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Middle East

Let me give you a clue about what is really going on in the Middle East.

Iran is controlled by Shia Islam, Syria is controlled by Shia Islam, Iraq is controlled by Shia Islam, and ALL of the Muslim terrorist or "rebel" groups and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, and Kuwait are ALL controlled by Sunni Islam.

Get the picture?

This is a war that has been being waged between the Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims for 1,400 years. It ain't going away any time soon.

Now, the idiot lefties have not figured this out and are importing terrorists from both groups at the same time who are setting up different Muslim feudal states in our nations, which are ALREADY waging feudal war on each other while waging war against the rest of us, including the idiot lefties who are absolutely clueless in dealing with Islam, even though they converted to Islam because they still have not done their homework. The idiots are just blindly thinking that all of Islam is the same, once again proving that lefties have invented infinite stupidity.

Just look at how stupid the lefties really are. They are working together to set up their global dictatorship when history teaches they will all eventually turn on each other, after they succeed. They are in bed with the Muslim vipers who will turn on them, when they succeed. The Muslim vipers they are in bed with will turn on each other, when they succeed.

This should tell you that almost all of them, if not all of them, will die, if they succeed, regardless of who wins the fight.

You have to be an idiot to want, plan and work to get this because it is almost certainly going to get you killed.

BTW, I just watched a video of a huge brawl that broke out in a Muslim mosque, I have read about such brawls in a number of Muslim mosques, and I can't remember anything like this happening in a Christian church.

And Islam is a religion of peace?

Yeah, right. They can't even get along with each other. The Muslims fight and kill each other all of the time, even in their mosques. Actions speak louder than words.

San Diego Shooter

I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"SAN DIEGO - Seven people were injured and one woman died after a shooting at a University City apartment complex pool Sunday afternoon, police said. The gunman was killed by San Diego police.

Several of the victims were in critical condition at various hospitals around San Diego, according to San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman. They were undergoing surgery.

The chief said they do not have any information on the shooter and his motive. She only described him as a white man who was wearing brown shorts."

Let me guess or do the math to see what is more likely. They have killed the shooter and, therefore, clearly know his identity, but they don't "have any information on the shooter or his motive", which, anymore, means Muslim terrorist. There is a better than 90% chance he is a Muslim terrorist or they would have told us who he is and why he killed.

If it had been caused by a disagreement, they would have told you right away. If it had been over a cheating woman, they would have told you right away. If it had been over a woman leaving the man, they would have told you right away.


So you would know that it was not a Muslim terrorist, therefore, it is probably a Muslim terrorist.

So far, every time I have made this call, it has been right. Any more, you can consider them having the shooter but not having any information or motive to be code for it is a Muslim terrorist.

BTW, for years, any time I have seen a group of terrorists together on exhibition, especially in a parade, my first thought has always been, "That would be a great target for an A-10 strafing run".

And you say, "But what about the civilians there watching and supporting the terrorists?"

And I say, "They are there supporting the terrorists and are, therefore, terrorists themselves or A-10 targets."

Listen, when civilians knowingly aid your enemy in any way, they are your enemy and are fair game.


I just saw the headline, "Man Causes Car Accident, Is Charge With Manslaughter", at Arutz Sheva.

Is that about time or what?

I have been waiting for decades for someone who caused an accident with bad driving to kill someone and them to be charged with manslaughter. You should not get away with manslaughter just because you did it with a car.

For decades, I have believed that, if someone causes an accident with bad or careless driving in which someone is killed, they should face charges for manslaughter. If people who cause accidents with reckless driving were to face charges for the crimes they commit, most people would definitely drive more responsibly, we would have fewer accidents, and fewer people would get hurt or killed.

Ever since I can remember, statistics have shown that better than 90% of car accidents are caused by irresponsible or bad driving. Less than 10% of car accidents are caused by all other factors combined. If we crack down on irresponsible driving, we could decrease damages, injuries, and deaths caused by car accidents by almost 90%.

It is criminal negligence for our politicians to have not written laws cracking down on irresponsible driving to prevent so many car accidents and deaths.

Yep, I will definitely rule with a rod of iron just like Jesus will or as best as I can because it will save lives, injuries, and property damage.

For example, I see the lefties tying the hands of the cops when criminals are throwing rocks in riots. I am sorry, but rocks hurt and kill people all of the time so, therefore, if they throw rocks or deadly weapons at my cops and rubber bullets don't stop them, then we change to real bullets, which will stop them.

I simply won't tolerate such crap. I have zero tolerance for criminal activity, ALL criminal activity, especially by the upper class and well educated but even by the lower classes. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime and I don't care how rich, famous, and popular you are, your punishment for your crimes is going to suck as much as I can make it suck. I will make sure that the benefits of your crimes won't even come close to the punishment so that the crime definitely won't be worth the punishment and few will risk it.

For people who don't commit any crimes, there won't be any punishment or anything to fear.

That is how God's rod of iron works.

Eyes Opening

I got this at Newsmax by Clyde Hughes:

"Too many Barack Obama voters went for Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton as expected, according to a new analysis by Democratic strategists that suggests the vote flipping actually accounted for the election upset."

Gee, you don't think God is opening a few eyes, do you, you know, the way God told me He is?

That prophesy is obviously being fulfilled because eyes are opening and people are choosing. God told me so, I told you so, and God is doing it.

I Told You So

I got this from American Thinker By Paul Gottfried:

"Several friends on the independent Right have been sending me notes stating their frustration with the Trump administration for playing them for fools. These fellow-members of the independent Right (yes, I'll admit to my own leanings) complain that after all their efforts in campaigning for the president, he's turning into a tool of the moderates and neocons. I for one am less critical of Trump, because although I wrote and donated on his behalf, I never thought his election would change much in our society or politics. Nor do I believe that if the improbable happened and Marine Le Pen became president of the French Fifth Republic, she would be able to act effectively against the French deep state (which is proportionately more massive than ours), the rabidly adverse media, and the rest of an entrenched cultural Left.

There is no magic bullet by which decades and even generations of leftist penetration of political and cultural institutions can be reversed in one presidential race. Contrary to a recent hysterical column by the perpetually foaming Ralph Peters, France is not in imminent danger of being turned over to a raging anti-Semite and Holocaust-denier. Not only does Marine in no way answer to that description, even if she defeated Peters' hero, Emanuel Macron, who represents the multicultural Left and globalist interests, Marine would have to battle the same media hostility that confronts Trump. Unless fundamental institutions can be changed, winning the presidential sweepstakes here or in France will not lead to profound alterations in the political climate."

Welcome to reality. The lefties intentionally grew a massive and complex government infiltrated by hundreds of thousands of other lefties giving themselves a permanent control of our government regardless of whoever got elected as president or in Congress. Those lefty bureaucrats are the people who really run this nation and it would take decades of rule by a dictator or a civil war and wiping the slate clean to start over to drain that horrible swamp.

Note that, since man can't do it, God is working, step by step, to drain that horrid swamp. I have told you before that only God can clean up this man made mess and He is doing it right now. There are just too many lefty criminals running our government for anyone else to do the job.


I have heard and read where some people speculate that the reason people and animals lived longer and got larger was because there was more oxygen in the atmosphere. Today's atmosphere has 21% oxygen and pre-flood atmosphere had 35% oxygen.

These people have never studied biology, exercise physiology, or sports medicine or they would know that having more oxygen in the atmosphere will not cause you to live longer or grow larger.

I got this from Wikipedia and it is reasonably accurate:

"In medicine, it refers to excess oxygen in the lungs or other body tissues, which can be caused by breathing air or oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure. This kind of hyperoxia can lead to oxygen toxicity, caused from the harmful effects of breathing molecular oxygen at elevated partial pressures. Hyperoxia differs from hypoxia in that hyperoxia refers to a state in which oxygen supply is too much, whereas hypoxia refers to the state in which oxygen supply is insufficient."

So, having too much oxygen in your blood is damaging, which is because oxygen is very "corrosive" and having more in your blood than you system can handle means it will get into cells in ways and places it is not supposed to get and cause all types of molecular damage, especially in nerve and brain cells. Too much oxygen will actually kill cells.

Think not?

Because of this, your body has little sensors in your cardiovascular system to detect your oxygen blood level. When your oxygen blood level is too low, your respiratory and heart rates will increase to get more oxygen into your blood and to your body. When your oxygen blood level is too high, your nervous system will slow your respiratory and heart rates to decrease the oxygen in your blood stream to protect your body from getting too much oxygen.

Now, I want to know just how having more oxygen in the atmosphere will cause you to live longer and grow larger when your body regulates your oxygen blood level to prevent it from getting too high and causing damage and, if it didn't, the increased oxygen in your blood would cause damage and not make you live longer or grow larger.

It doesn't make sense, does it?

A little science just shot the crap out of that theory, which is believed by both evolutionists and creationists.

Always remember that, especially in biology, MORE IS NOT BETTER and is often deadly. It is a biological and medical fact that you can get too much of everything including water and oxygen and it can kill you, surprisingly fast.

Your body is a finely tuned biological machine which has to have a proper molecular balance within relatively small ranges for it to operate right AND I have NEVER seen a health food diet that meets those requirements, which is why research has shown that health food nuts live an average of 16 years less than the average American because all health food diets always under do and overdo different nutrients causing health problems and early death. Taking in nutrients which will cause your body to go above the healthy range for any nutrients will ALWAYS cause cell damage because you are forcing more nutrients into your cells than your cells are structured to handle, which will cause some of those nutrients to randomly react with the wrong structures in your cells causing cell damage.

Too much oxygen is bad for you; too little oxygen is bad for you. Too much water is bad for you; too little water is bad for you. Too much calcium is bad for you; too little calcium is bad for you. And on and on and on for all nutrients.

The healthiest diet is to eat normally and only take supplements when blood and urine tests show you to be low on those nutrients and don't even listen to doctors who tell you to take supplements when your urine and blood tests show you are normal for those nutrients because they are probably getting a kickback from the nutrient supplements industry to poison you.

So, why did plants, animals, and humans live longer and get larger before the flood?

I already told you. If you study biology and read the Bible objectively, God makes it VERY clear in the Bible that He changed our genetics TWICE. God changed our DNA when he kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and then again after the flood.

When God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, He TOLD us that he caused animals to start dying and certain plants to grow thorns. THAT would REQUIRE a change in DNA. After the Flood, God told us that He caused life spans to decrease and humans and certain animals to eat other animals. THAT would also REQUIRE a change in DNA.

It had nothing to do with the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere unless those changes in DNA caused us to not be able to use as much oxygen and, even then, it was because of the changes in DNA and not just because of the oxygen.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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