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This is one of my 2 am essays where God woke me up at midnight, told me to write, and by 2 am I realized that until I write this essay, God is not going to let me get back to sleep so, at 2 am, I write.


How about Putin shooting down that airliner?

Or did he?

I have not been able to think of any way in which it would benefit Putin to shoot down that airliner. Not one. But I can think of a number of ways in which it would benefit Obama to have his guys shoot down that airliner. Obama could blame Putin and use it to turn the people, including the international community, against Putin giving Obama the support he needs to, in some way, attack Putin.

Have you noticed how all of the liberal commies in both the Commiecrat and Commiepublican parties have very quickly started demanding Obama punish Putin with only one unconfirmed piece of "evidence" that Putin's proxy army shot the plane down and no evidence that Putin ordered it? Why didn't they first demand an investigation into who shot the plane down? Why suddenly and quickly start demanding retribution against Putin without an investigation? Oh, it couldn't have all been planned out by Obama and the liberal commies to go after Putin could it? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Me thinks me smells a fish and I am going to keep an eye on it.

Screwing Indians

How about the liberal conservationists working to get Obama to declare a very large part of the Lakota Indian Reservation a specially protected habitat so BLM can openly seize Indian land, again?

Hold it, I thought the liberal commie traitors were giving the Indians all kinds of cool benefits and stuff, you know, like legalizing their casinos, to get the Indians to be on the liberal's side? Isn't it the liberals who are fighting the Redskins pro football team for a name change to "protect the dignity of American Indians" in spite of the fact that most Indians like the name of the team?

Remember that I told you that ALL of the top puppet masters and almost all of the top puppets for the liberal commie traitor Luciferians are white supremacists who plan to murder off ALL non Euro-American whites when they murder off all but a maximum of 500 million people globally? ALL of them are white. Sorus, Bill Gates, Turner, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Kennedys, the Euro royal families, all of them are white Luciferian supremecists.

And guess what, the American Indians are not white. In the eyes of the white supremacists, the American Indians are still stupid savages who can't take care of themselves and need us superior whites to provide for them.

Which should tell you what?

The white supremacist Luciferians plan to purge or kill off all American Indians so why not steal their land?

Remember that I told you that these Luciferians are pagans who live by the one rule, "do as you will"?

In the liberal pagan evil minds there is nothing wrong with lying to the American Indians and giving them things like legal casinos to coerce the Indians into being on the liberals' side while planning to commit genocide against all of them.

When God woke me up this morning, it was to a dream about the American Indians waking up to the truth about the liberal commie traitors and their evil planes to murder off all Indians along with all other non whites and even most whites. In my dream, the Indians were working with the conservative Christians against the liberal commie traitors. It will be the cowboys and Indians working together to fight the liberal commie traitors.

More and more people are waking up to the evil truth about the liberal pagans and their evil plans.


Have you notice how Obama keeps working with this guy and then stabbing him in the back and then working with him again, on and on and on?

This is really confusing a lot of people so they can't really figure out what Obama is up to.

Obama keeps playing both sides of all of his fences and he has a lot of fences. Basically, Obama will work with anyone when it benefits him and he will stab them in the back when it benefits him and it has reached a point to where he is working with people on one thing while stabbing them in the back on something else.

Like I told you, if Obama quits being president, he won't live one year because of all the people he has and still is screwing. And Obama knows it.

If you study them, you will see that this is very common with Muslims but is not limited to just Muslims. The upper class trash Luciferians are doing the same thing. We use to call it using people and the upper class trash are all very good at it. These criminals have it down to a science but, at some point, they are going to start eradicating each other and there will only be one side left. Basically, they will all eventually pay for their mischief or sins with their lives because of their wickedness. Their sins will find them out, you know, just like God warned us.

The most important thing you must keep in mind is that NO ONE can trust any of them because their word is even more worthless than a wooden nickel. Hey, they are pagans and do as they will including lying about everything.

With such evil people running this planet, it is definitely a great idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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