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This is getting interesting. Trump has threatened to stop subsidizing big insurance companies for any losses on Obamacare, which the insurance companies wrote to provide them with those subsidies while Obamacare eliminates their competition, and take away the healthcare for the politicians, who are now exempt from using Obamacare, if they don't repeal Obamacare.

Gee, you don't think Trump is about to take executive action on healthcare by forcing all of Congress to use it, do you? Gee, does that create a "catch 22" for the corrupt politicians because, if they don't repeal Obamacare, they will be forced to use it and, if they do repeal Obamacare, they won't get the bribes from the big insurance companies?

It sounds like, for a change, that someone at the top is actually listening to the people and doing what the people want and not what the greedy, power mad upper class trash want. Trump definitely isn't making any friends among the corrupt upper class trash.

Did you notice McCain celebrating screwing us and Trump with his vote against repealing Obamacare? Do you think he is still celebrating?

Also, Trump seems to have gotten Los Angeles the 2028 Olympic Games. He just showed up Obama who failed to get Chicago the Olympic Games. You KNOW Trump intentionally did this to show up Obama and California Governor Brown and it is, hilarious.

Also, General John Kelly seems to be cleaning out the infiltrators in the Trump government. He just got rid of Obama's Jihad Policy Chief in DHS and is cleaning up Trump's cabinet, you know, starting by getting rid of the Mooch. Now we need for him to quickly get rid of the rest of Obama's implanted traitors.

Remember months ago when I said Trump should work with India, Japan, and South Korea for fighting China and North Korea? Have you noticed that Trump is making buds with and doing military exercises with India, Japan, and South Korea for fighting China and North Korea?

This is the site where you get tomorrow's news today.

After Trump making buds with India, Japan, and South Korea, playing naval war games with them, and saying that, if things get worse between India and China, he will commit a carrier strike group to the Indian Ocean, you know, to help India blockade all of the oil and natural gas traveling through the Indian Ocean to China, China's Xi put on a military uniform and warned Trump to not get involved in the China-India standoff.

Is China's Xi starting to act like North Korea's Kimmy Boy or what? Is Xi afraid Trump might invade China? Does he know something we don't know about Trump planning to invade China? Do you think Xi scared Trump off?

Listen, the US recently launching an ICBM wasn't just a message to North Korea but to the entire world, "Don't mess with us."

Right now, I have been mostly watching the shoe storm because things have slowed down just a wee bit. Trump has already done enough damage to the lefty agenda that the left has been forced to regroup, reorganize, rebuild, and start over again, you know, like I told you they would. This is all costing the left time so I am back to spending most of my time watching for the right shoes to hit the ground again.

Food For Thought

I have been thinking about the free roaming feral cat thingy and population pandemics for birds, rodents, and bugs we have in this country because of us killing the free roaming feral cats and realized that there is something you need to think about.

I have told you about how the Black Plague almost wiped out all human life in Europe and most of human life globally. I told you how they have discovered it was much worse than they thought decades ago and how biology requires that there wasn't just a rodent pandemic population but also pandemic populations for birds and bugs. I believe I told you how, if a disease had also gotten into the bird and/or bug pandemic populations that had to also exist, it could easily have caused the extinction of man because a double disease pandemic of that nature would have driven man into extinction.

I have also told you how, in the name of bogus science, we have created the same mess our ancestors did because of ignorance and paganism. Today, because of us killing free roaming feral cats, just like our ancestors did, we have pandemic populations for birds, rodents, and bugs, just like our ancestors did, because we didn't learn a thing from history.

I don't care WHY you drive your car into a concrete wall at 60 mph, it will still kill you. I also do not care WHY you kill free roaming feral cats, it will still cause rodent, bird, and bug population pandemics, which will make us susceptible to disease pandemics, which will still kill you.

Our scientists have realized that we have both bird and rodent population pandemics RIGHT NOW, they have not yet connected this to us killing free roaming feral cats because they think it only has to do with so many people feeding birds and, therefore, also rodents (they eat the same food), and they are saying that it is not "if" but "when" will a disease get into one of these pandemic populations that will kill hundreds of millions or even billions of humans. Basically, our scientists are terrified by what they see and you should be too.

There is a simple fact you need to think about. You will either stop killing free roaming feral cats to bring these rodent and bird populations back down below epidemic and pandemic levels to prevent a disease pandemic from killing millions of us or enough of us will die from a disease pandemic so that we stop killing free roaming feral cats, permitting their population to grow so the cats can decrease the pandemic rodent and bird populations to stop the disease pandemic.

You see, it isn't a matter of if you will stop killing free roaming feral cats but when and why.

What you need to think about is, will you stop killing the free roaming feral cats before you die or because you die?

One way or another, you will stop killing them. There is absolutely no doubt about that.


I just saw a post clearly referring to pot which stated something to the effect that, if cigarettes cured cancer and were illegal...

All of the research I have seen, real research, not the bogus crap the left keeps putting out there to get people to support legalizing pot, says that you have a better than 40% greater chance of getting cancer from smoking pot than from smoking tobacco. Get it straight, pot does not cure cancer, it causes cancer.

But, hey, don't believe me or the real research, just wait about 20 years until you see the increasing cancer rates among those now legally smoking pot. You will find out that pot is worse for you than tobacco. They are both bad for you, it is just that real research has shown that pot is worse.

But, hey, you know that most people will insist on learning that the hard way. Just wait until you find out the hard way what else pot causes.

You know someone is going to make a fortune sell E-joints to help people break their addiction to pot.

Idiot humans, they love their sins too much to use common sense.

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you that the left is getting ready to stage a fake space alien visitation to get you to submit to their rule without a fight?

I just read a story by MSN telling that NASA is looking for a "Planetary Protection Officer" to deal with space aliens.

So, instead of blindly believing the lying mainstream media, I did my homework and went to the NASA site concerning the hiring of a Planetary Protection Officer and what I found was very different.

The NASA site said, "Planetary protection is concerned with the avoidance of organic-constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration."

In other words, they are looking for a biologist and MD to protect against possible contamination of Earth caused by space exploration bringing back potential diseases, bacteria or viruses, you know, protists.

This should tell you that their future plans for space exploration include bringing back more space samples to be more thoroughly tested on Earth the way they brought back samples from the Moon for further testing. Because of their belief in the pagan lie called evolution, they are concerned they might bring back some organism which will cause an epidemic or pandemic which will kill off large numbers of plants and/or animals on Earth and possibly cause one or more organisms on Earth to go extinct.

To get the job, you will need a degree in molecular biology, preferably a Ph.D., especially in the area of pathogens and protists.

Here is another example of the mainstream media distorting the truth to sell you on the idea of us soon being visited by space aliens, you know, "Look, NASA is looking for a Planetary Protection Officer to protect us from space aliens." This is also these media sensationalizing their "news" or fake news to increase viewer/readership, you know, increase their profits.

"But, hey, the space alien story is the more interesting story so we will tell it instead of telling the truth."

Later, I also saw this same distorted story about protecting us from space aliens on a liberal YouTube channel.

This is all lefty bull crap or lies, misinformation, and propaganda and you should know by now that I am very tired of the lefty bull crap. There is just so much fake information out there, on and off of the Internet, which is why God has me writing this blog to teach the truth.

There are no space aliens. They have not made contact or gained so much as one clue that there are space aliens. All of those "signals" from space sent by "space aliens" always turn out to be space noise.

And you say, "But I saw photo shopped pictures proving there are space aliens!"

Yep, you sure did and most of them were pretty lousy photo shop work and you still believed them? Why? Because you want to believe them because you have been brainwashed to believe them?

It infuriates me that even most "Christian" sites or at least poser Christian sites are falling for and repeating this pagan bull crap.

The lefties have also invented infinite lying because their lies are never ending but my patience with their lies has already ended. I am fed up with their crap and I am fighting back.

I am one "small voice crying in the wilderness" telling you the truth because "the truth will set you free".


California is part of a power grab because Trump got elected and is working to destroy the globalist efforts at setting up their Marxist dictatorship. There are a number of reasons for the left to use California in this power grab.

You have to understand that California exports more in federal taxes than it receives in federal benefits. This is true for all of the more populated liberal states because many of the smaller states in which the government has programs and military bases cannot pay for those programs or bases, therefore, that money has to be provided by other states like California. That means that money is constantly bleeding or flowing out of large population and rich states like California to states with smaller populations like New Mexico.

But, hey, you commies want a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, don't you?

Because of this, in part, California wants to secede from the US to keep more money in their state that their corrupt politicians can funnel into their pockets instead of that money being funneled into other pockets at the federal level.

Also, California leaving the US will deny Trump valuable financial, human, and other resources to fight the globalists. This will weaken the US and make it easier to bring down the rest of the US by denying the US people and financial resources.

Also, California leaving the US will cause other liberal states to leave the US decreasing Trump's power and ability to stop the globalists and their evil plans.

Listen, if enough of the rich states deny the US their taxes, the US won't be able to build and maintain the US military Trump is trying to rebuild, after the lefties almost completely destroying our military over a period of decades. Without a strong military, the lefties will be more easily able to force their evil global dictatorship or "New World Order" on Americans.

Basically, if they can't destroy the US united, they will divide the US and bring it down piece meal. It is the old divide and conquer thingy.

There is much more to this than what you are being told. Basically, it is treason and sabotage to bring down the US.

1,200th Essay

Me celebrating my 1,200th essay late last month was a good excuse to eat some ice cream. It was vanilla ice cream. It tasted good. After I publish my 1,300th essay, I will probably celebrate again so I can eat some more ice cream.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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