I am still watching the shoe storm and waiting for key shoes to hit the ground. I have explained most of everything going on at least a few times and don't want to be too repetitive. This is a blog I write when God inspires me to write and not a newspaper or news blog which feels it necessary to publish anything and everything just to publish something to keep the dollars flowing in. But I have decided that I should review a few of the more pressing things lest some forget along with add some things.


Even most of the "conservative" sites are now talking about how Obama is "creating jobs". (Guess who really owns them.) They are conveniently forgetting to tell you that more people are still losing jobs than are finding jobs. They also conveniently forget to tell you that the vast majority and increasing numbers of new jobs are part time jobs so that increasing numbers of people have to have two jobs just to get by. They also forget to tell you that almost all of the part time jobs and increasing numbers of the full time jobs are minimum wage jobs so you end up living in poverty, even with two jobs. Therefore, the media keep forgetting to tell you that Obama isn't creating anything except poverty and the only way out of their economic trap is to go on Welfare and become a state owned slave with them owning the state and you.

Gee, that sure is an awful lot of forgetting for people who are supposed to be so intelligent and informed and are supposed to be informing you. Can't you just hear them, "Shut up, Carl, and just drink the Kool-Aid. Don't you know that, in communism, it is forbidden to think, much less think out loud?"

BTW, I have found out that, because of Obamacare, increasing numbers of businesses are not hiring people as employees but as subcontractors to get around Obamacare. This also helps the businesses increase their profits at your expense by getting around minimum wage. The way it works is that the subcontractor, you know, you, gets a percentage of the income they generate (very low percentage), which is low enough that, even before taxes, your income will be below minimum wage. So Obamacare is helping some businesses get around minimum wage. I met a man whose wife is working as a subcontractor, she worked 70 hours, and took home $100 or about $1.40/hour.

Let's see you live on that income. Welfare, here you come!

A really huge part of the problem is that there are so many unemployed people who want jobs but can't find jobs (you know, the demand is greater than the supply) that you have to accept whatever you can find at what the employer offers or do without, A.K.A. go on Welfare and be owned by the state. Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals have created the almost perfect economy for greedy businesses (not all are greedy). The perfect economy for greedy businesses will be when Obama legalizes the illegal aliens so they can compete with you for the few pathetic jobs out there. That will be the perfect economy for businesses owned and/or managed by greedy tyrants. Increasing the demand for jobs while decreasing the supply and wages will go down increasing business profits.

You can thank your lovely liberal commie traitors for this mess. We are talking the return of non ownership slavery, you know, like the surf, peasantry, and peonage systems of Europe, only they changed the name to Marxism.


Remember that I told you that the Fed printing all of that money would cause run-away inflation?

It is starting right now. Just look around you at all of the prices going up. That is mostly because there is an increased supply of money without an equal increased demand (too many people not working). But inflation would be much, much worse right now if it were not for so many people losing their jobs and disposable income and increasing numbers of people with part time jobs and less disposable income so there is also a decreasing demand for products and services helping keep the prices from going through the ceiling. As we get down to where fewer and fewer people will be losing jobs because there will be fewer people who have jobs to lose, the inflation will get worse.

Guess what?

We are already there and you see it in the news that fewer people are losing jobs and they keep forgetting to tell you it is because there are fewer people who have jobs to lose. Gee, the upper class trash media forget to tell you so much. Could it be because they don't want you to know it?


Do you still believe we are in a recovering economy? Maybe now you believe me when I tell you we have been in a super depression for years? Hang around, it won't be too much longer until the people who can think at all will wake up to the fact that we are not in a recovering economy but the worst depression in US history.

God's Judgment

Think we are still not being judged by God for turning away from God to paganism?

You have gone from living in a Christian based Republic with a lot of freedoms, protections, and potentials to living in a communist dictatorship...uh...I am sorry, they are calling it an oligarchy, aren't they, you know, so you won't realize the liberal commie traitors have established their communist dictatorship.

Are you feeling more free now that you can't own anything? You know, you can't own land or a home because you have to pay commie rent or land taxes or the commie government will take your home away from you. And, because of Obamacare, the commies can now even take away your bank accounts, retirement plans, and everything else including your life. And you think you can own anything?

Don't you just love their beloved communist dictatorship?

Then we have the potentials for pandemics created by our lovely liberal communist traitors. They have increased both the bird and rodent populations to pandemic levels across the USSA by teaching people to hate and kill cats and feed the birds and rodents (rodents eat the same food as birds) with the commies knowing that the two groups of animals which pose the greatest disease threat to humans, because those two groups of animals carry more human harmful diseases than almost all of the rest of the animals combined, are birds and rodents. Gee, could that just be another commie coincidence? Only if you have been drinking too much commie Kool-Aid.

But now Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals are working with other countries to import thousands of illegal aliens (including Muslim terrorist and liberal commie activists to vote for our liberal commie traitors from those countries - get the picture yet?) and transporting them to every state in the nation, of whom an amazing 40% are infected with a variety of diseases, many of which are deadly. Gee, it couldn't be that the liberal commie traitors really are working to kill off 90% of us, could it?

And these diseases will not discriminate between commies and conservatives yet the liberal commie traitors are helping spread these deadly diseases across the USSA? Just how stupid are liberals? (Don't try to figure that one out, it will make your brain hurt.)

So, here we are living in a Communist dictatorship in which you really have few rights left, you can't own anything, you are quickly being plunged back into slavery and poverty, we are on the verge of a series of massive pandemics with the government that is trying to murder you is also controlling your medical care, and it is getting worse by the day and you think we are not being punished by God? How much commie Kool-Aid have you been drinking?

BTW, I just read that the terrible and increasing drought in California is causing rattle snakes to move into people's homes and businesses. It was suggested that people not leave their garage doors open to keep the rattle snakes out?

People, rattle snakes can flatten themselves down really small to squeeze into tight holes. They are extremely flexible. I live next to a desert, so I looked for and plugged all of the holes going from my interior to the outside, you know, where things like pipes and wires pass through our floors and walls, and still got a six to eight inch rattle snake in my bathtub a few weeks ago. We both panicked and I won. I gave it to animal control and they relocated it several miles out in the desert to happily eat rodents and bugs. It was a Western rattle snake and was the exact same color as my tub so I almost stepped on the little critter. (That will give you nightmares for a few weeks.)

BTW, the really small rattle snakes, which can most easily get in your house, make very little noise when they shake their tails so it is extremely difficult to hear them, especially if you have any noise like radios and TV on in the house, and they are much more likely to bite you. But only about 1/3 of untreated rattle snake bites are fatal. Maybe your's won't be.

Babbling Idiots

I have been watching the idiots on the Internet trying to explain why everything is going wrong and give us their brilliant answers while hating Christianity. "No, it couldn't possibly be Christianity is the solution. I know, it is...philosophy! Yeah, that's the ticket."

There is this one intellectual who is very good at making his crap sound good and has become very popular (and probably also making quite a bit of money with his little intellectual crusade). He tells you he is an atheist and hates Christianity and all other religions. That is Marxism, people. Did you know that Karl Marx was an avowed atheist, hated Jewish Jews, and hated Judaism along with all other religions? But this intellectual is not a Marxist, he is a...wait for it...Libertarian, of course. You know, first cousin to Marxism and with much of the same basic liberal pagan belief system. A Libertarian is just a small government Marxist.

The truth is that this intellectual's religion is philosophy and his gods are all the great philosophers he agrees with. He conveniently ignores the rest. He believes that philosophy and not Christianity is what created the great western culture and is the answer to our current problems. He believes it is our social philosophy, "which evolved from humane Greek and Roman cultures", which created our current values and beliefs. Just like the lying liberal commie traitors, he forgets to tell you a lot.

He forgets to tell you the truth that the ancient Greek and Roman cultures were just as barbaric and brutal as Islam is today. Come on, people, men killing each other with deadly weapons and feeding Christians to lions was entertainment, they sacrificed humans to false pagan gods, they butchered millions of people, they regularly raped women, especially slaves, and these were humanitarian cultures?

The real truth is that Western culture didn't start becoming more humane until the Church of Rome partially converted to Christianity, which is a sect of Judaism. It was the partial and gradual acceptance of Biblical Law which caused the West to gradually become more humane and less barbaric. My question is, "If only a partial acceptance of Jesus and Biblical Law caused this much change in our culture, how much more change will a full conversion cause?" Think about that one for a while. The answer to our current problems is God (Jesus), the Bible, and Christianity, not anything else, definitely not the brilliance of our intellectuals.

Me thinks the man has been drinking too much of his own intellectual Kool-Aid. Where did he study history?

Many of his historical facts are way off. For example, in one of his You Tube videos putting down Abe Lincoln, he blames Lincoln for starting the Fed or privately owned central American bank and taking the US dollar off the gold standard. Really?

Abraham Lincoln was murdered April 15, 1865 and the Fed was created December 23, 1913, 48 years after Abe was murdered and Abe started the Fed? Now that is a nifty trick. Zombie president?

BTW, it was President Richard Nixon who took the US dollar off of the gold standard in the early 1970s, more than 105 years after Abe was murdered. Just like liberal commies, the Libertarians tend to not tell the truth. Gee, I wonder why?

BTW, do you know why Libertarian intellectuals hate Abe Lincoln?

Remember that I told you that Mises first published his theory on Libertarianism in 1855 (therefore, the founding fathers couldn't have possibly founded the US in 1775 on Libertarianism) and that the US Confederacy was set up as the first Libertarian government just few years later? Remember that I told you that Libertarianism is against a strong centralized government, that the states should individually have control over at least 90% of the military power (all of those power mad state governors got to play Caesar with their own private armies) and the federal government being restricted to about 10% of the nation's military might? Remember that I told you that Lincoln defeated the Libertarian Confederacy because the power mad governors refused to give up their state controlled armies to Robert E Lee's federal army and arrogantly sat waiting for the North to attack them so they could show their military prowess to everyone by defeating the North? Remember that I told you that the way Lincoln defeated the Libertarian Confederacy was by picking General Grant, who knew how to defeat a Libertarian nation by picking it apart one state at a time with his stronger centralized federal army?

Basically, the reason Libertarian intellectuals hate Lincoln is because Lincoln proved the greatest weakness of Libertarianism, you know, united we stand, divided we fall, as Abe said. In other words, Lincoln proved that Libertarianism is a really stupid idea so they use character assassination to demean Lincoln so you won't study Lincoln and learn that Libertarianism is a really bad idea, you know, just like the liberal commie traitors use lies and character assassination to silence opposition. Gee, what a coincidence. Get the picture yet?

Hey, if we can't control you at the federal level with Marxism, we can control you at the state level with Libertarianism. Get the picture yet?


The liberal commies in both the Commiecrat and Commiepublican parties are trying to say that the airliner shot down by a Buk SAM missile system (Sa-11) was fired from the Russian controlled part of Ukraine, therefore, it was Putin's fault! Really?

That doesn't mean much to me because the SAM 11 is a very mobile tracked (like tanks) SAM system which can move just about as fast and easily off road as any tank. I was almost shot down by Russia's first tracked SAM system, the SAM 6, on August 24, 1973 as my plane was flying into Korat AFB in Thailand. Fortunately for me, Korat had our nation's only Wild Weasel unit (SAM killers) at that time (the SAM 6 picked the wrong air base out of six US air bases in Thailand), they had a number of fueled and armed F-105 Thud Wild Weasel planes on the alert pad, a scope technician in the ECM shop just happened to be testing a Weasel scope he had just finished fixing before having it put back in the aircraft and picked up the SAM 6 tracking my C-141 Starlifter, the shop called the base commander who contacted the alert pad, and sent a couple of Weasel planes to kill the SAM 6 before it could get lock-on and shoot down my plane. (If you don't believe in God, you have to explain all of those coincidences.)

That SAM 6 secretly traveled from North Vietnam to Cambodia and then into central Thailand over worse terrain, under worse conditions (jungle), and during a war undetected until they turned on their radar to shoot down my plane just 10 miles south of Korat AFB. The SAM 11 that shot down that airliner could have much more easily and quickly traveled into the Russian held part of Ukraine and back out without being detected, you know, to draw the US into that war and save Ukraine. The questions are, "whose SAM 11 shot that plane down, under whose orders, and did they know it was a civilian airliner?"

BTW, that liberal commie twit, Hillary, said that it is OK for Hamas to store their rockets in UN schools with children because Gaza is so small and there isn't enough room else where to store those rockets. What, there isn't any room any where away from children to store their deadly weapons? It's the Kool-Aid, I know it, it's the Kool-Aid.

I see increasing numbers of people moving from liberalism to conservatism but so many are turning from Marxism to stupid stuff like Libertarianism and staying with paganism, while continuing to believe the hate lies about Christianity (you know, Satan is the father of lies and confusion). In other words, so many people are just going around in circles from one great sounding idiot intellectual idea to another while still hating Christianity and the mess has clearly gotten so bad that only God can save our butts. How much worse must this get before enough people turn back to God for God to save our butts?

If it were not for my faith in God to save our butts, I would be the most frustrated person on the planet right now. Please, Father, save us from ourselves.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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