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Here is food for thought about Mars.

Here on earth, helicopters can't operate above a certain altitude because the air is too thin to provide enough lift to keep them airborne and almost all aircraft have a maximum operating "ceiling" for flying because of lift problems caused by thin air.

On Mars, there is only about 5 to 10 millibars air pressure but here on earth at sea level there is 1,000 millibars or one bar air pressure.

What should those two things combined tell you?

That there isn't enough atmosphere on Mars for any aircraft to fly and only spacecraft could fly on Mars. Absolutely NO helicopters, hovercraft, propeller driven aircraft, or other such aircraft could fly on Mars because there is not enough atmosphere for them to get enough thrust to get enough forward motion and/or get enough air passing over their wings to fly. It will be electric go carts or the mule, Sarah.

Oh yeah, since sun light spreads out and gets thinner as it travels away from the sun (it spreads out by about 52% more than on Earth, both horizontally and vertically, which means there will be about 25% of the sunlight per square foot compared to what you get on earth so almost nothing from Earth will grow there), on Mars you will need at least 4 times the solar collectors to do the same job as on earth because Mars gets less than a quarter as much sunlight per square foot than Earth (this time I actually figured it out instead of just making a very conservative guess and, obviously, my prior guess of less than 50% was very conservative with this estimate still being conservative - it is probably more like 20%, just enough to see well).

Since there was never any life on Mars, there won't be any coal to burn for energy and there probably won't be any oil or natural gas.

Also, with only 38% of earth's gravity, heavy metals like uranium break down much faster so there probably won't be much, if any, heavy metals like Uranium to use for energy.

This all means there will be a severe shortage of potential energy on Mars and you need to deal with such things before you go off gallivanting on your unicorn across the cosmos to colonize every rock you can find. If you don't develop contingencies for such problems to survive before you leave earth, you will die. You MUST rationally and objectively think everything through before leaving earth with plans A through Z+ to survive.

BTW, you might want to take a life time supply of vitamin D pills because you probably won't get enough sunlight on Mars for your body to make enough for you to live on and, without vitamin D, you won't live long.

Are you ready yet to tell Elon Musk that his "wonderfully priced" tickets to colonize Mars are not a bargain at any price unless you just want a very expensive funeral procession to Mars, especially since he plans on sending nothing but rich people who will all stand around waiting for everyone else to do the work, you know, like they did when only rich people went to James Town?

Common sense should tell you that a colony team should be at least 90% middle and lower class workers and 10% lazy rich people or the colony will fail.

What, you think Elon Musk and company are only using marketing and not common sense?

They MUST solve all of these and more problems before they even start recruiting people to colonize Mars or the colony is doomed.


This morning, on the way to Walmart, I realized that, at 68, I only have nine more years to live until the US average age of 77.

What they don't tell you about the average life expectancy is that 2/3 of the people will die before they reach the average life expectancy. I have been sitting here for years watching rich and famous people significantly younger than me and often considered to be healthier than me, die. Their fame and wealth did not save them, they still died.

Commie Dictatorship

This is how stupid and short sighted the left is. If they had not murdered more than 50 million unborn babies of lefty moms, most of those kids would already be old enough to vote and would have given the lefty idiots their beloved lefty commie dictatorship. But the left just has to have their adultery without the inconvenience and responsibility of children to raise so they have been murdering their future voters by the tens of millions for decades costing them elections that would have made it possible for the left to have already set up its dictatorship. The left is its own worst enemy.

This is part of what happens when you love your sins too much, they cost you your future and dreams.


The EU dictatorship determining what the parents of the baby Charlie Gard can and cannot do to save the life of the child is opening large numbers of eyes around the world to the cold, cruel reality of a Marxist government run by non caring leftist government bureaucrats...and that it is just another elitist, Marxist dictatorship. When the people were told about the death panels, they were told it would be to prevent terminally ill old people from wasting valuable government money staying alive a little longer so that money could be spent on providing paradise for the young and not about denying babies a chance at life.

People, especially the young, are seeing with their eyes the cold, brutal, murdering, black heartedness of a Marxist government that can ruthlessly order the murder of a child.

Develop new medicine to save the life of the child and others?

No, no, just murder the brat, good old simplistic lefty logic. Don't waste the money to develop better medicine, give it to the spoiled commie brats to buy more drugs.

Wait until they see how this mentality stagnates medicine, preventing developing new medicine to cure more things and even causes their medicine to go backwards to cure fewer things.

More eyes are opening as the lefties get what they want.

North Korea

Trump has proved that China will not work against China's ally, North Korea, for the US and Trump has stated such.

Surprise, surprise.

I got this headline by Greg Richter at Newsmax: "US Attack on NKorea Would Endanger SKorea"

No, the greatest threat to South Korea is for the US to continue to do nothing and permit North Korea to keep getting stronger until North Korea believes they can conquer South Korea. Every year the US does nothing to stop North Korea, North Korea just gets stronger and will do even more damage than the year before.

It is not if but when must the US go in to fix the mess caused by Truman in the early 1950s and the later we go in, the more damage will be done to South Korea. It is inevitable that North Korea will eventually attack South Korea and cause significant damage, therefore, it is only logical and responsible for the US to do damage control by fixing the mess in North Korea as soon as possible.

The War

I am watching the increasing anger on the right being caused by the increasing fascist oppression by the left. I am seeing out right warnings about the left not going too far. I am seeing the left threatening the right with an armed rebellion, further increasing that anger.

Increasing numbers of conservatives are angry enough to purge the lefties during and after the fighting to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. I am now convinced that increasing numbers of conservatives will hunt down and kill lefties, especially the upper class trash, to hold them accountable for their actions, especially after they are finally forced to fight a war caused by the left. I keep seeing an increasing outcry for justice for the lefties, especially the upper class trash. The right is increasingly asking why the left upper class trash and their minions are not in prison or headed that way.

This will only get worse and there will come a vicious action by the left that will set off the already ticking conservative bomb. The right is increasingly ready to fight and kill the left to stop the left.

The left has already started this war and it is already going on but it is about to get very serious.


Remember that I recently asked whether Russia, China, and their allies are ramping up to fight the US in a combined action before Trump can rebuild our military from the very limited less-than-one-front military scatter all over the world and overtaxed that Obama left us with?

Are Russia and China also planning to fight us from the outside while our treasonous lefties and the Muslims fight us from the inside? Are the lefty governments of Mexico and/or Canada also planning to attack us from the outside to bring us down and take land from us? Are Russia and China also working with the EU via their new friends in Germany and others?

I wonder what promises Merkel, who practically runs the EU, is making Russia and China for helping the EU bring down the US to stop Trump from destroying their evil globalist plans.

I am seeing signs that the US military is ramping up for this war by shifting its focus from fighting terrorist actions to fighting massive standing armies such as Russia and China would field. It is looking like the US military is very aware of this problem and is quickly moving to solve the problem. Some of the new equipment they are purchasing is focused on fighting large standing armies and not just terrorists.

Gee, you don't think that is why the US military is keeping current aircraft and ships from retiring longer to increase their numbers while pulling others out of retirement, do you?

I'm waiting for the recall of vets for getting those weapons systems battle ready, maintaining those weapons systems, and using those weapons systems in war. When that happens, the fighting will have either begun or be about to begin and it looks like Trump is working to get ahead on that action before the fighting starts.

Mean while I keep seeing more and more evidence that Russia, China, and their allies are pushing for this fight before Trump can rebuild our military.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, remember that I told you that God is permitting all of this wickedness to open eyes so people will make a knowledgeable choice as to which side to be on?

Have you noticed how all of this international strife between nations is causing everyone at the top to more openly choose which side they are on?

Eyes are opening everywhere.


Early this morning, I was thinking about God, His powers, and His responsibilities.

God taught me a long time ago that, with power and wealth come responsibility ("To whom much is given, much is required"), unlike what the lefty pagans believe.

As I contemplated God's great power, control, and, therefore, responsibility for earth and the entire cosmos, I quickly stated that I absolutely do not want to be God, a god, or even a president or prime minister of a nation. That is a huge amount of responsibility that I just don't care for.

I am the type of person who would be very happy living in a log cabin in the woods, hiking, hunting, and fishing plus growing a few vegies. I DO NOT need or want the responsibility that comes with the power to control others except for self defense or to protect other good people. The only way I could see myself wanting or seeking such power as the president of the US would be for the need for someone to clean up a mess caused by the upper class trash and knowing no one else would do the job.

I personally feel that anyone who wants and works for the job as president, except to clean up such a mess, is nuts and belongs in a mental institution. Also, anyone who wants to be God or a god, is bonkers mad and should be imprisoned, hung, or shot.

I am not a god, do not want to be a god, and prefer to just be Carl, a flawed human trying my best to enjoy life and help others when I can. But, if God wants me to, I will reluctantly accept such a job and you can bet I will do my best to rule with a Christian rod of iron just like Jesus will and will have zero tolerance for the corruption and wickedness that caused this mess. "Never more, quoth the raven!"

The power mad lefties are nuts and very evil. They MUST be dealt with.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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