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North Korea

Remember that they showed pictures of the USS Carl Vinson CSG sailing with Japanese ships?

They are now showing pictures of the USS Carl Vinson CSG sailing with South Korean ships.

What should this tell you?

That there many more ships very close, strategically placed near the USS Carl Vinson CSG that you are not seeing in those PR pictures and what you are not seeing is the real fleet Kimmy Boy should be worried about.

Let me give you a clue, when a CSG fleet is sailing on patrol or for other military purposes, it will not sail with the aircraft carrier in the lead and the others following. The carrier will be surrounded and protected by the other ships with the carrier in the middle of the fleet. Any time you see a picture of a carrier leading its fleet, that is a PR picture.

On May 1, 2017, the US Air Force deployed twelve F-16s from the Colorado Air National Guard (COANG) to Kadena Air Base, Japan as a "theater security package", which would be for defensive or protective purposes for Japan. The COANG 120th Fighter Squadron will become the 120th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron while deployed.

Just another dot most people won't notice.


The rebellion grows in Venezuela and would grow even faster if it were supported by the kind of money the lefty terrorists are getting. The people in Venezuela are fighting back against a corrupt, evil government with whatever they can get.

There are currently large masses of people rioting, possibly in the millions, they are organizing, and starting to use homemade weapons. It is only a matter of time until they start getting their hands on better weapons.


In the riots in Portland, the lefty terrorists were using deadly weapons against the cops like fire bombs and the cops were finally permitted to start using rubber bullets but still no deadly force against deadly force.

Get this, these lefty terrorists are showing up in black uniforms with masks to hide their identities and carrying back packs with deadly weapons in them and the cops can't defend themselves with deadly force. This is premeditated use of deadly force against cops by the terrorists.

The cops should be allowed to use real bullets and the word sniper comes to mind.

George Soros

Here is something for you to think about that will connect a few dots for you.

George Soros has said he hates the US and it has been his "life's mission" to destroy the US.


Because he was a member of the German Nazi SS and the US defeated Nazi Germany. That means that all of the US lefties who are helping him are suckers destroying their own nation because George Soros wants revenge on the US for defeating his beloved Nazi Germany.

Get the picture yet? And you think his side, you know, the lefties, are not the Nazis?

The Flood

Remember that I told you 17 years ago that a meteor shower caused the Biblical Flood and destroyed all human life but 8 people 4,400 years ago?

Some scientists are now saying that a meteor shower almost wiped out human life thousands of years ago. Of course, they are saying it was 13,000 years ago instead of 4,400 years ago, but, hey, they are getting closer.

Gee, you don't think they don't want to admit the Bible is right, do you?

They are saying it "wiped out evolved human civilization", you know, similar to how I told you a meteor shower wiped out the pre-flood civilization.

How much longer until that hypothesis of mine is proven to be a theory?

BTW, this pretty much destroys any idea of man being around for more than 100,000 years.


Remember that I have been telling you that we are at war because the left is waging war against us? Remember that I told you they are now training anti-gun lefties to shoot and fight?

This is a video of one such "training program" for lefties, obviously shot somewhere in a desert. If it were not so serious, this would be funny.

Note several things about this video including that they are training with rifles to hit targets at 25 yards conservatives train to hit at from 100 to more than 400 yards, note where their bullets keep hitting the ground in front of and to the sides of the targets, and they really don't even know how to stand. You can bet that, after this training, they believed they are great marksmen and will lose in a gun fight with real gun fighters but are still dangerous against unarmed people because they could accidentally hit you. Their training is so amateurish because they are not being trained to fight the US Army and Marines but you unarmed civilians who can't shoot back.

Most importantly, this is just more proof that the left is "training" right now to kill you. This is both good news and bad news in the same video.

Self Defense

For years I have been reading about pirates attacking small yachts because they are easy prey and I want to use this as a teaching opportunity to help you better understand innovative self defense.

First, we have to do a threat analysis. The pirates are a bunch of criminals and cowards who will only attack soft targets, which provide little resistance and, therefore, little risk to the pirates.

You think not?

Piracy in the Red Sea area has dropped by 90%.


Because those big commercial ships the pirates love to take hostage and sell for millions of dollars started carrying armed guards who shoot at the pirates...and kill them. This proves that violence against criminals does work. If the criminals know they can be killed, they will find some other line of work which is not a threat to them.

But there is a little problem in that most nations will not permit yachts in their waters to have fire arms and those nations will confiscate those fire arms so you can't carry guns on your yacht and the pirates know you are defenseless and easy prey.

But are you defenseless?

Almost all yachts are defenseless but they don't have to be because you can legally carry any number of things on a yacht into any country which can be USED AS WEAPONS FOR SELF DEFENSE. The yacht community is made up mostly of idiot lefties who are against using violence and prefer to just be at the mercy of pirates who regularly kidnap, rape, enslave, and murder people in "hope" that, if they don't use force for self defense, maybe the pirates will be nice to them.

Get this straight, the pirates are raiding your boat; they are already not being nice to you.

Why would you hope they might be nice to you, if you don't resist?

They are already not being nice to you because they know you won't resist.

You have to understand that, in dealing with these animals, your strategy should be to 1) discourage the pirates to make them want to go after easier prey and 2), when necessary, fight the pirates. You also have to understand that, if you, a small yacht, fight back, it will surprise the pirates, cause confusion on their boat and that, alone, could cause them to back off and go find a softer target.

You also have to understand that you need to set up a multiple layered defense based on the weapons you can carry and use. The first layer should be designed to discourage them from as long a distance as possible, you know, make them want to hear mommy calling and go find an easier target that doesn't pose a threat to them. The second layer should be designed to discourage and fight them from a medium distance to also discourage them but to cause injury or death and damage to their boat. The third layer should be designed to fight them at hand-to-hand combat in a boarding operation. This means you will need weapons for all three layers.

The very reason these criminals raid yachts is because the yachts are easy, soft targets which present very little threat and risk to the pirates. You never hear about these pirates attacking naval ships.

Also remember that Napoleon said that war is chaos and the one who best controls the chaos wins the battle. What you want to do is to create and control as much chaos for the pirates as possible to discourage them and give yourself the fighting advantage, especially at night.

So, what can you use for weapons that won't be confiscated or stolen in different countries?

Every boat carries things called flare guns which can be used as deadly weapons. The thing that all sailors fear the most at sea is fire. If you get a flare from a flare gun bouncing around on your boat while attacking another boat, that flare can 1) injure one or more people and even kill someone, 2) catch the boat on fire, creating the most feared situation at sea, and 3) cause an explosion by something like fuel or munitions on that boat.

Therefore, if used properly, a flare gun can be an effective weapon on a yacht which can be used mostly for layers 1 and 2 but can also be used early for layer 3, if fired just as the boarding starts. You would want to carry at least 6 or 8 flare guns because most only fire one or two flares at a time but there is a flare gun with a revolving cylinder similar to a revolver handgun which can hold up to 10 flares at once. You would need to keep at least 2 to 3 dozen additional flares on board to put up a good fight.

There is a thing called a spear gun which is permissible in all nations. The spear gun should be used primarily in layer 2 but also at the start of layer 3. You would want to have at least 3 or 4 spear guns with at least a dozen spears for a good fight.

Then there is a commonly carried tool called a machete which can be used for layer 3 during the boarding action and you would want at least a machete for each person on board.

Another common tool on a yacht is the gaff hook, which can also be used as a boarding weapon. Then every yacht has a full array of knives, hand axes, and other tools which can be used as offensive and defensive boarding weapons.

It would really help if you study naval warfare from about 1500 to 1900 AD. Pay particular attention to boarding weapons but also look at how innovative they were.

You can combine a glass or soft plastic bottle, a rag, some fuel, and a lighter to make a fire bomb to throw on board the pirate boat when it gets in close enough and it only takes a minute to make a couple of these.

All coastal communities know that a significant number of cruisers are party people who party a lot, therefore, they would also permit you to carry things which cruisers would use for parties like fireworks. These can include rockers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, and even fire crackers.

But you say, "fireworks are not weapons."

They are no longer classified as weapons, which is why you can carry them on your boat though some countries won't permit you to use them in their country, but they were used as powerful weapons not too long ago.

Remember that little song about "the rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in air"?

The rockets' red glare was talking about what we call fireworks with the big difference being that we fire them vertically into the air away from people and their fired them horizontally at people. They caused significant blast damage, set things on fire, and caused night blindness with the bright flashes of light. Just one of those smaller rockets could blow a pirate boat to pieces, killing everyone on board but, today, they are not considered a weapon because no one uses them as weapons any more. You need to know what the effective range is with the different types of rockets you purchase. You will want the shells to explode as close to their boats as possible so you will need a little practice with different rockets.

The longer range rockets would be used in layer 1 with the medium range rockets, roman candles and even bottle rockets being used in layer 2, and fire crackers being tossed on their boat at the start or layer 3 to cause confusion. A handful of firecrackers held together with a rubber band and lit at the same time can be used as a small hand grenade or you could put a lead fishing weight on the end of a string of firecrackers to toss into their boat for confusion.

The Roman candles and bottle rockets would be used to cause confusion, night blindness, burns, and set their boat on fire. You put about half a dozen or more of the Roman candles in an empty coffee can to hold them, point them at the pirates, and light the fuses at the same time to create a fire storm for the pirates.

Another celebratory device you could probably get away with would be those very small canons used at US football games that fire blank shotgun shells. You might have to make a small modification for it to fire buckshot and would have to keep the buckshot shells well hidden. You would only have time to fire one or two shots at very close range just before the boarding action but it could definitely slow the pirates down a little in their boarding action.

You can also carry bows and arrows for hunting and fishing, especially if you have arrow heads for fishing and hunting and will be good weapons in area 2. You can carry spears and nets for spear and net fishing which can be used as boarding weapons.

You can carry baseball bats for the boarding action but it would be a good idea to also have some gloves and balls for customs to see that they are for sport.

So, how would you work something like this?

Before they get within range of anything, you call them on the radio and with a loud speaker insisting they identify themselves. If you don't get a reasonable response and they continue to close, you fire a "bow shot" across their bow and in front of them with a flare or rocket to warn them off.

If that doesn't discourage them, your quickly fire a number of flares and/or rockets, up to a dozen, directly at their boat in rapid succession to cause damage and discourage their attack. You can use your first few shots, including your warning shots, to get your range.

If they continue to close, you continue to accelerate your attack in an attempt to blow them out of the water before they get to you; changing to shorter range weapons as they get closer.

When they get very close and just before boarding, you blast the crap out of them with everything you have left in an attempt to destroy their boat and kill them.

Just before they make contact for boarding, you suddenly steer your boat to make contact with theirs sooner to throw off their timing and cause a collision to knock them off their feet while throwing fire bombs and firecrackers on their boat followed immediately by YOU BOARDING THEIR BOAT (unless it is already on fire) in what the military calls a shock attack so that you have the momentum and not them. Basically, you attack them on their boat with all of the furry and ager you can muster.

After you destroy their boat and, if there are survivors in the water, YOU DO NOT RESCUE THEM because they will kill you and steal your boat. You let them swim back to where they came from and toss a little bloody meat into the water to draw sharks so they won't attack any more boats. Remember that these are very bad people who would not hesitate to murder you and just tried to murder you.

Most likely, the assault during layer 1 or 2 will discourage them enough they will go looking for an easier target that will be no risk to them.

After all, why risk injury or death when there are much easier targets?


I just saw a YouTube video by a brainwashed lefty telling us that, when Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, he saw three different types of birds and magically dreamed up the pagan fairy tale of evolution, which is a big fat lie the lefties teach and I have told you this before.

What the lefties don't want you to know is that Charles Darwin is NOT the true father of evolution, he just wrote the best sales manual so they call him the father of evolution. Darwin's father taught him about evolution when he was growing up as a little boy and Darwin intentionally went on his trip to prove his father right because the Christians mocked his father for his belief in this pagan fairy tale. He was out to prove papa right.

Where did Darwin's father get the idea of evolution?

From studying Greek philosophy because the pagan fairy tale of evolution goes back to at least the Greeks, hundreds of years before Jesus. The Greeks or some earlier group of people dreamed up the pagan fairy tale of evolution, and believe me, it is pure pagan and was started before Christianity was started by Jesus. They believed that black people evolved from apes and white people evolved from black people so they saw blacks as inferior part humans and part animals, which justified black slavery because, since they were not true humans, then they could be beasts of burden or slaves.

The reason why European and, later, American Christians thought it was OK to use blacks as slaves is because they were taught in their colleges that blacks were an animal that evolved from apes and whites evolved from blacks so, instead of being considered humans, they were considered beasts of burden. If anyone asks you why Christian leaders like George Washington had black slaves, it is because their universities taught them that blacks were animals that humans evolved from and not humans.

This is also why Christian leaders of that time also thought that ALL other races were inferior and it was alright to enslave or kill them, you know, like American Indians. To the white Christian upper class, because of Greek philosophy, evolution, their idiot college professors, and such, they all believed in evolution hundreds of years before Darwin and believed it was alright to kill or enslave these people because they were just animals.

You need to know that the upper class trash whites still believe this because they are taught this from childhood and in their private schools and universities. That is why they feel it is alright to murder off 7.5 billion inferior people on this planet so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us AND they feel they will be improving the human race by getting rid of the "inferior genes" so the other races won't "contaminate" the human gene pool.

This is all brought to you by the pagan fairy tale of evolution when Jesus taught you that we are all brothers and sisters who descended from Adam and Eve. He taught you that there is only one race, the human race and, regardless of our color, we all belong to it.

This is why the Euro-American upper class trash teach you that Darwin is the father of evolution and they don't want you to know the truth because the truth proves them wrong.

Evolution is NOT based on science but is based on Greek philosophy, which is not a science. Charles Darwin is NOT the father of evolution, Satan is.

BTW, if you want to see what humans will be like in 1,000 years, go look in a mirror. That is what humans will look like in 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 3,000 years, and a million years and most of them will probably be just as stupid as most of us are today.


I have told you that I like following a few different cruising couples and families to learn what the cruising life is really like.

For years, I followed two families and followed others for about a year or two until they quit cruising.

I followed a Christian family for about 4 or five years until they quit cruising a year or two ago because their family had grown up, they moved to land, found life much easier on land, especially for older people.

When they were still cruising, he delivered yachts for a living and she would get work on an island doing clerical work for a government or business during their off season and save money for cruising during their on season.

You have to understand that there are rich people who don't have the time to move their yachts from one place to another over a significant distance, they hire people to deliver their yachts to where they want to do some sailing and they pay very well plus all expenses. The father and his oldest son started out doing these yacht deliveries and then, later, the son went out on his own and is still doing this while his sister started helping the father deliver yachts because it takes two people working in shifts to do the job quickly, safely, and right.

This Christian family started out with a ranch in Montana they started using to help problem kids and then they also got a sail boat to provide additional training and teaching for such problem kids. While the father was gone on the sail boat, some punk kid intentionally burned down their ranch and could have killed his wife and kids. They said screw it, we have to take care of our family first, sold the ranch, and went cruising. They both found ways to work to support their dream of cruising and stayed out cruising for at least 15 years, raising a family at sea with home schooling.

There was a pagan couple who were also capitalists who worked to pay for their cruising life style for at least 20 years. They started out with her using the Internet to write for PR firms while cruising and him programming and fixing computers for rich cruisers. Later he started adding in other things to make money like sewing all kinds of things like upholstery, sails, purses, and covers for yachts. He also fixed engines for other cruisers, did wood working, and other things to make money.

They worked to pay for their cruising life style, they deserved it, they earned it.

I just found a pair of lefty socialists who expect everyone else to pay for their dream of cruising. They do regular videos on YouTube and ask for others to make donations so they can keep sailing around the world. They have Patreon where people make donations to pay for their fun life style without working.

These two could easily work to pay for their own cruising but leach off of other people. She is a very talented singer who could make money singing at clubs or restaurants and she does sell an album over the internet. He is very talented and good with his hands and could make money doing odd jobs in most places he went, especially fixing things for other cruisers. They do some things like sell T-shirts and such online but a lot of their money is donated by others.

Maybe them depending on donations is just to help them get started and get a business running but the idea of people living a life of luxury, even hard luxury, paid for mostly by other people making donations is a form of socialism and just turns me off.

I am going to keep following them for a little while to see if that changes while I am also looking for some Christian and pagan capitalists who work and earn their way. There are any number of ways you can make money with a yacht to pay for your cruising.

There is an entire industry where travel agencies sell time on yachts for one or more weeks and the yacht owner gets from $1,000 to more than $2,000 per week per person. Most yachts of 30 to 60+ feet only carry about 4 to 6 passengers plus the two owners in the captain's cabin. Most of these yachts only require about $40,000 to $100,000 per year to maintain, pending how elaborately equipped the yacht is, and there are some other expenses like insurance. These yachts can make anywhere from $4,000 to more than $12,000 per week for at least 40 to 50 weeks out of the year or from about $160,000 to more than $720,000 per year, plenty to cover all of your expenses and save a bundle.

Yes, I research EVERYTHING!

Before I got too sick to work, I researched everything for which I might be able to make a living but they all required too much investment capital that I didn't have but I put together more than 120 folders on different businesses I could start with one or more potential businesses per folder with probably close to 300+ businesses. After all, God could heal me, make it possible for me to work and clean up my finances, and earn the money to start a business so I kept researching even when I was too sick to work or run a business. It is called hope and I wanted to be ready so I could hit the ground running.

Yeah, it is a gold mine but I am too sick to use pick and shovel and I don't have the money to pay anyone else to do it.

For example, I designed a 62-63 foot yacht which would carry 8 passengers in reasonable comfort along with the owner and his wife in the captain's quarters that should bring in from about $640,000 to $800,000 dollars per year but would have cost me $2 million to build and I did this in a number of industries.

It was fun because I love designing and building things. I have researched building businesses in more than 100 industries. Yep, when you are too sick and poor to do anything else, you study and learn for when you get well and can do those things. Unfortunately, I never got well but I sure learned a lot.

If you do your homework and you are young and healthy, there is no reason to sit on your butt and beg people for money to cruise or anything else. It is only a matter of time until people will get tired of the begging and stop donating so they better hurry up and develop a business to support their cruising or they will probably find themselves sitting in some remote port without enough money to get home and that won't be fun.

I am already seeing people ridiculing what they are doing and offering other advice.

If you are interested in cruising, I suggest that you first read and keep in your library "The Annapolis Book of Seamanship" by John Rousmaniere. It is the single greatest source of information on sailing I found anywhere. The book was written for the Annapolis Naval Academy because all US naval officers are require to learn to sail. This book will either help prevent or provide solutions to many of the problems you will face in sailing and could save your life.

What type of boat should you buy, assuming you have the money to be choosy? Mono hull, catamaran, or trimaran and wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or steal?

It depends on what you want to use the boat for but, of course, the salesmen won't tell you that.

For the same length boat, the mono hull is the slower of the three hull types but the most stable and safest because they have a low center of gravity and very good resistance in the water, especially in strong side winds, with good comfort. It is rare to see good mono hulls turned upside-down or turned turtle.

The catamaran has the best comfort and view but is the least stable of the three because of a very high center of gravity and poor resistance in the water, even with dagger boards down, and I have seen dozens of them turned upside-down or turned turtle by strong side winds. When the side winds get up above about 20 knots, they tend to reef or furl in the sails quite a bit to keep from going turtle so they rarely achieve their touted speed.

The trimaran is more stable than the catamaran but less stable than the mono hull and faster than the other two but has less room inside and comfort.

The mono hull seems to be used most and best for longer voyages or "blue water" voyages at sea because they are so much more stable and safer. The cats tend to be used for shorter sailing of just a few days and lounging around in marinas because they have more comfort and a better view. Most of the people I have read about using trimarans are individuals sailing alone who don't need as much space below deck, want more stability than a cat but more speed than a mono hull.

Which common hull material should you use, wood, plastic, aluminum, or steal?

Few people use wood any more because it will hole through the hull when you ground it on rocks, hit a tree log, or hit a floating cargo container at see and, if not taken care of right, it will rot.

Most people use fiberglass because it is usually less expensive (the big one), doesn't rot, is lighter and faster than wood or steal, and is reasonably strong but will hole through the hull if you hit a rock, tree log, or cargo container, which is an increasing problem at sea.

Aluminum isn't very common because it is more expensive than fiberglass, but it requires less maintenance, is lighter and faster than steal and wood, and is stronger than fiberglass so it is less likely to hole through on the hull when striking a rock, log, or cargo container.

Steal is the strongest of all but is also heaviest, costs more than most to build with, and requires more maintenance unless you properly prepare it before building with it. Steal will probably not hole through the hull when striking a rock, log, or cargo container at sailing speeds, even with a faster boat and will probably just need a little metal work and paint job.

Those are just some of the basics you need to start with, is a nutshell version, and shows that, yes, I really have and really do research a lot of things. You should see some of the sports facilities I have designed. I really love working, building, creating, and achieving and, if all I can achieve is designs, then I will achieve those.

I believe that God nailed my feet down here with my illness to learn a huge amount about a lot of things so I could help a lot of people while using this blog to help a lot of people learn a lot about a lot of things. It is working.

BTW, you should never eat raw fish meat because you would be amazed at the number of bacteria, viruses, and parasites contained in raw fish meat. You need to cook it enough to kill them. I simply cannot believe that, in this day and age, people are still eating raw fish meat and oysters and I don't care what is popular, "cool", or others are doing. The same people say they are worried about the mercury in their fish meat but there are far greater threats from living organism.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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