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I have been thinking about the concept that US lefties are fleeing the US in mass and going to Europe. I am certain it is happening to some extent but I just can't see how it could be happening very much. There are very few jobs in Europe, especially compared to the US.

To get my MBA, I had to study international economics and there are some things I need to share with you about Europe we have known about for decades.

For decades, more than half of the people in Europe have been living on some kind of welfare. The "official unemployment" rate in Europe is a much bigger joke than it has been in the US under Obama. The true European unemployment rate has to be at least 60%. About the only way you can get a job in Europe is if you are either related to someone or are good friends with someone.

It has been a fact in Europe that for decades more than half of the people who do have jobs are working for the government. That means that about 80% of the people in Europe depend on a government paycheck.

To try and pay for this, the taxes are so high for those who do work, that, if you actually paid all of the taxes you are supposed to pay by law, the government would take anywhere from 80% to more than 100% of you income. Therefore, tax evasion isn't a crime in Europe, it is a religion...and control system because everyone, including the government, knows that everyone is not paying all of their taxes because no one can and, if you are not a good little commie, they can easily put your butt in jail for tax evasion.

The only businesses left alive in Europe are the businesses that are bribing the right government people. The only economy Europe has is a blend of Marxism and crony capitalism. If your business isn't bribing the right people, it won't survive.

The European governments are 100% corrupt. We are not talking about as bad as what the US lefties like the Clintons and Obama created but much, much worse.

How do they make that work?

The Marxist/socialist/commie traitors in our country have infiltrated our government and have been giving the European governments US foreign aid to keep their countries propped up so our Marxist traitors in the US can point to Europe and say, "Look, communism/socialism is working in Europe." They even made special deals with some countries like France to give those countries extra money so those countries will pocket some of the extra money and give the rest to Cuba to keep Cuba propped up with laundered US tax dollars so the US commies can say, "Look, communism is working in Cuba."

That is right, your US tax dollars have been keeping all of these already failed Marxist/socialist/communist/progressive countries propped up so your lying lefty commie traitors can point to them and say, "Look, communism/socialism is working."

The people who have been paying attention KNOW that Marxism isn't working anywhere and has failed everywhere with the US government propping up what is left.

Now, to show you just how stupid these "natural elites" are, they have all been working together to destroy the US so they can set up their commie global dictatorship not stopping to think that, if the US is also destroyed, who will keep this planet turning on a economic basis?

These "intellectually superior" idiots actually think they can shoot the great global cash cow and it will just keep right on giving milk. I am sorry, lefty children, but dead cows don't give milk.

You think I have been lying about the lefties having invented infinite stupidity and infinite insanity? Just how stupid and nuts do you have to be to know that the US is propping up every other nation on this planet and then want to destroy the US?

Just common sense should tell you that, when the US goes, the global economy will go into an economic black hole like no one has ever seen on this planet. Everyone will lose everything they have, even the idiotic upper class trash, who, according to God, are "thinking themselves wise and they have made fools of themselves" (paraphrasing a wee bit.)

I keep telling you that these simple minded idiots have been inbreeding and using drugs too long.

Plus there is the simple fact that most of the lefties in Europe don't want our lefties to run to Europe; they want our lefties to remain in the US to continue destroying the US so why would they give their few remaining jobs to a mass exodus of US lefties fleeing the US?

It is like I said, I am certain there have been a few who have managed to flee the US but not very many. After all, most US lefties only have on their resumes that they have spent years on US Welfare or disability and, if they don't claim they are Muslim, they are not getting into Europe.

But, hey, at least the thought of a mass exodus of lefties from the US to Europe was nice, wasn't it?

The reality is that we are stuck with those arrogant jerks.

Look at it this way, who will be the most likely to die first when the bird/rodent/bug pandemics they have caused by killing free roaming feral cats cause one or more disease pandemics? You think it just might be the free sex and doper idiot pagans who will be kissing and screwing everyone and sharing dope with everyone in orgies quickly spreading the pandemics?

Probably...OK, almost certainly.

You think you want to keep your adultery and drugs now?

Wait until your beloved sins or paganism starts killing everyone around you committing those sins because adultery and sharing dope will spread the diseases much faster, but mostly to those committing the adultery and using the dope.

You think I am wrong? Which group spread AIDS the fastest?

Oh yeah, the homosexual community who regularly have new sex partners and orgies. As a matter of fact, relatively few married and faithful heterosexuals have AIDS.

Now you understand why even most pagan communities have been killing homosexuals for thousands of years?

Because homosexuals spread all communicable diseases much faster than heterosexuals and they kill homosexuals for the same reason they kill rats; to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.

Now you understand why our ancestors valued virginity so much?

Because adultery spreads diseases, even non STDs, much faster than only having sex within a marriage does.

If you have studied biology and use common sense, you should know that God gave us those laws in part to protect us from such pandemics. Since we have been increasingly breaking God's Laws, we have been increasing our disease pandemics, especially, but not only, STDs.

AIDs and more than 50% of US women having HPV are disease pandemics and both were spread by homosexuality and heterosexual adultery. It is a simple fact in biology that, during a pandemic, the more physical contact you have with more people, the more likely you are to be infected by the disease and spread the disease.

Believe me, after these disease pandemics are over, if you survive, and after you have seen enough people die really terrible deaths, you will stop believing in free sex and believe in either chastity or marital only sex. Adultery will once again become a threat to you and a dirty word with chastity, virginity, and marital loyalty once again becoming very important and valuable to you.

Now that Le Pen lost the French election, the EU upper class trash are trying to prosecute her and throw her in jail to prevent her from running again and possibly get elected and to send a message to anyone else who dares to oppose the EU upper class trash. The EU upper class trash evil continues but be not deceived, God will not tolerate their evil forever.

Shiite/Sunni War

I just got this from SOFREP by staff:

"The Saudi-led coalition has made a series of demands of Doha for dropping the blockade, to which Qatar has shown no sign of assenting.

The spike in tension concerns US officials because of the massive Al Udeid military base in Qatar, where some 11,000 US personnel are stationed and from which US Central Command has run much of the war against ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

According to President Donald Trump, who has publicly backed the Saudi-led effort and criticized Qatar, relocating from Al Udeid would be no significant obstacle.

Trump was asked about the effect of the crisis on Al Udeid during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that aired on July 12.

'If we ever have to leave' Al Udeid, he said, 'we would have 10 countries willing to build us another one, believe me, and they will pay for it.'"

This shows that the war between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims is getting worse, not better, and whose side Trump is on. This entire thing about Qatar was caused when Obama stiffed Saudi Arabia for Iran, causing Qatar to read Obama's writing on the wall and jump the Sunni ship. We will continue to reap the fruits of Obama's treasons for decades to come.


I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"President Trump has decided to end the CIA's covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the government of Bashar al-Assad, a move long sought by Russia, according to U.S. officials.

The program was a central plank of a policy begun by the Obama administration in 2013 to put pressure on Assad to step aside, but even its backers have questioned its efficacy since Russia deployed forces in Syria two years later."

That will definitely help bring peace to the area.

"What, what, how dare Trump put an end to another Obama legacy?"

You know that will tick off a lot of upper class trash, especially Obama and Soros, because they won't make the billions of dollars from putting a puppet in place of Assad to steal more oil from more nations.

This one move by Trump makes me feel better about having voted for Trump and being an American.

I am convinced that the left sucks.


McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer and all of the conservative hypocrits are being nice about it, you know, politically correct. I refuse to be politically correct and will always tell the truth. I am not permitted to lie and must tell the truth, whether you like it or not. If you want great sounding warm fuzzy lies about this, go find a hypocrite.

The Communist News Network said, (wishful thinking on their part) that survival for McCain's type of brain cancer tends to be about 14 months and only 10% live up to five years.

It is very likely McCain will either die or be forced to soon retire from office.

I admit that I have been wanting this evil traitor out of office for years and this appears to be God saying, "You won't vote him out of office so I will remove him from office one way or the other." I believe God has had enough of McCain's evil and treason and is taking care of it. You won't, so God will. McCain is saying he will be back and I believe that, if McCain doesn't retire soon, God will kill him.

Finally, we are about to get rid of this traitor and I refuse to feel or even pretend to feel sorry for him, after what I have watched him to do our nation. I have waiting for God to do something about McCain for years. The man should have been tried and executed for treason years ago and it looks like he has been tried by God and is about to be executed for his crimes.

I have no sympathy for him, only regret he didn't leave sooner.

Get it straight, God will NOT tolerate your wickedness forever, I don't care who you are. Sooner or later, God will take you down.

You refused to do what is right so God will.


A member of the Israeli government said that the right to adopt should belong to everyone. This is because Israel is refusing homosexuals the right to adopt children.

This makes me so furious.

When God gives us children, He also gives us a responsibility to care for and protect those children. The children ARE our future. What we do to and for our children determines what our future will be like.

Increasing the probability of those kids becoming homosexuals and getting diseases like AIDs is not caring for or protecting those children, it is the opposite and an extreme violation of God's trust in us.

I hope you realize that this increasing trend of homosexuals adopting kids is meant to pervert as many kids as they can as quickly as possible to destroy our Christian culture. It is all part of the pagan warfare against Christianity.

Believe me, we WILL pay for such behavior as permitting homosexuals to adopt children and it will cost us dearly. Nothing angers me more than people hurting children, NOTHING. When I heard about the atrocities ISIS was committing against children, especially Christian children, THE ONLY THING which kept me from going to Syria to fight and protect those children from ISIS is the severity of my illness. For years, I prayed for God to heal me so I could go fight for those kids.

God knew that, if He didn't make me so extremely sick, when I heard about the atrocities ISIS is committing against children, I would go to war and He wants me to stay here and do my job of informing you while you do the job God has for you. BELIEVE ME that, if I had not been so ill I can't walk a mile, much less fight, I would have gone to Syria to fight for the kids. I am so sick that I probably wouldn't survive the plane flight over there.

It infuriates me to see jerks like the Israeli MK wanting to hurt children. Jerks like that make me want to use their heads for batting practice. They are evil people who have no concern for the children and probably even hate children.

I personally feel that all pedaphiles and other people who cause harm to children should at least be drawn and least once.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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