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Morals and Ethics

So, how are you liking the morals and ethics of the God haters? Do you like their one Satanic law of "Do as you will" putting you at the mercy of everyone who is more powerful than you?

I see that more and more eyes are opening to the harsh reality of all forms of paganism, including the zero morals and ethics of atheism and secularism, and increasing numbers of people realizing it is not so hot to be completely at the mercy of the upper class trash.

The morals and ethics of the pagans are really set up for the upper class because, under them, the richest and most powerful are the ones who can do as they will to everyone else and you are seeing just how much they love to do as they will to everyone else. But there is a risk in paganism for even the richest and most powerful because, if those who are just below them in power and wealth, you know, the other greedy and power mad people who can never have enough wealth and power, gang up on the very richest and most powerful, they can steal the wealth and power of those people to do as they will with them.

Think not?

Study history and see just how many times such powerful people have been assassinated or a coup staged against them. It has happened quite frequently in history and, by the way, they themselves are doing it right now to others by staging a coup of the Western nations.

And they think they are impervious to assassination and a coup?

You should study the "Dark Ages" when rulers were murdered very frequently for power. It was not that unusual for someone to murder someone else for power and be murdered within anywhere from a few days to at most a few months later, often by their own family members for power and control.

And the upper class trash are so stupid from their inbreeding, drugs, and the bull crap they are taught at the right universities that they have not learned from that? And you think these mad men and women are the most intelligent people in the world because they have more money and power than you have? You think these power mad whackos are not the sickest people on the planet?

So, how are those pagan morals and ethics doing?

More people are beginning to realize that, if we just lived by the 10 Commandments, they and their families would be much safer because Biblical Law is the only law which requires the upper class trash to abide by the same laws as everyone else and God intentionally used Moses and Aaron, the two most powerful people in the Hebrew tribe, as examples by holding them accountable for the crimes they committed against God's Laws.

Wouldn't it be nice for the upper class trash and other lefties to have to live by laws like thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not murder?

Just think how much more peaceful the world would if everyone had to live by such laws. Just think about how much more money everyone would have if the government was limited to just a 10% flat income tax and no other taxes and, BTW, that 10% tax was meant to run BOTH the church and the state; talk about a puny government with very little power to do anything other than protect the people.

Ready for a little Biblical Law yet? Want to see the upper class trash and their minions have to behave themselves? Want to be protected from such monsters yet?

Tell God about it and ask Him to do it for us.


Mark is a good Internet friend who is very intelligent, well educated, well read, and good Christian with a lot of common sense. He and I have an agreement that we can publish each other's e-mails any time we want and he says some very good and profound things I like to share with you. This is his most recent e-mail to me and I want to share it with you because, after all, this site is to provide you with information to help you.

"Muslims claim descent from Ishmael. Their actions prove that descent. They are like wild donkeys; they are against everyone and everyone is against them, including themselves; and they stick together and dwell in enclaves.

Gen 16:11-12 And the Angel of the LORD said to her: 'Behold, you are with child, And you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael [God hears], Because the LORD has heard your affliction. 12 He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against every man, And every man's hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.'"

The officials could not be more obvious when a shooting happens and they claim they don't have any information on the shooter and his motive, could they? They are not fooling anyone. They all do the same thing globally. The upper class trash do not want us to know the truth about Islam. However, most of us DO know it. But they are speaking to the low information crowd.

We know from the release of old Soviet documents back in the eighties, that the Soviets infiltrated Hollywood, our education system, and the news media. That started with Franklin Roosevelt's administration, though there was some of that going on in the Woodrow Wilson administration.

Remember Khrushchev's words, 'We will bury you.' He knew of the infiltration that was going on. Today's leftists ( who call themselves liberals but are not real liberals-they are full-fledged communists) are the progeny of that infiltration. By progeny, I mean sympathetic progeny, not physical, blood offspring (though some are; Mika Brzezinski for example). That has been going on for at least 80 years. There is a lot of swamp draining needed. This is an intractable problem-very difficult if not impossible for humans to fix. However, God is a fixer of intractable problems.

Hyperoxia is why deep divers breath an oxygen-helium mix. Oxygen at higher pressures will get too much oxygen in the blood. Reducing the O2 with He prevents that. Why do divers know that and not evolutionists or creationists?"

Mark has an excellent site, The Bible Church Online,where he gives very extensive essays on Bible study. He is very familiar with Greek and Hebrew and does a great job of explaining things.

Note that Khrushchev also stated or bragged that the commies shall infiltrate and destroy the US from within and that is exactly what Mark was referring to and what Obama and his crowd have been doing to the US.

You want to keep electing these lefty commie traitors to keep destroying your nation so they can set up their dictatorship and enslave and murder you?

Anyone voting for the upper class trash has suicidal tendencies.

Easy Calls

Monday they had a shooting in Dallas, TX in which a first responder EMT was shot. Of course they "had no information on the shooter" but then I found out they found the shooter dead inside the house with a self inflicted wound.

And guess what?

I found out that the shooter was a former leader of the Dallas branch of the black Muslim New Black Panthers Party.

Surprise, surprise!!! Not!

It looks like the Muslims are starting to use 911 calls to setup ambushes for cops, EMTs, and firemen and, from the sounds of it, his girl friend made the call that setup the ambush.


Why does Merkel keep having meetings with Putin? Does she see the writing on the wall for the EU and she is getting ready to dump the EU?

Keep an eye on this.


The left went overboard in showing who they really are this May 1st. You can bet it opened a few eyes because the left made it very obvious they are really violent communist terrorists.

They staged violent riots in a number of countries. In France, they fire bombed police, catching a number of them on fire, and injuring several. A recent poll in France showed that 65% of cops will soon be voting for Le Pen.

People are fighting back with citizens showing up to fight the commie terrorists in the US and cops arresting them in different cities for different crimes. In one city, the cops arrested them for showing up to a riot wearing their masks and hoods. In New York, the cops arrested them for blocking the side walk.

Increasing numbers of people are getting angry at these lefty terrorists and insisting the government and police do something to stop it.

The commie terrorists rioting is backfiring on them turning increasing numbers against the left.

You have to understand that the heavily inbred, doped up, stupid upper class trash commie traitors are trying to stage a violent overthrow of the Western nations the way Linen staged a violent overthrow of Russia. The trouble is that the gee-knee-us lefties and their idiot lefty college professors are so stupid they have not realized that Russia from 100 years ago was very different from the West today, so the results for violent rioting will be very different.

Russia from 100 years ago was a ruthless, oppressive monarchy which kept better than 90% of their population living in poverty that was at least as bad as anywhere on this planet today and the people hated the royalty.

In the West today, better than 90% of the people are nowhere near the poverty the people of Russia lived in, most are quite well off, and they may dislike their governments but only the really stupid, brainwashed lefties hate their governments.

In 1915, Russia was ripe for violent revolution because they had very little to lose and believed they had a lot to gain. In today's West, most people have too much to lose and very little, if anything, to gain from violent revolution so attempted violent revolution today will turn the people away from your cause and against you.

All of those gee-knee-us, all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, highly educated, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior, natural elite, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities are too stupid to figure out something that obvious.

The idiots' plan A has failed and now their plan B is failing all because they are not as smart as they like to think they are and as they tell you they are and most of you are not as stupid as they think you are.

Do you still believe they are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you?

They only have more money than you because they abused the power of government to steal their money from you. You don't have to be more intelligent to steal from someone, just less honest. They like to believe that stealing from you makes them more intelligent but that is just another one of their lies.

How much longer will it take for their plan B to fail and then what will the power mad, greedy idiots do next?


I have been noticing that food prices are going back down and I have been wondering why. After all, Obama decreased demand for food by decreasing disposable income by greatly decreasing the number of people working, which would have caused prices to go down but they were still going up slightly because Obama printed a massive amount of money increasing supply in relation to demand, which decreased the value of the dollar and increased prices.

Then Trump got into office and started increasing jobs, which should have increased the demand for food and other products, which should have also increased prices much faster, especially for food but the food prices are going down.


Then God said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?"

And I said, "Oh gee, aren't I brilliant."

You see, Obama was not just chasing off our allies but was also chasing off trading partners, which decreased the demand for the dollar, which decreased the value of the dollar and was helping increase prices in spite of the decreasing demand for food and other products.

Now that Trump is in office, he is bringing back trading partners all over the world like India, China, and other places. To trade with the US, they have to trade in US dollars, which requires they buy huge amounts of dollars increasing the demand, which increases the value of the dollar, in spite of Obama printing such massive amounts of dollars, and this is driving prices down, in spite of Obama printing such massive amounts of dollars.

So what Trump is doing on an international basis is saving our butts from the runaway inflation Obama tried to cause and would have destroyed our economy. If Trump were not doing what he is doing, prices would be going through the roof by now with things like milk costing $5 to $10 per gallon but food prices have been going down to where they were years ago. I just paid $2 for a gallon of whole milk and I just got coupons in the mail that are the same price they were 6 to 8 years ago, which had me wondering, "what is going on?"

Think about this, for someone like China or India to trade with the US, they have to buy hundreds of billions of US dollars, which greatly increases the demand for US dollars and the value of the dollar goes way up causing US prices to go down.

Once again, God is using Trump to save our butts in ways we don't even know about because the upper class trash planned disasters have been averted and even reversed by what Trump is doing.

BTW, you know that is really ticking off the lefty upper class trash.

Keep praying; we need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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