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Yes, Putin, the West has lost its mind. Our lefties have gone completely loony tunes bonkers mad.

Mark reminded me that there is already a ban on certain types of knives like swords and such in Britain and informed me about a police effort currently under way (even though knives are not illegal in Britain...yet) to get people to turn in all of their knives for "amnesty".

How can you get amnesty for something that isn't illegal?

You see, the banning guns thingy didn't work because 1) the terrorists and other criminals are using guns and 2) the criminals and terrorists just turned to the next weapon in line, you know, the knife, and, like the simpletons they are, the lefties just decided that they could stop violence by banning that weapon too, you know, instead of cracking down on criminals, running Muslims out of their country, and leaving everyone else alone.

Let me give you stupid lefties a hint; law abiding citizens are not going to use ANY weapon to commit a crime. Law abiding citizens can be armed to the teeth and they won't commit a crime, only criminals will.

So you can expect the loony tunes lefties in Britain to ban knives in the near future because they are too stupid to learn that banning any or all weapons will not stop violence because there will always be something, you know, like your hands, boards, and rocks, to kill people with and, besides, the Muslims know how to make bombs using normal house hold items.

So, are the lefty simpletons going to ban house hold items after they ban knives?

Yes, the whackos will soon be coming for your cricket bats and rocks. If you law abiding citizens have a rock in your yard, you will be branded a criminal and go to prison but they won't crack down on the real criminals.

Once again, the lefties are proving that they have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending.

So, Brits, how much more of this insanity will it take for you to figure out that the upper class trash you keep believing and trusting ARE the problem? Maybe, you, the people, should rise up and ban the upper class trash? Hey, maybe you could turn in your local upper class trash to the headsman for amnesty?

Maybe you should rename the British Parliament the British National Asylum, lock the doors, and throw the keys away?

Just a thought.

You know what is really funny about this, with the mess they have made of Britain, the British upper class trash, especially the royalty, arrogantly think we Americans should come back to them as their colonies again so they can "take care of us inferior Americans", you know, the inferior guys who keep saving their stupid butts.

Why, so they can screw up our country as bad as they are screwing up Britain?

No thank you.

Besides, stupid Brits, if you screw up our nation along with your nation, who will save your stupid butts next time?

The way you stupid Brits are screwing up your nation right now, it won't be long and you will need us "inferior American's" to save your butts again. It just might be a good idea to not screw up our nation so we can save your nation again.

With the Brits having to vote for either May or Corbyn, they are screwed; they can't win. It is a lose, lose situation and would be like the US citizens having to vote for Hillary or Bernie.

When I look at the mess in Britain and Canada, I thank God for our founding fathers breaking us away from those nuts. We have enough of our own lefty insanity without the British lefties adding to it.

Food For Thought

Talk about conflicting story lines...

I just got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"Whether it's because of the public's love affair with the SR-71, or because of its near mythical performance and strategic benefit, Lockheed Martin isn't ignoring the legend that is their Skunkworks' crowning achievement. In an article produced for Aviation Week, Lockheed divulged some information about the long-awaited successor to the SR-71, appropriately dubbed, the SR-72.

Lockheed's division for advanced aircraft development, commonly referred to as the Skunk Works, told Aviation Week that producing a formidable replacement for the SR-71, which was retired in 1998, has been delayed as they waited for hypersonic technologies to improve. Now, a new combined-cycle propulsion system that merges a supersonic jet engine with a rocket promises to offer the SR-72 performance that leaves its namesake in the proverbial dust. While the SR-71's record setting top speed is said to have exceeded MACH 3 (approximately 2,300 miles per hour) the SR-72, equipped with two hybrid jet/rocket engines could potentially surpass MACH 6 - depending on the aircraft's design being able to manage the friction created by air traveling over its control surfaces at such high speeds."

MACH 6 would be approximately 4,600 mph, pending atmospheric conditions.

I got this from Wikipedia:

"In physics, escape velocity is the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body.

The escape velocity from Earth is about 11.186 km/s (6.951 mi/s; 40,270 km/h; 25,020 mph)"

You know, like to escape Earth's gravitational pull and fly to the moon, send spacecraft to other planets, or put satellites in high orbit.

Oh, did a light bulb or two come on?

Now, common sense should tell you that either we already have aircraft that can exceed 25,000 mph or we have not sent a thing anywhere in space, you know, like to the moon, Mars, Pluto, or anywhere else.

Which is it?

How are they going to colonize Mars, if they can't do more than MACH 6?

One way or another, there sure is a lot of smoke and mirrors, isn't there?

It is amazing at how many people buy into this crap without thinking about it.

Which is it?

We have been able to do more than MACH 6 since at least the 1960s (remember the space program?) and probably the 1950s.

Don't believe me?

Go out at night and watch the star ships I told you about in other essays.

We had that technology a long time ago but I have noticed that they are rewriting military technological history to make it look like we are just now developing this technology and I am still trying to figure out why.


Turkey is threatening Kurdistan, if they make any moves that Turkey sees as a threat to Turkey, you know, like their nation declare autonomy, which they will vote on in September.

Turkey has become a rogue nation and Germany recently pulled its forces out of Turkey. Don't be surprised to see Turkey kicked out of NATO and siding with Russia against the NATO nations or just on her own.


It turns out there is a very interesting reason why the Sunni nations of the Arabian Peninsula have turned on Qatar. It is NOT because Qatar is involved in terrorism the way they are trying to make it look because they are all involved in terrorism.

It seems that Qatar has crawled in bed with Shiite Iran, is harboring Hamas terrorists, who are Shiite, is using Al Jazeera news channel, which has turned Shiite, and is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has also turned Shiite. Qatar used to be Sunni run but the Sunni organization, ISIS, Qatar has been funding is getting its butt kicked by Shiite Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah.

Has Qatar decided to go with Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah because Qatar has dumped so much money into a dying terrorist organization (ISIS) and started working with Shiite terrorist organizations to conquer the world? Has Qatar read the writing on some wall and jumped ship?

It looks like it and the Sunni nations are not liking it, especially with the Shiite Muslims now having control of Iraq on the northern border of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, from which they can invade Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, and fighting for control of Yemen on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas could make quick work of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula, especially if nations like Qatar jump ship and join Iran and especially if we get someone like Obama in office as president. The Sunni nations are extremely vulnerable right now.

Trump has offered to broker a meeting between Qatar and the other Arab nations to keep peace between them.

Keep an eye on this.

Christian Witness

I share my Christian witness to help others better understand some of the ways God works in our lives to teach us and guide us towards becoming better people.

I have told you before that I was diagnosed with SEVERE Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which means that I am not just tired but in a perpetual state of fatigue within just a little physical or mental effort or stress from what we call "hitting the wall" or becoming so fatigued that I can barely stand, walk, think, or function in any way, my speech becomes so slurred that people can't understand me, and I become completely dysfunctional or incapacitated.

At my sickest, it would take me at least 3 days to several weeks to recover from such fatigue enough to be able to handle a crisis. That is one of my biggest concerns with my chronic fatigue syndrome, if I get too fatigued doing less important stuff to handle a crisis, I am screwed because my illness has plunged me into poverty so I can't hire anyone else to do it for me. Therefore, I have to be careful to pace myself so I don't get that fatigued. This means it is very important for me to know just how sick I still am so I know how much to pace myself.

When they diagnosed my sleep apnea about 10 years ago and I began using a CPAP machine to help prevent sleep apneas, I began to slowly recover. Over the last 4 to 5 years, I have seen even more rapid improvement but I still have a huge way to go and have been wondering just how severe my chronic fatigue syndrome is and how much have I recovered.

A few nights ago, we had a really severe thunder storm with very high winds. I stayed in bed and tried to sleep knowing there would be nothing I could do to prevent any wind damage and the next morning I would have to repair wind damage. All I could do was pray that it wouldn't be too bad.

The next morning, there was a pretty fair amount of wind damage and, being human, I got mad but quickly realized that was wrong and would cause me to fail the test. I prayed and started thanking God for not making it worse because, with those very high winds, it could have been much, much worse. I kept thinking it was amazing anything was left standing.

We do rarely get cyclones in such storms, which are a much smaller and weaker version of tornadoes that can do quite a bit of damage, like pick up a trailer and move it a short distance, but they are not strong enough to blow stuff apart like tornadoes.

There was quite a bit of work I just had to get fixed just in case we got another really violent thunderstorm that night or stuff would really be torn apart. I got all of the critical stuff done but was too fatigued to do the less significant stuff and knew it would have to wait until I got recovered.

By the time I quit working, I was fatigued enough I could barely think and was quickly approaching not being about to walk or do anything else for at least a few days. I was having enough trouble thinking I decided to take the day off from writing these essays.

As a side note, later in the day, I got so bored that I decided to read the news and wrote all of this essay above this article showing how God can even use a pretty fatigued old guy to get you messages and information. God is not limited, only I am.

24 hours later, I am still fatigued and feeling beat up and it will probably take me at least another day or two to recover enough I can finish fixing stuff damaged by the storm but then I will have to be rested enough to buy groceries this Sunday, just a few days from now. This means I won't be able to fix that stuff until after Monday, probably later.

About 1:30 am this morning I woke and was thinking about all of this when God let me know that he put me through this to show me just how much I have recovered and how much more I still have to recover so I can better pace myself. Just about 3 to 5 years ago, I couldn't have done 1/3 of what I did yesterday but I still fatigue really bad from work that should have only been about an hour of moderate physical work for a healthy person. I was actually surprised at how much I managed to get done before I almost completely fatigued. There is no way I can do even a part time job.

I now KNOW how much I have recovered and how much more I still have to recover without a doubt. I can now more accurately pace myself to prevent me not being able to handle a crisis, you know, like the wind damage caused by this last thunderstorm. So God used something we humans think of as being bad to give me valuable information for pacing myself to prevent getting myself in real trouble later.

I now need to see how many days it takes for me to completely recover from the work I did.

BTW, stress fatigues me faster than anything. When it would take physical or mental work 10 to 15 minutes to fatigue me, stress would fatigue me in only about 10 seconds. I had to really work on not letting myself get stressed and that is extremely difficult when you are so ill. You really have to let the little things go and just focus on the truly important things in life. I don't have a choice.


Was McCain's performance in the Comey hearing because Comey has stuff on McCain that could put McCain away for some time, even life?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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