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US Navy

You want to know just how powerful the US Navy really is?

I got this from Wikipedia:

"HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of aircraft carrier, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy and capable of carrying up to forty aircraft. She was named by Queen Elizabeth II on 4 July 2014, and began sea trials on 26th June 2017, she will be formally commissioned by the end of 2017. Her first Commanding Officer is Commodore Jerry Kyd, the former captain of HMS Ark Royal and HMS Illustrious.

Unlike most large carriers she is not fitted with catapults and arrestor wires and is instead designed to operate V/STOL aircraft; her air wing will typically consist of F-35B Lightning II fighter-bombers and Merlin helicopters for airborne early warning and anti-submarine warfare. The design emphasises flexibility, with accommodation for 250 Royal Marines and the ability to support them with attack helicopters and troop transports up to Chinook size and larger. She is the second Royal Navy vessel to bear the name Queen Elizabeth and is to be based at HMNB Portsmouth."

OK, this is the largest naval ship Britain has every built and Britain is considered to have one of the most powerful navies in the world, just behind Japan and a few others. This carrier is called a "super carrier" by the British Navy and is comparable to all of the carriers in all of the other navies...except the US Navy. She is diesel powered and has a maximum range of 10,000 nautical miles. She will only have a crew of 700 but can carry up to 1,600 people and will carry up to 250 marines.

In US Navy terms, she is not even considered an aircraft carrier because she uses a ramp and can only carry up to a maximum of 40 aircraft, mostly vertical takeoff aircraft and helicopters. In the US Navy, a true carrier like the Carl Vinson or Nimitz is much larger, can carry from 80 to 100 aircraft, uses a catapult, is nuclear powered so she can stay at sea for up to 25+ years with no limit on range, and has a crew of about 5,000 people.

Just a wee bit of a difference there.

In the US Navy, the HMS Queen Elizabeth would be a helo-carrier or amphibious assault ship like the USS Bonhomme Richard and would be used as an assault craft for deploying marines into combat near a cost line and providing aircraft attack support for those marines. The US Navy has about a dozen of these assault carriers and is building more, at least two more right now.

The US Navy has 11 carriers like the Carl Vinson and Nimitz and is building more right now. EACH US Navy carrier is more powerful than any carrier in any other navy in the world and our dozen or so assault carriers are at least as powerful as any other carrier in any other navy. So the US Navy has the 11 most powerful carriers in the world and a dozen or so assault carriers just as powerful as any other carriers in the world. Think about that.

To give you an idea of how very powerful the US Navy really is, Japan has four assault carriers, China has two assault carriers, India has two assault carriers, Britain will soon be launching a second assault carrier, and Russia has one assault carrier and is building a second assault carrier. Just with assault carriers, the US Navy has at least the two to three most powerful navies in the world and, when you include true carriers, of which no one else has one, the US Navy easily has the five to ten most powerful navies in the world.

Think not?

Combined, Japan, China, India, Britain, and Russia have or will have in the next few years 12 assault carriers that use ramps, from which none of their aircraft can take off with a full load of fuel or munitions and the vertical takeoff planes are not true fighter planes but are instead only attack planes. All of the US assault carriers would be able to do effective battle with all of these other nations' "carriers" COMBINED and, all of the US carriers could easily stand off out of the range of those other nations' "carriers" and destroy those carriers with their aircraft because the US Navy carriers use catapults, which permit the US aircraft to carry full loads of both fuel and weapons on takeoff.

In other words, if you combine all of the carriers in the world from all of the other nations against the entire fleet of US amphibious assault ships and true carriers, the US would have several dozen carriers as powerful or much more powerful than any or all of the other carriers in the world. Compared to those nations individually, the US Navy has at least the 5 to 10 most powerful navies in the world and that doesn't include the rest of the ships.

And you think I am worried about China?

I am much more worried about our leaders and the treasonous lefties. They pose a far greater threat to US national security than anyone else in the world and the lefties use their media as smoke and mirrors to prevent you from figuring that out.

Why do you think the lefties love and help the Muslims terrorists so much?

So you will focus on the terrorist threat and not the much greater lefty threat.


Remember that I have been telling you that the only way to stop the evil of the left and Muslims is to kill them?

I got this from Breitbart by Victoria Friedman:

"One of the terrorists who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby is radicalising other prison inmates who vow to become jihadists when they are released, prison sources have revealed.

Sources at Her Majesty's Prison Frankland have told The Mirror that Michael Adebolajo, who along with fellow Islamist Michael Adebowale, murdered and attempted to behead Fusilier Lee Rigby near Woolwich Barracks in 2014, has already radicalised dozens of prisoners.

Non-Muslim prisoners are said to have converted under the influence of the terrorist and have sworn allegiance to Islamic State. His recruits have vowed to commit acts of terror when released, the paper reveals."

Even prison didn't stop him. He did just like I have been telling you, he regrouped, reorganized, and started over again, working in a different way to do the same thing. He is still waging war against you and working to murder you from INSIDE PRISON!

The ONLY THING that can stop evil people is death. If they had executed him instead of putting him in prison, he would not have been able to turn any of those prisoners into Muslim terrorists, who now pose a threat to you.

By not executing him, the government is aiding him in creating more Muslim terrorists to kill you. Therefore, that government is criminally negligent in their responsibility to protect you from evil people like him.


This last Saturday, protestors tried to take over the La Carlota air base in Venezuela. If they would have had guns, it might have succeeded and you can bet people are considering getting them guns and those people's leaders are definitely working on getting them guns so they can fight back against their corrupt, tyrannical government.

This is a true civil war like is starting to happen in the US, except the American people have guns to fight back with, which is why the Marxists keep trying to disarm you.

A few days after I wrote the above, I wrote the following.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until someone either gets guns to the people of Venezuela or the people with the guns turn those guns on the corrupt leaders to stage a coup?

I got this from the Communist News Network and found it interesting that the libtard news agency would actually report something like this about their beloved communist Venezuela. This was written by Joshua Goodman of the Associated Press:

"CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - A police helicopter fired on Venezuela's Supreme Court and Interior Ministry in what President Nicolas Maduro said was a thwarted terrorist attack aimed at ousting him from power.

The confusing incident, which may ratchet up tensions in a country already paralyzed by months of deadly anti-government protests, took place as Maduro was speaking live on state television Tuesday and as the high court handed down a series of rulings against the opposition.

He later said the helicopter had fired on the pro-government court with grenades, one of which didn't go off, helping avoid any loss of life.

Adding to the intrigue, pictures of a blue police helicopter carrying an anti-government banner appeared on social media around the same time as a video in which an apparent police pilot and budding action movie actor, identified as Oscar Perez, called for a rebellion against Maduro's 'tyranny.' He said he was part of a coalition of renegade members of the country's security forces.

Authorities said they were still searching for the man.

'We have two choices: be judged tomorrow by our conscience and the people or begin today to free ourselves from this corrupt government,' the man said while reading from a manifesto in front of four figures dressed in fatigues, wearing ski masks and carrying assault rifles."

The rebellion just escalated because at least some of the cops have had enough of fighting the people in the streets to protect their corrupt leaders. These people also know that you don't waste your time fighting the puppets in the streets but go directly after the leaders.

The next question is, will the US CIA take advantage of this to work with such angry people to topple the Venezuelan government and leaders?


I keep seeing people, especially the idiot media, talking about how bad guys, especially terrorists, can use commercial encryption programs to fool governments, even the US.

You know, like the feds can't just buy one of those programs and figure out how to use it? Really?

You have to be pretty ignorant and stupid to believe that these commercial encryption programs can hide anything from the feds. You better bet that as soon as a new encryption program goes on sale, the feds buy it and begin working on using and beating it.

I can't believe the obviously stupid stuff a lot of people believe.


Remember that I told you that God is opening eyes so people will make informed choices?

The lefties are now turning on almost all of their corrupt leaders and infighting is breaking out everywhere on the left. Now the lefties are turning on Obama because he is taking so many super expensive vacations on your tax dime. Even the lefties are getting upset about his new life of luxury.

Add to that that the new DOJ is now prosecuting increasing numbers of lefty leaders and more eyes continue to open.

You think that, maybe, just maybe, their sins are finding them out the way God said they would and those sins are opening eyes, turning people against them?


I have taught you before about canine behavior and the risks of letting dogs run free in and around communities.

About 4 or 5 days ago, I got a dog problem. Two medium size dogs of the same breed, a breed that is usually considered to be a safe family dog, clearly owned by the same person, found they could kill cats and kittens at my place. It is blatantly obvious the owner turns them loose at night after they know animal control has gone home for the day. These dogs visit my place between 2 am and 4 am when I am sleeping so they are out hunting and killing everything they can find ALL NIGHT, which makes they increasingly particularly dangerous.

The first night, I heard a loud commotion under my trailer and managed to get out the door in time to see the two dogs running off into the dark, possibly with a kitten to kill later. I just picked up a dead adult male cat which had been killed recently enough that the blood was still liquid and running.

These dogs are clearly well fed and are killing cats just for the sport. You can tell when a domestic dog kills a cat and when a coyote kills a cat. The coyote will eat everything but the hair and just leave a big circle of hair where it ate the cat because coyotes kill mostly for food. The domestic dog will leave a mangled and usually dead cat body because they kill for sport or fun. I have had to have mangle cats put down because the dog didn't even kill it, they just enjoyed mangling the cat.

A pack of domestic dogs will even kill cattle for fun and are often hunted on ranches to protect the cattle. Note that cattle are much larger than humans.

The dogs have been back every night since and I have done what I can to provide the feral cats with cover but they still get cats because they hunt as a team so that one will bush or scare a cat into the other. The leftard courts and other intellectuals have screwed things up to where you cannot kill other people's vicious pet dogs to protect your animals or live stock because "killing those vicious dogs is inhumane." In most states, you are required by law to just let those dogs kill at will. Your hands are tied by the leftards so that there is nothing you can do but pray.

Many of the cats have gone missing with the survivors fleeing the area with their kittens to escape the dogs. The rest of the cats have taken up sleeping in the most secure cover I can provide.

Unfortunately, the dogs will keep coming back to keep killing until they either don't get any more cats for at least a week or two, the dogs end up dead, or their idiot owner starts keeping them in, which I don't expect to happen of their own volition. If you do call animal control, by the time they get here, the dogs are miles away and animal control won't stop them and you are not allowed to stop the dogs yourself. (Believe me yet that the lefties have invented infinite insanity?)

I have already told you why dogs that are permitted to roam free are more likely to turn on their owners but even more likely to attack other people. They quickly become a threat to everyone.

Think about this; these dogs have made repeated kills, they clearly enjoy the hunt, chase, kill, and the taste of blood and have ALREADY become more vicious and deadly. Let me repeat that, they have ALREADY become more vicious, deadly, and a greater threat to everyone.

What should this all tell you?

It is only a matter of time and they will attack a human. The more these dogs roam free and continue to kill for fun, the more likely they will be to attack the owner or other people, especially children. The owners are inadvertently turning their pets into vicious predators that will eventually try to enjoy the hunting and killing of people.

People used to know this is true and used to hunt and kill such dogs. These dogs have gone bad but try to explain that to the stupid owners who probably think cute widdle muffy and rover are just running around the desert chasing the unicorns over rainbows.

You REALLY should not want your dogs to run free for the many reasons I have explained. When your dogs start killing for pleasure, you need to either seriously restrain them or have them put down because, if they continue to run free and enjoy killing, it is only a matter of time until they attack a human, especially children, and you end up in jail and sued.

On my FB page, I have a "friend" who loves wolves and had been posting how wonderful and saintly wolves "really are" and how they won't kill except for food and how they won't attack humans...unless provoked, of course. Then it made the news about a pack of wolves slaughtering about 20 sheep and eating none of them. The wolves clearly made the kills just for sport and to kill such a huge number of prey just for fun is clearly wolves not being very saintly.

Some of the people on his friends list asked him about the wonderful, saintly wolves killing so many sheep just for fun, he made some lame excuses, and then he quit posting about how wonderful and saintly wolves are because no one would listen. God had opened their eyes to the truth.

I just quietly sat, reading, watching, and laughing as increasing numbers of people realized his lefty propaganda about wolves was just so much crap, after they got a nice dose of reality.

If permitted to roam free, all dogs will eventually kill for pleasure.

You think not?

Did you know that in Mexico there is a section of the Sonora Desert in which there are packs of hundreds of little Chihuahua dogs that will and have taken down humans very much like a massive land piranha attack?

They make up for weight and size with very large numbers. I read that there was at least one pack of more than 300 of these tiny dogs which could kill a human in minutes, just for the fun of it.

If a pack of little free roaming Chihuahuas are dangerous, how much more dangerous are larger free roaming dogs?

If you are going to have a dog, it really helps to learn canine behavior and use it to care for the dog, especially to prevent it from becoming a vicious killer that will turn on you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. It is also best to ignore the leftard crap being fed to you buy the media, even PBS.

I don't hate dogs. I have had dogs as pets and loved them very much but I understand dogs and you should also. By nature, cute widdle muffy is a vicious predator and high enough on the food chain to be a threat to humans, especially because it is a pack animal.

I dread the night when I will step outside into the middle of those dogs hunting cats in my yard, they will naturally turn their hunt on me, and either I will die or I will have to kill them to survive because they have an idiot owner and too many of our judges, politicians, media, and others are also idiots.

Welcome to canine reality 101.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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