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I got this from Arutz Sheva by Mordechai Sones:

"Sweden's National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: 'Help us, help us!,' he said, while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all 'good powers' in the country to support them, reports Nicolai Sennels of Jihad Watch.

A leaked report concluded that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as "no-go zones") in Sweden now totals 61, up from 55 in just one year's time. This increase represents not only the total number, but also the geographical size of these areas.

Swedish law enforcement is crying out for help as their society is torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants, refugees, and invaders, and commentators are noting that it is only a question of time before the country needs military intervention from abroad in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

2011 recipient of Sweden's Order of the Seraphim medal, Johan Patrik Engellau, a research expert regarding destabilized countries, has been working with organizations such as the UN and others that operate in crisis areas. He warns: 'I'm afraid it is the end for the well-organized, decent, and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun.'"

First and most importantly, let's get it straight, this is not a civil war and is an invasion and conquest by the Muslims but you have to understand that for the upper class trash and their minions to admit it is a conquest, they also have to admit they betrayed their people, their nation, and they committed treason and you know they will never admit to that.

This is the same thing the Muslims did more than 1,000 years ago when they conquered the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, Southern Italy, and Eastern Europe. Please note that the invasion of Spain also involved the aid of a Spanish traitor as this invasion involves the aid of a large number of European traitors.

The first thing they have to do to save their butts is get rid of the traitors. No action to stop this Muslim invasion can succeed without first getting rid of all of the traitors.

This is true for all of Europe, to save themselves, the very first thing the people MUST do is get rid of the traitors who have aided the Muslims with their invasion of Europe. Until the people are willing to do that, they cannot stop the Muslim invasion.

While France is burning from the Muslim invasion of France, their idiot leader, Macron, is cutting the military budget by more than 800 million Euros. The French military chief, Pierre de Villiers, resigned in a furry over ultra lefty, Macron, destroying their military in a time of great need for that military.

In my opinion, Macron has just committed treason against his people and nation and should be dealt with accordingly but so have the rest of the Euro-American upper class trash.

From the looks of it, the people of Europe don't have much time left before all is lost.

Once again the European people have let their leaders lead them into a crisis they may not be able to survive without US intervention. Once again, we will probably have to send our young men to die cleaning up their stupid mess.

Only this time, it will be after they helped our traitors try to destroy our nation so should we send our young men to die for them again or just let them rot in their own stew?

If we save their butts again, will they just turn around and try to destroy us again?

If we don't insist on killing off all of their bad guys, certainly we will have to fight in Europe again within the next century or sooner, of course, after their bad guys help our bad guys once again try to destroy the US.

Maybe, this time, we should let them simmer in their own stew for a while before we save their butts?


Remember that I have been telling you that the power mad, greedy, corrupt can never be satiated, they will always want more, and that they will never quit in the quest for more power and more wealth?

The best example of that being true is the Clintons.

Billy Boy was president and we have no idea how much illegal money he put in his pocket, we just know it was a lot, almost certainly in the millions.

Then they formed the Clinton Foundation and began taking bribes from people around the world for favors the Clintons provided via their government contacts Billy Boy hired while he was president.

Then Hillary ran for president and lost to Obama so Obama appointed her as Secretary of State where she regularly sold out America with Billy Boy raking in the dough right and left via the Clinton Foundation.

Then $6 billion mysterious went missing from the State department just before she left and she made a deposit in a Qatar bank for $1.4 billion. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, I wonder where Hillary got $1.4 billion to deposit in that Qatar bank right after $6 billion disappeared from the State Department just before she left? Don't you think them stealing $6 billion from the State Department was enough?

Of course not so she ran for president again so she and Billy Boy could steal more from the nation and its tax payers but lost to Trump who is now undoing much of the corruption the left has put in place. During that election attempt the ugly truth was revealed about her corruption turning even some lefties against her to vote for Trump.

She is now hated by most lefties but will that stop her?

Of course not, she is insisting that she will save the Commiecrat Party from its own self destruction caused by their corruption while planning to run for president in 2020 even though the rest of the commies are telling her to get lost.

Mean while, power mad, greedy Billy Boy is working on running Chelsea for the Senate in 2018 so he can run her for president in 2020 in spite of the fact that Princess Chelsea was also turned into damaged goods by her mother's election attempt.

They can't stop because they are obsessive, compulsive evil, greedy, and power mad. They just keep charging on in spite of the fact that their behavior is turning more and more lefties against them. They are absolutely proving what I have been telling you for years, that the only thing which can stop greedy, power mad people is death. Don't be surprised if someone on the left snuffs Hillary and possibly also Billy Boy and Chelsea to get rid of them.

Also remember that I have been telling you that government corruption destroys all great nations, which is why it should be considered a threat to national security and treason?

You don't have to study history, all you have to do is watch what is going on right now.

China is having to tear its military down from 2.3 million to less than 1 million because government corruption has destroyed their economy and nation.

Putin fought to get rid of most of the government corruption in Russia, which destroyed the Soviet Union and brought Russia and its military significantly below that of the US, and is using that to rebuild his military and nation.

The Europeans devastated their militaries with their government corruption and now realize they must now build an EU military to protect themselves because they don't individually have the ability to defend themselves.

Trump is having to rebuild the US military from the less than one front military left by Obama's government corruption.

One of the biggest problems with government corruption is that it is almost impossible to stop without getting rid of or killing all of the corrupt people in charge because they can't stop on their own. This is because the more thieves steal, the more they spend and they always spend more than they steal so they will have to keep stealing more and more to pay for their irresponsible spending.

The attitude the thieves have is, "Hey, I stole one million so I can steal another million so why not spend two million?"

Listen, if they were responsible enough to control their spending, they would be too responsible to steal in the first place. Of course they will irresponsibly spend what they irresponsibly stole.

They are proving every day what I told you about death being the only thing which will stop their evil behavior. If you don't execute them for their crimes, they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again, you know, just like the Clintons and, if you don't stop them, they will destroy your nation, causing the deaths of millions.

Cop Kills Woman

Everyone is stunned by a cop killing or murdering an Australian woman in Minnesota who called 911 to report a possible assault in the alley behind her house.

The cop is Mohamed Noor, a Muslim from Somalia and the woman was wearing her pajamas while talking to Noor's partner. Noor's partner was stunned when Noor shot the woman.

In Islam, her being in her pajamas in front of the men would be a severe crime requiring her death. Noor, a Muslim, was carrying out Sharia Law by killing the woman.

This will eventually come out but it is going to take a lot of teeth pulling.

Be careful who you hire to enforce the law because he may not always enforce your version of law.


I saw a post on FB that I am praying is not fake news. If you know of confirmation, please let me know. The post said, "Liberals are 'sick and tired' of living in America and are moving to Europe."

Oh, please, please, please be true. Please don't be fake news.

And, to show just how brilliant the lefties are, if this is true, they are leaving here just as the Muslims are rapidly increasing their killing of non Muslims. Talk about getting two blessings at the same time.

It is pretty likely this is true to some extent because of the liberals talking about leaving the US after Trump being elected. I am certain that at least some are leaving and going to Europe. Hopefully, it will be more than just some.

It is being called #libexit.

Federal Healthcare

The "Repeal, Replace" thingy seems to have failed...again. They are now talking about repealing Obamacare and replacing it later.

Pray that God will cause them to repeal it and just fix Medicaid because that is all they really need to do to have healthcare for the poor.

BTW, there is a strong possibility that this is all show to buy time so Obamacare will completely collapse and people can see the ugly truth about lefty government healthcare and what will happen.


With the tensions increasing between China and India, India has sent someone to France to hurry up the delivery of the Rafale jets ordered by India. India is also signing a contract for Israeli Litening pods to be used by the Rafale jets for targeting.

Why, are China and Pakistan getting ready to attack India soon?

It looks more and more like it. Keep an eye on this.

Charlie Gard

This is hilarious. Capitalism is saving the baby, Charlie Gard, from the murdering European socialist government "healthcare" and socialism is failing everywhere.

The US has granted residency status to the parents of Charlie Gard so his parents can legally bring him to the US for medical treatment when the UK's government run socialist medicine is insisting that the parents just let Charlie Gard die.

I keep telling you that the lefties only pretend to care about people so people will believe their great sounding lies. The people who really do care about other people are the conservatives.

This mess is definitely opening eyes to the harsh, cold reality of lefties and their beloved socialism.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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