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Remember that I have taught you about the dangers of free roaming dogs to humans, especially when the dogs pack up?

The community of Beit Shemesh in Israel is now shooting free roaming feral dogs because some are attacking humans, you know, like I have told you they will.

Personally, I would prefer capturing and giving them to owners, when possible, but I also know that dogs which have packed up may not be able to be domesticated again and it increases their potential to turn on their owners. Most will always remain dangerous to humans.

Sometimes reality just sucks.

Maybe the ones who get shot should be the people who dump these dogs.

State Department

I got this from Newsmax by Joe Crowe:

"President Donald Trump has plans to revamp the State Department, and his administration's efforts have left the staff demoralized, according to former officials from both Democrat and Republican administrations, The Hill is reporting.

'My suspicion is that within the White House, particularly amongst the nationalist faction... that this seems to actually be a concerted effort to diminish the role of the State Department in U.S. foreign policy and hamper its abilities to pursue policies that would be considered overly globalist,' Stewart Patrick, policy planning staff member during George W. Bush administration, told The Hill.

'They also don't see much use, frankly, in diplomacy" and the Trump administration's view is that "development and foreign assistance is basically pouring money down a rat hole.'"

This is very good news because someone needs to clean out the corruption in the State Department. This one move could possibly put the Clintons out of business.

Keep an eye on this.


Here is more good news from Newsmax By Jason Devaney:

"More Christian refugees have arrived in the United States under President Donald Trump than Muslims, a shift from the previous administration.

The Pew Research Center looked at data from the Department of State and concluded that 9,598 Christians have emigrated to the U.S. from Jan. 21 to June 30. 7,250 Muslim refugees came to the U.S. during the same timeframe."

This is very good news and the worm is turning. Yes, the immigrant numbers are still high but more of them are now Christians and not US hating Muslims. Of course the news could be even better with even fewer Muslims and more Christians.

Political Office

I am seeing more and more conservatives planning to run for office because they are fed up with the professional politicians on both sides. They have had enough and are working to get rid of the professional liars. They feel a need to fix the mess the politicians have made with their corruption and refuse to fix themselves. It is time to get rid of the political class and replace them with humans.

Keep an eye on this.

Trailer Parks

You keep seeing people make fun of people living in trailer parks but please notice that the vast majority of the crazies causing our problems, especially at the top, didn't come from trailer parks. We would probably be better off if those nuts causing all of these problems had been replaced by people from trailer parks who are more in touch with the hard realities of life. They definitely couldn't do any worse.

Go ahead, compare the crazies on the news and see how few came from trailer parks.

The house you grow up in or live in does not determine whether you are good or bad. Many of the worst criminals in the world grew up in some of the best mansions in the world. Very few, if any of them grew up in trailer parks. Trailer trash is nothing compared to upper class trash. It is easily the upper class trash which cause better than 80% of the problems we have.


Remember that I told you a few days ago that I was looking for confirmation about China decreasing its military to below 1 million troops, laying off more than 1 million troops in one shot?

I just got that confirmation from a reasonably reliable source. All of the cutting will be coming from the Chinese Army with increases for the Navy and the Chinese missile forces and the Chinese air force remaining the same.

So the Chinese communist government is about to kick more than one million people out of the Chinese army, including a large number of officers, and many becoming homeless just like the last 300,000 China fired in 2015. That will be almost 1.5 million angry military personnel fired in the last two years.

Remember that, after those last 300,000 soldiers were fired because of their bad economy and corrupt leaders stealing from their government, many of the fired soldiers rioted in the streets for more than a year AND many of the Chinese soldiers being fired this time were forced to fight those rioting soldiers AND NOW these soldiers ARE those soldiers but they still have their guns. That was less than a year ago and these angry soldiers remember, it is still fresh on their minds that they had to fight their fellow soldiers, who had also been betrayed by their corrupt communist leaders.

Add to this that, if certain other countries don't see the writing on the wall and seize the day, they will go down in history as the world's stupidest idiots who missed one of the greatest opportunities in military history. I would be very surprised to find out that agents from India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the US, Europe, and others are not right now talking to Chinese officers about staging a coup to remove China's corrupt communist leaders to save their own jobs.

I just can't imagine there not at least being an attempted coup of the Chinese government by the Chinese military.

And, since Obama isn't in office any more, this coup would be more likely to succeed than the coup against Erdogan. Also, if China falls, Kimmy Boy is dead meat. A China coup could solve all sorts of problems, especially if China gets divided up into three or more new nations like Xinjiang, Tibet, and others.

Of course, the big question will be, "Who is going to end up with China's 300+ nukes?"

It could also cause a few problems.

Keep an eye on this because this is massive and could have incredible results.

Add to this that China is now saying there is no room for negotiation in the India standoff with China. China is now saying that India MUST back down unconditionally and withdraw. This is literally a threat of war, if India does not back down and give China everything she wants.


You still think the Muslims are not waging feudal warfare on the Europeans?

Over the last few days just in Paris, France 897 cars were burned and you can bet they were not Muslim cars. There were also 13 police officers injured by Muslims attacking them.

How bad does this have to get before people wake up to the ugly truth about Islam and Muslims? Will the Europeans rise up against their upper class trash in time to save their nations from Muslim rule?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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