, Mark just sent me an e-mail stating, "God uses you mightily in spite of you infirmity. That is what keeps you going."

How true, I could not have said that better myself and that is a big compliment. Truly, God has blessed me, is using me to bless you, and there will be more than a few crowns waiting for me in Heaven. I thank and praise God for my many blessings; even in extreme illness and poverty He blesses me and uses me to help others.

You better bet than, when God heals me and turns me loose, this old man will hit the ground running to find out what else God has planned for me. I really love planning, designing, creating, building, and managing things for challenge and for achievement. I just love doing stuff and really miss it.

Win a civil war? Why not?

With God, nothing is impossible.

Build a new nation? Why not?

With God, nothing is impossible.

Colonize other planets? Why not?

With God, nothing is impossible.

Build a Christian intergalactic empire? Why not?

With God, nothing is impossible.

If you think I have had a wild ride so far, just wait until you see the wild pony God has saddled for me and you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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