In military history, you learn that you must get inside your enemy's head and learn how they think so you can predict their moves. Since this is really a war between paganism and Christianity, I am going to help you do the same so you can better understand your enemies, the pagans. I am going to focus on the Euro-American occult because that is what the liberal upper class trash and the rest of the liberals belong to and it is most important for you to understand them right now because they are mostly in control. You need to learn how they think and what their logic is based on. I already taught you about Islam and its logic.

The most important thing to know about members of the occult is that they have one primary rule or law. That primary law says, "Do what you will." I know you have seen pagans post this law on the Internet. In other words, in their minds, they can do ANYTHING they want to do and there is NOTHING which is wrong for them to do. ANYTHING which you can think of which would be bad or evil, such as murder, rape, stealing, or ANYTHING ELSE, in their minds, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them doing it to others. To them, Adolph Hitler didn't do anything wrong.

"But, hold it", you say, "what is to keep others from doing those things to them?"

The answer is power, wealth, and control. You see, if they have the power and control over you to prevent you from committing such crimes against them, they are protected from their own evil coming from you but can dish out all of the evil they want to you. This means that paganism is a religion for the powerful and rich and not for the middle and lower classes. The rich have the power and control so that, if any middle or lower class person tries to do what they will to the upper class, they will be killed and it is alright for them to kill you. This means that all of the middle and lower class (under paganism there will be very few middle class and almost all lower class, you know, like we are seeing happen with the destruction of the middle class now) are oppressed and enslaved by the upper class and absolutely nothing the upper class does to the middle and lower class is wrong.

You see this in the history of the European royalty, especially during the middle ages. We are taught that they were Christians but their behavior was anything but Christian. They murdered, robbed, raped, tortured, and committed other crimes against everyone who was less powerful than themselves or they did what they will. Kings slept with other noble men's wives and took what they wanted, killed who they wanted, and did what they will to everyone they could. The other noble men did the same to everyone less powerful than themselves, especially to the lower class surfs, peasants, and peons. Anyone who had more power than anyone else did what they will to that someone else. The upper class finally began writing laws to protect themselves from each other such as the Magna Charta. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that isn't Christian behavior but is pagan behavior, you know, do what you will.

In the Bible, Moses, the highest ruler in the Hebrew tribe was required to live by exactly the same laws as everyone else. I told you and the Bible tells you that Moses was kept out of the promised land because Moses broke ONE LAW or command of God. With a true Biblical theocracy, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is above the law, not even the king. Everyone must abide by the same laws, pay the same taxes, and face the same penalties regardless of wealth, power, or position. God even tells us to not be a respecter of position, you know, government bureaucrats. There has not been a true Biblical theocracy on this planet for thousands of years, since at least a few hundred years before Jesus was born.

"But", you say, "I was taught that the Catholic Church was Christian and all of the European royalty belonged to the church or one of its protestant off spring, therefore the European royalty were Christians".

In an earlier essay, I told you that the Catholic Church was founded hundreds of years before Jesus was born as a state created pagan church and that, when Constantine assimilated his lost Christians back into the church (they had converted out of the Church of Rome into Judaism), in hopes that they would all be converted back to paganism, the Christians actually made the Catholic Church more Christian BUT the Catholic Church was NEVER converted into a pure Christian organization, not even close. Proof of this exists in the pagan holidays the Church practices to this day and, if you look at the Church's book of laws, you will see that it is larger than an American Unabridged Webster's Dictionary where as the Laws in the Bible only make up the first five books of the Bible less the included history. All of those extra laws in the Catholic Church are pagan laws and not Christian laws and that is a lot of pagan laws, more pagan laws than Christian laws.

The Catholic Church never really stopped being pagan. It just had enough of a touch of Christianity that God could use the Catholic and protestant churches to spread the Gospel around the world to other people. True, it was a distorted Gospel but the people got to hear the most important part, you know, about the coming of our Messiah, Jesus, and salvation through our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Most of the rest of what they were taught was European paganism. As a matter of fact, the Catholic Church and the European upper class trash used Christianity as a front to impose their paganism on everyone they conquered.

Don't believe me? Look at all of the evil liberals who pretend to be Christians today but clearly act like pagans, lying, stealing, enslaving, and murdering innocent people. True Biblical Christians don't do that. The upper class NEVER stopped committing these crimes because they have always been more pagan than Christian. The thing is that, now that the upper class trash and the churches feel they have absolute control of their slaves again, they are shedding the Christian front so they can do what they will to us without any conflict with Christian or Biblical Law. Why do you think these criminals hate Biblical Law and love common or man made law?

The important thing here is that the Euro-American upper class trash and their liberal activists believe that it is alright for them to do what they will, even if it means to butcher off more than seven billion people globally. In their pagan minds, there is nothing wrong with them doing such a horrible thing. In their pagan minds, there is nothing wrong with them butchering 55 million unborn babies so they can screw as they please, stealing everything you have worked to earn, enslaving and murdering you and your family, their shrinks sending brainwashed and doped up liberal biobots out to murder large numbers of women and children so they can disarm you, lying to you, murdering their own agents in places like Benghazi, aiding terrorists to achieve their goals, or anything else you can think of could possibly be wrong for them to do because, in their pagan religion and under their pagan theocracy, they can do what they will and it is morally alright. Believe me, we are living in their pagan theocracy and have been for quite some time, history proves this. Mean while, the pagan upper class trash have been lying (do what they will) to falsely teach people that all of the pagan upper class trash evil was caused by Christianity, you know, the way Obama still blames Bush for everything Obama does wrong.

When they do their evil, the liberal upper class trash and their liberal activists honestly believe they are not doing anything wrong. In their evil pagan minds, they are permitted to do what they will no matter who gets hurt or killed. There is absolutely nothing they can do which would be wrong.

Now do you see the difference between a pagan theocracy and a Christian theocracy? The pagan theocracy is a society in which there are no moral rights or wrongs and everything is right for them to do to anyone they can with the more powerful people being in control and having the ability to do what they will to everyone else. This is why you have heard liberals say things like, "It depends on your definition of right". The Christian theocracy is set up to protect good people from bad people or pagans and everyone in a Christian or Biblical theocracy MUST live by the same laws or face the same penalties, regardless of wealth, power, or position. Pagan theocracies and a Christian theocracy are exact opposites of each other where the pagan theocracy is set up to make it possible for the upper class to use, abuse, and victimize everyone else and the Christian theocracy is set up to protect all good people from all bad people, which is why pagans hate God, the Bible, Christians, and Jews.

Here is something else all you liberal activists better think about. In their evil pagan minds, there is nothing wrong with the liberal upper class trash purging all of you liberal activists to protect themselves from you possibly overthrowing them, after you have seized control of your nation. In their evil pagan minds, there is nothing wrong with them lying to you to achieve their goals, murdering you or abandoning you when it meets their needs, or anything else they want to do to you or with you. In their evil pagan minds, it is perfectly alright for them to do what they will with you including never intending to keep their promises to you. Therefore, in their evil pagan minds, it is perfectly alright to use you while they are planning to murder you when they are finished using you. To the upper class pagans, you liberal activists are throw away fools or dead men and women walking. But, hey, what goes around, comes around or, as God says, do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you.

This is why it is important for Christians setting up their new Christian nation to purge the pagans because, in their evil pagan minds, nothing they want to do to achieve their goals including pretending to convert to Christianity to save their lives is wrong. In their evil pagan minds, they cannot do any wrong, therefore, they are forever dangerous. So, if they plead for their lives, after having murdered many of us, and claim they have just converted to Christianity, they must still be held accountable for their crimes here on earth and, by Biblical Law, you are required to send them to God for Him to deal with them because you can't tell whether they are lying and God can.

With such evil in the world, it is important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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