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I have noticed a trick being used more and more by media to make you believe they are covering all of the important stories when they are not.

What they do is report on things like car accidents, a person being bitten by a snake, and other things which are not of national significance to cause you to believe they have covered everything of national significance "and, oh, BTW, this or that thing which is not of national significance also happened." This creates the illusion that they are covering everything of national significance.

Keep an eye on this.


A German court has said that Muslims can have Sharia police roaming the streets to enforce Sharia law.

Does this mean that Christians can have Christian police roaming the streets to enforce Biblical or Christian law on Germans? Why do I think not?

What I can't wait for is the Muslims enforcing Sharia law against the upper class trash, judges, politicians, media, and others who support this treason, often putting them to death. I want video.


I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"The United States isn't the only nation with a massive new aircraft carrier setting out to sea, as this week saw the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's largest warship ever built, and its only aircraft carrier since retiring the much smaller HMS Illustrious in 2014.

The British Navy calls its new ship, named after the nation's 91-year-old monarch, 'four acres of sovereign territory, deployable across the globe to serve the United Kingdom.'

With a 65,000 ton displacement and overall length of 920 feet, the Queen Elizabeth still falls far short of matching America's Nimitz or new Ford Class super carriers in terms of dimension, which each displace in the neighborhood of 100,000 tons and boast lengths of 1,092 feet."

To which I posted, "I realize that you probably have British readers on this site and are probably being polite to them but it would be more accurate to compare her to US amphibious assault ships like the USS Bonhomme Richard than to US carriers. All carriers currently in service for all nations are more like US amphibious assault ships and not what we call carriers.

Japan currently has four such ships, India has two and is building a third, China has two and is building a third, Russia has one and is building a second, and Britain now how one and is building a second. That is about 10 such ships in service by all other countries combined and the US has about 10 to 12 such ships and is currently building more PLUS the US has 11 carriers that are more powerful than any other nation's carriers.

When you consider that 6 of those launched amphibious assault ships being called carriers are floated by US allies, that only leaves 3 or 4 being floated by potential enemies, which helps explain why I am not worried about China. The US has almost two dozen carriers that are as powerful or more powerful than China's two carriers...or anyone else's one to four carriers."

Now the Brits and Ruskies are squabbling about whose carrier is better to which I posted, "OK, this is getting funny. They are both right and both wrong.

Britain openly stated that her primary concern in deploying the QE is making sure she is protected by other ships from ships, subs, and missiles and, as I stated in another comment, she is really what the US Navy would call an amphibious assault ship and not a carrier. Their stated primary concerning is defensively protecting the ship instead of using it for offensive reasons, which makes it more like a royal statue to boost moral than a war ship.

Then we have the Ruskie beat up old tug of an amphibious assault ship called a carried which will only put to sea with a tug to tow her home. She is like an old woman with a walker and not a warrior.

These two arguing is like a couple of two year olds arguing about whose tricycle is fastest when the US has a bicycle shop full of tricycles and bicycles, the latter of which are much faster than any tricycles.

Most of the upper class elites never grow up, which is why we have the problems we have."

And you think the upper class trash are smarter than you because they stole more money than you have earned?

They are overgrown, spoiled children with severe Napoleonic complexes and a love of money. They belong in a nut house and not running our governments.

BTW, remember that I have told you that the US Navy could bring back older ships from retirement to quickly increase its fleet size?

The US Navy is currently looking into bringing ships out of retirement and extending the service of ships about to retire while building more new ships to quickly build a fleet of more than 350 ships. They are currently considering the most cost effective way to do this and it is looking like they will bring back some ships, delay the retirement of others, and continue building new ships to quickly achieve their goals.

Apparently they are going to have to quickly hire another 2,000 people to maintain those ships in the larger fleet. You might want to update your resumes, they will be hiring soon.

Part of the reason for the US military suddenly and quickly ramping up is because there is currently a military standoff between India and China in the Bhutan area because China insists on building a road which can be used to quickly move troops into battle against India. So far, India has stopped the building of the road but both sides have deployed more than 3,000 troops to the area. The situation is not getting better.

This in conjunction with China moving to build new bases in Pakistan and being more aggressive in the South and East China Seas along with not really helping Trump with North Korea and other things tell me that China is up to something.

It is very clear that both China and India are ramping up for a two-front war between China/Pakistan and India.

Are China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and other nations working together to stage a war against the US knowing that Obama left Trump with a less than one front military, which is currently spread out all around the world and over taxed, and the rest of the West may not support the US, you know, like Merkel and Erdogan suddenly making buds with Russia and most of NATO not wanting to do their part in defending the West? Have they decided to go to war with the US before Trump can rebuild the US military?

That would help explain Trump suddenly ramping up the growth of the US Navy from just building ships to pulling ships out of retirement and storage to ramp up even faster.

Are the axis powers plotting a nuke first-strike to discourage anyone from fighting with the US?

If you suddenly see the Pentagon pulling planes, tanks, and other weapons systems out of retirement and storage and delaying retirement for others while recalling millions of US vets to man those weapons in order to quickly build the US military back up past a one front military, the fecal matter is probably about to hit the fan.

Hold it, they already started delaying retirement for a lot of planes, didn't they? And now ships too?

Keep an eye on this.


I have been watching for almost two decades and Israel keeps buying 3 to 6 nuclear capable subs at a time without retiring any during that time. I have seen her retire a few older ships but no subs during that time. She simply quits talking about the subs she previously purchased and keeps people focused on the last subs she purchased causing many to believe those are the only subs she has. She must have a fleet of at least 3 to 4 dozen nuclear capable subs by now.

I don't remember how many cruise missiles or torpedoes each sub can carry in the tubes because the number keeps increasing. From what I understand, her cruise missiles can carry about 200 kiloton nukes and she should be able to melt down Iran by now just with her subs.

Think not?

If she only has 30 nuke capable subs (less than three dozen) and each one carries just twenty 200 kt nukes that can be quickly put in the tubes, that is 600 strategic/tactical nukes (200 to 300 kt nukes can be used both strategically and tactically) and that is a very conservative estimate.

She just ordered 3 more nuke capable subs from Germany.

If I were Iran, I would stop threatening to nuke Israel.

Eyes Opening

The lefties in Venezuela got what they wanted, their beloved communism, and it is turning increasing numbers of college students and others against communism and their communist government. In spite of their free communist education, few students are bothering to show up to classes because they are rioting against and trying to overthrow the government or just working to try to help support their families because of the devastated economy created by the communism.

God let the commies get what they wanted and it is opening people's eyes.

You think I am wrong about God opening people's eyes to the truth?

A recent study shows that 20% of the people who voted for Trump were former Clinton supporters who changed sides because of what they saw opening their eyes. Gee, what a coincidence.

And Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

BTW, fighting against their corrupt governments is increasing in other countries like Brazil and Argentina. People have had enough of the corruption and rebellion is breaking out everywhere against the upper class trash. Let's pray it is happening soon enough.

Gee, you think God has been opening their eyes to the truth too?

It looks like it, all over the world, baby. Now all they need is guns or for the military and/or police to take their side against the upper class trash.

And then they just voted to lower the minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers in Mane with the workers lobbying for it. I guess God opened their eyes by letting other states increase the minimum wage, putting restaurant workers out of work.

I see God opening more and more eyes to the foolishness of the left and their idiot ideas. As long as God has one more pair of eyes He wants to open, this will continue.

Do you see the hypocrisy in the lefties saying there will be a high death toll with the GOP healthcare program?

The lefties have death panels written into Obamacare, do you really think they care about you getting medical care and not dying?

Pelosi said that the new healthcare bill "dishonors God".

Which god, her god, Satan?

Eric Holder told the Justice Department and FBI to "Be prepared, be strong."

Read: Don't rat me out!

I do hope you realize that global warming and sugary drinks are just excuses to start new taxes to steal more money from you, you know, like the carbon tax and sugary drinks tax. They can't steal enough fast enough so they are being innovative in stealing by dreaming up new excuses to start new taxes. It is like I have been telling you, the power mad and greedy can never be satiated because they will always want more and the upper class trash are proving it.

My scientific research has proven conclusively that lefties belong to the species Moronus Maximus. It is a species that is too stupid to figure out they are stupid and they have invented infinite stupidity and infinite insanity because their stupidity and insanity are never ending. Members of this species should not be allowed to think or speak in public. (We will see how long it takes for that one to make it around the Internet. Posted July 1, 2017.)


I got this from Breitbart by Edwin Mora:

"The final fatality tally for jihadi attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan increased to 1,639, primarily fueled by victims who succumbed to their injuries, reveals an updated Breitbart News count of terror incidents during the period.

With a total of 3,343 casualties, including 1,704 injuries, Ramadan 2017 is one of the bloodiest holy months in recent history. The number of deaths this year marked a nearly four-fold increase from the estimated 421 people killed by Islamic extremists last year.

There were nearly 160 terror incidents in about 30 predominantly Muslim countries this year, including one jihadi attack in the United States.

Soon after the holiest month for Muslims ended last Saturday, Breitbart News reported that jihadist organizations had killed 1,627 people during Ramadan.

However, after taking into account people who succumbed to their injuries throughout the month and government entities changing the casualty count after Breitbart News initially documented the attacks, this news outlet has determined the final updated tally to be 3,343 casualties (1,639 killed, 1,704 injured)."

Yep, ye ole religion of human pieces hard at work turning humans into pieces.

BTW, the Muslims are currently trying to use the next election to seize control of the entire state of Michigan with plans to implement Sharia Law state wide. The lefties are about to get a taste of Islamic reality when the Muslims start enforcing Sharia Law against the lefties, you know, like killing homosexuals, feminists, and others. Even the upper class trash won't be safe from them.

Keep an eye on this.

They are finding out in wars against the Muslims everywhere such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines that the Muslims are learning from fighting the US and now Russia and are getting better. It is getting tougher to defeat the Muslims, especially for nations which don't have our military resources, training, and experience.

That is what happens when you don't quickly and ruthlessly end a war and just let it drag out for years and decades, the enemy learns and adapts making it tougher and tougher to beat them.

What did they think, that they could keep fighting the Muslims for decades and nothing would change and it would just keep being as easy as it was when we first went into Afghanistan?

Our idiot upper class trash created this mess and our soldiers and people pay for it with their lives. The upper class trash and everyone who has been complicit must be held accountable for their treasonous actions, which are increasingly costing US citizens their lives. They cannot be allowed to get away with this treasonous behavior.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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