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Selling Virginity

I am stunned at the stupidity of people.

A woman sold her virginity for $250,000...before taxes. You know the corrupt government will take a big bite out of that.

Then there is the fact that she may be facing prostitution charges so the corrupt government can take it all because the governments normally take everything involved in committing a crime so her bottom line will be lost virginity, no respect by descent people, zero dollars, and time in jail.

Wow, what a brilliant move. I suggest you not take any investment of other advice from her.

Of course, you know the idiot pagans will focus on the $250,000 agreed on for the sex while ignoring that she may not get any of it and no telling which STDs she may get.


Since Ramadan began, there have been 1,003 murdered and 1,036 wounded by Muslim terrorists and you still think it has nothing to do with Islam?

Almost all of the terrorist organizations, especially all of the major terrorist organizations, in the world or Muslim. Gee, what a coincidence.

Think about it. The left MUST be wrong.


Pelosi is reported to have said that, when Republicans (and I guess us independents too) voted for Trump it was like, "any mammal will do."

Yeah, we got tired of voting for reptiles, you know, snakes like her.


Here is a little food for thought. Since the lefty British government disarmed the British people so they can't defend themselves when being attacked by Muslim terrorists, then the British government is complicit in the murders of its people who have been attacked by terrorists and they are all murderers.

Al Gore

Al Gore just said that "god" told him to fight global warming. He is obviously trying to fool Christians in order to use Christianity to get more support from conservatives, especially Christians.

Just remember that, years ago, Al Gore said he worships the false pagan goddess, Gaia, you know, the planet we stand on, also known as Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

Unless you also worship Gaia, it wasn't your god who told him to fight global warming. When someone, especially a pagan like Gore, says "god" told them to do something, you better first ask who their god is.

Too many people just assume that when someone says god, that someone is talking about their god and, most of the time, they are not.

My God is Yahweh/Jesus and is not Al Gore's god, Gaia.

New Con

I have noticed that the lefties are pushing the idea that different races exist because the different races evolved differently, therefore, they are not all the same species.

This is so they can claim that other races are not really humans but a different species and, therefore, it won't be wrong to murder them off to "protect" the human gene pool, after all, the OTHER people are just animals and it is alright to kill animals.

They have returned to the ancient Greek claim that blacks and other racers are not humans, therefore, it is alright to enslave or kill them. All they did was change the words to the fairy tale so that, instead of different races being evolutionary links between humans (whites) and apes, the different races evolved "differently" into other species, you know, like other kinds of animals.

Good old evolution, giving pagans a fairy tale about why whites are superior and it is alright to enslave and murder non whites for thousands of years.

I told you the evil pagans will never quit, they just change their lies and keep on trying.

Keep an eye on this.


All of the top people in our government and almost all government employees think they are above the law and can do as they please because no one can sue them because they are protected by the "government veil" PLUS our judicial system has become so corrupt that no district attorneys will prosecute them.

This is not true because ALL government employees can be litigated against for damages. You see, "precedence has been set" in piercing the government veil to litigate against government employees for criminal acts or negligence. When the US courts permitted people to pierce the government veil to litigate against government employees called public school teachers and public school administrators, they set the precedence for piercing the government veil to litigate against ALL government employees, including judges.

Oops, I guess those lefty judges are not so smart after all?

This is because, in 1977, the US Supreme Court ruled that ALL laws must be enforced equally and fairly regardless of wealth, status, or position. This means that, if you can pierce the government veil to litigate against any government employee, you can pierce the government veil to litigate against all government employees.

But, you need to know, that you cannot just sue someone because you want to sue them. Before you can litigate against anyone, you must prove that that person or group of people "violated a tort" or did someone wrong causing damages. You cannot litigate against the president or anyone else just because you don't like them. That would be a "frivolous law suit" and you would end up paying for all costs and damages caused by your law suit.

But you can litigate against the people in the EPA who caused all of that river damage in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico because they violated a number of torts causing damages to a number of people. They are not protected by the government veil because they were criminally negligent and damage was caused.

You can also litigate against Hillary Clinton and everyone else involved in her many crimes because she violated a number of torts and caused harm to a number of people. If you want to get back the $6 billion Hillary and her accomplices stole from the US State Department and Hillary deposited $1.4 billion of it in a Middle Eastern bank, you have to file a "class action law suit" on behalf of the people.

You need to know that, when you litigate against these people, all available evidence in relation to the litigation MUST be supplied to the litigating attorney(s) for the purpose of the suit. If anything is classified, then the litigation must be closed to the public but can still be continued as long as it does not compromise national security.

It is time for these evil people to know that they can no longer hide behind the government veil because precedence has been set on piercing the government veil to litigate against government employees and the laws must be enforced equally and fairly for every government employee.

You also need to know that you do not have to pierce the government veil to litigate against the upper class trash puppet masters who own our political whores and hold the upper class trash accountable for their crony capitalism. We need more good attorneys who are not corrupt.

BTW, Hillary stealing and depositing $1.4 billion in a Middle Eastern bank and still running for president so she can steal more proves what I have been telling you that power mad and greedy people can never be satiated and will always want more. Just look at Hillary, she has at least $1.4 billion of your stolen money stashed in a Middle Eastern bank and she is insanely running for president in 2020 in spite of the fact that increasing numbers of lefties are telling her to quit. She is a nut job.

I could do everything I personally want to do and be happy for the rest of my life on less than 10% of that money because I am not power mad or greedy. The first thing I would do with anywhere near that much money would be to build a velodrome to coach young people for bicycle racing and run races for them to teach them how to dream and how to achieve their dreams and help keep them out of trouble while creating jobs for people. Then I would start a number of other businesses to create jobs for people.

My idea of extreme luxury was having bicycles for road, track, and MTB racing, a van to go to the races, cross country skies, good running shoes, a wooden kayak for cruising and camping (build it myself), a Hobby cat for sailing, a replica Fokker D7 for flying (build it myself), build a 32 Ford Roadster myself, some scuba gear, and a nice house. My idea of fun is a variety of outdoor activities that require work on my part, involve challenge and achievement, and are healthy and relaxing.

That doesn't sound anything like the corrupt upper class trash, does it?

I have no desire to own a Lear jet or fly in one, NONE. If I were to get an expensive plane for travel, it would be a C-130J customized so I could drive my van into it, fasten the van down so it won't move, fly the plane myself to where ever I want to go, unfasten my van, go where ever I want, and return home the same way. Note that it wouldn't cost much to customize that C-130J because you can get everything I would need as standard equipment used to fly vehicles around all of the time.

The very top ticket for me would be an F-16 or F-5 and aerobatic flying lessons. Yeehah, baby! But, hey, building my own Fokker D-7 would be more fun and cost a lot less to fly and maintain.

Believe me, I would make a lousy member of the upper class trash. I am not lazy enough, they wouldn't like me and I definitely wouldn't want to hang with them. Hey, I grew up blue collar and will always be blue collar inside. I am the kind of guy who would enjoy building my own home with my own hands.

I have hung with lefties and they are boring. Their only idea of fun is getting drunk or stoned and getting laid. They are missing out on most of life because there is just so much to do in life that is fun and rewarding, especially today. Their lives are pathetic but I don't feel sorry for them because they choose to be pathetic because they are pretty much lazy. What amazes me most about lefties is how hard they work at not working.


Syrian forces continue to make headway against ISIS and are increasingly coming into conflict with US backed forces as ISIS is displaced. Syria is taking back more and more land she lost to Obama's terrorist forces and this is heating up into a potential war between the US and Russia.

Keep an eye on this.


They are now talking about replacing the engines on the remaining B-52s and the plane staying in service another 30 to 40 years, which would keep the B-52 in service until the mid 2050s and make it the first plane to remain in military service for 100 years.

They are also making other changes to the plane to bring it up to par with more modern aircraft such as making changes to the bomb bays to make them compatible with modern weapons systems.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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