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Hot Tub

I have seen so many people who like to sit in hot tubs for long periods of time with very hot water, sometimes as much as 112 degrees Fahrenheit, and I never said anything because I learned quickly that their egos will cause them to not listen.

These ignorant people think that, "If it ain't burning, it ain't working", because they don't know how the human body functions.

For those of you who will listen, in sports medicine, they use heat for a treatment but on a limited basis. One method is with the whirlpool or hot tub. They never have you sit or put a limb in water that is more than 98 degrees Fahrenheit and then only for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.


Because too much heat completely surrounding your body will literally boil your cells and internal organs.

When your cells are subjected to too much heat, you know, like when you have a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, it excites the molecules in your cells causing those molecules to break down and causing the cells to stop functioning. It is important to know that doctors become very concerned when you have a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher because, if it last very long, it can cause significant internal damage and a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit can quickly kill you.

The best temperature for therapy is 98 degrees Fahrenheit because that is your body temperature. It will warm the area enough to increase blood flow and healing without causing damage.


James T. Hodgkinson showed up at a GOP Congressional baseball team practice, asked whether it was the Republicans or Democrats practicing, and shot Majority House Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and four others, including two Capitol Hill police officers. Hodgkinson was a Sanders supporter who actually worked as a volunteer to help Sanders get elected.

This shows just how extreme the lefty propaganda is and how it is screwing up people's minds. Of course the left is blaming the conservatives but the lunatic lefties are the ones encouraging their people to kill conservatives, you know, like Trump.

This shows that the upper class trash brainwashing their minions to be violent to cause extreme social unrest so the upper class trash can justify seizing control of our government to "protect us" from their insane minions is working.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

One good thing has come out of this. With the shooter going after a member of the upper class, it has opened the upper class eyes to the fact that they are not above the killing and can be killed because of their corruption. You can bet activist minions on both sides will see this as a motivation to go after the people at the top instead of just fighting each other in the streets and the upper class is now concerned, as they should be. The upper class will no longer be seen as off limits in this war they have started.

Have you noticed how the lunatic, anti-gun lefties keep using guns to kill other people?

Well, at least the cops didn't run away. Oh yeah, they had guns to shoot back, unlike the British cops.


I want to share a few things about dogs that the animal rights nut cases just don't get. Remember that I have owned dogs and loved my dogs but I understood and respected my dogs.

Did you know that a pack of domestic dogs is more dangerous to humans than most other predators because the domestic dogs are familiar with humans and not afraid of humans?

This means that a pack of domestic dogs will be less hesitant to attack humans. We have known this in biology for at least half a century.

Back in the 1960s, about every week or two, I would read about a pack of domestic dogs attacking people, especially children, in and around communities. I have noticed that the media no longer report on these attacks but that they still occur telling me that either the media are covering this up because of their support for animal rights groups or they don't consider humans being attacked by packs of domestic dogs to be news worthy.

Did you know that a pack of medium to large size dogs is more powerful and dangerous than a raging bull? Think not?

It is well known by biologists and country people that a pack of domestic dogs can bring down a raging bull, therefore, a pack of domestic dogs is more powerful and deadly than a raging bull.

Would you permit a raging bull to run loose in your neighborhood?

Think about that.

The animal rights nuts tell you that domestic animals would never harm a human unless the human was being mean to the dog but, in the next sentence, they will tell you that their dog will protect them from attack by a human by attacking the human.

Remember that I keep telling you that lefties invented infinite stupidity?

Inside, we all know that dogs will attack humans and many people use dogs to attack humans for a number of reasons but some of the same people will tell you how harmless a domestic dog is to humans without realizing how stupid they sound.

Remember that I have told you that being stupid is like being drunk because drunk people can't tell they are drunk because they are drunk and stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid?

Lefty Stupidity

You think I am wrong about lefties having invented infinite stupidity?

I saw a video about a young woman who decided to try eating out another person's butt for perverted sex. (I couldn't watch more than enough to find out what she was talking about having done.) Most lefties are so perverted sexually that they will do anything in the name of sex including eating out another person's butt.

You want to know just how ignorant and stupid those perverted lefties are?

There is a protist or bacterium that normally lives in our colons that is so deadly to humans when it gets into our mouths that it regularly kills people. This protist is responsible for a large number of deaths in humans every year because of food poisoning and people not washing their hands after they take a crap. The name of the protist or bacterium is E. Coli.

And sexually perverted lefties are intentionally eating this protist for sexual experiences?

That shows you just how ignorant and stupid the left really is. Their stupidity and insanity is mind boggling. It makes one wonder how they manage to survive long enough to go to college. In the wild, these nuts would all be dead yesterday or sooner.

US Civil War

Do you realize that the monuments of Confederate soldiers and leaders from the US Civil War are being taken down by the Democrats because those soldiers and leaders were Democrats and the left is trying to cover that up?

Right Attitude

When I study things, I try to keep an open and objective mind concerning what is going on and what the people involved are doing.

For example, Mattis said that he and Trump are working for a peaceful solution with North Korea.

This may be true but, then again, it may be a ploy to get Kimmy boy to drop his guard so an invasion will be less costly for the US or it may be to set Kimmy boy up by giving him a chance to repent of his wickedness so that, when he does not repent, Trump will be fully and legally justified to invade North Korea.

With politicians and military leaders, things are not always, and, quite often, rarely are what they are made to look like so you MUST keep an eye on it with an open mind to other possibilities. This requires you have the right attitude for watching and determining what is really going on.

Always look for and expect the unexpected and you won't have any bad surprises, only good surprises. I learned a long time ago that bad surprises suck. I much prefer good surprises.


This is the kind of problem you have to watch with cats when you have two or more feeding females because this kind of problem kills kittens, if you don't catch it fast enough.

I have female A, who only had one kitten (a second one was still borne), and female B who had two kittens. Female A kitten naps the two kittens from female B because of a very strong motherly instinct and probably because of the still borne. Female B gives up and lets female A have her two kittens, quits feeding, becomes impacted, and is about to dry up. Female B is no longer a source of food for kittens.

Female A was only feeding one kitten and is, therefore, only lactating enough to feed one or two kittens but not three kittens. It will take time for female A to be stimulated enough to lactate enough to feed three kittens and, by that time, I could have 1 to 3 dead kittens.

If I cannot get female B to start feeding her kittens again before she dries up, which won't take long, I must start pumping KRM down the kittens until female A starts lactating enough to feed all three kittens, which could take a week or two, and I don't want to pump so much KRM down them they won't feed much on female A and increase her lactating.

You have to understand that a female cat will lactate based on the stimulation she gets from feeding. When she is only feeding one kitten, she will only lactate enough to feed one or two kittens. You can tell pretty closely how many kittens a female is feeding by how much milk she has in her breasts before feeding and how many of her mammary glands are enlarged.

If I can't get female B to feed again very soon, it will be KRM time for all three kittens to make sure they all get the nutrients they need for continued growth until female A increases her lactating and I don't have much time to make that decision.

I have to monitor this situation very closely and have very little time to make my moves and counter moves.

I prefer that female B starts feeding again but, at this time, it looks like she won't. I can give her a little bit more time but not much.

If female B doesn't start feeding again very soon, then I must monitor female A's milk production in relation to the feeding behavior of the kittens to tell whether and how much they are meeting their nutritional requirements. Try doing that without a lab and with feral cats who like to hide their kittens.

Add to that that female C just had three kittens last night and wants to kitten nap all three of these kittens to go with her three. At first thought, this sounds like a possible solution because I could just feed one of these three kittens in with her three kittens because female C is just starting to feed and will quickly increase her lactating to feed all four kittens BUT these three kittens are so much bigger than the new bornes that they would probably push the new bornes away from the teats causing the new bornes to all starve to death.

Yep, not a solution, just another problem. This shows how simple solutions for complex problems are usually a disaster but get a lefty to understand that.

I thank God that He caused me to study all of the biology and other things He has caused me to study and for the insights He has given me or I would have more dead kittens.

Welcome to As The Fur Turns at Carl's Kitten Hospital with All of My Kittens (that is a pun and play on three soaps my first wife used to watch - As the World Turns; General Hospital, and All of My Children.)

God is using these cats to work on my problem solving for coming events and some of these cat dramas can get pretty wild and are all complex. No simple solutions allowed.

And there are new dramas just as soon as I get one drama put to rest or solved with multiple dramas a regular happening. If you want change, just wait 5 minutes and it will be a new situation.


Do you realize how much I have taught you and how many things I have taught you about on this site? Do you realize how many books you would have to read to learn what I teach?

There are almost 1,200 essays teaching about just about everything of importance. There is a massive amount of information on this site.

Conservatives Fighting Back

Sessions has reversed the lenient prosecution policies set by Obama, which were causing violent crime to increase sharply.

Remember the lefty play that depicts Trump being murdered?

I got this from Newsmax By Wanda Carruthers:

"Protesters interrupted Friday evening's performance of the controversial modern-day depiction of Public Theater's 'Julius Caesar' in Central Park during the middle of the play, with one storming the stage, The New York Daily News reported Saturday.

Jack Posobiec, which the newspaper referred to as a conspiracy theorist and supporter of President Donald Trump, filmed accomplice 'right-ring blogger' Laura Loomer when she marched onto the stage.

'Stop the normalization of political violence against the right!' Loomer shouted, adding, 'This is unacceptable.'

'You are all Goebbels!' Posobiec shouted to the audience of about 2,000. 'You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels ... you are inciting terrorists.'

'The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands," Posobiec continued,'"


"Security personnel removed Loomer from the stage as producers paused the performance. She was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing, but was unremorseful after the incident."

It is important to note that the Nazi lefty spectators attending the "play" booed the protestors. This is showing the true colors of the left as being supportive of violence and murder.

It is also important to note that the lefties are finally getting some of their own because the conservatives are learning to fight fire with fire.

The Trump team and their allies are saying that the Mueller and Comey relationship is a conflict of interest to justify Trump getting ready to also fire Mueller. Trump knows how to play the lefty PR game and it is killing the lefties.

The right is fighting back more and more. That is great.


Remember that I told you that Germany may be about to dump the EU and make buds with Russia?

Germany and Austria just warned the US not to place more sanctions against Russia, you know, their new ally.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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